Truce on Ice
IC date: Autumn 57, 1007 A.N.
OOC date: November 15, 2012
PCs: Solar-Wind, Plot-Twist, Ruby-Blossom, Kludge
NPCs: None
GM: None

Center of the 'harbor' Ice-field Island: there's a point in the center of the ice sea where a small island exists, its been devoid of life, death and everything in-between. A small camp has been setup here by one of the base's current residents. Its nothing special really, just some snow dunes, no they are tents actually, several of them now, an impromptu shelter a fort thats hidden only because well nobody goes to sea these days, no point in it. Solar has set up this place for meetings, for survival, and just for preparing for the inevitable conflict in the coming days, a place to escape, and survive the coming storm.

Solar has been working on this place on and off the past day or two, and now has sent notes to both Ruby-Blossom, and to Capt. Plot Twist, Plot-twist arrived their firstly so Solar could inform her of his coming guest(s). "Twist, please, I realize you've met this pony before, but, please no stabby stabby, this mare is our friend, and perhaps the best one to get plans together, she's got alot of organizational sense, and has some prowess in combat, and trickery, you may even recognize her, though I hope not." he mentions to his very special somepony. "Keep the blades to yourself, I'll do my best to keep everyone in order here, This island is our sanctuary from all this, its ours." he intones.

Ruby certainly doesn't enjoy the trek across the barren snowfields, the looming threat of becoming zombie chow doesn't boast well for spirits - but hey at least she has Kludge; dragging the stallion along to what is sure to be an entertaining double-date. "I honestly have no idea what he wants all the way out here. Probably spent so much time chasing that pegasi's tail that he forgot I don't have wings." Kludge 'forced' endure Ruby's slightly aggitated ramblings. "I wonder if Windrose will be able to warm me up when we get back - I might need a second pony. I'll see if Fizzy is up for it."

Kludge just cracks a small smile, taking Ruby's comment about who she'll warm up with as a good-natured tease. "At least it's a change of scenery… more or less," he idly remarks.

Ruby-Blossom 's pretty eyes roll from one side to the other "Big change. Hey more dark, ugly winter sky, and snow. Oh! I think i saw a rock!" she kicks the rock extra firmly. "Sad part about crossing over - I didn't get to see anything outside of the Wintersong, and that's not much different than here." stopping suddenly sock Kludge in the shoulder with one hoof before continuing.

The good captain stomps around in an huff. Every part of her reads as agitated, from her fluffed out wings to her pulled back ears, heck if she had a tail left after her last encounter with Ruby that would be thrashing as well. At least the blood red fur she got in another encounter makes her look as angry as she seems to grumble on about being. "She made me a laughing stock, I have more wounds from Will because of the things this pony has done than combat inquiries!" shaking her head and nickering before slumping back into the tent. "I will keep my blades to who I choose."

Solar sighs, and wraps Twist in a wing hug, draping one wing over her as she fumes about the meeting, "Please, this is for me, and for you, she's the best chance we've got of getting a soloutoin that will help everyone involved, from not getting killed or worse." he tries to keep her calm. "If ya get too pent up with frustraion, just punch me or something, she's not got alot of mass to take a beating, I on the other side can take it far better than she can, just no stabby stabby, please?"

Ruby-Blossom pipes loudly. "I've taken enough of a beating these days Solar." Her voice chiming in from RIGHT behind Solar-Wind and Plot; the mare's arrival very sudden and unannounced - Kludge trotting in a few moments later with the noteable crushing of snow under his hoofs. "Ugh. You called me out for this? She's got red all over her; hardly worth seeing." Ruby's cutie-mark may as well be a pony bucking a bee-hive.

Plot Twist smiles, one of those wide smiles where your eyes are half lidded. "Punch you? Ahhh it reminds me of the good o'll days." good o'll days being a scant few weeks ago but how time flies in war and love. A playful left hoof to your mark … which is quickly followed by a much less playful one at Rubies words. "You might be purpler than my coat by the end of this. At least black and blue." the captain glowers at Ruby and Kludge from behind her googles. Only a hit of spider web like scar is visible. "I'm going to be in the tent for a while. I think its best for all ponies involved I remove my weapons for this."

"How about if everypony here just keeps things polite until we're done here?" suggests Kludge. He figures that if it comes down to it, he and Solar can keep their respective marefriends from immediately coming to blows… of course, it'll probably be painful for the two stallions in the way, but what can you do?

Ruby totally doesn't make a 'pawing' motion with a mocking 'hiss' at Plot-Twist - no wait, she does!

