The Wedding Of The Season
IC date: Summer 47
OOC date: August 6
Location: Farm Lands
PCs: Jellybean, Typhoon-Wave,Magpie,Winter-Solstice,Tale-Chaser,Kludge, Ruby-Blossom, Blackbird, Saltlick, Thunnini, Windrose, Sky-Sparkler
NPCs: Eddy, Tropical-Front, Solid-Spectrum, Gale, Shooting-Star, Misty, Cumulus, Grapevine, Slide-Rule, Drizzle, Jellybean's Family
GM: Applejack, Diamond-Dog

Here it is! The big day! The moment many a pegasus and pony have spent most of the past month preparing for! A great field near the farmlands, one owned by the Harvest family with a nice copse of shade trees, has been rented out and set up for the occasion. Quite the festive affair it is! Several large canopies have been set up, arranged over many rows of cushions and seats, enough to accommodate all the visiting family and assorted friends of the happy couple. A podium sets in front of these rows of seats, decorated with so much lace and frill, streamers and balloons of violet and blue hue. Many of the decorations come in various heart-based shapes, with a great wood scaffolding framing the podium itself to offer a picture-perfect place for a pair of ponies to tie the knot.

Towards the back of the field, catering services and spots for various guests to get dressed for the moment have been set up, including a particularly well guarded area where the bride, bridesmaids, and closest family are likely getting ready, safe from prying eyes and nosy wings.

Most of Jellybean's family has already shown up, some of them having a pre-reception snack, others getting good seats. It's getting close to time for the ceremony itself though, so several usher-dressed pegasi are directing traffic to get the most out of their seating arrangements so that everybody has a good view.

Even the weather's decided to behave today. As though the mysterious force driving the unseasonal chill had caught on to the fact that this was quite the important ordeal, and had allowed a smidge of proper weather to shine through, leaving it a properly sunny day with just enough warmth to make it pleasant to sit in or out of the sun.

"No stupid out of season weather is going to ruin this day. Not on my watch!" As she says this Windrose rears up and kicks a darker looking cloud with her back hooves, shoving it in the direction of Wintersong Forest. She and the rest of the weather team have been busy all morning making sure the strange cool weather is cleared from the farmlands for a few hours so their chief and his special somepony can have their wonderful day without worrying about work getting in the way.

Magpie itches idly at the wreath of flowers sitting between her ears, then eeps and whips her hoof away. "Is my mane okay?!" she asks Ruby in a nearly panicked voice.

The warmer weather is appreciated by Thunnini, who is glad that she doesn't need her cloak today. The seafilly even decorated her bucket-kart slightly, festooning it with some flowers.

There has never been a mare who looks so out of place. Salty stands at the podium on two hooves, shifting her weight from side to side. Why did she agree to this? Why would she volunteer to possibly completely ruin Jellybean and Typhoon's wedding? She looks down at her notecards. Her blank notecards. She probably was supposed to write something down. "…oh dear," she mumbles.

Jellybean looks up at the sky and smiles, relaxing a little. Not that he's stressed out or anything: just what he's told are the usual butterflies in the stomach on an occasion like this. He looks at himself in the mirror in the little curtained-off changing area: gleaming white tuxedo and a black bowtie, the last of which he's trying to straighten out. He looks to his grooms. "Do I have it on straight? I've never worn one of these before."

"I left my level back at the shop, but it looks straight to me," replies Kludge, actually wearing his fancier hat and jacket. The craftspony grins. "You look sharp, Jelly. We're here to look good and make you look even better, and you're making that job very easy."

"Misty! Slide Rule! Hi! Okay, you guys are over here." Winter Solstice makes with the pony sorting, as she's been doing. As various guests, family members, friends, and well-wishing members of the community arrive, the big mare has been ushering them about to seats, making sure everypony gets settled in a sensible order. Jellybean is th eone with the huge family- so the bride's side of the venue is steadily being filled with friends and others from town while the other side is steadily overfilled with exuberant Clouds.

She's looking quite dapper herself, wearing a shirt and jacket and a tie. The suit has a few wrinkles, and the tie is a bit crooked, and she has a smudge of soot across her forehead, but otherwise the big mare is looking atypically presentable. Her normally wild mane has even been brushed back, though it seems to resent this and try to gradually stick back up.

"Gifts? Okay, over here. We'll be bringing them to the reception afterwards. Hey! Tropical Front! You brought a pie! Awesome!"

"Woh ho ho! There's more where that came from, dearie!"

"hay yes more pie! Okay, you're over here on the Groom's side. Here- okay, we'll, uh. Hold on, let's pull some chairs out and make some room…"

Sky Sparkler is glad the weather is holding up. Her friends deserve their special day being special… and there's been enough effort put into making sure the weather holds up. Anyway, she's among those in attendance, not wearing her best sress, but wearing enough bulky cloathing to hide the collapsable pony-scale butterfly net.

No, it's not for the wedding, it's for the reception.
Tale Chaser is here, accompanying Magpie. He's wearing his own collar and tie, and seated patiently in the guest section. He's never been to a wedding before. This is all very exciting and fun, enough so that he doesn't worry about the huge crowd, or how many of the visiting Cloud pegasi keep looking his way and whispering about how 'it's that seapony who's bad at tricks!'

Behind the podium, by the way, Salty is decked out in Horseshoe Harbor's Official Marriage Ceremony Officiator's Garb. That is to say, a patchy, ancient top-hat with the topmost round come unstitched, a ruffled elizabethan collar, and a hook on one hoof. No one really asks why a hook-hoof is part of the ceremonial garb. It just is.

