This Story has a Bad Ending
IC date: Winter 222, 1007 AN
OOC date: October 29, 2012
PCs: Jellybean, Ruby-Blossom, Snowfield, Winter-Solstice
NPCs: Glimmer, Heatsink, Nightmare's Will, Pinkie-Pie, Professor Redmane
GM: Applejack, Fluttershy

The Base has had a relatively quiet couple of days since the big raid upon the camp of Nightmares. There were lots of supplies obtained, lots to divvy out, and many of the Baseponies had been busy spreading their newfound wealth. Not to mention preparing their costumes for the coming week…

But tonight is the night. Tonight begins the longest week of the year. The week when the shadows themselves are set to engulf the unwary… When spirits are more restless than ever.

But inside the Horseshoe Base, the mood has been…lifted recently. Between candy and very colorful, not-zombie costumes for most of the foals and ponies, it's a veritable mock trick-or-treat-fest within those underground halls. Indeed, with Nightmare's Will 'captured', kept knocked out in one of the small spare room, there has been some spreading of hope that maybe the tide is starting to shift. That maybe someday the sun will actually rise again.

Within the Base, The Professor is holding a sort of storytime next to a heater made to look like a fireplace, with several foals gathered around. He has an old, weathered, and very hoofed-through book propped up nearby that he's reading from. Filled with old ponytales… Generally with happy endings.

Furniture is sort of in short supply with so many ponies crowding the base- even if foals are small, and you can fit, like, ten of them on a chair if you stack them up a bit. Thankfully, some ponies are willing to help out with that problem. By making new furniture? No! By giving up their seats? No! By flopping down and letting people sit on them, as Winter Solstice has so graciously done. Now, she might not have intended to serve as a couch, but that's what she gets for taking a nap right in the middle of the floor. It's something she's been doing a lot of, lately- sleeping more than a cat ever since the crew got back from the raid the other night. A side effect of the growth potion, possibly. Maybe Sodium put too much icewort in there, or didn't have a proper balance of mushroom spores. In any case, the trio of foals that sit atop the big mare's side don't seem to mind, nor do the two others that sit before her and slouch back against her stomach. She makes for a cozy enough seat as they settle in for storytime.

Of course, this means the Professor's story is interrupted by the occasional snore, but hey.

Speaking of Nightmare's Will - the unconscious mare was given a very earthly make-over courtesy of Ruby; an adorable little bob cut, shortened tail length coat died brown and mane forest-green! Why would Ruby would go through all the trouble? Simple! What better way to teach Will a lesson then have her deal with Nightmare Night like anypony else!

Jellybean is one of the slouching ponies, listening eagerly to stories. This isn't even the foal mindset talking: Jellybean likes stories, and especially stories to take his mind off of this awful version of Nightmare Night. His wings flutter happily, making the 'wrappings' he's wound himself up in (he's a mummy, you see) trail around.

Ruby certainly didn't hesitate to help herself to Will's possessions either snagging several shiny and important looking trinkets. The mare happening by as the Professor tells a story stopping to offer a soft grin before plopping down to have a listen.

Speaking of Will, again - that's exactly who Ruby looks like at the moment - given costume's are currently required.

Also speaking of Will, currently her 'prison' is being guarded by Pinkie Pie and Heatsink. The former sitting in a stool and leeeeeeeeeaned as far over as she can to listen to the Professor's story. In her Zombie costume. Which /reeks/, by the way, seeing as it's made of real zombie.

Poor Heatsink's stuck having to wear a gasmask to keep from having to deal with Pinkie's suit's smell. She does not care about the story. She does not care about much more than breathing right now, counting seconds to shift change and the next 'dose' of knockout juice to the prisioner pony. Time… It passes so slowly…

"And so they lived happily ever after." The Professor finishes another story, closing the book, looking out among beaming foal faces. "I never get tired of telling that story."

"SNNNNzzzkkt," agrees Winter, smacking her lips. She paws at the air with a forehoof. The three foals sitting on top of her bob up and down rhythmically with the snoozing mare's steady breathing, the middle one most of all. It's like sitting on a boat being rolled by the ocean waves- a bit of Horseshoe Harbor ambience without the seagulls, pirates or expplosions.