Solar-Wind watches his friend head into the tent to get changed more or less, this may take awhile considering what all she's likely carrying on her at the time, "Ruby, please, I brought you here, not to fight, but so that we all could work somethings out" he states with a bit of a pleading voice. "Since Will's curse has been lifted, she's just starting to be able to think for herself, think clearly" the Big pegasus sighs some, "We had some plans that we discussed with Fizzy, but I wanted your opinions, and if you had any ideas to improve upon our ideas." he smiles, "Fizz was going to create a mass quantity of goo vials, so we could gum up anyone entering the base from the front doors, and Fizz was going to work on an 'anti-Diamond-Dog vial, as well" he murmurs.

Ruby-Blossom nudges her goggles up so Solar can clearly see her ruby-red eyes. "I'll be blunt - I'm not discussing anything with her or you. It's not that i don't trust you, I just don't it'd be wise considering you're all googly-eyed over her. I've got no reason to trust her, mind control or not." She huffs softly. "I'm not willing to risk anypony for somepony that served Nightmare Moon." a moment of silence. "It doesn't mean I'll just abandon her either." she crosses her hooves in front of her. "How about /you/ tell me what you know about the upcoming plans - and I'll give you proper instructions.

Kludge just sits quietly. He's just glad that things are going relatively civilly for now, and hopes that things *stay* civil.

Solar-Wind twitches some at Ruby's response, he snorts some obvioulsy a bit of anger runing through him right now, at having been pretty much knocked down a notch or three. "The base is going to get attacked, three ways, one by the Bolts captain and the best of her best. Two, there's likely going to be some Diamond-Dogs invading the base from within, as in coming in from below us, Then we have one ticked off dragon that just lost his best friend" he practically growls out to Ruby, "and yes, she's served under the Nightmare, like she had a big choice in the matter, its pretty much serve or die around here, and The rebels aren't all sunshine and roses here either, they have had issues here too" he states, "she wouldn't look the wreck if ponies didn't fight the system," he states, "There's other reasons, but that seemed so much more painful, I'm sure!

Ruby-Blossom scoffs "Spoken like a true soldier, Solar." the mare waves both fore hoofs in the air. "Wouldn't be any issues if everypony just did as they were told like good little brain-washed slaves!" She puts both hoofs down and huffs again. "I'll tell you exactly what you need to know. On Friday night you need to meet us as the edge of the Wintersong Forest. Near the entrance that leads to the Hive." her demeanor softening. "I just need you and your little mare friend to trust me; I'll ever asked is that you trust me and listen to what I say. Your little mare-friend is welcome to reconcile with me after we settle things on Friday." another small huff. "She may not remember, but I already told her I forgave her - while her blade was still lodged in my throat - but I did say it loud and clear."

Yep, still civil, all things considered. At least the fighting isn't physical; at that point Kludge would have to try breaking it up.

Key word being "try".

Solar is still snorting mad though its unsure exactly why, "Us and Fizzy had formulated a plan to use stickybombs to gum up her troops, all of them, to slow everypony down. It means they are out of the battle, and their families will still be safe from the Nightmare. There's more at stake than just the ponies going into battle, but their families, friends, everyone!" he shouts at her. "She has to lead that assult, its her duty, and she can't shirk that duty or the Nightmare will think something's up, she has to lead that assult against the base" he huffs,

Ruby-Blossom smiles warmly "Then we'll make sure her campaign on the base is more than a little successful, even if it costs the dear Captain her life." a very suggestive tone to be had. "IF she were to be lost while leading her troops to victory - then surely she'd have no worries. This complicates things a little, but I think we can pull it off." she huffs. "Listen. I'm freezing my flank off here…

Plot twist comes out of the tent once again. Apparently taking her time to cool herself off and ditching her blades. She is still pinning her long mane back and under her hood as she goes. Despite her current condition it seem she at least tries to look half way descent. "See Solar everypony is sill ali-." Plot Twist declares proudly only to be cut off by the sight of so many more ponies at their little camp. "I thought this was one MAYBE two ponies Solar." she groans all her failed kills lined up in a row.

Ruby-Blossom waves a hoof at Plot-Twist - motioning the mare over; currenly she looks like plain old Ruby - the only thing recognizable is her brilliant ruby-red eyes. "I know you've had no luck getting the red out." The dye seemingly /impossible/ to remove; hence why Will had to use 'glimmer' to conceal hers. "come over here."

Kludge has a hunch as to what Ruby is thinking of. "Faking a death, huh? That might work, as long as there's some way of dealing with the evidence," he muses.

