Tours Gone Wild
IC date: Winter 90, 1006
OOC date: March 18, 2012
PCs: Hayseed
NPCs: Phosphor
GM: None

It's a chilly day but the season is starting to warm up as it comes to an end, and that's what brings the reclusive and ~mysterious~ pegasus out to explore the farmland. Phosphor slinks along the wide trotting path, tail flicking from side to side, as she peers at the various crops she passes. She certainly looks out of place, lime-green hair on top of dark blue coat sticking out like a sore thumb against the cleared meadows.

Hayseed is humming happily to herself as she works, tail flicking cheerily. Enough of the snow was finally gone that she could get to work with the planting, and she was certainly enjoying getting back to what she loved to do. She pulled the plow along behind her with an ease that most Unicorns would not show to physical work, trotting along at a steady pace.

Phosphor pauses, seeing another pony, and flicks her ears in thought. Finally, though, she approaches curiously, nosing over the furrows toward the plow. "Uh — hello! Who are you?"

Hayseed blinks and pauses mid-stride, looking over at her. "Oh! Hello." She smiled warmly, giving a greeting nod. "I'm Hayseed. You're new around here? Don't think I've seen you before." Her voice wasn't what one would expect by her name — there were hints of a country accent, but it was covered well by a much more 'sophisticated' lilt reminiscent of the Canterlot Unicorns.

"I'm…I'm Phosphor," the pegasus offers, stepping a little closer to peek at the plow. "You…are you from around here?" Her body-language speaks of uncertainty.

Hayseed says "Not originally," shrugging one shoulder, "but I live here now!" She smiled. "Do a lot of the farm work around these parts. Good land for it. What about yourself?""

"Ah." Phosphor shifts her weight a little and then pokes the plow with a hoof. "No, not from around here. I'm, erm. Visiting. What do you plant around here?"

"A little bit of everything," Hayseed responded, seeming a bit proud of the idea. "Got my specialities, of course, but not everypony's got the same tastes. Want to have something for everypony. Fruits, vegetables, hay, grains, berries… flowers, sometimes, too."

(OOC) Hayseed: since even flowers are foodstuffs!
(OOC) Phosphor grins.
(OOC) Hayseed: daisy sandwich.

"Oh, I heard they need some flowers for the New Year Celebration day after tomorrow," Phosphor adds hopefully. "And…food, and stuff. So…" She rubs a hoof on the back of her head. "I don't really know what I'm doing here. I guess I was just exploring a bit. I don't suppose you'd be up to showing me the sights or anything?"

Hayseed blinks and smiles cheerily. "Well sure! Don't see why not. I can afford a bit of a break." She moved to shrug out of the plow, giving herself a light shake.

Phosphor brightens a bit and slings her arms around Hayseed's neck. "Thank you! I haven't really gotten a chance to understand this place yet." With Hayseed thus hugged, she blushes and releases the unicorn. "Er— sorry."

Hayseed looks a bit startled but smiles, chuckling a bit. "Quite alright. Nopony's shown you around yet? Well, I'm glad to do it. Don't know how good a tour guide I am, but I'll give it a shot!"

Phosphor shuffles back and forth a little. "I think ponies are scared off by me," she admits sullenly, ears drooping. "Jellybean was nice, but…I dunno, he seems so busy and he's stuck with that cloud. Thing."

Hayseed blinks. "That thing's still following him around? It's been a week thereabout…"

Phosphor bobs her head. "Yeah… can't seem to shake it. I don't know. I've never seen anything like it, but… y'know. I haven't seen much. Where to, tour guide?"

(OOC) Hayseed: hmmm… I don't know the town too well, actually. XD any notable landmarks to show off?
(OOC) Phosphor: Uhhh… lighthouse at the Portside, the mayor's estate in the outskirts… The forest up north, the mountains to the east. :|a

Hayseed looks around thoughtfully. "Hm. Well, the mountains are off that way. Not too much to show there, so I guess let's head for town!"

Phosphor smiles brightly and pads after Hayseed as they head for town. "Okay!" She flexes her wings experimentally and gives them a good flap before launching herself into the air.

Hayseed trots into the square, ears perked. "So this is sort of the town center area. Got the big fountain over there. Rather fancy. Town founder I think, you know I've never really asked anypony. Lots of shops and such around here… basic 'town square' fare, really."