Creepiness! Certainly Professor Redmane finds a tad bit of creepiness in the fact that a ruby-eyed Will is smiling at him from behind the crowd foals; how unsettling of sight it must be - even if he knows it's just a well-disguised mare.

Jellybean claps his forehooves together in appreciation of the story. "Another one! Another one!" he calls out eagerly.

"Professor, should we really be wasting time on stories?" A grumpy-looking wizard frowns at Redmane, adjusting her spectacles. "We should really be focusing more on preparations, and perhaps double- or triple-checking that all the torches are still lit. This just seems so … frivolous."

"I think a good story is good for the soul." the Professor says, casting his warm smile up at Glimmer. "Besides, we're as prepared as we're going to get for now. Perhaps you should take a moment and relax with the kiddies here, hm?" Then Jellybean asks for another story! The old pony ponders, tapping the book, "Hmmm… Another one?"

Pinkie chirps up! "Ooh ooh! I've got a story! The epic tale of one pink pony against a world of undead! It's got action! Drama! Adventure!"

"And you've told it twenty times already!" Heatsink pipes up, muffledly, from behind the zompony. "If ah have to hear that story one more time, I can't be held responsible for what I'll do!" Heatsink straightens up and sniffs behind her gasmask. "Besides, it ain't a kids story."

Still smiling, Redmane chuckles at the two guardponies, opening his book again. "I think that's more for the kids to judge what is and isn't a kids story… But if you want one without zombies and things in it, I can most certainly read one more from the book."

"I could tell one," Emerald-Dust offers, resting a hoof on Glimmer's back as the grumpy unicorn settles down. Harumph. "I mean, if you'd like."

Winter-Solstice stirs a bit more as Jellybean calls out. Briefly, she opens her eyes and lifts her head, staring around at the crowd that surrounds her, that totally was not there when she went to sleep. Not that she remembers when that was very well. "Another another," she mumbles, head hovering up for a moment, before dropping back to the floor. That heater sure is warm. Zzz…

Ruby-Blossom pipes addorably "I know some stories." she then sinks back a little - recalling she's probably the scariest thing in the room at the moment given her costume. "Err…they're not any good." She glances around before hopping to all fours and wandering towards Glimmer - cause she ain't going near that Pinkie at the moment.

Jellybean ums. "I don't really want to hear about zombies right now unless it's about the real ones. I really hope not to hear about them much either, but I guess we're going to anyway."

"Aww…" Pinkie's ears droop! What's wrong with her story? So it's a little overdone… Heatsink looks smug. As smug as one can behind a gasmask anyway. "Ain't it time fer someone else to watch Miss Prissy now?" she pipes up, prompting a nod from Redmane.

"I suppose it is…" the old pony says, closing his book and rising up from his seat. He nods to both Emerald-Dust and Ruby, "It sounds like they have a story or two to tell, anyway." He ambles through the foalpile. "Who's turn is next for guard duty?"

Ruby-Blossom 's ears perk as the Professor puts her and Glimmer on Story-Detail, which is admittedly better than Guard-Duty. She offers Glimmer a rather broad grin - sufficiently creepy given it's coming from Will's doppleganger. "I think we can take story time to the next level, I mean if you're up for it." Will's voice chimes in "Glimmer, darling~"

Jellybean eeps: Ruby's impression is, well, pretty spot on. Winter may find that there is a foal trying to dig himself under her.

Winter-Solstice grumbles in her sleep, reaching down to hook a foreleg around Jellybean and the other foal in front of her. One of her hind legs twitches behind her. She mumbles in her sleep. "… justice for dinner. save your fork, there is justice pie…"

Emerald-Dust, not Glimmer, smiles at Ruby-as-Will. "Indeed! How about you go first? I have to gather my notes."

Glimmer, meanwhile, gets up with a snort. "I'm going to go guard," she mutters, stalking over to where Pinkie and Heatsink are. "I can't just sit here and tell stories."

