Trash And Treasure
IC date: Summer 26
OOC date: July 18, 2013
Location: Portside
PCs: Magpie Dragonheart Pumpkin Sunshine-Stormcloud Cricket Snapdragon

Magpie's had a good week. She met Jelly's massive family and stole stuff from some of 'em. Stuff which is now stuffed in a secret spot in her room. Some of it was shiny~ So now she's sitting out front of the Rusty Bucket with a book open on the seawall in front of her. Yeah, a book — what's going on here?!

Clear skies and sunny days! That's what the town seems to be like of late. And that means at least one of the dragon twins is out and doing…well, dragon twin stuff. Dragonheart, the filly, tip-hoofs her way through the boardwalk as she spies on ponies. Every pony. Especially all the pegasi who seem to be /everywhere/ lately. Ears craned forward, the lavender filly hunkers down behind a barrel near a rather unsavory tavern (coincidentally called The Unsavory Tavern - we sell sweet pies!) not too far from the Bucket. In particular, she's listening to conversation, and parroting it under her breath.

"Hey, what's that you got there? Is it a storybook? Or is it one of them math books or something?" Pumpkin peeks up from behind the seawall at her friend. "You think maybe somepony oughtta be keepin' an eye on Dragonheart?"

"KEEP AN EYE ON DAGONHART," shouts the foal in question.

Pegasus everywhere. Feathers /everywhere/. Expressions of joy and happiness and helpfulness /EVERYWHERE/. Why if one weren't already dispositioned towards enjoying the constant outbursts of glee, one might be having a really rotten time of it.

Enter Sunshine Stormcloud. Whom, while she does have the soul of a filly running around somewhere in that off-white pelt, hasn't completely kicked the shroud of stormy attitude that sometimes masks it. Thus she's sulking amid the sheer mass of 'fun' going on, ambling down the boardwalk on 'patrol'. Dragging a bag behind her and a litter-skewer in her mouth, picking up trash that the tourists (in her eyes anyway) leave behind. Grumble, grumble. Oh look, a wrapper next to a totally innocent foal. Let me just stab that for you 'kay thanks.

Magpie yelps and jumps, knocking the book over the edge! She scrambles to grab it, it tumbles towards the water—

A rose glow stops the book just short of disaster and Magpie jerks it up, hugging the book protectively to her chest. "Don't DO that!" she gasps. "And I *am* keeping an eye on her! She's right… there!" A vague wave of a hoof turns to an emphatic point-point when the filly helpfully shouts.

Pumpkin's ears twitch at the shout. "Yeah, ah guess she's not exactly hard to spot. C'mon, let's try to keep her outta trouble." She starts cantering off in the direction of the little savage.

Magpie pffft. "Good luck," she grumps as she follows Pumpkin.

Chomp!! Dragonheart grabs hold of the litter picker as it drops down in front of her, and when Sunshine tries to lift it, there's a filly attached. "Rrrr!! Hrro!"

Stab, lift, plunk. That's how it should have gone. Sunny stabs the litter. Lifts the litterskewer. …No, no, LIFTS the…oh what in the world? She eyes the end of the skewer, to see a little foal filly growling at it! "Wha… Hey gerrof! If my sfewr!" Shake-shake-shake! "Don' maf me fut yoo im my bag!"

"You've got a filly on your stick," Magpie says helpfully. "Hi, Sunshine! How's it goin'?" Filly notwithstanding.

Pumpkin says "Dragonheart, you might wanna let go of that there stick. She's tryin' to get work done."

More shaking! Sunshine growls back at the little squirt clinging to the pointy skewerstick, then blinks at Magpie and Pumpkin when they approach. "Rrrrr? Oh 'ey. How'f i' goin'?" Shake-a-shake!

Tug of war? Tug of war!! Dragonheart tugs on the trash-poker, shaking her fool filly head as she tries to pull it out of Sunshine's mouth. Her little hooves dig into the dirt outside the Unsavory Tavern, though at least her gaze is more playful than aggressive. "Rrrr! Gerrof! If my sfewr!" she repeats.

