To Us
IC date: Winter 10
OOC date: 29/12/12
PCs: Muzaji, Queen Pegasus, Rising Chaos
NPCs: None
GM: None

Queen remains relatively bed-ridden in Rising's home while recovering from what most ponies would call 'life-threatening' injuries; the mare had Rising deliver a letter to Muzaji explaining her current request: Rising's cloak has been destroyed, and Queen would like to replace the cloak with something even nicer - the caveat being Rising's cloak appears to have been enchanted with something to negate the negative effects of the unicorn using her magic - namely headaches. Thus Queen has requested Muzaji bring her something of this nature - if she can.

Rising-Chaos is currently taking a hot drink in her sitting room. It may be odd for those who know her to see not single book open near her. Instead, she just seems to be relaxing, enjoying the relative peace and quiet. She's curled up aroudn the tattered remnants of her cloak, as a comfort thing. The thing meant a lot to her, she'll have to see about getting it fixed.

Which needless to say was a bit of a tall order, not that Muzaji would admit to that being an issue. Because it wasn't. It just meant putting a bit more time and effort into the matter. As of such, the zebra 'trader' was making her way to Rising Chaos' place, a precisely wrapped bundle tucked in a saddlebag under her own traveller's cloak. Idly entertaining herself with thoughts of what it must be like to have Queenie has a house guest… and then realizing it's probably no different than the fact that Rising 'works' for the pirate anyways.

… And in the moment of wandering thoughts, here she is. The zebra stops and knocks a few times on the door with a hoof.

At this moment Queen can be found in front of the fireplace - sprawled out on a soft looking pile of pillows and blankets; this puts her in sight of the relaxing Rising while also getting the pegasus mare out of bed for a while - a welcome change of pace. The knock of the door prompting the mare to glance towards the door then to Chaos - cause there's no way Queen's getting that.

Rising-Chaos isn't surprised by the knock, they are expecting company after all. The nature of Muzaji's visit is still unknown to her, however, it was a private letter. Before Queen Pegasus can even look over, she's getting to her hooves to answer the door. She opens the door, smiling to the zebra. "Hello Muzaji, do come in."

Well well, the unicorn is in a good mood as well. Isn't this a pleasant surprise. "Hello Rising. Don't mind if I do." She trots through the open door, giving a nod in the pink pegasus' direction as well. "And a good evening as well to you. Great to see you up and about, and not stuck in a bed like a lout."

Queen certainly greets Muzaji with a small glare considering the zebra mare's choice of words - but it's far less threatening than previous glares Muzaji has seen the pegasus give. "Evening." the pegasi replies. "I'm hoping you brought something that won't disappoint, and I'll certainly assume you brought some extra wares as well." shifting so she can roll onto her side - causing her to flinch noticeably.

It's a fragile mood, but it's the first time she's been smiling for weeks, so it'll do. With the guest firmly in the door, Chaos closes the door and goes to Queen Pegasus' side. The mare just won't stop moving and making her condition worse. There's not much she can do, she would be just as restless, probably. All talk of wares is ignored, for the most part, Muzaji's business is not hers.

Muzaji gives Queenie a somewhat apologetic smile, as if to say she was sorry that was the only rhyme she could come up with at the moment. She didn't say you were, just that you could of been laid up like a lazy one. It's followed by a brief wink as she replies, "Oh, but of course I did, have no doubt of that." The zebra turns so her left side is towards Queenie and out of Chaos' direct view, swatting the saddlebag with her tail to indicate it to the pegasus pirate. "And I am sure you have been just a wonderful house guest." Yeah, riiiight.

Queen reaches out to place a hoof on Rising's leg as the unicorn settles at her side; a intimate gesture to say the least. "Rising has been very accomidating, and I am glad she is feeling better." Says the mare that has no business being concerned with anypony else - then again /when/ did she even start caring about anypony else. "Be a dear, and show my acquisition to Rising. It will be moot of this is not what she needs, after all."