Phosphor flits after Hayseed, poking around thoughtfully, before landing precariously on the fountain statue. "Huh. Interesting. So this place was founded by seafaring folk, then? Hey, thanks for taking me on a tour, by the way. And for talking to me. I think a stranger falling out of the sky put most people off? That's my guess."

Hayseed tilts her head. "Yeah, that could do it. Someponies get real awkward around stuff that's new to them. Not any fault of yours where you fell out of, but 'stranger' means… well, strange, to someponies."

"Yeah…" Phosphor crouches, looking down at Hayseed. "You're not too put off though. That's nice. And you're not trying to get me to sign paperwork about stuff I don't even remember. That's also nice. Do you work with the mayor at all?"

Hayseed chuckles and shakes her head. "Oh, no. Well, not directly. She doesn't seem to do much with the farms… we haven't had much… interaction, I suppose? Mayor-citizen stuff."

Phosphor taps her chin thoughtfully, and nods, before winging down next to Hayseed. "I guess that makes sense… She sent her stooge to talk to me instead of talking to me herself. Do you know where she lives?"

Hayseed says "Out in the town outskirts, I think." She motioned with a hoof. "Got an estate out there.""

Phosphor gives Hayseed a bright and altogether too-innocent smile. "Can we go visit?" She even leeeeans in against the unicorn imploringly. "Pleeeease?"

Phosphor hugs Hayseed again. "Thank you! I think I can talk to her about my situation and it'll go so much better than talking to her…stooge." She shakes out her coat and flaps her wings again, eager to go.

Hayseed smiles. "Always easier to go straight to the source, I think." She turned to lead the way towards the outskirts.

Hayseed looks around, nodding over at the building when she spotted it. "There we go. That over there. Pretty sure that's the Estate."

Phosphor looks over at the ramshackle super-patched run-down building barely staying on four corners in the corner of the square. It looks … charred. "…I should have guessed," she says dryly. "Er— because…I've been here and she's crazy. Yes. Uh. Let's go!" And she swiftly trots toward the building before her Motives can be Questioned.

Hayseed blinks and follows after her. "Didn't know we planned on stopping in for a visit."

"Well, I figure I'll get this mess sorted out while we're here. This paperwork mess. Did I mention the paperwork?" Phosphor approaches the little building, which was probably quite splendid, once — before its inevitable disaster — and knocks on the door. "Mayor Saltyyyy! Hello?"

Hayseed chuckles a bit. "I've never been fond of paperwork myself, either…" she hangs back a few steps, looking up at the building curiously.

Phosphor knocks a few more times, but there's no answer. Phosphor frowns, and knocks a bit louder. "SALTY! I know you're in there!" … But nopony comes to the door. She flaps her wings and flies over to look in a window, but it's dark. "You think you can help me break this?" she asks, pointing to the window.

Hayseed tilts her head. "Break the window? I don't know if that's the best idea. Look, it's dark in there… maybe nopony's home right now."

"I'm sure she's in there! She's probably hiding. Because… because that's what she'd do!" Phosphor twists and maneuvers down to heft up a big rock in her hooves, eyeing that window up and down and poking her tongue out. "I need to see her!"

"Woah, slow down there, sugar. No need to go all into property destruction here. This old place might not stand up to it." Hayseed trotted over quickly. "How'd you know 'what she'd do' if you haven't actually spoken to her yet? Not that I have either really. But, it's a big town. If she's not here, nothing says we can't keep… touring, see if we can't find her. Maybe the tavern. I hear she goes by there often enough."

Phosphor grips her rock tightly, looking over at Hayseed. "But! But my— I mean… no! I just …" She tenses more, weighing her options, before making up her mind. She whirls in the air and slings the rock through the window. The glass shatters, and Phosphor tenses. "COME OUT!" she yells.

Hayseed winces and lays her ears back. "Oh, dear. Alright. Well, I can fix it. Grow some vines. Yeah. That'll… that'll work. Hun, I really don't think anyone's home, it's all dark…"

"We'll see about that!" Phosphor zooms into the broken window, struggling past the glass and squirming into the dark building. "Con/sarn/ it, Salty!" she growls. "Where are you?" Now it's up to breaking /and/ entering. What else is she going to do? Will it be on Hayseed's hooves?!

