Time To Go
IC date: Spring 24
OOC date: 4/14
Location: Silver Shallows
PCs: Goody-Horseshoes Dustdevil
NPCs: Manesail, Fullsail, Crows-Nest

The gathering between two ship crews, that of the Zebra ship "Galvanize" and the crew that Captain Goody-Horseshoes brought from Horseshoe Harbor is slowly dispersing. Most of the Zebra's likely won't be setting sail in the morning as a good percentage is leaving under the power of their friends, arm in arm, or slung across the back of another. Zebra Brews are legendary, and zebra drunks equally so by the looks of things. Unique fare passed around between friends has left many a sailor with wishes for bed.

Dustdevil has had a few to drink as well, though he did maintain himself respectably and towards the end of the festivities has found himself sitting at the bow of the ship just gazing out at the open water. Once this had been his nemesis his innermost fear now shattered by his forced time at sea. Those fears are now only haunting memories. The Pegasus stretches his wings testing the minute air currents that are ever present around even the stillest of days. His eyes slip closed as he dreams of flying, sailing, and soaring.

The Pegasus sits there upon the bow while Captain Trade-Winds approaches, he's seen this behavior from the lost pegasus before. "It Is your time to fly again lost one, You've found yours again, may-aps its not what you had in the past, but it is who you are meant to be, or you would have never come this way" the captain remarks to the pegasus knowing full well that he will hear him, "Are you ready though?" he asks.

Even the good guys are allowed to let loose every once in a while. The three stooges, Crow, Manesail, and Fullsail, have indeed become a bit tipsy off of the alcoholic beverages. They've got their hooves over each other's shoulders in a line and are singing old sea shanties and jigs at the top of their drunken lungs, entertaining (and perhaps teaching) some of the zebras still in attendance.

Goody either has a much stronger constitution or merely has not indulged much in drinking. There's enough in him to at least help him relax. He follows Trade Winds over to the pegasus and listens before adding in his own wisdom, "We are the only ones who know if we are. But, if I may say so, I don't believe you wouldn't be coming with us if you weren't."

The formerly lost pegasus is pulled from his reverie by the words of the Captains, his wings snap crisply as he gains an expert hover and turns to face them each "Ready, maybe, sure of myself, no, but I think that will come in time" he offers back to them finally opening his eyes. "I don't think I'll ever fully trust myself in weather again, but, this place here, with a crew vs just on my own, I think then I'll have more to live for than the perpetual solitude I had before." the pegasus reasons, "This is worthwhile I think, this /is/ the right thing for me. He smiles to each of the captains.

"Captain Trade-Winds, Thank you for rescuing me, for helping me along and for helping me find myself again, Thank you" he lands and enfolds the Zebra Captain in a uniquely pegasus version of a hug, wings wrapping about strongly before pulling back and offering that odd salute he learned aboard their ship, "Sir Permission to depart?" he asks fully well knowing the answer.

Trade-Winds takes that hug, and that salute with a smile, "Permission Granted Flyer, but, if you ever step aboard my ship again, I hope you'll consider staying on with my crew for a season or two, We could use a strong flyer like you" he adds as he chuffs the pegasus on the shoulder and looks to Goody, "Captain, may the weather forever be fair, and the winds true to you and your crew" he bows and makes to depart.

The trio of singers continues at the top of their lungs. Crow and Fullsail are both noticeably starting to lose their voices and Mainsail isn't too far behind them. It would likely be disastrous if either of them attempted to fly at the moment. Fortunately they know their limits and won't be taking to the air any time soon.

"May the winds always fill your sails, your compass always true." Goody replies. "Thank you for approving and supporting Dustdevil and once again, thank you for taking care of him. It is truly an honor to have met a captain such as yourself. I hope we have the chance to run into each other again, sooner than later." He looks at the three drunken pegasi and the rest of his Do-gooders scattered around. He turns to Dustdevil, "I live for moments like this…moments when everything starts coming together and there's that smell in the air that life is moving right into place where it should be."

Trade-Winds tips his head offering that odd salute and a quick bow, then pulls a small box from under his cloaks "this is a, a bit of a remedy to your crew's current state, you'll be ready to sail by morning with no ill effects" he chuckles softly to himself, "Little Zebra thing" he mentions as he hands the package to the other Captain. "Twas my honor to help another, you'd do the same, its how we are, Captain" and with that he makes his way past the inebriated pegasi triad.

