The New Mayor
IC date: Summer 26
OOC date: July 16th
PCs: Mad-Mare, Lorelei
NPCs: Rock'em, Sock'em
GM: None

The sun has set on this summer's day, the first day of the week and a relatively quiet one to boot. Things have been…very quiet in the good Harbor lately. Unsettlingly so for some. For certain parties of ill intent, the situation really couldn't be much better!

It had taken a few days, and a little finangling of records within Canterlot, but the actual plan had succeeded. One mayor was ousted, and another one officially 'installed' without so much as a fancy fanfare. This was how Mad Mare wanted it. She didn't want there to be a big deal over this oh-so-hostile takeover. Surely there will be a grand announcement later, and probably a party of some sort to commemorate the exchange of power, but by then she expects the 'how it all happened' to be little more than an afterthought.

Thus it was that Maddie had come to fetch the new Mayor, parked out in the water on a small boat, her usual ponyguards at the oars. Despite a couple minor flaws in the execution of her plans, which Maddie had decided after all was more bad tea and dream than real at this point, everything had fallen wonderfully into place. She even had a neat story to tell her bestest little seapony friend about that horribly horrid snow witch~

But first, they summon! With beacon and patience, the Syndicolt trio wait in the calm harbor waters.

As usual it takes a bit of time for the seapony to respond. She's never in any hurry! Or perhaps it just takes some time and attentiveness to spot a small beacon in a big bay. Whichever is the case, the pale head finally pops above water, casting a cautious look around before bobbing over to Maddie's boat.

Time passes slowly for the boat-bound ponies in those minutes it takes for the seapony to show up. Slowly and silently, as Maddie is still a little…upset about what her subordinates put her through. Honestly, any more rounds of that 'special' healing, and she'll show them what madness /really/ means…

As usual, any indication of foul mood dissapates the moment the water nearby breaks, Maddie's gaze lingering on the bobbing pony head, shifting herself to lean over the boat's edge to accommodate. "Ahh there you are… I'm pleased to report that my plan was a success. You, lady Lorelei, are now the new mayor of Horseshoe Harbor, with all the powers that title bestows upon this ragged chunk of pony land."

Maddie's face splits into a wide grin at her announcement, "So we're here to play escort and guard, if you're ready to see what your new quarters will be like. We also need to have a little chat about a few recent events, and immediate concerns…"

Lorelei blinks and nods, looking surprised but rather pleased. She hadn't entirely expected it to go off so smoothly. Or quickly, all things considered! But truth be told she'd gotten rather excited about the idea in the past days. Being in charge of something might be… enjoyable! Maybe she could actually do some good. That was the hope, anyway. …That and a little bit of power-grabbing. That too. Just a little.

"Well! I'm glad to hear it went alright. I believe I am ready, yes, and I'll gladly hear anything you think I need know."

Maddie's smile is disarmingly sweet, if as always a little bit 'off'. Like it never really belonged there anyway, and Maddie was just borrowing it from some other pony. "Very good then! Um…" The off-white mare glances back to her cohorts, neither of which are paying much mind to the goings on this time. They're doing their best to pay attention to anything /but/ the goings on. "…Boys? Do be a dear, and help our new Mayor into the boat, hm?"

Now that they've been directly invoked, both Rock'em and Sock'em glance up from their other-doings, giving a single, simple nod before easing to the boatside to see about giving a hoof to the seapony. As they offer their aid, Maddie scoots elsewhere on the boat to balance out the weight, lest the whole thing just tip over! "So I think you'll be pleased to know, Mayor Lorelei-" She lets the words roll off her tongue, trying them out for the first time just to see how they sound. Poetic, almost. "-that the old mayor won't even be an issue after her displacement. The bad news is that it was our little snow witch that offed her. It would seem things in this harbor are worse than I thought, so we will want to take very fast steps to make sure your safety is assured while you're in charge."

Lorelei pulls herself onto the boat with as much dignity as she can muster, trying not to splash the ponygoons too much. There's a little bit of flopping going on, granted. Lacking hind legs can do that to a pony. Especially when there's a seapony tail in their place to make things more awkward.

Once in, she looks back to Maddie, eyes a bit wide. "She's /dead/? …The snow witch /killed/ her?" The idea is shocking! Barbaric, even! Murder! Does the icy unicorn's depravity know no bounds?

"Oh yes. Very dead. I don't think you could get much more dead, in fact." Maddie confirms, perhaps a little too cheerily for the setting. "It was quite greusome to behold. It wasn't an obvious murder… The little witch did her best to make it look like an accident."

As she talks, the goons do their best to get Lorelei situated in the boat, looking from that big fishtail, to their boss, and back. How in the great devils of Tartauros were they going to make a half-fish pony /Mayor/? It's not like she can walk around! They're completely dumbfounded by the idea, and by the unquestionably solid proof now in front of their faces that yes, once and for all, Lorelei is a sea creature. Pony. Sea pony.

