Thunder And The Rain
IC date: DATE
OOC date: 4/15
Location: Downtown
PCs: Overhaul Solar-Wind Grinder

Thunder is something dramatic and bold reminding ponies of the past the wars previous, and wrong. Sadly thunder is not what this sound is, Mortar fire, followed by rousing explosions rock sections of old down-town not too far from the protected factory of Codex and Clean-Sweep. The thunder reverberates even this far to echo amongst the fallen cranes and structures of Crane-Town. The citizens have been awoken early for this and Solar-Wind hadn't returned like he said he would. Many had gathered in the streets of this battered old town listening, some perched up on old buildings or piles of debris looking towards the sound of the gun fire. Whatever is going on out there it sounds like a War.

Fire rages downtown in s small area near the old Sheriff's station, that very area the scene of intense fighting, a one sided battle between a mass of ponies, small assault craft, even a small contingent of Gryphons have been dispatched by some power unseen, but whatever is going on, there is one target and a death trap. Evidently that group of ponies that were killed by Solar-Wind, Snake-Bite, Grinder, and Overhaul, were meant to check in with others. When they did not return home, a mark had been made and a team dispatched to take care of whatever problems these slavers had run afoul of. They had not expected quite the kind of resistance they were meeting with. The fighting was fierce, but one sided.

Solar-Wind was still not back from his apparent 'mission' He had not returned regardless of him saying he would, Did the guard just break a promise, or was something more going on?

Over the days since Overhaul's move-in to Grinder's housing in Crane Town, he had been stockpiling ammo as much as he could every time he came across it. His suspicions are already high…he had been perched on one of the shorter cranes when the cavalry arrived and began it's attack. Immediately upon landing down in front of the storage crates, he walked inside and started sorting ammo into the hoppers of his vulcans. Armor or not, it seems he fully intends on assisting in the battle that appeared to be against his Ghoul friend.

The Thunder remained, with strong hits and gunfire thereafter then a deafening silence lingered for a time, that time seemed to last forever, but then again another reverberating explosion and the sound of collapse, that hit had just destroyed a building! Whatever that group had brought meant business, they just had no idea that it was a Canterlot Ghoul that they had started a fight with. Tenacious was an understatement, deviousness and tactical prowess was not even guessed at but the battle was fierce their single opponent was showing his flanks more times than not he was taking a beating and starting to slow. Already one of his blasters was voided and they had surely penetrated his armor on numerous occasions. They still didn't know what they were up against when they were fighting him, nopony ever got a good enough look at what they were fighting, surely they were hitting something Right?

Overhaul takes a bit of extra time to load 2 of the pistols and one of the rifles he'd found the other day, likely for close-range firing and backup weaponry. By the sounds of things, he's got a little bit of time to spare before it might become critical that he joins the fight. He steps out of the house and looks up to see Grinder out watching from a vantage point on a crane. His brow narrows and he makes it her first stop. His head shakes as he hovers up next to her.

"Go home. Not safe" he commands, preferring that she not be outside where she might be visible by the wrong ponies. After all, with her magic being weak there's not a whole lot she can do to defend herself on her own. Just as quick as he popped up, he makes it back down to the surface. Keeping in a low hover just a couple feet above the ground, he silently makes his way to the edge of the battlegrounds.

Grinder watches from high above, but sees her big brother O, hover up to join her, when he makes his command, she pouts a little, but gives a nod, "Okay" she mumbles stubbornly and makes her way ,"Wait, you be careful Brother!" she shouts at him as he heads out.
Down the alley way you you can see tracer fire, and clouds of 'rain'ing shrapnel created by bullets bouncing off buildings. Then you see him in a flash of light, Tail lashing out lightning rounds, One of his side weapons blaze off several burst of molten energy, and his other side is smoking, The ghoul guard is dodging, jumping up into a hover flight, he is blown back in flight as several rounds slam into his chest knocking his aim for a mere moment before he continues, the next hits aren't so kind and it literally rips him from flight. He is taking a beating, then another shower of bullets tears at him from his flanks, as a single force he is powerful, but they have him surrounded here corralled more or less and they are everything they got.

The twenty red dots that you saw when you approached keep fading in their numbers, as Solar continues the fight, he can't seem to achieve more than a hover before they ground him again with some other heavy weapon. There are craters in his armor enough so that the auto repair just can't keep up. Solar is strong, but even he is starting to show his losses.