Ruby-Blossom plops her flank in front of the flock of foals where she quietly stares for a long moment before chuckling. "This story will required crowd participation - why just tell a story when we can make-one up?" She waves her hooves at Emerald-Dust. "Bring extra paper and writing impliments, you're on recording duty." She grins at the group. "Once upon a time there was a pony who dreamed of a big adventure. This pony was a (pony type), who dreamnt of (Dream)." With any luck this should get sufficiently ridiculous =3

Heatsink seems to share a similar mind. "Thank ya kindly, Glimmer. I've got heaters to check on. /Some/pony's gotta make sure the lights an' heaters stay on this week." She ambles off, muttering about machines that never listen.

Pinkie Pie, too, wanders off, though she's wandering to the exit out of the base. "I'll go have a look around and see if the fun's started topside yet!" She puts on the 'head' of her costume, and bounces up the tunnel!

Professor Redmane seems pleased enough with the results. Two new storyellers, Glimmer guarding. Hm… He starts to trot towards the Lab. "I think it's about time to give our guest another dose of her meds."

Jellybean blinks. Nudges Winter a little. He then seems to decide she's asleep enough and so just lies down leaned up against her. "I wish we knew hw we were getting back," he says.

Glimmer mutters and shuffles into the room where Will is captive, ears flat in irritation under her big bobbly wizard hat. There's a bit of muttering that fades into silence as she disappears into the room. Then suddenly: whump! The sounds of hooves scuffling and a muffled sound. Then silence again.

One of the foals in the crowd shouts out suggestions. "Alicorn!" to the first prompt.

"Eating pudding in the trees!" is the suggestion for the second. "That's dumb," protests a third. "No it's not! I had that dream last night!" counters the second.

Ruby-Blossom rolls 1d20 (Perception check.) — Result: 15 | Sum: 15

Ruby-Blossom smiles "Right! Once upon a time there was a pony who dreamed of a big adventure. This pony was an Alicorn, who dreamnt of eating pudding in the trees. She headed into the kitchen in searching of her favorite pudding, but alas there wasn't a single drop of pudding to be had. 'Oh my. I haven't any pudding. However will I obtain more (flavor) pudding." White ears perking at the muffled sounds from "Will's Guest Suite" - which Ruby mockingly wrote on the door sometime ago; Ruby red eyes darting about - quickly realizing she's the only 'adult' around as Winny is sound asleep. "Everypony. Take a moment to think of how we proceed. I think I heard Glimmer calling for my help." Yeah, like Glimmer would ever ask for Ruby's help; then again she doesnt' seem the time to ask for any help. The white furred, purple maned mare trotting towards Will's room.

The Professor returns from the lab a few moments later, balancing a small fial of stuff on his head. Which he barely keeps from tilting as Ruby excuses herself to talk of helping Glimmer. And said unicorn not in front of the room. "…Did something happen?" He asks, resuming his trot. He was heading towards that room anyway.

Jellybean looks up, looks this way and that. "I don't know, but I've got a bad feeling about it." He nudges Winter, a little more forcefully this time: he knows to trust his instincts.

"Blue leaves!" says one foal. "No! Unflavored snow cone," says another. "That's stupid! Old stick flavor, that's my favorite!" says a third. "Ice and snow," suggests a fourth. Three more start to argue abot which is tastier: blue leaves with snow on them, snow with blue leaves in them, or blue leaves sprinkled on ice. Thankfully it keeps them occupied and not noticing that things are about to go wrong.

Winter-Solstice stirs, reluctantly at first, but then gradually blinks her eyes open and stares past, then at Jellybean. "Nnn? Jelly? Hey there. Breakfast time already?" She sits up further, causing the three foals sitting on her to slide off and onto their butts in turn. "Old stick on the menu again? Yay! It must be Tuesday." Stifling a yawn, she reaches up and rubs the boogers from the corners of her eyes.

Jellybean shakes his head. "No. Glimmer's gone and I have a bad feeling. Can you help us look for her? You're big and strong."

As Ruby rounds the corner, she bumps into Glimmer, who blinks blearily. "Hmm? What are you doing here?" she asks. Her voice is sort of hazy, but her pupils seem focused enough. "Everything's fine… Go back to… whatever it was you were doing."

Ruby-Blossom hastily shoves Glimmer aside when she runs into dazed mare who has clearly been bewitched - angrily muttering under her breath while trotting rapidly towards Will's room. "Freaking unicorns! Everytime! Unicorns and Alicorns with their stupid magic!" Ruby-red eyes frantically looking about for anything that may clue her in to Will's whereabouts.