Windrose dusts her hooves off. Everything looks like its in order in the sky. But she'll have to keep an eye on things to make sure the ceremony isn't interrupted. The pegasus does a backwards loop and cruises back towards the ground, just to disappear behind the trees and grab where she left a clothing bag hanging in the branches.

A few moments later she trots out from the trees in an appropriately more stylish sundress for the occasion. She'll go back and retrieve her work vest later. It would be extremely uncouth to show up to a wedding in it, even if she was keeping an eye on the weather.

Seated towards the front, Cumulus, Jellybean's father, is likewise done up in formal attire, wearing a soft grey jacket that matches his coat, with Grapevine nearby. He's maintaining a stoic demeanor, though with his head held high and his eyes bright, he's clearly feeling quite proud of the family and his son.

A few rows back, cousin Drizzle is sagging in his seat, head hanging. Every so often an "uuuuuugh" can be heard from his direction.

The weather's nice, the guests look happy, and /nothing has gone wrong/. It's a lovely wonderful perfect day! Not that that has effected Typhoon Wave's mood much. Come on, did anypony really expect her to be anything other than super-nervous-prancy-excited? She's looking like she can't decide if she wants to run in circles, do a few flips, or just faint right on over on the spot. It's probably a good thing she has no tie to straighten.

No, she's got a dress, of course. Nothing super-fancy. White as is expected, with violet accents; fitted to allow her wings free movement, and with a wholly reasonable amount of frills and flowers. She's /finally/ got it all on and straightened and adjusted and proper, and she's doing her very level best to not fidget with any of it. Which means she has to find something else to fidget with. HOW DO FLOWERS GO IN MANE. AAAAAH.

And fretting over to the side is Blackbird, in a similar suit and tie to Winter-Solstice as he helps ponies to their seats as well. Is he doin' it right???

Ruby pats Magpie atop of the head while minding the little wreath on the filly's head. "Your mane is addorable." she turns to offer Typhoon a big, friendly grin. "But not as nice as Typhoon's." wandering close to the bride to be whom she grins at. "Everything is looking perfect." A vast majority of Ruby's attention is focused on tending to Typhoon, and she's not going to waiver! She herself has a dress - a bride's made dress of matching colors to Typhoon's. "Things she get started any moment now."

Jellybean nods a little, fidgeting with it just a bit more. "Is it time yet? Oh, I can't wait for this to start. I'm so excited," he says, trotting eagerly in place. He realizes that this is probably not typical husband-to-be behavior and tries to calm himself down, attempting to imitate his father's inimitable stoicism. The careful reader will infer his success with this.

Magpie huffs and starts to wander in an effort to keep her hooves busy. She wanders over to Winny and waves up. "How's the ushing goin'?" Pause. "Uh.. don't let Jelly's aunt throw any of those pies, okay?"

"Oh thank Celestia, there you are Ruby!" Windrose hurries over to her friend, that also happens to be a mane stylist. "Is my man okay? I just got done making sure the weather stays clear and didn't get any time to pretty it up before coming!"

Fortunately for Typhoon, she has a couple mares to help her out on that front. Including Jellybean's sister, Gale! Whom is right there, attempting to help keep the poor bride from spinning herself sick or something. "It's okay to be nervous, you know." she notes to the bride-to-be. "It's almost like a big show! Only instead of bits you get a husband out of it." Of course she's wearing a dress similar to Ruby's design to fit the occasion and all.

Typhoon's brother and father are both settled just outside the bride's tent, peeking in every now and then to make sure everything's going alright. Solid looks as grim and stoic as ever. One would almost think public gatherings like this just weren't his thing! If it weren't for the telltale hints of a smile at the corners of his mouth, one might even assume he wasn't happy with this. Which means, of course, that nobody's fooled. Especially Shooting Star, whom is all grins and guffaws at eavesdropping on the conversations in the bride's tent. "They'll get started soon…" he notes to Solid, glancing back in. "Is she ready? I think the crowd's going to start getting antsy if we don't give them some pegasi to wed."

Kludge notices Jellybean fidgeting in an attempt at stoicism. "Just be yourself, Jelly," he suggests. "It's your big day, and you should be able to enjoy it by being you."

The crowd is getting antsy? Sort of! Tropical Front is laughing up a storm, telling a HILARIOUS joke about a miscalibration in a weather factory that resulted in syrupy clouds that stuck to mountains and buildings. Everybody is laughing because they're all in the business and get it. Tale Chaser, sitting across the aisle, ho ho hos but doesn't get it at all because what ~are~ clouds, really, besides foreign and bizarre?

Drizzle sits up and groans as everybody laughs. The sunny weather, unusual because it's sunny when it's normally murky which is unusual because it's murky when it's normally sunny, is making his head swim. He loosens his tie a bit. The tie is grey.

In the back of the crowd, Eddy starts bouncing up and out here and there like a popcorn kernel that keeps making a go of it. Pop! Pop! Pop! His parents take to trying to chase him down.

Ruby offers Windrose a warm smile as the other mare infiltrates the Bride's tent. "Sit Sit. We're short of time." she tells Windrose before swiftly tending to her mane - brush, brush, brush. Here a brush, there a brush, everywhere a brush brush. Soon enough Windrose's curly mane is as neat as ever. "There we are, now go sit your butt."

