Trusting Your Gut
IC date: Autumn 91, 1008
OOC date: December 19, 2013
Location: Outside Sodium-Fizz's Alchemy Shop
PCs: Makuru, Sodium-Fizz

It is, for the most part, a normal - if now rather snowy - day in the Harbour. That is, it's a 'normal' day most of the places exept around the Fizzy Flask anyway, where it is currently falling a rain of pebbles?

At least, it's till the grey pegasus mare on the third floor balcony curses for herself and raises a spray bottle, dissapating something skywards. "Darn it, will I never get this anti-snow elixir right?!"

Standing belly-deep in the snow just outside of the range of the pebblestorm with his candy cane-striped scarf wrapped around his neck, Makuru looks up at the cursing pegasus on the balcony and quirks his head. "Miss Fizz!" he calls out, poinging into the air momentarily to try and catch his mentor's attention. "Miss Fizz, you said we weren't supposed to seed clouds with weather modification powder over populated areas!"

Sodium-Fizz blinked for herself. Odd, she thought she'd heard Makuru shouting at her. That'd be silly though! Sure, there'd been a lot of shouting at her as she'd worked, but not by Makuru! She'd instructed himt to only shout at her when they were in danger our she was doing something silly! Like, say, experimenting with reinforceing bone with iron or the time with the instant compost elixir near the graneries or… say, maybe when making it rain rocks from th-…

"Oh," she said for herself before blinking down at the various spray bottles, several in various state of decay from their contents, around her on the windowstill. Then she continued down towards Makuru, giving the young zebra a kinda sheepish smile before pushing forward over the railing, her large wings flaring wide as they carried her down to the ground. "I… You're completely right, Makuru… I shouldn't be doing that."

Makuru looks like a legless loaf of zebra once Sodium is at street level. It seems the street here hasn't been plowed in several hours. Perhaps because of the dangers caused by the pebble rain nearby, or maybe the plow team is just distracted elsewhere. "It's okay, Miss Fizz! It's just a cloud, right? You can push it somewhere safe, like down to ground level or out to sea or something. No harm done!" He beams up at his alchemy mistress.

Sodium-Fizz glanced upwards. "Well, I administered the antidote so I could try… um… It should clear up by itself in a bit. What brings you out here, Makuru? I didn't figure most zebra would appreciate the cold. Even I feel the cold in the pinions."

The zebra colt knickers and rolls his eyes. "I grew up around here, Miss Fizz, I'm used to the cold!" Makuru's happy she's thinking about his well-being, though. The grin on his face is proof enough of that. "Oh, that's right! I wanted to talk to you about that potion you were telling me about! The one I could use to help Dreamy with."

Sodium-Fizz cocked her head, an eyebrow arching as her ears perked. "Oh? What about this particular potion, Makuru?"

Makuru opens his mouth and a torrent of words tumbles out as if to knock over his teacher: "I was trying to figure out what sort of ingredient would be linked to dreams 'cause you said that it needed to be something that connected ponies but we're all already connected to each other because of Dreamy so I figured tapping into dreams would make it easier, so I went to the library to do some research even though I'm not usually big on libraries 'cause I like running around and learning by doing and stuff, but I went there anyway and Mister Sun, the librarian, got me a bunch of books to read about fairy tales 'cause a mythical ingredient will probably be mentioned in myths except all he had was stories for foals so we looked at books for grown up ponies instead about Nightmare Moon." Deep breath. "So we started reading the book and I fell asleep and I had a dream and Dreamy was in it and Nightmare Moon was also in it and some flowers and then I was Nightmare Moon and I blew up the flowers 'cause they looked like me and made me upset and then Dreamy was Nightmare Moon but I dunno why but I hugged her and everything was better, and I remembered that my papa told me about this plant called Princess Crescent that I think looks like the plant that I saw in my dream that looks like Princess Luna and I think it's what I need because it's Princess Luna's flower!" He stares up at Fizzy expectantly, though how he's expecting her to respond is anypony's guess.