Dustdevil smiles and waves a wingtip to the departing captain, "Sir, Would you like me to" he kinda laughs some, "assist with my pegasi brethren, get them set with this zebra concoction, its good stuff, works wonders for about anything really" he mentions with some evident knowledge of it or whatever it is. "We can get underway at the tide" he suggests softly with a little smile, "And you can count me as the ships med-pony, use some skills I've got" he offers "Sir"

Goody-Horseshoes smirks as he nods to the fellow captain, "Thank you again. I'll find a way to repay you, though I'm sure those three will be thankful enough of you when morning comes around." He floats the box into a pocket in his vest and gives the other captain a formal salute as he departs. "While I have no problem using it, we would have to check with the crew of the ship I came on to see if they're ready to go or not. My crew and I are guests on the ship and thus have no official merit in any decisions to launch."

Dustdevil looks a little conflicted, "Captain Goody" "I don't have any bits here to pay for transit" he gulps, "But I'd work for it" he offers seeming now a bit out of sorts with himself, eyes downcast, confused, beginning to doubt himself now, panic starting to become evident at least in the look of him.

Goody-Horseshoes chuckles to himself, "Nonsense, Dustdevil." He grins. "I paid a small fee for my crew to hitch a ride and to use part of the ship's space for whatever I bring back. You're part of the crew now, lad…and that mean's you're covered under that." He puts a hoof on the pegasi's shoulder, "I do appreciate the offer, though."

Dustdevil is settled, he lets out a deep exhale and relaxes again he looks up steadied again "I. I'm just making sure, while I don't have bits here I do have some back home" he softly trails off, "I think" he murmurs with a little shrug the a weak smile "Now, Sir, permission to help my brethren pegasi to their quarters, they look like heck" he laughs some and offers a humorous comment that is true to life indeed, "Featherweights" he jokes with the Captain

Goody-Horseshoes smirks, "Again, enough with the 'Sirs'. Goody, or Captain, works just fine." He floats the box of zebra remedy out of his pocket and sets it in-front of Dustdevil, "Go for it."

The pegasi trio is certainly hitting the end of the happier part of their buzz. Their cheeks have a glow to it and their eyes are red and somewhat glassy. Fortunately they've stopped drinking but with the amount they'd already consumed, they'll be under the influence for quite a bit more if not for the special medicine.

Dustdevil Offers a quick little salute, "Ya'll have to pardon that, My father was of the Guard, I learned Respect at an early age, anypony older than myself was either Sir, or Maaam" he notes, "hard habit to break Sir" he mentions, "errr Captain Sir" fffeh, he takes that box under wing and hovers over to the intoxicated flyers.

The wayward flyer practically squeaks as somepony wraps a wing about him dragging him into some sort of dance, "Hey Hey now, Manesail, Crow, hey, no, no, Yes I've had enough to drink" though he finds a mug soon is his hooves, "Fullsail help me out here" he takes a sip for himself and goes wide eyed, he knows he is pathetic vs the Zebra brews, and knows this won't end well for him as he is pretty much surrounded by other flyers all singing and dancing, and doing their right best to incorporate him into their good time.

Before not too long Dustdevil is indeed dancing with the rest of the flyers in the crew a look of 'wtf just happened' is plastered to his muzzle along with a glow of a growing buzz, though he has likely now had a few more than a few sips of that mug. 'so much for that effort' The formerly lost pegasus seems no longer lost as he finds his way within the rhythm of the dance keeping pace with the other flyers.

There is no help from the younger Sail brother, at-least not as far as staying sober is concerned. He assists Dustdevil in tipping the mug back to chug down it's contents, a few of the party-goers chanting encouragement. The group cheers loudly, howling with laughter and positive vibes.

Captain Goody smiles as he floats the medicine back way from the new crew-pony. It would likely be safer in the hooves of somepony not quite so intoxicated as, well…just about any pony there but him. "Enjoy yourself!" he calls out to Dustdevil with a big smile across his face, "You deserve it just as much as the rest of my crew, if not more."

Dustdevil goes wide eyed as he is assisted to polish off that mug, but he's already plastered, doesn't take much for a featherweight to get drunk, featherweight indeed. He's a part of the crew now, may as well join in the fun. Regrets, no.
No Regrets!

Well, maybe the next morning…