The Wheels On The Wagon Go...
IC date: 4/12
OOC date:
Location: Crane City
PCs: Codex Overhaul

The day has been breezy, sea winds rolling into the harbor as the please. A light haze of dust seems to remain constant in the air. Any time it gets a chance to settle, more winds sustain its life. One certain pony has escaped the filth, sitting high above the town on the edge of the tallest standing cranes at the edge of Crane City. Overhaul stares out across the town, his head turning to follow anything that moves in his vision. He seems to be searching for something.

Well, movement is hardly uncommon in the wasteland. For being a barren wasteland of death and sadness, it's surporiusingly lively sometimes. There's a certain kind of movement that is very recognizable, and that's the way Codex walks. When alone, the stallion moves slowly, slightly unsteadily, he trips often, since he's too busy to watch where he's going. Today he seems to be gathering up a bunch of scrolls, and sticking them in a little toy red wagon he found somewhere.

It doesn't even have wheels, so he drags it instead of pulling. There's a workable set of wheels in the wagon itself, but she seems to be doing fine as it is.

Overhaul spots Codex, though through the distance and dust it's hard to tell that it's not just another pony. He fiddles with his pipbuck and one of the attachments pops out, tracking along with his head. With the touch of a button it pulls back in and the stallion lets out a grunt (though, from his height it'd be inaudible). O stands up and simply walks of the edge of the crane. About halfway down the fall his wings spread open and he makes his final approach towards Codex in a gentle glide. As his hooves touch the ground in front of the earth pony he shakes his head. "Wheels better underneath." He's commenting on the obvious.

Codex stops just in time so that he doesn't run in to the large, vulcan cannon weilding pegasus. He looks up and offers a distracted smile. "I swear, I've put them ono, they must be stiff." He looks back, and sees the wheels. "Hmm, apparently I did not, no matter." Not a big deal, Codex is a big colt now. "Hello there O, what brings you over to talk to me?"

Overhaul blinks a few times as one brow lifts in curiosity at the wagon. He ruffles his wings a few times and circles around the wagon, examining it. After a few circles the stallion sits down next to it and pulls the wheels out. He touches a few buttons on his Pipbuck and the tool arm slides out, coming to life. "Fix?" he asks.

Codex unhitches himself, which is a bit of a glorification of the action but that's fine. The wagon is filled with wrapped up scrolls, maps, if Overhaul would care to look. "By all means."

Overhaul very gently unloads the scrolls and flips the wagon upside down. Working diligently with his hooves and the multi-tool arm, he makes fairly quick work of getting the back wheels on. The front seem to be a little more of a hastle on account of the turning mechanism. It isn't long until he's got them figured out as well, though. After flipping it over he places the scrolls back in the wagon; they're in the exact same order they came out in. He plops his rump back down. "Done." He's not smiling, but he still seems proud.

Codex beams at his little red wagon, which overhaul just fixed. "Why thank you, this should speed my work up significantly. You seem fond of fixing things, aren't you?"

Overhaul nods calmly, turning this way and that to look over his own battle saddle and at his Pipbuck. All of it has been modified heavly, completely customised for the pegasus and nopony else. "Yes," he responds.

Codex nods, but makes no move to continue on his way. "So, O, I have a proposition for you, are you interested?"

Overhaul tilts his head again, ears perked up and attentive. He's certainly listening. His wings pull in tight as some of the dust blows by. "What?" he asks.

Codex is glad to have an audience, since it';s kind of important. "Well, I am gathering a small expedition soon. I would be pleased to have a pony of your talent along, since you are uniquely qualified to give aid to me." He looks Overhaul up and down, then chuckles. "Not to mention armament. Would you like to come along?"

Overhaul narrows his brow in deep thought, turning to stare back towards a certain part of the city. It's obvious there are some…concerns…he has about making such a journey. After a moment of silence he asks, "Grinder?"

Codex considers this for a moment. "I wouldn't mind if Grinder came along as well. It certainly shouldn't be dangerous, or take very long."

Overhaul nods in a way that suggests he wouldn't agree unless he can bring the unicorn mare along for the trip. He seems concerned for some reason, but it's a bit hard to say why. "When?" the pegasus asks, trying to get a timeframe.

Codex is concerned for safety of others as well! He wouldn't be bringign ponies along if he thought ethere was a chance of danger, since he wouldn't be going himself. "A couple of days, 4 days from now to be exact. Meet at the factory."

Overhaul lets out a grunt, the look of concern growing more intense. "Grinder's…hurt. Won't go if still hurt" he states. He's worried about her wellbeing, and doesn't want to leave her alone.

Codex looks shocked! "Grinder's hurt? whatever happened to her? Who did it?" They gonna pay, if codex gets his hooves on them.
Overhaul takes in a deep breath with a sigh before giving a solid stern nod of confirmation. "Slaver trap." His eyes almost glaze over as he momentarily relives trying to protect Grinder stuck in a trap, "Slavers dead."

Codex pauses as his face returns to normal. "Well good, they won't have another for their infernal commerce. I do hope she's alright, arre you taking care of her, or another?"

Overhaul stares back at the direction of Grinder's house and nods. "Still hurt. Better." His words as always are simple and short. He gives another nod, "Me. Clean Sweep…" another deep breath is sucked in. Hesitantly, he adds on, "…Snakebite…"

Codex smiles now, cheered up by the news. "I can't say I've met snakebite, but I shall have to become acquainted. If you're needed to tend to Grinder, don't worry, I should be fine without you." He gets up and leans in to O. "Just, don't let anything bad happen to her, okay?" A twinge of desperation in his voice not there previously. His eyes go blank for a second, bevfore he pulls back. "I really must be off soon."

Overhaul still doesn't seem exactly pleased about mentioning Snakebite. There's a hint of hurt behind his eyes. The stallion gives a slow nod. "Protect the filly" he states, completely prepared to do anything it takes to help keep her alive and well. From a weapons standpoint, protection shouldn't be an issue.

It certainly shouldn't. If Overhaul shows up, the amount of issues should be negligible. "Always, I trust you can do that" He rehitches the wagon and starts off.

Overhaul lighty bows at the Earth pony, spreading his wings to take flight. He pauses for a moment before launching into the air. "Thank you" he says, a cloud of dust kicking off as he takes flight and heads back up to his crane.