The Madhouse
IC date: Winter 23
OOC date: 11/1/13
PCs: Sodium Fizz, Rising Chaos
NPCs: None
GM: None

There is a house towards the edge of town where everything is calm. This house has recently seen the whole range of emotion, from fear to anger to happiness and love. For now, the house of Rising Chaos is quiet, as it's occupant relaxes inside. Pleased to, for once, be undisturbed by the general insanity thrown around town.

Rising Chaos herself is nestled in amongst a nest of pillows in front of her fireplace. Queen Pegasus, who normally occupies that spot, is asleep on the bed, but the unicorn couldn't sleep, so is taking the opportunity to read. She wraps her cloak around her while reading a manual on sailing, an odd chocie perhaps, but she seems to enjoy it.

Of course, this being the Harbour nothing stays calm and sedate for particularly long. Why that is so is rather a good question, though at least it keeps interesting. After all, a loud crash accompanied by the splintering of wood and the shatering of glass is interesting, right? If perhaps rather irritating if, lets say, you were reading a book by the fire and said crash came from the room over and in your house.

Rising-Chaos doesn't even look up as something comes crashing in. "two and a half hours," she seemingly remarks to herself. "That's almost a record." Relunctantly, the mare gets to her hooves and trots over to the kitchen, to see who the unexpected guest is.

The grey dark-grey feather by the door kitchen is the first clue as to who Arcee's surprise guest might be, as is the very Sodium-Fizz sounding whimper of pain and the very Sodium-Fizz shaped pile of feathers and fur in the middle of the floor sprinkled with a dusting of glass and wooden splinters. And a just a slight sprinkle of bright red blood, but really what would you expect when somepony comes crashing through a window in full speed? And apparently smashing a cupboard cover with her head, too.

Rising-Chaos looks at the damage with a completely straight face. It could be far, far worse. Still, the pegasus is recognized, not that is makes the situation any better. "Miss Fizz, how nice of you to drop in." Rising sighs, moving closer. "Would you like a drink?"

"Y-yes please… healing potions taste like p-…" muttered Sodium-Fizz before groaning loudly. "Ugh… I think I got some of your window frame stuck in my kidney…" The pile of grey and purple pony stirred slowly, wings unfurling and straightening one at a time before curling up at her side - moderately more presentably now - and a foreleg extended followed moments later by the other as Soda pulled herself from the floor.

Shaking her head for a moment to clear it, she reached up and plucked a shard of glass from her face. "Do… you have some wh-… tea?" As she spoke Soda reached down, picking shards of from the cuts on her forelegs and upper barrel.

Rising-Chaos watches the whole display dispassionately. "I think next time you decide to crash through a window, you wear some heavier clothing. Of course, you seem to be the expert." The unicorn moves past Sodium Fizz and open the cupboard beside the one the pegasus crashed in to. "I do have tea, would you like some medical attention while I make some?" As if the answer isn't obvious.

Sodium-Fizz shook her head. "No, it's… fine, I brought my own. The times I get hurt normaly makes it stupid not to, honestly." Soda chuckled softly, only for it to turn into a groan as she pulled the chunk of window frame stuck into her side out. Right about the kidney area, in fact. "I should've know better than to go flyin' in weather like this though… Stupid cross-winds."

Reaching into her coat she fished around for a moment before pulling a vial of something vile-looking black and gulping it down, which leaves her hacking and coughing loudly. "Ugh… it tastes horrid… Why do alchemy taste horrible?"

Rising-Chaos nods, moving to make some tea. "Well, I assume you could add sweetener without adverse effects, though I havent studied potions very much." The kettle is put on to boil and the unicorn takes a seat facing her guest. "So what were you doing out? I can still help, if you like. Provide you with bandages at the very least." She's kept them in stock ever since the Queenie incident

Sodium-Fizz smiled thinly, holding up a hoof. "No, no need for that… I'll be fine in a while… Suggar would be nice, though. Two lumps, please." Somewhat unsteadily the alchemist picked herself off the ground in full, her wings unfurling to brush over her, shaking lose the last of the small glass that's not pierced her skin. "As for what I was doing out, I was returning from delivering a order to an elderly couple… Figured I'd go and visit Winter… Guess that plan is on hold till I can get back home to bathe and change. I don't think she'd much like it if I showed up bloodstained and torn…"

Rising-Chaos shrugs then nods. "You look better already, so be it. Tea will be ready soon." The pegasus' arrival is certainly fortunate, Fizz's company is always interesting. "Well you may as well stay here now, unless you really must run home. Though from what I know of Winter, she would probably be impressed if you showed up like that." She starts cleaning up the mess, using it as an excuse to practice her magic. "I am glad, however, you did not wake the sleeping pony upstairs. You're rather lucky about that."