Rising-Chaos would say that queen Pegasus has been a model house guest. Certainly better than some she's had. "She's been a delight to have around, I've been helping her get better as well." There's a hint of pride in her voice, but not much. An eyebrow is cocked at the mention of acquisitions though, something she should see? This could be interesting, as her own gift to the pegasus is nearly finished.

"As you wish my friend, let the demonstration begin." Muzaji leans a little to the other side so her cloak flops down out of the way, then snaps her left leg up to bump the bottom of the saddlebag with her knee to pop the bundle out of it. But before it can fall anywhere problematic she grabs it with her mouth and with a flick of her head snaps it open, unfurling over a nearby chair..

A brand new cloak.

In fact it looks like the zebra has done a rather efficient job of finding an almost similar design as the one that lays in tatters on the floor. Save it appears to have some fancier decorative stitching in the hem and collar, because Queen insisted it be properly special. Probably has a hidden pocket or two on the inside as well, knowing the zebra's penchant for such things. "Taa daaa~"

Once again much to Rising's dismay Queen stirs and shifts until she's half sitting up with some pillows supporting her lower back - tattered wings draped loosely over the pile of pillows. "Certainly appears acceptable, but looks aren't everything." That is praise by the way! "Rising - do have a look.

Rising-Chaos is caught entirely off guard by the display, then Queen Pegasus' movements. She's left dumbfounded, it's beautiful. There's hesitation in her voice, she has no idea what's going on. "It's gorgeous." A quick glance to her tattered cloak confirms the similarities. there's a moment of panic. Is it for her, she hopes it is. "Truly amazing."

Muzaji settles down on her haunches, purple eyes flickering with satisfied amusement at Queen's affirmation and Rising's sheer astonishment. "I would of had it sooner, but it took time to locate a unicorn capable of performing the specific …additions." Then winks again at Queenie. It's your gift to give, go ahead and give it. She's just the delivery zebra.

Queen softly chuckles while watching Rising's reaction to the cloak. "Rising, I'm hoping this will serve the same purpose as our last - I hope you can confirm this." blue eye roaming back to Muzaji. "You are just as capable as promised." Yes, that's a compliment. "Now, I certainly won't deny you of an opportunity - so by all means show me what else you're hoping to peddle this evening.

Rising-Chaos cautiously gets to her hooves, so it's really for her? Slowly, she moves over to the cloak and feels it. The entire thing is gorgeous, beautifully made. Normally she would check the spell that's supposedly on it, but her magic is still out of commission. So for now she just keeps stroking the fabric, in total shock.

Muzaji wrinkles her snout slightly in what could be considered a cute fashion. Puts a hoof to her chest in mock disbelief. "Peddler? Me? Such connotations of the phrase as simple prepostera-aaahaahaha I can't finish that with a straight face." She cracks off in a brief moment of laughter instead, because it's actually quite true. Grabs the corner of her own cloak and wipes her face. "Okay, moving on."

The zebra turns her attention back to Queen Pegasus. She had only known the pirate was hurt, but not to specific of injuries. But now it's pretty obvious, and thankfully she prepped on a general assortment of potential ailments from a harrowing crash. She turns to the other sidebag. "But perhaps I can help make the tending to your needs a bit easier upon your gracious host." In quick succession she produces an assortment of bottles and dispensers. "I've got burn ointment, feather gloss, desnarler, massage cream… some of the finest wing soothing ointment direct from Cloudsdale… sedative chewing herbs… colouring cream for hiding any embarrassing bruises…" At the end she deposits one of her incense burners on the table. "Some comforting aromatherapy to help with sleeping… and last but not least," she holds up a sizeable perfume sniffer. "Just because one is using medications does not mean one must -smell- like medication."

Queen's eye drifts from Muzaji to Rising as she considers asking Rising to peruse the assortment - instead choosing to let Rising relish her gift which should live up to the last cloak - it's also possible that the enchantment will be of higher grade much like the cloak itself. "Mnnn…" the mare looking over the wears with a discerning eye. "I fear these simply aren't my style." yet she continues to look. "Aromatherapy may be nice." her tone implying she'd prefer Rising's input. "I've no burns…only broken bones and bruises, and I'm not afraid to show off my bruises." Her smile slowly curls into something a tad more sinister "I suppose massage cream wouldn't hurt - although Rising would have to apply it.

