The Littlest Hero
IC date: DATE
OOC date: 1/29
PCs: Mbaya-Ndoto, Ginger-Spice, Zula, Toybox
NPCs: an orange Striped Cat

A misplaced bright yellow scarf lay upon the ground before the cafe, it just lay there in the damp, and wet seemingly fluttering in the breeze caught by something, or held by something. Across from the cafe sits Mbaya eyeing that scarf, but not retrieving it just yet. it is in a way a trap, in a way a bit of bait of sorts, more for her curiosity than any thing else. It is of course one of her many scarves, enchanted, possessed by life of sorts, very snake like in nature, and very much alive.

Ginger-Spice blinked and looked down at the scarf, after almost steeping on it on the way out, and a shiver ran down her spine. And not one brought on from the rain either. She'd had it with weird, miss-placed pieces of fabric - sewn into a teddybear or not! With a burst of light from her horn she curled the thing up and tossed it away angrily, easily sending it sailing over the nearest building.

A few moments later, filled with some strained panting, she broke into a smile again and turned to Zula. "Ah, bein' a bit angry 'elps clear up tha' nervousness jus' as good as chocolate cake, I think!"

Zula offers a small chuckle. "Anger can be a tool when harnessed properly. But is also often a weakness." Cryptic zebra mare, always cryptic. She watches the fabric flutter away. "I believe I have seen such a thing before - Hemlock has brought me such things." she watches flitter off over a nearby building before curiously dropping her gaze to the street. "Let us a hurry back - it's best to keep on track."

Mbaya-Ndoto steps out into the light to smile to Ginger-Spice, "Must sassy that wasss Quite Rude of you" she announces, "SsssomePony worked hard on that, It wass merely misplaced" she announces as she lowers to her forehooves. Her scarves radiate from her shoulders and three snake down her extended forehoves, the three of them finding their way to the ground before her coiling like awaiting cobras to their charmer. She looks pointedly to two of them, "Find your brethren, and return" she asks of them kindly, then lifts her gaze to the two ponies there nearly across the street from her. The third remains before her hooves as she returns to her upright stance and her scarves return to their settled stance, and gazes across to them

Ginger-Spice blinked, then flashed Mbaya a appolagetic smile. "I… I'm sorry, hehe… I've nae had a tha' good a day, bit jumpy 'fter tha' whole house full o' malicious toys thin'…" She shuddered. "An'… An'… Is that clock righ'…?" the mare asked, leveling a hoof at a clock on the other side of the street. A few moments her eyes went wide as it didn't go away. "Oh fetlocks! I'm late… Oh, darn it!"

Spice skipped forward, her legs gyrating fruitlessly a few moments before seeming to get some kind of traction - after throwing up a plume of mud - and shooting her of down the street like a bullet. "Sorry!" she called over her shoulder, "Jus' show up at th' cart one o' these days, ye'll get a free meal!"

Zula glances across the way at the other zebra and proceeds to quietly stare - analyzing the stranger from afar without speaking. Eventually she speaks. "It would appear misfortune found you, and it was allowed to take hold." so speaks the equally misfortunate zebra mare.

Mbaya-Ndoto watches the other zebra with curiosity evident in her eyes, "Hmmm Misfortune" she bounces her head too-&-fro offering a shrug, "It does happen, yes, has happened before, often continues to happen evidently" she utters as she lifts a hoof to 'pet' the coiled 'snake' before her as if it were a real live creature. The scar actually makes an odd hissing noise the likes of which fabric just shouldn't. "I've not encountered you before what do they call you?" she asks then pulls that one hoof up and indicates to herself, "I am Mbaya-Ndoto Of the Cliff People"

Zula eyes the mare with open concern before replying. "Zula." the mare across the way might me mildly creepy but Zula is all sorts of creepy considering she has several ghosts lingering about her at any given moment; typically they go unseen. "Your scarfs are troublesome little traps - I fear you may find yourself on the wrong side when next our paths cross."

Mbaya-Ndoto watches with curiosity, "Traps hmm, no, curiosities more" she smiles with genuine pleasure "Missss Zula" she bobs her head some, "Wrong side, there is no such thing as a side of wrong or side of right, only whichever way one travels, Your choice, my choice, whichever" she shrugs, "Pets they often are, gifts to those whom I /care/ about in some way" she offers "That which I weave, is often imbued with gifts, or qualities that the user may desire, a good nights sleep for one (forever sleep) a way to relieve pain (and all feeling for that matter) or even to present dreams (nightmares)" she shrugs, "all things wished for, granted for not a cost to them but my kindness" she bows before the other zebra, "Would you not offer the same if you had sssuch skillsss?" she asks openly

Zula slowly begins to pace in front of Carrot Corner with her eyes fixated on the other zebra mare across the way. "There is no such thing as a free wish, often such gifts carry consequence. As a sister I recommend you re-examine your means to an end. If it's gift you wish to share, then perhaps you should learn to care. As a gift given with a heavy-heart, is a recipe for trouble to start."

An orange and black cat runs between the two zebras, dashing off into hiding.