"Heya, Magpie! You're lookin' SWANK." Winter Solstice pats Maggie on the head. "And the ushing is goin' okay. How's Typhoon doing? Have you been back there to see her yet? I bet you have 'cause you tend to show up where people tell you you shouldn't go. I'm not allowed, though. Oh! Oh! Uncle Frog Rain! Here!" The big mare breaks off to intercept a pegasus stallion that just showed up. Frog Rain is wearing a t-shirt with a tux design printed on it, and soon he is settled mercifully out of sight.

Magpie's carefully positioned floral wreath and mane are Winny-patted right out of position. "AUGH!" she aughs, and flees for the bride's tent. "Moooom!"
Windrose does her best to not fidgit, but sitting still really isn't a skill pegasi as a tribe excel at. But she manages long enough for Ruby to work her magic. "Thanks!" She gives Ruby a quick hug that's careful to not mess up her dress, then scurries back out to find her seat.

As a few straggler guests make it to their seats, courtesy of Winter and Blackbird, a pony at a portable organ next to the wedding stage proper finishes with yet another song to soothe the masses. An old, grey pony, he checks an hourglass set atop a stand nearby. It's run dry! So it must be time! Thus nimble hooves get to work, the organ's echoing sounds filling the field with a very official tune to set the groom's close family and best ponies to marching towards their proper place on the podium.

So many pegasi and non-pegasi heads turn towards the tents in the back to watch the coming procession. At least half of them have some kind of camera or another.

Typhoon-Wave blinks, a few times, before drawing in a deep breath and letting it out slowly. "Right. I'm just… this is all so… it's finally h-happening, and… and… and… it's so exciting! B-but everypony's going to be l-looking at me, and…" She tries that whole 'deep breath' thing again. Eventually, it's got to actually work.

Salty hastily arranges her cards. Her blank cards. Whatever, it's time!

Jellybean hears the music: his wings flap eagerly and he prances around to face the tent. "Ohmygosh, it's time!" He takes a slow, deep breath, lets it out, and then leaves the tent and starts marching down the aisle. Under the circumstances, he's managing about as much majesty as he ever has. He looks happy, yet serene: this is the happiest moment of his life and it shows.

Ruby /almost/ swoons as Maggie runs into the Bride's tent while yelling for her mom; but Ruby resists - Typhoon is the only pony allowed to swoon today! She shakes a hoof resolutely before turning to Magpie with a smile, a smile which fades as she sees the state of the filly's mane. "Winny touched you, didn't she?" hastily working to set Maggie's mane and wreath right.

Blackbird glances to Winny, and then falls into step behind Jellybean beside the mare. Best grooms go!

A few moments after Jellybean settles in, Winter looks up. Oh! Music! Hey! She catches Blackbird's glance, then romps over to the head of the aisle, fixes her tie, takes a deep breath, and charges pell-mell towards the stage, nearly bowling Blackbird and Jellybean over in the process. YEAH! She pumps a hoof a few times in self-congratulatory go-me you-show-that-short-distance-who's-boss-itude before taking up a spot with the well-dressed gentlemen she only vaguely sort of fits in with.

Magpie makes a little whimpering noise while Ruby undoes Winny's unwitting damage, then grabs her flower-basket. She glances around. Is it time? It's time, right? This is time? Oh! Okay! She trots out down the aisle, tossing flower petals left, right, and center with little flickers of her horn. One hoof-full goes right over TC's head. Don't think she didn't see him there!

Kludge falls in on the other side of Winny.

Solid-Spectrum and Shooting-Star glance at each other when the music changes. It's time! It's time… Shooting Star begins to trot towards the aisle, with Gale quickly leaving the bride's tent to follow along, the Wonderbolt pair pausing just at the start of the aisle to get in step with one another before following along behind Kludge and Magpie, amid all the falling petals.

Tale Chaser smiles brightly, waving to Magpie as she frolis past. He giggles like a schoolboy as he ends up with flower petals in his mane, reaching up to nab a few and toy with them while he watches.

Suddenly Ruby! Actually this is a welcome change because ponies are actually /expecting/ her for a change! She trots out of the tent with her chin held high, adorning in her fancy (but not as fancy as the bride's) bride's maid gown; carefully proceeding down the aisle - steps timed with those of the rest of the wedding party. She tries her hardest to not look /too/ excited about the whole thing.

Magpie winds up at the front of the aisle with like half the basket left. Now what? She looks around vaguely for instructions, but none being forthcoming, she just stands there in front of Salty, hucking petals in the air. Tum tee tum…

Eeeep! Music! Oh, oh geez, oh dear, oh gosh, it's starting. Typhoon prances in place for a second or three, catches herself, freezes, takes another deeeeep breath, lets it out, and then turns to wait for her cue at the tent entrance. One hoof idly straightens a flower in her mane. …Again.

But then it's actually time to go, so one more deep breath and she steps out, giving her father a shaky smile. Don't think about all the ponies probably staring. Don't think about it. Don't think about it at all. She gulps a bit and glances towards the podium. There's Jellybean up there already - and suddenly it's not difficult at all to forget about any gazing eyes.

Magpie showers Jelly in petals. Petals. Petals.

But before Solid and Typhoon begin their trek down the aisle, the groom's march fades off. The organ player flips a page in his music book, lifts his hooves, and… Thus begins the Wedding March in all its glory!

That's the cue… Solid Spectrum looks about as nervous as Typhoon does, giving his daughter half of a genuine smile and a comforting pat, before marching with her down the aisle to the tune of the March, backed by the million clicks of cameras going off. When they make it to the podium, Solid turns to give Typhoon a hug and the rest of the prior smile (are those tears in his eyes? What?), then steps to his proper place for the ceremony itself.

