This Little Light Of Mine
IC date: Winter 43, 1007
OOC date: 1/31/2013
PCs: Hemlock Toybox

After the hard work put forth by the town, the weather outside is a little more
decent than it has been. The skies aren't quite as dreadful and the waters at
the docks aren't nearly so harsh. Upon Zula's ship, Toybox is in the room her
and Ginger-Spice are now sharing. She's sitting on the floor carefully working
with some scrap fabric and thread, humming an adventurous melody while creating
a new toy for herself. Her room is decorated with many of the same artifacts
that were in her room back in town.

Hemlock trots back up the gangplank, most of his energy worked off for now. The
effect of boarding the ship is instantaneous, and he immediately slows down.
The trip down to the sea has done nothing but worsen his crippling fear of the
ocean. Quietly, he makes his way down towards his cabin, the dark, lifeless
place he spends his nights.

Toybox's ears perk up as she hears hooves walking on deck. There's only three
sets of hooves it could be, and she'd be happy to see whoever they belong to.
She sets aside the toy she's working on and walks out into the passageway.
Light isn't exactly a vast commodity when below deck, but the little that
shines in from porthole windows is enough to navigate by. The foal lightly
walks towards the sound, calling out, "Hemlock?"

Hemlock brightens up at Toybox's call, the perfect pony to meet! "Hello there
miss Toybox, how are you young one?" He prances off to find the source of the
voice, and his smiles. After a couple moments, he lights one of the hallway
lights, an easy feat.

Toybox brightens up just as much when she hears her hero's voice. She walks
towards it, though when the light turns on it makes it so much easier. After
all, she still doesn't know the ship's layout by memory. She follows the light
and gives the pony a leaping hug, "You'we Back!"

Hemlock hugs Toybox back, though even her entire weight in a leaping hug isn't
enough to make him budge. "I am back, it turns out the town was in need of a
hero. I did my best, but I'm pleased to say that other ponies did even more."
He takes a seat. "But now I'm back home." The words sting in his throat, but he
says them anyways.

Toybox lets go of the hug, only to give him another one for being a hero! Once
that's all done and over with, she looks up with a big goofy grin on her face
like she's got a secret to tell.

Hemlock chuckles a she hug Toybox again. These are the rewards that matter. He
looks down at that smile, that silly little grin. He leans down as he's closer
to her level. "Do you have something to say, miss Toybox?"

Toybox wiggles a little bit, nodding her head, "Uh-huh!" She giggles, pleased
with herself, "I gotsa supwize fow you!"

Hemlock raises an eyebrow. "Oh, do you? May I see?" He's grinning widely, this
is gonna be great.

Toybox is about to wiggle herself inside out with anticipation. She glances up
at the light, "Yes! Tuwn the light off!" There's a mischievous look about her.

Hemlock obliges, turning off the light and bringing darkness to the hallway.
"Now let's see his surprise, young one." He leans back down to her level.
Toybox closes her eyes tightly like she's trying really hard to think. Her nose
wrinkles up for a second before BZZAPP! A few magical sparks fly from her horn,
but instead of fizzling out, it gives off a soft golden-amber glow that softly
lights up the hallway. The smile on her face is priceless.

Hemlock rears up at the sparks. Then, when he sees Toybox doing magic, he
starts clapping1 "You can use your magic? Well done Toybox!" It's very
impressive, at least to Hemlock. "That's fantastic!"

Toybox beams a great big smile. She proudly prances in a few circles around
Hemlock before letting her hornglow fade away, "I can't do anything with it
yet…but I can make it glow!"

Hemlock watches her, and chuckles more. "You did fantastic, I'm so proud of
you." His smile threatens to remove the top of his head. "Perhaps I can find
ponies to help you with your magic. I don't know much, being a silly old earth
pony, but I'm sure wonderful ponies like miss Ginger Spice will help such a
charming little filly." He pauses to consider, yeah, it's appropriate now. "I
think this is worth celebrating."

Toybox nods a lot with a toothy grin, "Ginger was the one who helped me wif it!
We're shawing a woom togever!" She bounces happily a few times, "Celebwate?
Like a pawty?"

Hemlock puts a hoof to his mouth. "I can't quite throw a party, not on the
ship. But I do have a little treat that I would love to give to you. My brave
little sorceress." He reaches in her saddlebags and pulls out a little brown
box. The stallion sets it down before them and grins. "Go ahead, open it up

Toybox frowns at the lack of partyness, though the thought of a give always
sounds like a good idea! "You got me somefin?" Her eyes go wide as Hemlock
places the box in front of her and she smiles, opening it up with her hooves.
Her horn glows as she stuffs her face into the box, "What is it?"