Solar's voice catches, he inhales sharply as Ruby smiles and mentions the life of the Captain, or the death there of. Thus far no pony has seen him quite like this. The Big stallion's eyes fade to red practically, and he snorts, slams a hoof groundward causing a ripple of the ice surface, and rips that ice apart with his forehooves, "How Dare you?!" he snorts, "How Dare you even Threaten her, I'll KILL YOU if you even dare lay a hoof on her!" he shouts through a quivering voice, that sounds like hail on a metal roof, gravelly, and practically roaring out steam at Ruby, he's right quivering with absoloute rage, shoulders set high, head lowered extended, every muscle in his body taught, wings half out, he is just plain scary, as he pulls seams in his thermal garb, not used to this position nor strain.

Ruby-Blossom waves a hoof dismissively "Yeah, if only we had some sort of convinent thing that would eat any and every pony remain when they wander by. That WOULD be great Kludge."

"The shamblers," whispers Kludge, a grin spreading on his face. "So we get the shamblers to join into the chaos, and if anypony is missing afterwards, then everyone would assume that they fell to the shamblers." Kludge chuckles. "So all we need to do is to have Solar's lady disappear during the fight, and none of our opponents will be the wiser."

The sudden outburst on Solar's part certainly is enough to startle Ruby who's eyes quickly dart to Solar; already having unconciously placed herself between Kludge and Solar. Ruby red eyes quite fixated on the bigger, stronger stallion - just glaring as he takes the plan to free her from her bonds of servitude as threat on the mare's life. The silence permiates before Ruby scoffs. "Why does every conversation I have that involves offering to help Plot end with physical violence at my behalf?"

Plot Twist's expression is hard to read from behind her goggles, her seat in the snow behind Solar Wind passivly looking on as he yells. A hoof goes to Solar's withers and she shakes her head and steps up next to him. "I think if I can keep my cool so can you." pulling up her goggles to let her dull grey Irises look into Solars she strains to smile, something with her scars is not an easy task. With that she takes a few more steps up to Ruby at her request. Her eyes stare into yours. "Is this your real form now?"

Solar looks back to her seeing her there seeing no harm, he just shuts down, still skiddish looking though, it was like every drop of adrenaline just hit him hard, and he's winding down from that. He sighs deeply and ducks his head, "Sorry Ruby" he murmurs softly, "I, I just, I love her so much, I can't stand the thought of her, her Gone" he sighs some, "I took it wrong, I couldn't think straight" he admits looking back up from PT, then over to Ruby and back again.

Ruby-Blossom leans towards Plot as she approaches - curiously peering at her "I'll remove the dye after tomorrow night; if I do it now it will be suspect." The realization coming to her. "One moment." she turns towards Kludge - fetches his note pad and pencil then begins to furious scribble down instructions before ripping away the sheet and offering it to Plot. "Memorize these then destory them. If you follow these instructions we can FAKE your demise, and free you of your bonds of servitude. Then you'd be free to do as you please until Moon is put in her place. "You're also welcome to yell at me like Solar-Wind, or stab me like you so tend to prefer. My real form? Oh, hmm. You could say that, yeah." Save for lack of unicorn horn atop of her head - most do believe these to be Ruby's actual colors; after all they've no reason to doubt. "Kludge and I need to head back before the incoming storm picks up. Sorry I can't stay and get yelled at some more for caring." she waves a hoof as she begins to trot off. She glances over her shoulder at Solar then gives a small nod followed by a shrug. Once out of ear shot of Twist and Solar Ruby off-hoovedly comments. "I'm always the bad pony, aren't I Kludge?

"There are times when someone's gotta do it," Kludge acknowledges. "You just have a better knack for it than most."

The big pegasus simply lays down in the snow there watching them both depart, and looking back up to Twist, "I, I'm sorry about that, I, sometimes I just think with my heart" he offers softly, "I couldn't stand the thought of, of your death" the stallion mentions softly looking down to his hooves where he gently rubs his right forehoof from the numbing impact of his efforts. "I'm sure everything will get better in the end.

The captain reads the note and sighs stuffing it in her uniform. "I love that side of you." she walks by running a hoof through your mane and ruffling it. She didn't even realize she said Love and you in the same sentence or she might have died of embracement. "I know I am going to fight to see you live, to see that passion of yours again." she smiles and nuzzles, "I don't think I have found something I would fight harder for." Laying down next to you and laying her head on you wraping a wing about your shoulder.