Magpie giggles a bit. "She says it's her skewer," she translates helpfully, reaching over to rub Dragonheart's back. "Do you need some help, Sunny?" She reaches over to grab Dragonheart by the haunches and pulls.

"Hey! Fee'f cofing me!" Sunny grunts, digging /her/ hooves in against the boardwalk as well! "…Fine! Taf FIS!" Hyah! A mighty pull of Stormcloud attempts to yank the skewer free and deposit the filly into her garbagebag! …Though now that Magpie's grabbing hold it may end in a flung skewer instead!
GAME: Sunshine-Stormcloud made a skilled roll with an outcome of Okay.

Pumpkin just sits back and watches. Idly, she reaches into a pouch she has tied to her waist. "Walnuts?" she asks Magpie.

Between the yanking in either direction, Dragonheart relinquishes the picker with a yowl. "HEEEYYYY!" she shouts at Magpie, rolling over on her back to flail mightily like a particularly upset cat. "Whyyyyy?" she asks. Nay, wails.

Magpie acks and stumbles back a few steps, holding her hooves up for defense. "That stick isn't yours! It's Sunny's!" Like Magpie knows so much about personal property, right? "You can't just take it away!" She shakes a hoof at Dragonheart.

Victory! Sunshine, with the force of this tug, ends up throwing herself back onto her back, the skewer flung far up, up, up into the air, spinning like a great pointy baton! Flipflipflipflipflip, ting~ Into the sky… Sunshine stares at where it disappeared from view. …And secretly hopes a pegaus caught it. NO! Bad Stormcloud! …Hope that it…landed…safely in some dirt. Somewhere. …sigh. "Welp. Guess I'm off duty for the night."

"Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine," whines Dragonheart at Magpie, though the foal watches the skewer arc upwards… and then pouts. "Can't just take it away," she repeats, pouting thoroughly and scuffing the dirt like a bad-tempered foal. … Y'know, like she is.

Pumpkin says "Ah wonder where that landed? Think we'll find it somewhere, Magpie?"

Magpie awwws. She reaches out to poke the filly's nose. "Not yours," she disagrees. "Oooh, but we can go find it! Go fetch, Dragonheart!"

Meanwhile, at an impromptu pegasus barbecue. A bag of marshmallows is being carried towards a bonfire when…


A pointed stick tears right through it, taking several marshmallows with it and landing with a THUP smack in the middle of one of the burning logs. Where a couple pegasus foals promptly cheer and enjoy impromptu gooey burnt goodness.

Sunshine goes about the painful business of getting back on her hooves. Darn metal contraptions always make that a painful process. "…Those foals are sure learning fast. Are you guys teaching them new tricks now, or are they learning to be little brats all on their own?"

"Fetch fetch fetch fetch!" Dragonheart barrels forward, not having the slightest clue what fetch means. She bolts down the street without a single care for where she's going or who she might bump into!

(OOC) Dragonheart: Clearly there must be a roll-off to see who Dragonheart runs into.

Cricket rolls 1d20 — Result: 3 | Sum: 3

Dragonheart rolls 1d20 — Result: 3 | Sum: 3

(OOC) Cricket snrks
(OOC) Cricket rerolls
(OOC) Dragonheart: … Of course it apparently likes 3's.

Cricket rolls 1d20 — Result: 6 | Sum: 6

(OOC) Cricket doubles the odds!
(OOC) Cricket: In an even, even

Snapdragon rolls 1d20 — Result: 9 | Sum: 9

(OOC) Snapdragon: …wow.
(OOC) Cricket giggles
(OOC) Dragonheart: Multiple of 3, go!

Pumpkin rolls 1d20 — Result: 3 | Sum: 3

Cricket rolls 1d20 — Result: 14 | Sum: 14

Snowfield rolls 1d20 (Go Go Gadget Not Even In This Scene!) — Result: 7 | Sum: 7

(OOC) Cricket: AH-HA's!
(OOC) Snowfield: multiples of 7 represent
(OOC) Cricket gangstahnods.