The box contains… One, medium sized cupcake! It's an impressive cupcake, is
has sprinkles and everything. The icing is in Toybox's color and tastes of
vanilla. Inside is a little note. 'to my Hero Toybox.'

Hemlock leans down, smiling. "It's the least I could do for you, my dear. I was
going to save it until a special occasion, but… I figured this was pretty

Toybox pulls her face out of the box, a little dot of the frosting on the tip
of her nose. She sticks out her tongue and licks it off with an 'mmm' sound at
the flavor. Her eyes convey true happiness as she steps around the little box
and gives a big long hug to Hemlock. "Thank you!" the foal whispers, her horn
glowing a bright amber.

Hemlock hugs back, smiling just as much. "Thank you, little Toybox." He notices
the horn glowing, and smiles even wider. "I do hope you enjoy your cupcake. You
deserve it." He's not quite sure what to say, at this point.

Toybox beams another big smile up at Hemlock, looking down into the box again.
Her nose wrinkles up a little as a thought crosses her mind. "I'll be wight
back!" she announces, trotting off towards the galley. After a moment of
digging around, she comes back with a butter knife, knowing she might get in
trouble if she had a real knife. She holds it in her mouth and cuts the cupcake
into two pieces. One piece she places into the lid, "Hewe's my piece!" and the
other she takes out and sets infront of the stallion. It's noticably bigger
than the piece she gave herself, "And that one is fow you!"

Hemlock almost tears up at that. that's so sweet, he just doesn't know what to
do. After a couple seconds of stunned silence, he regains his wits. "Thank you
Toybox, very much." He takes a little bite of his part of the cupcake, noting
the size difference.

Toybox leans down and takes a small bite of her own piece. With icing smeared
all over her lips, she smiles at Hemlock, "It's weally good! Did you make it
yowself?" She licks her lips clean before going back for another bite.

Hemlock smiles back. "No, not this time. Though I should show you my baking
skills some time, I'm quite good. I was a cook for a long time, but always
better at baking." He takes another bite, just relishing the chance to be here
right now. "Perhaps I shall make your birthday cake."

Toybox wiggles a little, "That would be so cool! You and Ginger could bof make
it!" She takes another cheerful bite. The entire time her horn is still softly
glowing amber, providing almost a candle-like light in the otherwise dark

Hemlock chuckles, he should really talk to ginger more. "Yeah, we could. I
think her and I could make your birthday the best thing ever. It's the least I
could do for you, little one." He takes another bit, and is almost done. .It's
also getting late, but we don't need to mention that just now.

Toybox takes one last bite. Save for a bit of frosting, it's all gone. The
frosting doesn't last too long either though, the foal licking it up. The glow
from her horn almost seems warm at this point…Ginger wasn't kidding when she
said to think happy thoughts! They really seem to be the core behind Toy's
magic. "So when do we get to go on anover adventuwe?

Hemlock finishes his shortly afterwards and beams at the little filly. "We can
go whenever you like."

Toybox peers at the darkness that's just beyond them in the rest of the ship.
She's sensible enough to know going now wouldn't go over well. "Tomowwow! Can
we go tomowwow?"

Hemlock nods and ruffles her mane. "Of course! We'll go on a little adventure
tomorrow. for now though, I think it's bed time. For Hemlock at least."

Toybox nods, letting out a yawn. After all, it's after her bedtime and she
shouldn't have been up in the first place! But, she was busy working on
something important so it might be justifiable. "Okay!" She gives Hemlock one
more great big hug. Her horn radiates with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Hemlock hugs back, and gives her a little nuzzle. "Sleep well, little one. I'll
see you tomorrow for our adventure, okay?"

Toybox nods and wiggles at the thought, "Goodnight Hemlock!" She turns around
and prances off to her room, the soft amber glow leading her the entire way.
With a tummy full of cupcake, her project can wait until she gets some sleep.

Hemlock waves. "Goodnight Toybox." With a smile, he picks up the box and walks
the rest of the way to his room. Other than the rough hammock and a couple
bags, there's nothing there. The stallion settles in for another fitful sleep,
full of nightmares and terrors. That is, he does, until he remembers watching a
little bobbing light running off through the ship. With a smile he settles in
more comfortably, and gets to sleep.