Eddy is there, trying to catch some of the petals, bouncing back and forth and pouncing flowerpetals. Eventually an exhausted-looking and embarassed Slide Rule appears to pick Eddy up and drag him back.

Magpie showers some petals over Salty too. Geez, how big IS this basket? It's like… bigger on the inside or somethin'.

Salty glances around. Everyone's in place. Everyone's in place! Everyone's— achoo!! There's petals in her face. She sneezes and shakes her head, eyeing Magpie a little bit. But after a moment, she clears her throat, looks up at the audience, and blurts out, "Citizens of Ponyville! — Wait, no, no. Cit…Citizens of Horseshoe Harbor! This is a wedding." She glances down at her blank notecard. "A…wedding of…proportions. Big proportions?" Her gaze flicks up to the amount of family gathered. "Yes. Big proportions." She clears her throat again, tugging the fluffy elizabethan collar away from her neck for a moment before it snaps back against her neck.

"So, this is a wedding. A wedding for…Jellykeen and Typhoid-Mary. A couple of pegasi with…big…hearts and…" She trails off, clears her throat /again/. "… This is a wedding!" she says again.

Magpie scootscoots sideways. She upends the basket, dumping the rest of the petals on Ruby's hooves.

The entire crowd turns to watch as Typhoon walks by, suitably impressed, because every bride looks great on their wedding and stuff. There are oohs and aaahs. Tropical Front is already in tears, fanning herself with a wing and oh-ho-ho'ing through misty eyes.

But the crowd falls quiet as Salty begins speaking, watching with a mix of expectations. Some of the more traditional-minded pegasi are skeptical. A few more are confused and wondering how exactly this is going to work without an abundance of clouds and rainbows. Still others are just wondering why she has a hook for a hoof.

And this trend of mild confusion continues as the speech, er, proceeds. A few start to get it, though what they're getting they're not entirely sure. So THIS is what they do down here on the ground? Well, best not mess with tradition, however bonkers.

Tropical Front starts weeping openly at the beauty of it all.

Ruby gives Maggie a little glance as the remaining petals are dumped at her hooves, and then gently tugs Magpie to her side while quietly watching the ceremony. She does however watch Salty with a hint of curiousity and concern; clearly pondering the events that may have lead to this officiator.

Sky-Sparkler gets a whiff of the flowers that Magpie has been scattering, and her nose begins to twitch.

Jellybean is only vaguely aware of what's being said at the moment. From the moment Typhoon Wave left the tent he didn't have eyes for anything else - although he is cognizant of having flower petals in his mane - and is listening to Salty with only one ear.

Magpie eees and bounces on her hooftips beside Ruby. "She so /pretty/!" she whispers, as if she hadn't been in the same tent with the bride during preparation…

Solid has no problem keeping a poker face through Salty's interesting rendition, though the sideways glance he's giving the official shows he isn't so sure this is how it's supposed to go.

Shooting Star and Gale are both trying hard to look as sweetly serious as they can. And not laugh.

"Uh, so. We are gathered here today to have…a wedding. And weddings, you know… Weddings, they're cool things. They…are about a… mare and a stallion coming together for love, or taxes, or maybe just convenience, I don't know. Or! You know, mares and mares … stallions and stallions… That's okay too! I don't judge. No judging here." Salty moves to the next blank card and wipes some sweat from her temple. "Ahem. Um."

Deep breath. "When Jellykeen met Typhoid, I have no idea what happened because I wasn't there. But I'm sure there were sparks. Isn't that what ponies say? Sparks happened and they just knew? I don't know about you ponies, but when I see sparks, my first thought is probably not 'I'm going to marry that pony.' It's usually 'I'm going to need a fire extinguisher again, aren't I.'"

Winter-Solstice nods sagely at Salty's wisdom about sparks. Makes sense to her.

Sky-Sparkler's nose twitches more. Is the perhaps alergic to those flowers Magpie was scattering? Well, it doesn't seem like she was very alergic, as she isn't sneezing. Yet.

Ruby shoots Windrose a glance, and wiggles her eyebrows at her during Salty's speech.

There's a soft murmuring among several of the guests. Mostly those from the Harbor nodding their agreement along with Winter. And a few nervous sounds from the various pegasi. At least some of them heard the rumors!

Windrose just sticks her tongue out playfully at Ruby in response to the brow waggle.

Blackbird is just staring at Salty, with a mix of disbelief and creeping horror. She's going to totally ruin Jelly's wedding. Oh god.

Salty, however, continues on obliviously. "Well, anyway, that's neither here nor there. The point is… The POINT is… There's these two ponies here. And they like each other. And they like each other enough to think that they should be together all the time, and that's kind of cool, I guess. I don't think I could do it."

She sets her cards down. "Anyway… this is a celebration of love and crap, right? And obviously there's a lot of love here because look at all this family here. I'm sure there were squabbles and bickerings and whatnot, but who cares? This is about two families, two weird, enormous, winged families coming together in a big, squishy love-saturated ball of hugs and other things that we don't mention in the presence of foals. Uh. I don't mean the whole family for that. That is not a family-rated activity. Wow, uh, MOVING ON."

Winter-Solstice can't stop grinning.

In the front of the crowd, Cumulus adjusts his tie and clears his throat.

Tropical Front breaks out into thunderous peals of laughter.

A blushing Misty is covering Eddy's ears. He bounces around with his head anchored in place.