Rising-Chaos is snapped from her reverence slightly by the conversation. Worldessly, she moves over to her saddlebags, rummaging through them. After a couple seconds she pulls out a small bag. The bag is placed on the table, it spills over to reveal more than enough money for anything on display. "Anything she wants, absolutely anything." Still looking like she's suffering from shock, she goes back to the cloak, the original meant a lot to her, this one means even more.

Muzaji is unphased by Queenie's lack of interest in most of the items, either for not applying to her injuries or not being her 'style'. This was to a degree expected, despite her blanket spread of guessing. It's actually a well practiced trader's tactic: present a lot of loose or unfitting choices to make the ones your intended shopper does want more interesting and enticing. "You should sample the perfume anyways my dear, it's quite fine. Upon one of such distinct persona and charm it would be divine." That, on the other hoof, is just buttering up.

"But perhaps our dear Queen would prefer 'medicine' more akin to the style of the town and it's… occupation then." This time she pulls out a large wine bottle, it's contents almost clear but with a glittering effect when light reflects through it, almost like liquified diamond. "Crystal Berry Wine. Vintage from the recently rediscovered Crystal Kingdom." It was? Or is that just a rumour? Who knows, with how news and tales travel with equal lack of restraint around here. The zebra holds the bottle up in display. "Surely I don't need to clarify just how difficult it can be for one to get their hooves on such a find."

Queen can't help but chuckle as Muzaji continues her sales tactics - it's clear she's amused but unclear to by what and just to what extend. "I shall take the massage create, and the incense. As for your wine - you will find yourself hard pressed to unload such a fine item in this town considering how often they must rebuild this town. I also hear the local brewer is also quite talented." She glances to Muzaji then to Rising. "I do believe you'll find me quite generous but no fool. If you name you price for my purchases today - and name it properly we have a deal."

Rising-Chaos finally manages to pull herself away from the cloak. After a couple deep breaths she feels able to move around. Her first move is right up to Queen Pegasus, who she hugs immediately. There could be more conversation, there probably is, but right now Rising is living in her own little world. It's safe to say she's a little happy about this.

"As I am more than well aware." Muzaji deposits the bottle back into her bags. "Perhaps I will just save it for an appropriate occasion of celebration then." It didn't matter if Queen didn't take much, a sale of some was better than no sale of none. "Tch. Only a foal would think such exquisite tastes would make one gullible." For a moment there seems like there could be more sales pitch coming, but then Rising comes in with a big hug. The third wheel feeling is nothing new, but Muzaji can take a hint from it. After feigning doing some quick number crunching and clicking her hooves together (like she would come without everything priced in her head already) she jots down a price and passes the tab to Queen. It really is quite reasonable, considering she's more interested in making an impression than a pile of bits. Avarice qualifies to more than just wealth, after all…

The zebra mare may be even more surprised by the fact Queen actually gives Rising a small nuzzle in return to the unicorn's hug! Queen taking the small receipt to quietly eye it over before commenting. "I never said I wouldn't take the wine - if the price was right." she emphasizes while looking around Rising to meet eyes with Muzaji. "So do share the price and if reasonable I shall partake. After all - certainly there will be reason to celebrate soon."

Rising-Chaos lets go of Queen Pegasus after a few moments. Slowly she becomes aware of what's happening. She's still quite overtaken by all of this. What she wants to do is prance around the house and try on her new cloak, but appearances must be maintained. She does, however, take a place beside Queenie, silently. This isn't her business deal, she also doesn't trust herself to be reasonable right now.

Muzaji watches the two of them for a moment. Though for a moment it was more Rising. The unicorn was in such a good mood, and made even better. After everything she had been through lately, and likely wasn't the end of certain things yet. Yet here she was, happy. And had something other than saving/destroying the town to focus on for now.