Cricket rolls 1d20 — Result: 4 | Sum: 4

(OOC) Snowfield: Now that's just silly.
(OOC) Cricket: Aaaaaaanyway….
(OOC) Dragonheart will run into Snappy, then. XD
(OOC) Dragonheart lets Snapdragon pose the collision?
(OOC) Snapdragon: sure~
(OOC) Magpie just watches. <3

Snapdragon is also currently running! Well, bounding, more like. Out from the forest, from the looks of the little bits of melting snow on his wings and mane and tail! He's scurrying along, looking puffed up and pleased with himself! And not paying attention one tiny bit, apparently, because he gets bowled right on over by Dragonheart's charge.

"Wagggghhh! Sapdagon, gah!" Dragonheart flails from her pile of not-so-feral foal. "Fetch fetch!"

Magpie trots after Dragonheart. "Hah! You fetched your brother! Good girl!" She beams. Feral foals are so cute. ^^ "But where's the stick?!"

"STICK STICK STICK!" shouts Dragonheart, though as she looks around, there are no sticks on the ground. And that's boring. So she scrambles back to Magpie. "…Cookie?" she says hopefully. Beam!

"Aaaeeeeoooaaawagh!" Snapdragon flails and tumbles, the piece of paper he'd been clutching in his mouth fluttering to the ground. He kicks his little hooves, reaching to try and snatch it up again. "Fet fet!" He can mimic noises too! See!

Thump, clop, thump, clop. Sunshine decides, since she's off the clock and all, to follow the trail of rampant cute brattiness. She pauses a few steps behind Magpie, tapping her chin with a hooftip. "..He hasn't quite caught onto speech like his sister, has he?"

Magpie says, "Aww, he'll figure it out." She scoops up Snappy and hugs him all tight! So cute! That may make it harder for him to grab his paper. She giggles at Dragonheart. "I don't have any cookies. Just this book," she says, levitating the book for emphasis.

"Book? Book boook book booook." Dragonheart hops and tries to grab the book but it's so high up! So she runs over to Sunshine and hops. "Book! Book! Book! Mine? Book!"

Snapdragon squirms a bit, though less in an 'escapey' way and more just trying to get at the paper. "Mahpi!" He flutters his wings and, after a moment's squirming, settles for hugging onto her foreleg. "…Ook?"

"Yeah, they're absolutely darling." Sunshine says in as fake a flat voice as possible. …She really /does/ think they're cute! Dragonheart earns a pat on her head for being so adorable. Then she spies…the paper! Augh. Sunshine frowns at the paper. "Geez.. Even your little monsters are litterbugs. Can't anyone just keep a street clean these days?" She stomps her way over to the paper and…realizes she doesn't have her stick. Meh. "Maggie, little dear, would you be so kind as to pick up that scrap and dump it in my trashbag here?"

Magpie releases Snappy. "Put it in the trash," she encourages. In case that's not clear, she points at the paper, then taps Sunshine's bag.

Dragonheart bounds after Sunshine and then watches Magpie's instruction — but with an impressive feat of will or forethought, she refrains from doing it, instead looking at Snapdragon. She can be a good sister. Sometimes.

Snapdragon blinks up at her, then at the paper. What? Oh! Yeah! His paper! He scurries to scoop it up again. "Aeeeooo!" But he doesn't seem interested in putting it in the trash. Instead he bounces over to Dragonheart, trying to show it to her. "Eeeeaaaoooaauuu!" It's got writing on it, see. Not that that's probably what he's concerned with.

Magpie says, "No, no! In the trash. The trash!"

"Aiiiyaaahwaah?" Dragonheart asks, cocking her head to the side, to look at it. "Awuuuwuuu?"

The paper smells… somewhat familiar! Like the forest, and like a place they're not reeeeally supposed to be. See? See? Snapdragon can be brave and adventurous too! See?! "Aaaeoooaa!"

"Oy…" Sunshine oys. "He's attached to that scrap, isn't he? Well whatever, I'm off the clock now anyway."

Magpie leans in to try to read the paper, starting to get curious.

Sniff sniff! "Wah!!" Dragonheart blinks and then tilts her head at Snapdragon. "Woooowwww! You mean scary rawwroor?" She seems mighty impressed!

