The Sorceresses Assistant
IC date: summer 91 1007
OOC date: 19.09.2012
PCs: Rising Chaos, Sky Sparkler
NPCs: none
GM: None

Sky Sparkler double-checks the scrap of paper she tore from the notice on the public board. At the very least she's managed to stop hyperventilating over the looming loss of her first job. Now she's started to look for a new job, hopefully one that could lead to the housing solution she had already been looking for… She replaces the note in her sadle-bag, and walks up to the door, firmly knocking with a shaking hoof.

Rising-Chaos hears a knock on her door, and is intrigued. She sets down her book and straightens her cape. She opens the door to the sight of a blue unicorn mare she vaguely recognizes. The mare is obviously nervous, so Chaos flashes her a smile. "Hello, I'm Rising Chaos, how may I help you my dear?" She says, her voice pleasant, welcoming.

Might as well get right to the point. The unicorn takes a deep breath. "Hi, I'm Sky Sparkler, and I heard you were looking for an assistant with strong magical ability," she says. "I've got strong electrical magic…" she adds, trailing off.

Rising-Chaos' eyebrow raises in curiosity, she takes a moment to inspect the mare. She sets a grim look on her face and continues the inspection long enough to make the mare squirm. finally, she nods, a pony actually wanted to be her research assistant, and they have lightning magic, awesome! Chaos' face sets into a grim expression, "well well," she says, her voice leaden, dull. "I hope you're ready for some hard work, my assistants won't have it easy. I'll keep you on three months probatin to see if you can keep up." She pauses, then giggles, her face splitting into a grin. "Just kidding!" She trills in a sing song voice. "Seriously, I'm glad to have you, I was worried nopony would apply." She chuckles, then gets back to business. "I'm not a demanding boss, but I expect results. So do the job well and it's short days with good pay and a happy boss. Do it poorly and you're out, no question asked or answered, you seem like a clever mare thoguh, I'm sure you'll be fine." She turns from the door, beckoning the applicant inside. "For the most part it's a simple job, I'll ask you to fetch ingredienst, or anything else, or some help with experiments of mine. thrown in is full access to my library and lodgings." She removes her cloak and twirls about in the middle of her foyer. "That's the deal, mrs… What was your name by the way?"

Sky Sparkler is sweating bullets by the time Rising Chaos makes her big reveal. She lets out a big sigh. "Results… Yeah, I think I can make results. And lodgings? That's good, I still hadn't found a place to stay when… yeah." She's NOT quite ready to explain how she lost her last job. Not yet at least. Moreso because she hasn't techincally lost it yet. She walks into the house with Rising Chaos. "Me? Sky Sparkler," she replies.

Rising-Chaos strides over to her new assistant. New assistant, so excited, yay! It's almost like she's a real researcher! "Come in, make yourself at home Sky Sparkler. I'll show you around the house later, but for now, do you have any questions at all?"

"Give me a moment, and I might think of some," Sparkler responds. "Like… What sort of components were you thinking about?" New boss! Hopefully she keeps this one longer. Not that Jellybean wasn't a nice boss, but…

Rising-Chaos backs of to give her new assistant room, she got a bit carried away in her excitement there. "Oh, quite ordinary things. Like I may ask you to go get a rock from the east side of town, of a specific size. What I'll need you to gather every single day though, is a vial of water from the ocean, early in the morning. it's vitally important." Her face becomes grave, wiht maybe even a hint of fear, as she says the last part, but returns to it's normal smile as she continues. "Don't just stand there, come in, do". She goes into the room to the left, the living room, in it is a couch and two chairs, as well as severeal bookshelves, and a firplace, wiht a fire already lit. Only one of the chairs shows any signs of wear, and the area around it is piled high with books. "Have a seat," she calls, taking a seat in her chair.

Yeah, little overwhelming, but Sky is getting into the feel for this town. She hasn't learned about the 'Typical Thursday' but things are starting to make more sense. "Even days? Or odd days?" she asks, with something of a straing face as she looks around the library. Magical study, outside of electric and weather applications, never had much appeal to her, but she can apprecate it.

Rising-Chaos shoots a glance towards Sky. "The job is every day of the week, though for the most part you'll be free unless I need you, we can make arrangements for that later. the water though, the water is incredibly important, every single day, in the morning, no exceptions." She looks away. "Very important."

Sky Sparkler nods, a little confused, but it clears as she realises her own mistake. She nods again. She doesn't need to know why it is important. Not yet, at least.

Rising-Chaos gets up from her chair and lead Sky up the stairs. At the top the hallway is split in two, she motions down the right hand side. "Those are your rooms, you have a small study, aand a bedroom with a bathroom." She motions down the other side. "Those rooms are mine, don't go in them. Other than that, downstairs there's a kitchen opposite the living room and a library farther back. I have to go out soon, but you're welcome to stay and make yourself at home." she smiles, pointing back down the stairs. "There's a key you can have on the table by the door, come and go as you please."

Sky Sparkler follows Rising Chaos up the stairs. She looks at the rooms apprecateively. Nice. She nods to her new boss, heading into the room to take a better look around it. "Looks great!" she says.