(OOC) Hayseed: How big is this window?
(OOC) Phosphor: Just about one-pony-wide. :3
(OOC) Hayseed: Hayseed is a liiiittle smaller than Big Mac. is it still one Pony wide? XD
(OOC) Hayseed: she's a farm pony and it shows
(OOC) Phosphor: She could make it, but it'll be a tight fit. She'll probably sustain some mild cuts.

Hayseed blinks and scrambles over, sticking her head through the window. "What're you… oh, no… Come on, nopony's home! I'll bet she's off at the tavern or something, doing some… mayorly… thing… It certainly won't make a good impression for her to come home and find you already in her house uninvited…"

Phosphor is busily scrambling over piles of empty bottles, trying to navigate what appears to be a dark and rather uninviting bedroom. "Well it doesn't matter!" She grabs a bottle and eyes it, grabbing it and taking a swig of the harsh liquid. "She should be…here doing her job. Or something. What are you doing following me, anyway? Go… call the Watch on me or something!" She shoos Hayseed dismissively.

Hayseed lays her ears back, looking confused and momentarily hurt by this. "Follow… I… thought I was…" she shook her head slightly, frowning. "Look, I just don't want you getting in any big trouble…"

Phosphor huffs a little. "Well — I mean… you /were/ helping, and all… but now you're just getting yourself into trouble too by following me." The pony pauses at the threshold of the next room, amber eyes glinting in the dark. "You're a nice pony, Hayseed. Don't get mixed up with me."

Hayseed frowns faintly, giving a small snort. "I think it's already a little late for that, you know. My hoofprints are all over out here. If you don't want somepony getting involved, perhaps you should tell them to stop following you /before/ the burglary spree?" She hesitated for a moment, thinking hard before sighing resignedly and moving to heave herself through the window, wincing at the bits of glass. "Look, I may be country folk but I'm not simple. You think the mayor has something of yours, I gather? Or something you want at least. And you're attempting to find it."

Phosphor sighs, and shakes her head… then nods. "Yeah, sure. Something like that. But she's not home, so…" She pauses, and grumpy, she follows after Hayseed. She lifts a hoof to push Hayseed and hesitates for a long moment before actually touching her. But she does eventually, and she pushes at Hayseed. "I'll come back…some other time."

Hayseed smiles faintly. "That's probably for the best. I'm sure you both can talk out whatever it is that's going on without resorting to extremes like this… Think she'll notice a big flower where the window used to be? Brighten the place up maybe. …Kinda give me away, though."

Phosphor grumps. "I just want to go home," she mutters, ears flat and posture droopy. But she eyes Hayseed. "…I doubt she'll notice, really," she offers.

(OOC) Hayseed: notice the window, or a giant flower? XD
(OOC) Phosphor: Either or!
(OOC) Phosphor XD
(OOC) Hayseed XD

Hayseed tilts her head, gaze a bit sympathetic. "Well… maybe we can find some way to help with that?" She looked the building over thoughtfully for a moment, then shrugged, horn glowing bright green as vines began to sprout, growing bit-by-bit up the side of the estate on their way to covering the broken window; little pink-and-white flowers sprouted along them as they grew. "There. Call it decoration. Place could use some cheer. And… un-charring." They may or may not STAY grown — it was still a bit chilly and she was admittedly focussing more on speed than staying power — but they'd at least do the job of keeping the weather out of the building for the time being.

Phosphor lands beside Hayseed with a moody look on her face. "Nah. Well, maybe. I dunno." After a pause, she adds lamely, "Don't even really remember my home." She eyes the flower as it grows, and then huffs. "Well… thanks," she mumbles.

Hayseed smiles over at her. "You're welcome. Can't go hanging you out to dry here. Come on, let's skedaddle."

Phosphor lets out a soft, disappointed nicker, and nods. "Yeah. Okay." She sulks after Hayseed, taking to the air and managing to sulky-mope-fly as she goes. Hmph. But after a few moments she shakes her head. "You know what? No, you're better off not babysitting me. Thanks for the help. Sorry to get you in trouble." Her wings flap a little faster, and she soars up into the sky, zipping away into the night.

Hayseed blinks in surprise and turns around, though not quite fast enough to say anything before she was already flying away. "Hey, wait…" She blinked and looked after her, ears drooping a bit. "Well… 'bye…"