Sodium-Fizz rolled her eyes. "Oh, please… I don't think there's anypony in town that's as bad as some of those I've met before," said Sodium-Fizz. "And I supose that'd be true… Winter is hardly like any other mare I know. She's weird… but not in a bad way."

A strong gust of wind blowing in through the smashed window sent Soda's purple mane asway and her curly tail whiping around before her. "And… I think I'll stay for a bit, the wind's gone a bit worse at the moment. Do you have someplace to sit down that's -not- all glass shards and wood splinters? I don't want to have to pick that out of my flanks…"

Rising-Chaos finishes cleaning up the worst fo the mess, much easier with magic. "Of course, have a seat in the living room." Rising leads the way, the room is just across the hall. The unicorn lights a fire, then takes a seat on her favourite chair. "Oh, it's not her you would have to worry about.

After taking a look around - and making sure she's stoped bleeding - Sodium-Fizz found herself a seat as well, if settling down a bit less casualy. After a few moments of silence she chuckled softly. "Well, that doesn't sound to bad to be honest… You havn't told me, still, who it is you got up there," she continued and nodded roughly in the direction where she saw the stairs.

Rising-Chaos raises an eyebrow, while continuing to read. In truth she's not paying attnetion to the book, but is pretending to while she chats. "I never said I planned to, did I?" She stiffens for a moment, ready to do something. Eventualy, she decides to share, what's the harm? "It's Queen Pegasus, the pirate captain. I saved her, and she's recovering under my care."

Sodium-Fizz stared into space for a moment before her brow furrowed together. "Who? I think I've heard the name before but I don't think I have a face to place it with." Indeed, not much harm done there! "But, hey… The mad magican and the pirate queen, not that bad a combination really… Sounds like it would work better than the mad alchemist and the hero…" Soda sighed for herself.

Rising-Chaos scoffs, closing the book. "I appreciate the 'compliment." The sarcasm in her voice is obvoius. "But seriosusly, come off it. I know you get a lot of sympathy from all your friends, but from me all you'll get is frustration. If you are so convinced you'll lose Winter, enjoy it while you can. I don't need to hear it." With an angry huff she opens the book again. That thankfully let her from getting too starstruck talking about her Queen, that might have been embarrassing.

"Hey, a mare got the right to be worried… It's like… like puting a Chaotic Evil and a Lawfull Good Ponies & Prisons character in the same relationship," muttered Sodium-Fizz before dropping her muzzle onto her hooves as she laid down.

"You know," Soda continued after a few moments, "you have a reputation simmilar to what I've been stuck with for half my life… how do you manage to deal with it? I mean, I don't take to well to all of this…"

Rising-Chaos laughs at that, jumping to her hooves. Sodium Fizz really wants to know, REALLY? "How I deal with being hated, how I deal with pushing ponies away? You would like to know my secret to how I stay so together when I am clearly a villain and embrace it? Well I certainly don't have all the wonderful things you have, a place in society and loving, dear, kind friends." By the end her voice is mockingly sweet. She hardens her face as she nears Fizzy. "I don't deal with it, that's my secret. I am quite mad, I think you'll find, miss Fizz." She smiles, wondering how the pegasus will react. It's all true of course, Rising is about as mentally stable as a spinning plate.

"I think…" said Sodium-Fizz after several long moments of silence, "that you might not have that… becaus you don't. I've been kind of woundering how we're alike… how we're different. We are the same in that we both are what we are, neither of us are good ponies inside." The alchemist scowled slightly at Rising Chaos. "But… we're different in that I try… You know, try not to be bad? That's why I got a place here, and friends… Well, that and the ponies around here are crazy enough on their own that I seem like a margin case most of the time, not off the charts."