Winter-Solstice wobbles. "Not breakfast?" she murmurs, with a hint of disappointment, before standing up straight. She shakes her head briskly. "Hblblblblblblbl! Okay. Investigate. Got it…" Trailing off, she stares at the hallway towards the storeroom where they apparently keep the Evil around here, at least when evil is available for storage. She stares… and stares… and her head droops… and she briefly goes all noodle-legged and nearly topples over before catching herself with a snort and trotting forward. "Investigate! Heroics. Gotta save Glimmer. Right then." As she leaves the room, her voice rings out across the base in a wall-rattling bellow. "GLIMMER."

And there she is. Oh. Winter hurries up behind Ruby as Ruby hurries off. "Ruby! Ruby, what's going on? Did she escape?!"

The Professor scowls as Glimmer is shoved, trotting past the dazed unicorn to squint at Ruby within Will's room. "What /are/ you doing, treating Glimmer like that?" he wonders.

Of course Will isn't in the room. It appears empty!

Jellybean trots up to Glimmer, looking relieved but puzzled. "Is everything all right, Miss Glimmer? Only I had a funny feeling that something happened to you."

Glimmer picks herself up and totters a little, shaking her head. "That's not nice," she mutters. Then suddenly she reaches out and snatches the vial of liquid from the Professor, and SMASHES it over Ruby's head! It shatters, sending the liquid into the cuts from the glass, and cascading over her noggin.

The faux-Will shoots a quick glance over her shoulder at Professor. "Will's gone. Professor, stay with the foals. She didn't come this way so there's only way she could have gone." the mare quickly tossing a single smoke pellet into the vancant room - just to ensure the mare's not invisible; once confirmed she motions to Winny to follow before being blindly assaulted by 'Glimmer' - she should have seen that coming. *Thump* goes the Ruby - sleeping draught; wether this is Will in disguise or an angry Glimmer - Ruby had it coming either way.

"Coulda gone which way?" asks Winter, clueless. "What's going? Wasn't she tied up? We gave her a haircut, didn't we? I-" Oh. And then Glimmer does that. Winter stares passively at the shattering bottle for a moment, before bullrushing Glimmer- head tucked low, weight thrown forward, hooves thundering along the floor as the hulking mare tries to slam Glimmer into the wall and pin her there. Winter's mighty battle cry along the way? A roaring yawn, fearsomely exhausted!

WHOMP!! Glimmer wheeeezes and practically deflates under the blow, flailing a little. "Whaaaagghhhh," she grates out, weakly.

Jellybean shrieks, taking to the air and flying in panicky circles. Fillies and gentlecolts, this is a 'screamy Jellybean' alert.

Confusion! Professor Redmane gapes as Glimmer goes and whacks Ruby with the vial, and then promptly gets tackled! He gets out of the way himself, stepping back and… Bump.

"That's a horridly rude way to treat your comrades." a voice behind the Professor speaks, a 'shadow' coalescing into the shape of a very radically colored Nightmare Will. What a horrible manejob! And dyejob! She would kill the ones responsible, but they seem to outnumber her. The prissy unicorn's horn lights up, touching atop Redmane's head before he gets much chance to turn it to see his attacker, the older pony giving a faint gasp. And then the same dazed look Glimmer had, turned back towards Winter and Jellybean.

Will glares, though her attitude is one of surprising calm given her situation. "I know he's not much of a hostage, but beggars can't be choosers, can they? So here's how this works. You, big girl, let me out of this Queenforsaken place you call a home, and /fast/, or something truely horrid happens to our dear sweet old pony here. Right now he'll do anything I tell him to." Her eyes lift to the screaming pegasus flying in circles. "…Do make it quick. I'd prefer to be out of here before the rest of your ragtag group catch on and things get awful bloody."

Speaking of foals. They're all screaming now. It really only takes one to make the rest scream, don'tchaknow!

Ruby-Blossom is unconscious which makes for less than intresting interactions! Her warm body sprawled across the cold floor, blood trickling from the horrible shards of glass wedged into her hide by mind-controlled Glimmer.

