Threatening Miss Daisy
IC date: 08/01/13
OOC date: DATE
PCs: Daisychain, Rising Chaos
GM: None

It's a normal afternoon, for whatever 'normal' may apply as in this oddly weather-stricken town. Daisy makes her way up the street she had walked just the day before. It seemed her fate had been currently sealed as one of Queen Pegasus' servants and she was returning to the scene of the crime. She walks up to the door of Rising-Chaos' abode and knocks with her hoof. It produces a soft 'ra-ta-tap'…

Rising-Chaos is reading on her favourite chair. queen Pegasus is asleep, the mare needs her rest at the moment, but Rising is always awake, and always alert. The knock makes her tender heart an eyebrow, is that? With a chuckle, the unicorn gets to her hooves and answers the door. "Hello Daisychain, come in." It's not an invitation.

Daisychain blinks a few times, as if she wasn't quite expecting Rising to be the one answering the door. Last time, it was the Queen but then again, this /is/ Rising's house. She pushes her glasses up on her face before walking in, "Oh…Hey there, Risin'… I… was stoppin' by ta see if…" she sees the Queen asleep and her eyes go wide as the volume of her voice drops to a near-whisper, "Sorry…I…um…din't re-lize she was sleepin'…" She seems to be speaking a little more boldly than previous encounters and it becomes clear she has a bit of a southern drawl.

Rising-Chaos grins kindly enough at the mare. "Actually, your arrival is quite fortunate. Come, follow me." It seems Daisychain at least shows her queen the proper respect, which pleases Rising. With a confident stride, she leads the way in to the house and down the stairs to her lab. At the moment it's the only place to talk privately besides her room, which is not happening.

Daisychain tilts her head for a moment, but silently acknowledges that it might be better to talk somewhere it wouldn't be as easy to wake the Queen. She follows Rising through the house and downstairs, looking around the lab for a moment in silence.

It's likely Daisychain has never seen a lab quite like this before. The basement lab is comparatively huge, and very well stocked. The entire room is well lit, with tables, beakers and all sorts of experiments all over the place.

Rising Chaos ignores all of this as if it was mundane. To her, of course, it is. She moves to a large, open area in the back and takes a seat. "Do come, sit yourself. I have to talk to you about some things."

Daisychain follows over. She doesn't really know what to expect from the conversation at this point…after all, it wasn't Rising she was here to see. Sitting down with a light sigh, she asks, "Wh…what's this about?"

Rising-Chaos smiles maliciously, perfectly aware she caught the other mare by surprise. "I have heard you will, in fact, be joining us. I wanted to say welcome aboard." For now she looks quite happy, even if there's something off in her smile, she's being friendly. "You see, I just wanted to clarify some things about working with me, introduce myself properly as it were." A grim chuckle follows. "I am a bit more than just 'a hardcase'."

Daisychain , as naive as she can be, thinks nothing really of it. She figures this is just that…a simple introduction from one worker pony to the other. At first she's smiling back, but then she tilts her head towards the end, "Wh…what do ya mean?"

Rising-Chaos continues smiling. "Well, you see, my Queen has accepted you. That means that as far as I am concerned, you are a wonderful pony until you prove otherwise. You are under my protection and you can rely on me for anything." The nice bit out of the way, she chuckles again. "I am a rather knowledgable magic user, if not very powerful. I am well versed in many sciences and have a rather extensive library, which you are free to peruse at your leisure. There is one thing, however, that I wish to make clear. Before I do, any questions?"

Daisychain pushes her glasses back up onto her nose, as they seem to have started sliding forward again. Those goggles are gonna be pretty sweet! She listens intently…something she seems familiar with doing. "Not that I kin really think of right now," she responds, putting a hoof to her chin then shaking her head, "Nope."

Rising-Chaos watches Daisychain carefully for a few moments, her smile disappearing. "You will find, that I am extremely honest as well. I will not lie to you, though I may not tell the whole truth. You can believe that if I am not telling you everything, it is for your benefit, not my own." In a flash, Rising Chaos is on her hooves, her smile turning a bit more malicious. "As I said, my Queen trusts you, Daisychain. She is a very wonderful pony, and is trying to take a softer approach, she will take care of you."

The unicorn leans in close, until their snouts are almost touching. "I, however, am not trying a softer approach. In fact, you could call my approach rather intense. So if you hurt my Queen, I will destroy you, without hesitation or regret. That mare is the most precious thing in the world to me." Her threat delivered, she eases up. For a moment there, the madness was clear in her eyes, but she seems to have gotten it under control. Her smile grows warmer, and her tone becomes much more friendly. "I do not think that will be a problem though, pleasure to meet you, I hope we can become friends."

Daisychain nods a long for a moment, but as Rising gets more intense, the nodding stops. Belittling her and teasing her has always been hard for her to take, but this is different. This is more of a personal threat, and she knows it. She locks eyes when the other pony stands immediately in front of her, and remains for the most part expressionless throughout. It seems she's a little tougher than she puts out to be. As the 'talk' ends with a more positive sound, she puts a small smile on her own face, "I…I hope so too…"

Rising-Chaos nods, bowing shallowly to the mare. Daisychain honestly impressed her by not flinching at all. "I'm glad, really. I normally would hate to make such a threat, but for my Queen, I will make an exception. I do hope you don't take it personally." Despite the fact that Rising's first impression of the mare was less than positive, she is willing to make an exception. "I extend that same offer of protection to you, though not quite as intense. Perhaps I can help you with whatever you came here for?"

Daisychain lets out a small sigh, "I…I understand. I've never…really had many friends…so I know it's easy ta get…de-fensive…an' whatnot over 'em…" She looks around the room a bit more now that the tension seems to have eased off a bit, "Well…the Queen had been talkin' about givin' me some…goggles…or…somethin' like that…and I jus' wanted ta talk ta her 'bout them…"

Rising-Chaos places a hoof on the stuttering mare's should, and a disarming smile. It's interesting how this mare can be seething with anger threatening Daisychain's life to being a supportive friend. "Goggles? That could be useful, I'll see what I can do. Perhaps you can come back some other time?"

Daisychain gives a soft nod, pushing her glasses up once more. Goggles will surely come in handy, especially when it comes to flying. She makes her way back towards the stairs but before she climbs, she turns around to look at Rising. "Hey…Risin'…" the pony says softly, "…Thanks…" With that, she makes her way up the stares and the front door can be heard softly opening and closing.