A pegasus filly bounces across the beach! She doesn't seem to be using her wings for much other than to give her jumps a boost and soften her landings. Why, it almost looks like a grasshopper…or…Cricket!

Snapdragon bounces a few times, looking pleased with himself all over again. He's a big brave pony! Rawr! He notices Magpie's look and turns to show off his trophy to her as well. He's impressed one sister, let's see if he can impress the other! "Waan eee Mahpi sow!" Whatever that means.

The paper appears to be a written journal entry of some variety, or at least a part of one seeing as it was torn out of whatever manuscript it was written in.

                   occupy my mind. If I can keep myself    |
                         I feel in my chest. No sign of    |
                           their lesson after their last   |
                           creatures, snowbunnies. What    |
                          as adorable as possible and then |
                        get close to investigate?          |

Magpie's eyes narrow and her mouth moves as she sounds out the words, hanging up a bit on "adorable" and "investigate". She finally looks up at the kid. "Where did you find this?" she asks, rubbing her chin with one hoof.

Sunshine goes about the arduous task of tying a garbagebag closed with hooves. Which is surprisingly easier than one would think! Over, under, through, and~

"So what is it? A circus flyer? An invitation piece? A treasure map? Oh wait, it's the deed to the mayor's manor, isn't it? Someone was bound to find it sooner or later!"

"Awoooo! Wow wow wow Sapdagon! Mean rawrrooooor? Grr grr?" Was the scary monster there? She shoves her nose into the paper and sniffs.

Snapdragon blinks up at Magpie, then points towards the forest, because apparently he hasn't grasped the concept of 'not telling some things' yet. "Sow oooaaa eeeaan rawrrooor grr! Aaaaeeeaaa wahn meh!" …He tries.

Magpie says, "It looks like somebody's diary." She pokes at Snappy. "He says he found it in the forest. Who would have a diary in the middle of wintersong? Maybe it's from somepony at Daybreak?"

Cricket notices the gathering of half of Ruby's foals and looses her bouncing concentration, resulting in a fall and tumble on the beach. Hoping none of the others saw her, she slowly makes her way over until she's peering over Magpie's shoulder at the paper. "Whatchall got there?"

SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF. As Snapdragon gives away their DEEP DARK SECRETS, she gasps and throws a hoof over his mouth and looks at Sunshine and Magpie with big eyes. "No no no no no thing no thing!!" But when Cricket appears, she yelps in surprise.

The thought makes Sunshine grimace. "I hope not. I don't like the thought that they're scampering all the way to Daybreak just to rummage through someone else's house." She glances at the two feral-ish foals. "As a member of the city guard, I suppose it's my duty to help keep the peace between cities. I'll just have to go ask'em about it." Then suddenly there's a Cricket! "Oh. Hey kid."

Magpie shrugs to Sunshine. "Well, I guess we could… Snappy, show me where you got this! Let's go there!"

"Whoa whoa, not tonight!" Sunshine says, arranging her trashbag. "I gotta at least tell the boys I've got a mission to go do. But if you wanna come with me, and bring your little bloodhounds with you when we do, that'd be really helpful!"

Magpie says, "Welllll… okay. I guess." She trots over and gives Sunshine a big hug!

"Mmph!" Snapdragon blinks over at Dragonheart, them promptly starts chewing at her hoof. It's in his mouth! Nomnomnomslobberdrool.

Cricket yelps right back at the foal and peers even closer at the paper. Scribble scribble…I…scribble…feel…scribble. It would help if she knew how to read! She peers around, "Whuts this 'bout goin' inta the forest? Can I come? That's sounds like sooo much fun! CanIcanIcanI?"

Sunshine returns the hug! "I'll be home soon as I drop this stuff off." Then Cricket begins jumping about coming on an adventure. "Hm? Uhm…" She rubs the back of her head, "Kid, your parents aren't anywhere near here to ask for permission to go somewhere as dangerous as the forest. Are you sure you wanna go marching towards uncertain doom with us?"

"DOOOOOOOM!" adds Dragonheart helpfully.

"OOOOOM!" Snapdragon echoes around his mouthful of hoof.