Overhaul drops his hover and activates the tracking function of the miniature vulcan guns after tucking quickly into a space between two buildings. For such a big guy he seems to be able to move well on his feet. He takes the firing mechanism in his mouth and both barrels spin up. It's not the slow spin that he had used before when targeting Solar upon their first meet. No. That was for accuracy, for taking out only one or two enemies. This time about they spin up with ferocious speed, emitting a bit of a high-pitched whine that lets anypony know it's a sound they don't want to be in front of. An earth pony runs by and barely gets a chance to even turn its head before one of the vulcans releases its semi-silenced FWUMPFWUMPFWUMPFWUMPFWUMPFWUMP of bullet spray into it's side. It's dead before it's body even stops skidding across the dirt…

Solar-Wind has lost all track of who what where, as everything has been against him but the sudden and useful green dot on his EFS is a welcome surprise. He dodges again, and is right slammed into a wall by a shot from above. The mighty pegasus crunches into the wall leaving a marked impression as he falls, more shots tear into him pinning him down but leaving the flanks of those firing at him wide open to that second attacker. He knows it, and endures the beating as best he can. The fight is getting closer and closer in range as they surround him in that tight spot pinning him down with shots. Every chance he gets up, they've got him back down, at this point it is certain that they have holed his armor as occasional smears of /whatever that is/ smear the concrete as they lay into him. One pony peels away to get more ammo from some cart which remarkably has been left totally undefended.

There's few things at this point that could make a barrage of firepower from vulcans, such as O's, more deadly than they already are. Enchanted ammo is always an option, but not as easy to get a hold of. There's also armor-piercing rounds but those as well are a more difficult ammo class for a pony to get their hooves on often enough to logically waste away with automatic weaponry.

The white pegasus pony activates SATS.

The pony scrambling for ammo might as well be digging his own grave with a target painted right on him. It takes less than a second for the guns to lay waste to the pony, filling him full of bullet holes. Thanks to the SATS, special care was taken to do as little damage to the ammo cart as possible. After all, ammo is a precious commodity especially to a pony with machine guns. O turns to face the attackers getting in a tighter and tighter formation around the other pegasus. There's a large red splotch on his HUD eyepiece, a miniature wave of non-friendlies who picked the wrong day to launch an assault on Solar.

With a small breath drawn in, Overhaul bites the triggers…

The flanks of the redline on the EFS are suddenly diminished and the circle wavers and starts to scatter in confusion giving Solar another chance to help even the odds, Now he knows who is helping him and he couldn't be more thankful, or more frightened by this as well. The Large battered pegasus fireguard regains his composure, and stomps a small circle picking the largest group, for which he starts to run full tilt at them, extends his wings then lowers his head like he's about to ram them, but then at the last possible second, the back of his rear calves ignite like assistave booster rockets for high-speed maneuvers and his wing-blades extend. Where there once were several ponies is merely is a red stain, leaving the ghoul very ghoulish looking indeed. His helmet is only partially there eaten by a shot, and see that scared red flesh beneath and those dark foreboding red eyes. His entire form is red again, just like old times, but not quite in this manner.

Overhaul watches the bloodshed ensue as the Ghoul's wing-blades make a mess of some of the victims, giving a nod (though likely unseen) suggesting that he's a bit impressed. There's only a few red dots left on his EFS and between his own weaponry and that of Solar's the odds are almost completely in favor of the two pegasi. Two of the attacking ponies had found themselves heading down an alley with a low wall at the back of it. O spreads his wings and follows the two dots to their location, spotting one trying to give the other a boost over that wall. The vulcans scream a small stream of bullets at them.

They never make it over.

Thunder is heard again at the feet of the armored pegasus, as the Gryphon has reloaded her last shot, she's out, but that last shot was true and hit mere inches from the armored pegasus. The radial splash from that mortar shot completely anialated the rest of her battalion, but if it meant the death of that monster, than so be it! When the smoke cleared, indeed there lay the pegasus guard wings and body ravaged, armor still mostly intact but that was one heck of a hit and at such close range. The Gryphon is moving now to the back fire escape to get away, maybe she can still make it out in time before that monster's reinforcements get to her.

Solar-Wind is indeed down but not likely out, he needs some time to recover, that hit did a number on his internal systems, armor battered, shattered in places and system seriously resetting.

Overhaul's ears perk up as he hears the almost deafening sound of the mortar going off. His ears ring for a few seconds before clearing up and enabling him to hear again. There's still one pesky dot left on his EFS and he's got a good guess that it's whoever just unleashed the explosives. As he charges past the Ghoul, he takes a quick mental note of his condition: not good. The pegasus takes into a hover which allows him free use of his front hooves to deactivate the vulcans as he bolts to the fire escape.

The last thing the gryphon hears as it draws near the bottom of the fire escape is the cocking of a pistol and the sound of the first bullet that enters it's head. The other two shots hit a dead body.