Were there sparks when they met? There might have been sparks. Actually it was more like raindrops. Made of honey. And snow. And one very very sticky cloud. Hey, just another day on the Horseshoe Harbor weather team. Maybe Typhoon's thinking about that for the moment, because she's smiling a smile that looks far more happy than nervous. She even manages not to blush too much at Salty's latest rambling! She only turns a little bit pink.

Ruby quietly stares, oh so quietly at the mare who's all sorts of off topic. Scrunches her nose whilst pondering if she could do better, and that is answered with a shake of her head - things would likely get weird, real weird.
Magpie's cheeks turn kinda pink. She can't help looking Tale Chaser's way. Oh… ohmy…

Jellybean's ears do turn pink, which seems to be the color of the moment, but he remains gazing at Typhoon lovingly. He's also thinking of that day, although his memory of it is perhaps a trifle more hectic than everypony else's. He was in the middle of that cloud, after all.

Kludge's eyebrows go up at the ramblings, but other than the corners of his mouth quirking upwar he manages to maintain a straight face.

There's a brief moment as Tale Chaser is caught looking at Magpie, before he looks away and down, all blushin'.

"Weirdest marriage speech ever," Windrose murmurs under her breath. Hah, she's already lavander, even if she was getting pink highlights no one would be able to tell!

Solid Spectrum blinks and turns his head, staring at Salty. This is how this wedding's going to be remembered. Perfect weather, perfect setting, and…'love-saturated ball of hugs and other things'. …Well at least Tropical Front's laughing.

Shooting Star is grinning and nudging Gale, whom is more blushing than grinning. She rolls her eyes and returns the nudge.

"Yeah so uh. I guess I should get on with the stuff, right?" Salty rubs her neck a little, and then looks at the two. "Uhhhh. So. Marriage. It's what brings us together today. Right? And, ummmm. Jellykeen, you want to marry her, right? Do you have, like, vows or something or do I make it up on the spot?"

Magpie yelps, "NO!"

No, Ruby could do better. She shifts on her hooves while watching the ceremony - She's totally read about weddings, and been to a few - sure she wasn't invited and may have pilfered a thing or two…but still!

Salty halts for a moment and looks over at Magpie. "Are— are you objecting to the wedding? Oh! I'm supposed to do that, huh. Uhhh… anyone object to them getting together and making pony babies or something?"

Ruby-Blossom covers Maggie's mouth with a hoof and gives her the 'be quiet' glare of mothers; it's a technique passed down from mother to daughter for generations.

Magpie flops her ears back. Whimper.

Jellybean realizes he's being spoken to and hops a little, surprised. "Vows? Oh yes, vows. I have those." He clears his throat, ruffles his wings, and begins. "Typhoon Wave, I promise that I will love you from now until the end of time. I promise to cheer you up when you're sad, to remind you of how brave you are when you're feeling afraid. I promise to try to make you laugh every day, to make you feel as special as you make me feel. I promise that I will always be here when you need me." There are tears in his eyes: just a little misting, that's all.

Magpie awwwwwws — even through Ruby's muting hoof.

As Salty invites people to object to the wedding, Sky Sparkler sneezes.


Kludge smiles gently. He's a romantic at heart, and this is very romantic.

"D'awwwwww~" says Thunnini, a big smile on her face.

For a moment a dreaded silence sweeps through the crowd. Some of them sit on the edge of their cushion at the very idea of Salty, whom has done a /marvelous/ job so far, actually making up vows for these two. But then Jellybean produces an actual list! And the crowd relaxes. Maybe even gives a collective 'd'aww' sigh and many a happy wing flutter.

Salty waves a shooshing hoof at Jellybean for a moment, ears craning for any objections. She squints around, eyes Sky Sparkler and Thunnini and Magpie, and then nods slowly. "Okay, no objections. Sorry. Uh. Go ahead." And then, ONLY THEN, is he allowed to vow.

Winter-Solstice is still unable to stop grinning. She's also looking a bit misty-eyed, and puffs her chest out where she looms large in the groom lineup.

Tropical Front is back to weeping.

Cumulus nods a few times, once more radiating pride.
Sky-Sparkler blushes as she is suddenly in the center of attention. "ehehehe… whoops?"

And when Jellybean is done, Salty looks at Typhoon. "Ah, erm, Typhoid, you have vows too right?"

Blackbird, meanwhile, is smiling softly. He's not misting up. He's NOT. That's just, uh. Allergies.

Typhoon-Wave admittedly takes a second to recognize that it's her turn. Probably because she's looking quite misty-eyed herself. Sniff. BEAM. No, no, this is not time to go pounce-hugging. (That comes later.) "Oh, um, y-yes. I have some. Um…" She wipes at her eyes with one hoof and takes a deep breath, looking over to the stallion beside her. "Jellybean… you're the best thing that ever happened to me. I promise to be by your side every day, no matter what happens. I promise to support you and be there for you always. I promise to do everything I can to make you as happy as you make me, and to try and be as good as you make me feel like I can be. I promise that I will always love you, and I will always be there for you, forever." She wipes at her eyes again, smiling shakly. Don't cry don't cry don't cry oh who are we kidding she's gonna cry.

More crowd d'awwwwwing! Even Solid has a case of the sniffles, sneaking a look away to wipe his eyes.

The smile on Kludge's face keeps growing larger and softer, and there's definitely a misting in his eyes.

Salty blinks at the pair and clears her throat, looking to the cards. Yes this will expedite these tears off of her face. Ahem.