Sodium-Fizz stared at Makuru. Then blinked after a VERY long time, her brain still going over what the colt said. There's a smidge more staring, then another blink. Then she sat herself down, rather abruptly (that's knocked over, right?). "Makuru…" she began, than halted herself, brows furrowing as she thought a bit more.

"Makuru, I think," Fizzy started again, "that most ponies would be saying you were being silly, thinking that. I'm not sure myself, though I have to ask you…" She reached out, tapping Maku on the head lightly first. "Is it your thoughts or," she tapped his chest, "your gut telling you this is the case?"

Gold eyes cross to look at the hoof tapping his forehead then down to stare at his chest. "…I dunno, Miss Fizz," he answers when forced to think about his analysis. "It makes sense in my head, but… it also feels 'right'? If that makes sense?" His muzzle crinkles when he tries to figure out how to put what's in his head into words that make sense. "I dreamed that I fell asleep in a bed of them and then I woke up in Nightmare Moon's body… I know that what I 'think' a plant should do doesn't mean anything but…" He trails off and looks aside awkwardly.

Sodium-Fizz flashed Makuru a wry smile, her hoof comming up to ruffle the colt's mane. "Makuru… You're my apprentice, and if you were to ask most alchemists I'm the worst teacher you could have - I do not teach formulas or alchemical equations, or at least not more than nesecary to read what others have written. What I teach, what I'm trying to teach you, is this…"

Fizzy's grey hoof came up, tapping him on the forehead again. "You should trust yourself on the matter, if your mind tells you it is truth, and your guts agree with it… Then you should at least endevour to find out. And I must admit, that just cursory listening to it, it sounds like it would be the thing. Another alchemist would argue, such things just doesn't exist after all when judging it by what the school of alchemy say." Her smile turned grim. "But, I'm not teaching you that. If it makes certain sense to you, it's bound to be worth investigating. We, you and me, are alchemist that do not follow the 'rules'… We break them, Makuru." Her grin turned almost feral with delight at that.

Makuru's grin stretches from ear to ear at his mentor's encouragement. "Yeah! You can't learn anything if you let rules bog you down! Nopony ever learned anything by doing what they were supposed to!" The colt then falters and looks thoughtful. "Except at school, Mister Bird sends ponies who don't follow the rules out of class and then they don't learn anything. Oh, and when we're playing sports, too, the games aren't as fun if you're not following the rules. And we're not supposed to break the rule about poisoning the town's water supply, right?" Black and white dreadlocks sway as he quirks his head and looks to Fizzy for answers.

"…right, yes. Some rules are imporant," said Fizzy with a cough into her hooves. "But… yes, but… the rules of what you suposedly 'can't' do (not 'shouldn't' do mind, you) is something that you should push at."

Makuru bounces out of the snow again. "Okay! So it's okay to break the boring rules so long as you don't break the safety rules? I can do that!" In his excitement he tries to run in a circle around Fizzy but the thick layer of snow on the ground makes it mare of an awkward trundle that leaves a ring of disturbed white around her. "Miss Fizz, once I have the flowers and everything can I use your lab to make it? You know a lot more about it than I do so I wanna have you close in case I have questions."

There's not even a moment of consideration for which answer is correct going into this. "Certainly, Makuru," said Fizzy. Not only did she no doubt have the best setup for it, but also the most experience with alchemy (and alchemical disasters, just in case) and… she was kinda curious, too!

"Yay! Thanks, Miss Fizz, you're the best!" Makuru throws himself through the snow at the alchemist's legs, wrapping his hooves around her in a tight, joyful hug. His legs are very cold but the expression of gratitude is as warm as can be.

Sodium-Fizz blinked and recoiled slightly, once more startled by Makuru's insistance of physical contact through means of hugging. After a moment the tension left her as she wraped her other foreleg around the colts withers as she dropped her muzzle onto his head, returning the hug for a moment. It… was kinda nice. "No problems, Makuru. I'm looking forward to see what you get up too."