That brought a soft chuckle from Soda as she eyed Chaos. "Makes me wounder, why're you? Mad, I mean? It's not Science-Related Memetic Dissorder is it? You don't seem to have that obsessive spark of crazy-fueld inginuity… Then again, I've not seen how you go when…"

Rising-Chaos chuckles again, clearly enjoying herself. "I do not try and be bad either, just focused. If somepony gets in my way, I remove them from it, using the nicest means possible. I am not a stupid mare, despite what you have implied." Rising Chaos picks up her book wiht her magic and floats it over. "As for why I'm mad? I have a problem Fizz, a major one. While you have to worry about disorders, and concoction, I have to worry about magic. I am extremely sensitive to magic, to the point where large concentrations can actually give me headaches or worse. Using magic is a dangerous thing, since if I overuse it, I may lose it for a while. My power, in comparison to toehr unicorns is pathetic, you follow me?" This hasn't explained everything, but it will all make sense soon. She's almost eerily calm about this, even grinning.

Sodium-Fizz gave Chaos a flat stare. "Right, 'concoctions'… Next time -you- go and unleash monsters in town, give me a holler and we'll talk having problems. And I didn't say you were trying to be bad… you're just not trying to be -nice-, no wounder most ponies don't like you! You don't get to say I got it easy having ponies that care for me, you don't play the game the rest of us play."

"And I don't mean some actual game obviously, I meen civilization," continued Soda. "I meen metaphorically, civilization is like a game. One take part of it, play it and you're… well, part of it. You on the other hand, you don't play do you? And that makes ponies kinda uneasy. You should deal in… even if you just go about cheating at it… It's a walk on roses, but it's kinda worth it…"

Rising-Chaos stops chuckling. "You think I don't try? You hardly have it easy miss Fizz, I will give you that. I am not be privy to all of your dark secrets, all I said is you have support." She sighs, starting to look tired. "Listen, I would love to be normal, and regular and happy. Unfortunately I can't. My talent is to be able to use any magic, and that means ANY magic. In theory I could use any spell, everything is a source of magic, I can do anything. Every piece of information and magic in the world is in my sight, tantalisingly close to being in my grasp. Magic is as much a aprt of me as breathing, and just as natural. Yet, thanks to my power, I only have access to the most rudimentary of abilities. Can you imagine how painful it is, to have a river of raw power, tearing your mind apart every second, and not being able to do anything with it?" She scowls and moves back to the seat, her game forgotten. "I'm a failure and a mad pony, that's something I cannot change. The 'game' doesn't want me in it, that's fine by me."
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"Which is where you're wrong… The game wants you in it, that's kind of the thing. But you really have to play it, or pretend well, if you want ponies to get your trust." Sodium-Fizz smiled softly, a hoof reaching out. "And you do too, if maybe not as spectacular… You got my support, even if that support doesn't extend to the relm of magic for…" she tapped her forehead, "well, obivous resons. I'm just trying to make sure you don't have to suffer for it… Or at least suffer as little as you can. Nopony deserves to be an island upon themself. And don't say you have Queen Pegasus, that just makes you a island with a dock. We're ponies, we need other ponies around to feel… well."

"At least, that's my experience."

Rising-Chaos growls to herself, even if the words are calming. "While I appreciate it miss Fizz, I am ultimately the only one who cna decide my fate. The best you can do for me, is give your support, but not advice." Her voice is completely calm, she doesn't even look up as she reads her book. "I'm not suffering, nor am I an island. These things don't bother me, my life is in a good place, relatively speaking. I think you should go home, and go see Winter, she probably misses you." There's a brief pause, then rising looks up, a smile on her face. Even if it's a bit forced, it's something. "But thank you, please come through the front door next time."

Sodium-Fizz frowned slightly as she got up. "Sure, I'm not going to go flying in this weather again so no worries there." With that said she made for the front door, there was a lot more to say… but if Chaos didn't want to hear those words, it wouldn't really do much good frankly. Indeed, better just to show her. Soda's expression settled into a grim frown, Chaos was in some of the places she'd been herself, places not healthy for a pony. Turning around by the door she forced a smile, if a very small one. "And of course, I'll drop by at some point. But not quite so litteraly. Have a good day Ris-… Ch-… You know, your name is really hard to make sound good without being a bit…" She frowned for herself before shaking her head to clear it. "Goodbye, Arcee. Have a good evening."

Turning she walked outdoors, her mane and tail instantly caught in the wind together with the coat-tail of her outfit, then she closed the door behind her.