The hoof over Magpie's mouth has moved to the young filly's back. Ruby daws quietly as well and scrunches her nose; she's totally not crying, not a hint of tears - nope. DON'T LOOK AT ME!

Winter-Solstice bounces a bit in place, still grinning. She resist the urge to start cheering or something. That comes later. Hold the line! HOLD THE LINE! She has to bounce back into position near Kludge and Blackbird. HOLD

At the back of the aisle, Eddy starts charging down, wings buzzing, back hooves skirting the ground while his front hooves hold Something. His mother appears to intercept him and bring him to the back once more, murmuring "Not yet, honey."

Magpie eeees, giggling… They're so sweet! This is the best wedding!

"So, uh, that was adorable," mutters Salty. "Much better than I was gonna come up with, I assure you. So, uhm. Jellykeen, do you take Typhoid-Mary to be your wife?"

Magpie really can't help it now. "HER NAME IS TYPHOON!" she bellows.

Salty blinks. "Uh— sorry, Typhoon-Mary?"

Windrose rolls her eyes at the correction. "CLOSE ENOUGH! LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDRY OF NAMES!", she shouts back.

Magpie glances at Ruby, wincing. "The wedding probably doesn't even COUNT if Salty says the wrong names!" she protests, quietly.

Ruby-Blossom waves a hoof dismissively "Don't worry Sorty, we'll still write the check out to you."

Kludge manages to keep from chuckling… too loudly.

Sky-Sparkler blinks… and SNRKS, trying to smother her amusement.
Jellybean blushes a little at the apparent foul-up. But he's not going to let it ruin the day: he remains resolutely smiling and still hasn't taken his eyes off of the mare who will in just a minute here be his wife.

"Hey. Jellykeen." Salty pokes the smiling groom a few times. "Wife. Y'want her? We could take her back. I mean, I'm sure the family wouldn't mind." She glances at the pegasi. Then back to Jellybean. "Maybe."

Jellybean nods, once. "I do."

"Excellent! And Typho…ooooon, you want Jellykeen to be your hubby-wubby-shooby-doo? Or whatever it is kids are saying these days?" Salty looks to the violet pegasus.

Typhoon-Wave blushes faintly but nods as well. "I do." She even manages not to squeak!

"Great! Then, the rings!" Salty pauses, hook-hoof outstretched heroically! … And then something itches at the back of her mind, and her hook-hoof lowers. "Oh, wait. I mean, the ribbon!"

ZZZZZZOOOOM! Eddy whisks his way down the aisle, too small to create more than a breeze, his wings buzzing like an irate hummingbird's as he hastens to join everybody up front. With little wings flapping, he holds up a box before Typhoon and Jellybean. It's a nice box, crafted of compressed cloud, such that it has the appearance of semi-translucent silver, affording a faint view of a ribbon to match on the inside even without the lid being opened.

"HERE IT IS I brought it okay open it up and then you can tie it around your hooves I can show you how if you want I can tie like a bunch of different knots" blurts Eddy. "Did you know a granny knot is what happens when you do a square knot wrong want to see how good a knot I can tie? Uncle Jellybean you look like you're crying are you okay? Don't be sad!" He puts the box down in front of Salty, then turns to latch onto Jellybean with a big hug.

Thunnini has the urge to give the hyper little pegasus a big hug, but 1.) doubts that she could reach him in a timely manner, and 2.) suspects that if she did hold onto him, he'd probably pull her bucket-kart all over the place, which might wreck the wedding, which would be a /bad/ thing.

Jellybean shakes his head and toussles Eddy's mane. "I'm not sad at all. Do you remember the knot your mommy showed you? The one you're supposed to do today?" He holds out his right hoof.

Typhoon-Wave gives a faint chuckle as she looks over at Eddy. …He's actually pretty cute. Very hyper. But cute. She holds out her hoof as well, smiling.

"Oh, good, I don't have to know how to do this part." Salty smiles slightly and lets the kid take over for now.

Eddy releases Jellybean after a moment, looking at his hoof. "You're not sad?" He turns to Typhoon, eyeing her skeptically. He's had his doubts about this interloper trying to steal away the best uncle ever, but maybe he had the wrong idea after all. He buzzes over and gives Typhoon a hug as well. "You better make uncle Jellybean happy but I think you already do so I think you're going to be able to keep doing it. THANK YOU"

The colt lets go, opens the box without much ceremony, pulls the ribbon out, and tries and fails to tie the correct knot around the pair's joined hooves three times before, on the fourth, as a matter of eventuality rather than planning, he ends up with the right arrangement. He takes a step back to stare at his handiwork, then grins brightly, immensely proud of himself, and beams a smile up at the pair, rear end bouncing about independent from his front half with the aid of pogo legs and buzzing wings.

Salty watches this with a bit of bewilderment, and then realizes a little belatedly that the hoof-fasting is done. "Uh." Blink blink. "So, uh, hey. I guess you're married now! Hooray! You should kiss or something!"

Jellybean doesn't need to be told twice. He looks down at his hoof, bound together to that of Typhoon - his wife, he realizes, I'm married to her now and she's the most wonderful mare in the world - and then he kisses her.

Ruby squeezes Magpie against her side whilewatching in anticipation…until the kiss! She can't help but loudly bellow "WOOO!"

And now it is time to squeak. And be kissed! And, of course, kiss back! Which Typhoon does willingly, beaming rather goofily and looking completely ecstatic. SO HAPPY.

Sky-Sparkler cheers her head off-

Then suddenly stops, looking around for the sudden plot twist. Has the town made her paranoid? Eh, a little.