All signs indicate that EFS is reading 2 green position markers, one the fireguard whom still lay in that crater, the other being the other pegasus whom just picked off that gryphon. Secondary green dot has an indicator of 'deceased' marked upon it but the green dot is still there. The guard-pony makes an audible groan as his armor is resetting itself, or is stuck trying to reset itself. He's not made any movement since that last hit, and its evident he may have taken a few shots like this, but none have stopped him but this one. He's still alive in there, just, well whatever he is really, but he is obviously not getting up any time soon.

Fortunate enough for both the pegasi, Overhaul not only has a PipBuck but he knows how to use it including in situations that call for rebooting the spell matrix of an enchanted suit of armor. After all, he's the one who fully customized his PipBuck into something likely much more useful than Stable-Tec had ever originally intended for. He silently approaches the groaning suit of armor and puts away the mouth-fired pistol in his maw. "Hold on" he grunts as he looks over the armor for a place to plug in to…

Solar-Wind is strained obviously, and you can hear it in whatever voice he has, haunting still but also agonizing sounding, "Rear dorsal plates" he issues deeply, "You saw them yesterday when I scanned you" he indicates, "Lift, or peel away, interface there" he indicates, "Or if damaged" he grunts agonizingly, "Under my chin plate at the jaw line" he grunts, "Either or" he states

Overhaul gives a brief nod and pulls a small cable attachment from his PipBuck. It takes a bit of work but he finally manages to work one of the plates back far enough to get the connector plugged in. He sits down, well aware that it might be a lengthy process to get the spell matrix back up and running. Until then, Solar might as well be wearing a suit made of anvils. O's PipBuck beeps as it establishes the connection and he starts punching buttons to enable the reset. "You okay?" he asks. Obviously the armor has been messed up a bit, but he's more worried about the being inside of it.

There's a pause from the time the connection is made before he speaks even after the question has been posed, its not an answer necessarily or he's not indicating anything. "Thank you" is the only thing he manages to say. "Took heavy fire" he tries to explain finally admitting it. "I hurt" he states and again, "Thank you" the stallion intones without further explanation.

Overhaul keeps an eye focused on the HUD of his eyepiece as the PipBuck and magic armor communicate with each other. He runs a medical diagnostics scan but as expected, it sounds off an alarm that says the pony being scanned should be well past dead by now. O lets out a grunt as he checks back on the rebooting process. 50 complete. "Welcome" he responds. "Healing potions soon" he adds on. He's got a few back at home that he'd be more than willing to share with the Ghoul.

Solar-Wind would evidently nod, you see a flinch, followed by a grunt. "Sounds wonderful" he grunts, "You frightened me when you arrived here" he admits and continues, "No armor, didn't want you hurt, killed" the ghoul murmurs, "Keep what life you have, and what life you share with that foal, she needs you" he states, "I still thank you for saving my" he grunts again, "My life"

The spell matrix is just about finished working it's stuff. "I know." He replies to the comment on the armor. He's stubborn on the subject and isn't too keen of wearing it. Besides, there hadn't been time for Grinder to help him work up a set before the battle had started. "Will do" is his response, though whether it's to guarding his and the filly's life or getting armor is hard to say. Either way, he's still putting thought into the concept.


The spell matrix has been successfully reinitialized. O disconnects the cables and presses the damaged panel covering of Solar's armor back into place, "Armor back up."

Solar-Wind Is able to nod slightly, and he stretches his hooves and wings as if checking for injury shakes his head some as if somepony just punched him. "I think I will take that offer of staying there a little more seriously" he intones as he slowly stands up fully. "Thank You O, I owe you a great debt, if you ever have need of a favor, name it" the stallion promises to O as he makes a slow walk in a circle checking himself over, "I think It best if I stay on the ground for right now until my armor has healed" he comments then looks over your shoulder, "Scored quite a prize during this battle there O" he mentions as he looks to the armory cart. "Ammo and weapons, besides the scavenging here…" he trails off. "Candy Store for you isn't this?" he seems to have a sense of humor in there somewhere

Overhaul gives a nod, his mouth once again starting to form into a bit of a smirk. He turns his head towards the cart and nods, "Very good." After wandering over to it, the pegasus examines it and gets himself hitched up. It's not very heavy, at least to him, though it might be best to just pull it instead of attempting to fly it. "Come" he orders as he hoofs his way back towards his and Grinder's home…

Solar-Wind offers but one comment to the other pegasus, "Yes Sir" he offers softly as he take up a flank position behind the cart offering firepower support in case its needed, his pace isn't as fast as it once was, but its likely because his armor is still working on the healing process.