Emerald-Dust pokes her head in, and widens her eyes. "Oh sheetcake!" she swears, freezing. Her gaze flits from Will, to Professor, to Glimmer, to Ruby. Ruby seems to be in the worst shape, but she's not exactly eager to try and work past Will to get to her.

"Bewitched! She was bewitched! Will made her do it with her magic, you all saw it!" crows Winter, lording over the smushed Glimmer like the big dumb bully she is. She then glances back and looks at Ruby. Ruby, on the floor, disguised as the Will. Winter looks back at Glimmer with wide eyes. Winter looks back at Ruby once more, then returns to Glimmer with a wail. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Reaching down she attempts to haul Gimmer upright, expression stricken, but she calms down- or at the very least stills herself- as the real Will makes herself visible. Winter stares up and past her, doing her best to get Glimmer in a stable state, then draws back. Her face screws into a frown, then a look of anguish as her eyes dart back and forth between Will and the Professor.

Stomp, stomp, stomp. Her pie-plate hooves bang against the floor for a few moments of petulant and unabashed frustration. "Come on!" she grumps, storming down the hallway and towards the exit. "I'm only doing this because I know we punked you once before and we can do it again. Your dragon, by the way? Not that tough. I beat him up before and I'll do it twice again just because it's fun. And next time I'm gonna grab his mmmfummble murmumfle." The rest of her threat is stifled as she seizes the handle of the door and starts hauling it open, steel grey eyes boring a hole in Will the whole while. She spits out a few more words in between pulls. "twist it off and mummflegrumble soup full of spicy mumblemutter carrot peeler."

"You all just cannot let a mare nap in peace, can you?" complains Snowfield as she marches purposefully into the room. "If it's not Ruby turning the entire base against her, it's…" She stops mid-sentence and looks from the KO'd Ruby and Glimmer to the horribly abused Nightmare's Will holding Redmane hostage, to the screaming and flitting Jellybean to the exhausted Winter holding the door open.

"You know what? I hate you all," the little unicorn grunts. "I swear to Celestia, I will put this entire base on ice to finish my nap if I have to…" Someone is cranky when she doesn't get her beauty sleep.

Will brightens up as Winter makes her choice, giving Redmane a nudge so they can both start on their way towards the door! Just in time to be interrupted. Will puts a hoof to her forehead. So close! And all the screaming kids are giving her a huge migrane. It's really no wonder the Queen hates them so. No wonder at all! "Really, don't mind me… I was just leaving." Will says, giving Redmane a nudge. "Buy me time now."

Redmane blinks dazedly at Will, turns his head to Snowfield, adopts his serene, warm smile, and begins to walk towards the snowmare. "Let me tell you a story! That'll put you to sleep."

Nightmare's Will grins… Her horn's already lighting up again, attention back to the bigger bold mare holding the door open. "How would you like to work for me…"

"No!" Snowfield says as she takes a step back from Redmane. "Your stories are terrible!" When she sees what appears to be halfway between a standoff and an impromptu recruitment occuring the little unicorn frowns the biggest of frowns. "Stop being such an accursed troublemaker and just leave already," she says, horn glowing as she tries to shove Will doorwards, possibly with a little too much force so that she stumbles into a wall or trips over Ruby or something. Snowfield isn't picky.

Snowfield rolls 1d20 (You should schedule your hujinks more conveniently around my sleep schedule >:C) — Result: 12 | Sum: 12

Winter-Solstice's eyes widen, and brighten, as Snowfield grumps her way in. Good! Backup. That makes things easier. And when the Will sends Redmane away, that removes yet another obstacle. Her attention snaps back to the Will, as she lights up her horn and makes her offer.

Winter spits out the grip of the door and sends it sliding shut with a toss of her head. "Buck that!" she shouts, whirling about and tucking low so that her weight swings over her forelegs. Her hindlegs lift and waggle for a moment, hooves catching the light, shaggy fetlocks a wavin' like pompoms of justice, before she lashes out with both hind legs and aims a good solid double-kick Will's face. Saving throw vs. spells? No! Attacks of opportunity, always always always!

