The Shadowbolt Patrol
IC date: Autumn 22, 1007 A.N.
OOC date: October 11, 2012
PCs: Plot-Twist, Kludge
NPCs: Shadowbolt Patrol
GM: None

A bell echoes in the waste. For the locals they know it as a call to take cover. Hide your foals, your food and prey. A wind begins to brew, and thundering roar of an oncoming storm. The moon once glowing brightly above is obscured in darkness of storm clouds bristling with lighting like a blanket pulling over the sky itself. Thunder keeps rolling, growing louder and more intense. At the head of this storm are ponies. Pegasi a rare sight indeed in this day and age. All five of them are clad in black in yellow trim. It's like some dark parody of the Wonderbolts.

"Spread OUT!" A call from the leader as she waves a hoof. "Find the source and report back. Recon first, then we smash. I want this clean and quick. Hail the Nightmare!" a resounding call to 'Hail' echoes from her men. The storm cloud trail behind her ends as she strikes the ground close by, "Attention Residents of the Waste! The Nightmare requires your presence for immediate inspection. We want a clean line and tributes laid out. You have five minutes."

Well, somepony's gotta haul in firewood, and this time it happens to be Kludge's turn. With the refurbished suits, it's no longer quite as bad out here in the frozen wastes, but he still wants to get this job done and over with. Upon hearing the call from the pegasus, he quietly curses. "Of course. The one time I think to go topside, and something like this happens."

The lines form promptly even if the ponies seem to hobble into place. Baskets of food, and blankets are laid out in offering to these ponies. The captain and another Shadowbolt stands at the line wile the others start to rifle through the houses. "I am Captain Twist, and we have reports illegal magic being cast in town. If you think the Nightmare goes unaware to such heresy in her own homeland you ponies are sorely mistaken. We will return every day for as long as it takes till we have some answers. If any loyal ponies have any information there is a year's worth of rations in it for you. Until then, no supplies are to be sent. I don't want anyp-" The captain is cut off as another pony calls out.

"Captain look at this one I don't reconize him!" the young pony points right at Kludge.

"Of course. No need to even /think/ 'this can't get any worse', it just gets worse," mutters Kludge to himself. Act nonchalant? Yeah, like that'd work. Talk his way out of this? While he might hang out with Ruby-Blossom a lot, he doesn't have the same glibness of tongue as her. Try to run away? Bad idea - not only could the pegasi outfly him, they could easily track him back to the base. Fight? Oh, sure - one craftspony who has trouble keeping track of two wolves, versus what appears to be several soldiers; like that'd end well. Use the secret he has? He'd probably have a better chance fighting physically. "Well, buck," he quietly swears.

In a single oddly unified movement all the ponies in the line step away, leaving you rather isolated. Captain Twist steps forward. She is older than the rest of her unit, and her face is scared deeply with all matter of scarring. A hoof moves up to remove her flight goggles and her tiered eyes look into yours. "Alright my little pony care to give me some explanation for whats going on here? I think it would make all of our lives a little more livable." her wings fidget with readiness and despite her only relaxed nature. "Where is it you come from son?"

Sometimes the most audacious bluff is the truth. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you," remarks Kludge, quickly adding "Doesn't mean I'm not going to tell you, though. I hail from Horseshoe Harbor, which reminds me a fair bit of this place… but warmer. Still not sure how I got here, though - all I know is that there was a bright flash of light, and the next I knew I was slowly turning into a ponysicle."

The Captain seems to consider this for a moment. A hoof goes to her face and she rubs it slowly. "So you where teleported." trying to state it simply as possible. "Where their any other ponies teleported with you …?" a drawn out word and pause fishing for your name. Turning back to her men, she nods toward you with a sigh. Circling around you they ready some restraints. "Alright lets get you someplace we can have a nice long talk hrm?"

"Wasn't paying too much attention beyond finding shelter and clothes for warmth. Found this through scrounging, fixed up the worst of the wear, and tried to keep a low profile since." Kludge shrugs, a look of sour resignation on his face. This adventure just keeps getting better and better…