Maddie is unfazed. And still talking. "As a matter of fact, once she was done skewering the poor mayor, she ran off with the body into the forest! My guess is either to eat it, or stuff it for her wall like some…trophy." At least, that's what /she/ would have done if she could've gotten away with it…

"How horrid!" Things really /are/ a mess in this poor place! Lorelei frowns, brushing her mane out of her face with one forehoof. It certainly sounds as though she will have a lot of work to do. "The whole town must be in an uproar." Well, perhaps not. They'd not seemed terribly concerned with the harbor being iced over, after all! But then, the water was not /their/ domain, was it.

The Mad Mare shrugs, waving a hoof to her ponygoons to direct them towards the oars. "To the docks, boys."

"Yes ma'am." Rock'em and Sock'em grunt in unison. Such cheerless thugs tonight!

"I wouldn't say an 'uproar', per se, most of the ponies have returned to some semblance of a day to day life." Maddie looks relaxed. Comfortable, even, as one can be perched upon metal hind legs and all. She gestures to the approaching harbor with one arm, "I have no doubt it's still lurking in their minds that they could be attacked at any moment though. There may even be those who would want more chaos to happen! So…" She brings a hoof back, buffing it on her own pelt, "My first suggestion is to set up a new Harbor Watch. The old watch must go, see, since they couldn't do their job. You certainly can't trust that they'll protect /you/ when they couldn't keep their last mayor intact, can you?"

Lorelei blinks and frowns, nodding slowly. "…Indeed. You'd think they'd have stopped such a troublesome pony already!" Since this isn't the tiny unicorn's first… 'incident'. Though it is her first act of violence that Lorelei's heard of, granted.

"Yes, you would think that, wouldn't you?" Maddie agrees, heaving the softest of sighs. "But they didn't. And now look at what she's done. You'll have to address that sometime too… I do hate to use the term, but it may take a witch hunt to quell the rising fears of that little fiend terrorizing this harbor any further."

Nearing the docks, the trip not really taking that long when good muscle's put into it, the Mad Mare glances down at Lorelei's fishier half. "I admit I didn't take this into consideration… Do you have a way to travel, or shall I have my cohorts carry you to the mayor's manor when we reach dock? I haven't had enough time with the Mayor's house to do any real remodeling, but I've assigned a few of my more construction-minded fellows to see to it that any renovation you deem worthwhile is done."

Maddie clears her throat, "In fact, that was my second suggestion to you. One, fire the Harbor Watch and allow me to instate a few trusted individuals to begin rebuilding security around this madhouse, and Two, remodel the Mayor's Manor to your liking. Once we get those done, we can begin the real job of building a better Harbor."

Lorelei nods. "That does sound like a good place to start." Admittedly it was better than the plan she totally did not have! Hm? Oh, yes, way to travel. "As to travel arrangements, I can handle myself. Just a moment…" She reaches up to take off her necklace of shining seashells, slipping it into a fishscale pouch at her side. As soon as it was off of her neck the changes began, and much faster once she was no longer touching it at all; within moments, there is no more seapony, but a slim, delicate earth pony with an odd, very slight shimmer about her.

She gives herself a slight shake, getting to her hooves slowly and stretching her new hind legs. "This always feels so awkward."

Maddie lifts an eyebrow at the changes that occur, tapping the tip of a hoof against the edge of the boat. When Lorelei's transformation finishes, and she stretches her newly acquired hind legs, Maddie just can't help the jealous look she gets, watching those legs stretch. "Awkward. I know…all about awkward legs." the crime boss mutters. Sigh. Legs.

Rock'em and Sock'em's reactions are a little more animated than that. One would think by now they'd stop being surprised by every little supernaturalish thing they come across, but then some new legent proves to be true and they go all wide-eyed like little colts. Even now, they stare in disbelief. There was a seapony there not even moments ago! Now there's a filly fit to be mayor.

Just in time, too, for the boat arrives at the docks, quiet as a tomb. Hardly any pony out this late at night… Just how Maddie planned it. She's the first one off the boat, stretching forelegs and..creaking hydraulic back legs, as though she could actually feel them. "Well here we are! The Harbor, proper." She glances over her shoulder at the new Mayor. "Your realm. I hope you don't mind if I leave you to the tender care of my associates from here, I have a few matters of security to begin attending to. We'll get everything all signed up and legalized in the morning, as well as begin renovations." She flashes a winning grin, "I have the feeling you're going to /love/ your job here. I can't wait to see how you do. We're all behind you one-hundred percent!"

Lorelei seems not to entirely notice Maddie's jealous look. Tact… not entirely her forte. She doesn't do it on purpose, at least! Not mean. Just… well, tactless.

She steps daintily out of the boat onto the sand, nodding as she looks around. Her realm. She could get used to that idea! She smiles over at Maddie, nodding. "Well thank you. I appreciate it… I do hope I can do well."

With that, the Mad Mad Mare bobs her head, pivoting on her metal legs to turn towards the city limits, trotting in her awkwardly metallic gait into the streets. Leaving Rock'em and Sock'em behind to escort. They know their instructions though, both of the goons sidling up to either side of the landbound seapony, like the good 'guards' they're supposed to be. They offer a little banter as they trot along. "Luckily the Mayor's place ain't far." "Just a couple blocks down this way." "We've been told ta stay there fer tonight, and keep watch." "Just ta make sure nothing bad happens on yer first night in town."