Winter-Solstice rolls 1d20 (Foundry Style) — Result: 19 | Sum: 19

Emerald watches with wide eyes, and the moment the coast is clear, she rushes in to try and maneuver Ruby onto her back, and then lift Glimmer with her telekinesis. The green unicorn starts quickly backtracking, hoping to make it out while the ponies are busy fighting!

It's not like Redmane can stop a forceful push of magic from a unicorn! He's just an earth pony after all! It doesn't stop him from trying to tackle the runt of a snow witch though, even after the magicks go off, pushing Will in the rump. It's enough to send her stumbling a couple hoofsteps, and distracts her so she can /glare/ at Snowfield! GLARE!

She /should/ have been paying attention to the bigger threat though, because by the time she's done glaring and turns her attention back to her great escape, she has a split-second for her eyes to get about as big as the pie-plate hooves that proceed to smash into her face, sending the wicked mare flying back out the tunnel and into the opposite wall! Right into the fireplace heater! Right where there's a /ton/ of foals still screaming and running and pointing hooves and AHHHHHH!

Will struggles to her feet, her turn to look 'dazed', her horridly painted nose probably broken and certainly bloodied. "Ow… That /really/ hurt…" she utters, pouting a pained look to the two seriously in her way. Luckily the foals are scattering! None of them want to touch an Evil Baddie! Bad!

The longer she stays, the worse her chances of escaping. She knows this! The door was /right there/! Her horn begins to glow again, looking from midget to giant and back. "Are you sure you don't want to just let me go? I'm really more of a lover than a fighter."

Snowfield finds herself tackled by the old stallion and begins furiously striking him with her hooves. "Worst month I've had in /centuries/," she grumbles as she tries to dislodge herself from Redmane. Looks like she won't be providing backup after all, at least not just yet!

Winter-Solstice settles her hooves following the kick and whirls to face Will, eyes bright, a crooked grin on her muzzle. Oh yeah. "No running this time! No hiding. This is where it starts to turn, bucko!" Winter tucks down and charges towards Will, and attempts to leap atop the downed unicorn, pinning her to the floor… and once she's there, smack her around a bit with her front hooves, help tenderize that snout she just smashed flat. It is not a noble act; she isn't scoring points in Generosity or Kindness right now, that's for sure. It probably isn't good for the foals to see, but golly, the longer the unicorn is up and wielding her magic, the worse it's going to turn out for everybody in the base- and if she escapes, it's going to be the end of them all.

"Hit me once, shame on me…" Will mutters. She's a patient pony! Patient. Calculating. Particularly when her life may be in danger! When Winter leaps, that's her best opportunity! She ducks, dives, rolls beneath the flying Giantpony, only to spring out of it and into a quick trot, leaving behind naught but the heater-warmed floor! "Hit me twice, shame on you~" she taunts when she reaches the door, working it open!

Emerald-Dust scrabbles out with her injured ponies, making a break for the infirmary! This is bad, very bad! "Hold on, kids!"

Ruby-Blossom sorta slides sideways off the scrambling Emerald's back - head smacking against a wall which causes her to cry out in sharp pain - oh good she's awake. A pained flinch prompted by one hoof touching her bloody forehead. "That cow!" the mare stummbles to her feet, shakes her head then heads back towards the main room muttering all the while. "I'll hack that stupid horn right off, and plug your filthy hole of a mouth with it!"

Emerald blanches— and blinks. "No! You're hurt! You shouldn't be upright like that! You've got glass—" All up ons her face, yeah. There are shards still stuck here and there. Small ones, sure, but mighty uncomfortable ones. Still, Ruby's language seems to fully shock the unicorn. GASP.

Winter-Solstice grunts and tumbles to the floor. Having planned on having her fall broken by the soft curves of a punchable evil temptress, she is instead quite rudely caught by the floor! Her own momentum carries her into a roll, and though she isn't hurt, she is stunned and slow to pull herself upright. Her head whips towards the Will and her eyes widen. She's going to escape! This is the… worst… possible… thing!

