This Can Only End Well
IC date: Autumn 86
OOC date: 14/12/12
PCs: Rising-Chaos Sodium-Fizz
NPCs: None
GM: None

For all intents and purpose, it's just another day in the Harbour. If one with heavy snowfall, as one would expect at this time of year. The slate-grey pegasus tearing down the street, vials and flasks rattling around from her belt and coat, is also not a very common sight. Ever so often Sodium-Fizz comes to a skidding halt before a storefront, throwing a plume of snow on passers by on occasion though she seems heedless of it as she peers into the stores before rushing on. Each time her mane seems to go just a bit more frizzy and the ricteous grin growing just a little more… weird.

The alchemist keeps darting around town, inadvertently finding herself approaching the area of resident for the town's other Mare of Science, Rising-Chaos.

Rising-Chaos is standing on the street in front of her house, surrounded by ponies. The ponies are all dressed in heavy winter gear, some are hauling carts of timber or tools. She herself is dressed in her normal cloak and a heavier robe, which is all she has for winter wear. Chaos is cold as she addresses the assembled ponies. "Alright, you know where to start. Remember, I want basic shelters for now to get as many ponies as possible out of the cold and snow. I'll be joining you shortly." The workponies nod their assent and start to move off in teams down the street. Chaos is soon left alone, consulting a notebook. If she's aware of Sodium Fizz's approach, she gives no indication.

Sodium-Fizz doesn't seem to notice Rising-Chaos, herself. At least until it gets almost to late, her head snapping around from the storefront she was peering towards to the other mare as she puts her hooves down, skidding in the snow. And not getting purchase to stop. No problem though, she realised a second later, and spread her wide wings and leapt into the air to soar across the so-called scientist. Buissy scuffing at the thought, Soda didn't pay to much mind as upwards momentum bleed off dropping her right back at Rising-Chaos.

Rising-Chaos is interrupted from her work by a crazy mare barrelling towards her. when Fizz doesn't look like she's stopping, Chaos braces herself for impact. Her mind races to place the mare, having only met her once. Soon, she recognizes her, just in time for Fizzy to make her jump. this could hurt.

And one pegasus come crashing down on Rising-Chaos. Or to more precise, Sodium-Fizz's hind-legs smack into Chaos' side sending the pegasus tumbling head over hooves onto her back in a loud smack, eyes spinning in her head.

Rising-Chaos bowls over, rolling over on to her back. She is a small, weak mare and is easily taken out by another pony. She blusters and sputters as snow get into her robe. In a flash, she's back on her hooves shivering with cold. She glares at Sodium Fizz. She stops herself from any harsh words, she needs to be on Fizz's good side, for now. "Sorry for getting in the way," she growls, not bothering to hide the sarcasm.

Sodium-Fizz blinks, her expression rather confused as if she's not quite sure what's going on and where she is as she looks around. It quickly fades though as whatever manic energy she seems to be running on begins to reaffirm itself, and apparently makes her immune to sarcasm. Soda levelled a hoof at Rising-Chaos, nodding slightly. "You should be! You're distracting me from the most important thing!"

Rising-Chaos raises and eyebrow, so we're going to play that game, are we? She glares at the pointing hoof, now speaking with open hostility. "And what is 'the most important thing?'"

"I forgot Winter's birthday!" came the heated shout in reply. How Sodium-Fizz managed to get of the ground, and on her back, to right into Rising-Chaos' face in a heartbeat is beyond anypony's guess. "I can't believe I forgot! I didn't get her a present or anything! I'm the worst fillyfriend ever, the WORST you hear, and she's going to hate me for it I just know it. She's going to be all judging eyes, like him, and him, and her, and her…" As she spoke she spoke her hoof snapped around, pointing out a few bewildered looking construction workers - and Rising-Chaos herself.

Soda let the hoof drop, using it to skip nervously from hoof to hoof rather than pointing. If anything mane seems to be getting frizzier by the minute and her expression turning into a riotous mask of fretting worry and horror.

Rising-Chaos looks surprised at the news, she didn't know either. "Was it her birthday? Oh dear, I should get her something as well." She doesn't look impressed at all by Sodium Fizz's reaction. "Calm down, would you? You're making a scene." Chaos sighs, this is one way to get Fizz to like her, at least. "What do you want to get her?"

Sodium-Fizz bit her lower lip for a moment before exclaiming, "I have no idea! I've been looking and looking but I don't know!"

unfortunately, Rising Chaos isn't good at this either. She places a hoof against her forehead in frustration, still shivering. "Listen, what does she like? Other than smashing things and blacksmithing?" She thinks for a moment, trying to remember everything she'd ever been told about gift giving. Unfortunately it wasn't much. "Can you make something that she would like? Aren't gifts you make yourself supposed to be more meaningful, or something?" Her voice trails off in uncertainty.

Sodium-Fizz keeps bouncing from hoof to hoof nervously, still fretting. "I don't know… She likes adventure, and smashing thing, foals, adventure, blacksmithing, adventure, food - but who doesn't - adventure… I… don't know what I can…" Soda trailed of, blinking bewilderedly.

Rising-Chaos watches Sodium Fizz curiously. "Quite the list," Chaos muses. She shivers, eager to get inside and warmed up. Hopefully she can get rid of this crazy mare. "Perhaps I have an idea Fizz."

"Is it… adventure?" asked Sodium-Fizz cautiously. "'Cause adventure seems like a -great- idea!"

Rising-Chaos nods, smiling. "It is adventure, yes. Perhaps we can organize a little adventure for her, she might enjoy that." She immediately regrets saying 'we', but she's stuck in it now. "Think that's a good idea? Do you think it's possible? It may take a while to do, though."

Sodium-Fizz nods eagerly, her smile widening further. "Oh, I can do that," she said excitedly. There's no we in that sentence. "I can recreate a few of the alchemical concoctions I used on the parasprites, that's brilliant! But with more controlled effects, a bit less eating on the scenery and being big and bloated - at least the bloated part - and maybe a bit less on the giant fangs and the budding taste for pony!"

Rising-Chaos seems relieved to be let off the hook, even if she feels a tad left out. Nevertheless, she doesn't question the whole 'budding taste for pony' thing, chaos understands. "Perhaps keeping it innocent would be for the best. You don't want anypony to get hurt, just for Winter to have a bit of fun."

Sodium-Fizz nod-nods once more. "A… Um. Oh, maybe a snowbunny! That's not to bad is it?" The mask of horror on Soda's face seems to have dissolved by now, replaced instead by a to-wide grin full of manic energy and not a little creepiness. "Thanks Rising-Chaos, I'll get on this right away!"

Rising-Chaos chuckles. "You go do that then, give Winter a happy birthday adventure. I need to go get cleaned up." She spots her notebook laying in the snow and frowns. The cold is biting through her robe. "I really should go, see you later."

Sodium-Fizz nods, shooting of like a bullet. "You do that! Right now, I have a snowbunny to catch and transmute into a fluffy horror for Winny! Have fun!"