No sooner does Salty proclaim those magic words and Jellybean follows through with a smooch to his new wife than the majority of the guests stomp hooves in so much approval! There's shouts, and sobs, and whistles, and cheers, and so much hoof-to-ground sound!

Solid Spectrum can't hold back the tears anymore. Poor fatherly figure busts out in all-out sobbing once the deed's done, his little baby girl all grown up and married off!

Shooting Star grins, glancing down at Gale, whom has her wings happily buzzing rapidly in place. Flappaflappa~ He nudges her, she blinks, squinting up at him with a 'why you interrupt good moment' look. He points up! Her eyes pop open wide! They both nod and take off, disappearing behind a convenient line of trees.

A moment later, nothing less than a full team of Wonderbolts streak across the sky over the wedding stage, each trailing a different color to make a rainbow of vapor trails from one cops of trees all the way to the other! They reappear a moment later carrying a great big banner to display beneath the rainbow, three pegasi on each side, that reads: Congratulations Jellybean and Typhoon Wave!

Leaving four ponies to keep the banner aloft for the time being, Gale and Shooting Star cruise on down to re-join the wedding in their prior places, though they're both in Wonderbolts outfits now, stomping the ground in applause with the rest of the guests.
Windrose puts her forehooves to her mouth to whistle when they finally get to the kissing part.

Blackbird jumps up and down in place. "YAY!"
Magpie gasps! She stares up, still squooshed against Ruby. "WAH! THAT WAS! HOW DID! AND THEY! WAH!"
Cumulus and Misty both continue to positively glow with pride, the latter crying happily and blowing her nose into a cloud-print hanky.

Eddy buzzes away from the stage with a cheer and runs over to give his mom a hug. Misty, smiling brightly, is so overjoyed at the moment she doesn't stop to marvel at how she didn't have to chase her son down for once.

Many members of the crowd hop to their feet, including Tropical Front, sending several nearby pegasi bouncing back as she hoots and hollers and claps and cheers. Even Drizzle is smiling a bit.
Winter-Solstice pushes up onto her hind legs and pumps her hooves over her head! "YEAH JELLYBEAN" she bellows! "YEAH TYPHOON!" She tries to think of what else to say, gaze briefly vacant. She eventually settles on… "WOOOOO!!"

Kludge wipes a misty tear from his eyes, slightly pushing his hat back in the process. Sharp eyes might note that it's sitting slightly oddly, but that might just be the hat's brim…

Magpie trots out to the front of the crowd. She knows what comes next! Do it! DO IT!

Typhoon-Wave blinks and shakes her head slightly. There's something she's supposed to do now, isn't there? Other than, y'know, stare and grin like a goofball. She's got that part covered. Uh… um… er… oh! Right. Flowers. Yes. That thing one does. Right! Still beaming, she turns to give her bouquet a toss into the crowd.

Magpie throws herself into the air in slow motion, swinging her hoof to spike the bouquet — oops. Jellybean might wanna duck, there.

Jellybean is not the most athletic of ponies, as a rule, and right now he's not terribly observant of his surroundings. Bonk. A small unicorn hits his head and he falls over with a comical little thud.

A flash of cyan flares around the bouquet - quite similar to the glow at the end of the Haunted Unicorn story at the bachelor party, come to think of it - and the bouquet heads towards Ruby.

Windrose can't keep it to herself any longer, she rolls over in laughter at the antics dealing with the bouquet.

Incoming bouquet? In all honesty Ruby wasn't really paying attention to this part and hardly has time to respond even with hint of magic around the bouquet. It's not exactly caught; the bouquet hits Ruby smack dab in the middle of the face as the mare turns to try and respond to the incoming object all too slowly…just a subtle reminder that her reflexes are a tad out of practice.

Magpie uh —
Magpie says "RUBY CAUGHT IT!"
It's close enough.

Said as the bouquet slides off Ruby's face and lands on Magpie's head.
Winter-Solstice throws her hooves back up. "SHE TOTALLY DID! GO RUBY!" She tries to think of what else to say, frowns, and shrugs. More hoof-pumping! "WOOOOO!"

Salty leans down behind the podium and then stands again, holding an enormous sombrero decorated in ancient silk flowers. She then approaches Ruby with solemn duty and sets it on her head. "The ceremony is complete! The flower-bearer has been chosen!"

What weird traditions.

Magpie blinks up at her head. Beat. "Oh, no, no, you caught it fair and square!" She pushes the bundle of flowers into Ruby's hooves. "You don't have to give it to me, I'm not upset!"

There are surely other mares trying to catch the boquet too! Most of them have wings! Several of them, Gale included, leap to tackle at the flying boquet! …Which means when it smacks Ruby in the face and falls to the floor, there's several other mares what land next to the fallen boquet, fluttering wings. Some look disappointed, trotting back into the guest crowd. Gale just beams. "Great use of your face, catching that." Then she trots back over to Shooting Star. She don't need no flowers to know what /her/ future holds.

Jellybean sits up, looking a little stunned. He looks from Ruby to Typhoon Wave, smiles, and kisses her again. A smaller kiss this time.

Kludge walks up to Ruby, an impish smile on his face. "Nice catch, my love," he murmurs, nuzzling her.

"Maybe NOW you can finally get him to properly marry you!" some pony shouts from the crowd.
Magpie crawls out of the pile of pegasi and beams up at Ruby.