Then zebra lets out a soft sigh. "I swear, you can see through me almost as well as one can see through this bottle," as she removes it from her bag once more and sets it upon the table and nudged it towards the two ponies. "Celebrate your occasion and without hesitation. It deserves a fine wine so consider it a gift of mine." Pause. "Besides, the guy sold me a whole keg of it, I just put it in a bottle for easier transport." And more items to sell.

With that the zebra got to her hooves and swished her cloak over her back as she turned to the door. "Now my work her is done so I best move along."

Queen chuckles again - the zebra mare seeming to always amuse her. "Very well. Make sure to thank the mare, Rising." A mild grin upon her face as she offers Muzaji an approving little nod while leaving the 'dirty work' to Rising. "Your attention has been much appreciated.

Rising-Chaos is quite taken aback by the gift of wine, that was unexpected of the zebra. "Of course, I will see her out." Getting to her hooves she follows the zebra to the door. Before opening it she has one thing to say. "Thank you Muzaji, I really mean it. Good luck out there, with the storm and everything. If anypony is going to make it through this okay, you will." She pauses for a moment, looking undecided, then throws caution to the winds. She gives Muzaji a brief hug, then opens the door. "Have a nice day."

Muzaji smiles in a way that's different from her usual slightly greasy salesmare smirk. Maybe because it's honestly endearing for once? "You are welcome." She subtly brushes back against the unicorn in return for the hug. And can't help but smirk a bit more in bemusement as Chaos says almost the same sort of thing Spindrift did upon her initial departure. "You two enjoy your night, I hope it remains just as quiet." And with that the zebra is out the door.

Queen-Pegasus settles back down into her make-shift bed near the fire, and shuts her eye while waiting for Rising and Muzaji to say their goodbyes.

Rising-Chaos closes the door behind the zebra. She's a nice mare, at heart, probably. With more than a little spring in her step she returns to Queen Pegasus. She takes a spot beside her Queen and leans her head on the mare's shoulder, saying nothing for now.

Muzaji takes a few steps from the closed door and then pauses, eyes rolling off to one side thoughtfully for a moment. "… Mayhaps there is some small bit to this 'Friendship is Magic' after all…" To which she shrugs and continues on her way back to her shop-cart.

Queen as usual softly chuckles - all the while returning the nuzzle to the affectionate unicorn mare. (I'm almost thinking there's more to this 'friendship thing'. Bah, who am I kidding - I've got what I want.)

Rising-Chaos finally find the words she's been thinking of. She's never really received a gift like this before, it's all weird. "Thank you, my Queen. this means more to me than," she waves a hoof in the air, at a loss for words. "Anything." Perhaps not the best, but it will do.

Gently Queen nuzzles Rising's cheek. "I'm delighted to hear that garment means more to you than I." Her tone likely making it difficult to discern that Queen is in fact joking.

Rising-Chaos giggles, hoping the Queen is joking. "That would be impossible, my Queen. Nothing could mean that much." She gets to her hooves, moving around to inspect the purchased goods. "You mentioned celebrating, what event did you have in mind to celebrate?"

"Why our union of course - I'm fully intending it to be a very…" visibly ponder "Permanent affair." settling back into her little make-shift bed with a sigh. "I just hope the cloak is everything I intended it to be."

Rising-Chaos pauses for a moment, that's rather forward of the mare. For a moment she seems torn by indecision. Her grins widens further. "Perfect, certainly something to celebrate." She disappears in to the kitchen, bringing back a couple wine glasses, never before been used. She grabs the bottle and brings it to the pegasus. "I would be quite happy for it to be permanent as well."

Queen softly chuckles she so often does when not spewing foul insults. "I'm glad to hear - it's hard for me to find somepony I don't consider expendable." That might even be 'I love you' in Queen speak, who knows.

Rising-Chaos gives Queen Pegasus a nuzzle. She pours a glass for the two of them and sets them down. "Well you are invaluable to me, my Queen." and she means it, Rising would be completely lost without the pegasus. "Here's to us then, my Queen."

Queen looks visibly confused for a long moment after Rising says the word 'us'; the mare simply not used to being 'part' of something - far more used to being 'above' it all. After that long moment she offers a hint of a small and gently taps her glass to Rising's.