Her gaze darts across the room. Redmane is tussling with Snowfield. Winter's eyes dart between the two of them and towards Will. Winter can't catch the evil unicorn in time… but her allies are closer. Scrambling upright, she thunders across the short distance between herself and Snowfield and Redmane, leaping, and attempts to tackle the latter, pulling him off Snowfield in the process. Because talking is a free action, she blurts out a quick order as she sails through the air. "SNOWFIELDFREEZEWILLSOLIDBEFORESHEESCAPESPLEASETHANKffooof!" *Crash*

Winter-Solstice rolls 1d20 (Sorry, Professor) — Result: 13 | Sum: 13

Snowfield is free! Freeeee! She scrambles to her feet as Winter plows Redmane off of her. "If I do this you'd better make sure no one disturbs me for the rest of my nap," she grumps at Winter Solstice before turning her terrible gaze upon the terribly made up Nightmare's Will. "I apologize, but I'm going to have to turn you into a block of ice," she deadpans. "No hard feelings." The temperature in the room drops significantly as a wave of frigid light bursts from Snowfield's horn and rushes towards the general.

Snowfield rolls 1d20 (I am going to save the day and then I am going to take THE LONGEST NAP.) — Result: 1 | Sum: 1

Redmane oufs! Tackled to the ground by a mare twice his size! That'll surely get him off of Snowfield! Which leaves the small snowwitch open to attempt to blast Will! Only… The door's already open. Will darts out just before the spell can freeze her where she stood!

From outside, a loud roar shakes the base. Any children who were still screaming suddenly stop, and everything goes…quiet.

As if things weren't bad enough! Bad-choice-mare aka Ruby is only seconds behind Will but thankfully far enough behind not to be frozen! Of course she wasn't prepared for whatever is roaring outside - and she's totally outside for whatever it is! Another bad choice brought to you by anger!

Winter-Solstice lands atop Redmane. She pushes herself halfway upright, stares down at the professor for a moment, decides he's probably okay, and scrambles fully to her hooves, which slip and slide and skitter over the floor in her haste, as she whirls towards the door and rambles off towards it. As she draws close, wincing at the cold blowing in from outside, she slips on a slick of ice left spread across the floor by Snowfield's missed spell, front hooves catching the edge of the open door to arrest her skid, and then pulls herself close to stare out and up. She has an idea what that roaring is all about, but part of her needs visual confirmation of the horrible truth of the matter.

The Horrible Truth, otherwise known as Tom the Dragon, is /right there/! Letting Will climb atop his back, taking her rightful place in her glorious saddle. The great winged scaley beast rears back with another of those loud roars, shaking the very ground he steps on!

Off in the distance… As if on cue from Tom's parting roar, a bright flash briefly illuminates the night sky! Like an explosion of light, everything is as clear as day! The sun!? No… It wasn't the sun. The light fades, fast returning to near total darkness.

Near darkness, because there's still a light. A pillar of light, even, coming from the forest. A smart Base pony would be able to say that's probably close to where a certain Hive exists. Now acting like the world's biggest flashlight. A beacon of /something/. But what?

The momentary light show over, Tom screeches one last time, taking off into the air with his mistress on board…

"Aw crap." is all Ruby manages.

Winter-Solstice stares, watching the dragon, watching the light show. Some three weeks ago she was in a very similar position- staring off at an alien sky, stunned beyond words, wincing against the cold but unable to look away. And, like before, when she at last turns back towards the living room, it's with eyes slicked with tears. This time, though, they're tears of despair, as the big mare pushes upright and slouches over to the door, readying to push it shut. "Oh, no, no, no," she says, shaking her head. "No no no…"

(OOC) Ruby-Blossom: LOL Winny's answer - lock Ruby outside =3

Winter-Solstice waits for ruby to get inside first.

"Well," Snowfield says dourly. "So much for resting." She looks at Winter-Solstice, sees the tears welling from her eyes, and sighs. "Here, keep that door open for me. We'll need good intelligence if we're going to have the upper hand for our next strike. I'm the fastest on snow, so I'll go gather the intelligence." She shoulders her way past the larger mare and out the door.

Winter-Solstice hauls the door back open obligingly. "Be careful, please," she says, all mopes and mumbles. Afterwads, she hovers near the open door and glances about. "Anybody else? Anyone? Wanna go? Wanna come in? Anybody?" She snuffles petulantly, then goes and stomps back over to the door and shuts it again, finally, at last, and then walks away before anyone else can object to their current location relative to the door.