Ruby plucks a single petal from her mouth and sticks the moist little 'stamp' dab-smack between Kludge's eyes before giving him a little glare, just a mild one. She's now saddled with the bouquet after Magpie pushed into her hooves, and Gale is given a glance, and a small huff given at the random call from the crowd. She scrunches her face "Isn't there cake now?" Change of topic anypony?

Magpie watches Kludge. Watches Ruby. Watches Kludge. Doitdoitdoitdoit DO IT FILLY!

Salty adjusts the sombrero on Ruby's head and then bows, stepping back a bit. "CAKE!" she declares, pointing in the direction of the reception. Or where she thinks the reception ought to be.

"Sounds like an excelllent idea!" calls back Kludge, the grin on his face going huge. Lifting his hat slightly, a box falls into his waiting hooves. Dropping to his knees, he opens the box, revealing two wooden rings with gold filigree. "Ruby Blossom, will you marry me?"

And Salty blinks. And looks back. And gapes. And looks at Ruby!

Typhoon-Wave will take that kiss! And give one back! She's not too concerned with floral shenanigans. She did her part, after all! She leans to happily nuzzle her new husband. She's not gonna stop smiling for a while, nope!

But, hey, proposals will get anypony's attention! Not that she could be smiling any wider. But she tries!

Magpie squee!

All of the cheering suddenly stops, with many pairs of pegasus and non-pegasus eyes focusing on the iminent proposal going on! Oh my~ A wedding AND a proposal all in one afternoon!

And abruptly Windrose is right there hovering over the two of them, her eyes wide as Kludge proposed. "Holy hay, and here I was only kidding!" Well that answers who was shouting a few moments ago.

Ruby-Blossom may be a tad on the slow side today. "Sombrero?" she glances up and arghs cutely "This is so strange." Then there's a proposal which prompts her to blink, then again, and yet again; aside from that Ruby is PETRIFIED - clearly she wasn't prepared for this, not at all, not even in the slighest. Suddenly fainting amid all the confusion and excitement; that is likely a good sign.

Kludge catches Ruby. Nuzzling her gently, he murmurs "I love you, my dear Ruby, and I want to be your husband. I 'll wait as long as needed until you reply." Given how prepared he was, this was obviously planned ahead of time.

Magpie peers over at Ruby. Scratches her mane. "Um… does fainting mean 'yes'?"

Ruby-Blossom @.@

Windrose says "More importantly, if you two actually start sleeping together as a married couple does that mean I need to find some other bed to warm?"

Well! There's a few moments of murmurs, but for the most part the assorted wedding guests have begin milling about, some splintering off to go offer their congratulations to Jelly and Typhoon, others staying behind to see what happens with Kludge and Ruby, fanning the fallen mare with multiple sets of wings, and still others going over to where all the food's set up in the back. Full catering services are open! It's reception time!

The Wonderbolts have cleared the sky, now that the moment's passed, but they did leave a nice multi-hued heart-shaped cloud behind to punctuate the occasion. And now it may be time for cake. And possibly presents too.

Magpie glances at Windrose. "…don't look at me. Try Sunshine."

Thunnini waits, eyes wide, wondering what Ruby's response will be~

Boom boom boom! Heavy hoofsteps are the only warning Jellybean and Typhoon get before big pie-plate hooves sling around their shoulders. Winter Solstice flashes the pair a grin. "Congratulations, you too!" She gives Jellybean a squeeze. "Good job, 'Bean. With the vows. And you too, Typhoon! Good job! Gettin' Jellybean. He's pretty much the best stallion in town, so you're in good hooves." She gives them both a hug, SQUEEZE, before letting go and tromping towards the food. "Now hurry up and come cut the cake!"

Windrose just sighs and rolls her eyes at Magpie, and then dips down from the air to help pick up Ruby. "Com'n, if she's not gonna wake up we oughta move her outta the way of the party before she gets danced on or something."

In an alternate universe, Salty has vows for the bride and groom to repeat…

"Okay, repeat after me. I, insert your name here… no, don't say that. Say your actual name. So, uh, I, insert Salty here… Wait, no that's not right. Hold on."

She thinks for a moment.

"Right. I, Salty, take you, Jellykeen or whoever is your pony of choice, to be my — not /my/ my, but you get the gist — pony in keeping forever. To respect and regard with utmost affection, to bake for and play games with, to capture for my vessel so as to have a companion on my high seas — wait, that's not right either. Sorry, this was a vow for my first mate." She pauses and sniffles. "Oh Polaris. You were gone too fast." Sniff.

"Ahem, sorry." She brushes her mane back. "I, Jellykeen — follow along with me, now — do take you, Typhoid-Mary to be my beautiful and wonderful wife, even when the skies are grey and the world is dark and the harbor is on fire again; even when the world is ending, and magic has gone awry, and when ships have sunk and the sun has descended beyond the horizon in a dreadful fiery blaze. Even then, I will love you, and we will be together for the rest of eternity until we rest in the skies above amongst the stars." Beautiful, poignant, and a little horrifying. Just what one has come to expect from Dread Pirate Saltlick, not /quite/1 the worst wedding officiant.

(But close.)

1 The dubious honor of being the worst was awarded to Tankard, ex-mayor Pina Colada's aide, whom no one could understand due to his slurred speech. Unfortunately for everypony involved, the universe understood his arcane mumblings and horrible disasters would occur whenever he ran his mouth for too long.2 The most notable occasion involved a freak weather occurance in which rabid, shrieking ermines rained from the sky. At least, everypony observed, the bride was wearing white.

2 It has been quietly theorized that Tankard and Salty share a common lineage. This is probably true.