Mbaya-Ndoto seems to ponder the other zebra's remarks. The 'snake' before her just intently 'stares' with mere fabric forms there. Both the fabric, and the Zebra herself, watch as the cat dashes past. The Zebra is quick enough to look from dashing cat, to the direction that the cat dashed from offering a curious stare in that direction, then looks back to the sister as it were. "Dear Hemlock was given a prize, of a scarf of mine, I crafted it just for him mind you, colored of green and purple just in his very same colors and style, "it offered bravery, and other gifts, because I care" (cowardice and a quick demise) And to that" she seems to spit at the word 'pegasus' "Pegasus" she sneers, "I offered only pleasant dreams, the best my heart could offer one of such caliber" (nightmares)

Zula receives invaluable information as she exchanges words with the unfamiliar zebra - bountiful insight. "So I begin to understand, your heart is filled with rage and sorrow; which hinders your ability to look forward to tomorrow. Traps and tricks you may lay, but I fear its your own trap in which you lay. Sadness comes and sadness goes - but ill will harbored only grows. From the inside it eats all that pure, of this I am sure." She continues to slowly pace back and fourth while keeping her eyes on Mbaya. "Forgiveness is the key, and the only thing which will set you free."
A ball of mud, dust, and pony comes tumbling out of a nearby allyway. It stops between the two zebras, completely wrapped up in itself. A few seconds go by before in uncurls into a pistacchio unicorn foal all too familiar to Zula.

Mbaya-Ndoto 's head twists as she listens, her head slowly lowering getting this look of rage upon her muzzle, and her scarves inch up her neck and slip around her mane, radiating out and making her look as if she were a pony version of medusa, all her 'snakes' it looks quite stunning in its radiance of colors both vibrant and dull, but all waving like a mad wind has been set upon her. The Zebra stares back to Zula "Forgiveness'" she hisses out like the snakes before her, for which they echo her very words, "Forgiveness of such crimess issss unthinkable, unfathomable" then abruptly, the display of wild color stops, the stripped mare turning her gaze to the unicorn foal and giving a stare, one brow perked. She looks down, then down to that one stray scarf before her and points her muzzle towards the foal in the manner that says 'go' the Zebra then hrumphs some, and sighs, "Go clean that one" she issues to the 'scarf-snake' whom merely looks back to her in all its fabric glory as if to say, 'are you kidding me?!' but she noses back in the direction of the foal, as if to confirm it. She then looks back to Zula

Zula's stoic demeanor fades the moment Mbaya points at Toybox and commands a scarf towards the foal. Zula shoots forward with speed unnatural of a zebra or anypony and Mbaya is forced to watch as unwards swipe of Zula's hoof shreds the approaching scarf - as if it were shreded by the claws of a large feline. Zula stands protectively over Toybox - her figure far more sleek and graceful than moments ago, and pupils narrowed to feline like proportions. "I strongly recommend you not approach those to whom I tend. Your malicious nature makes you a dangerous creature." The mare standing protectively over Toybox while looking riled…so strange considering her stoic nature.

Toybox scrubs the mud off from around her eyes the best she can. She shoots a rather angry scowl in the direction the striped cat ran off to. She looks up. "Hello Ms. Zula!" the foal says cheerfully, not realizing just what's going on. Her gaze turns to Mbaya before she gets the hint that the adults are trying to settle something. "Why did you shwed that scawf?"

Mbaya-Ndoto takes a serious backstep then actually seems to wince as one of her /precious/ scarves is downright shredded, it actually seems to pain her some, "That was uncalled for" she outright hisses to the other mare, "Twas such a dirty little thing, I wanted only to clean it" she states with a genuine interest in helping the foal get cleaned up. A shiver runs down her spine, as her scarves seem to all stare at the other zebra with interest and horror at the same time. She huffs out loud grumbling under her breath, and at random pulls forth another, "the offer still stands" she holds it out, and lets the scarf drop loosely to the ground before her.

Zula's form slowly shifts from one of lean feline like grace to her natural state - changing right before Mbaya's and Toybox's eyes. "If you truly wish to help, then keep your hooves off this welp. For this foal I'll fetch a towel." Her gaze intense and unyielding. "For all there two paths to take, but only with one will friends you make. As a sister dear, I recommend these words you hear. Forgiveness will not free those did you wrong, but will help move your life along.
Toybox blinks a few times at Zula, then at Mbaya. She stands up and starts walking out from underneath her procecting zebra with her head tilted to the side. In fact, she walks almost right up to the other striped mare. "You're…Ms Zula's sister?!" She looks back at Zula, "I didn't know you had a sister, Ms. Zula!"

Mbaya-Ndoto looks first to Zula, listening and nodding slightly as if she fully heard. Then the foal approaches, which again causes her to backpeddle withdrawing her 'snakes' to her "Sister in kind, dear Foal, not of family" She states in a kindly voice as she backpeddles, and finds her flank up against a wall, with the foal approaching her. She pauses and looks from Foal to Zula feeling distinctly at a loss. Her scarves seem to tuck in and slip under her cloaks hiding themselves perhaps as a way to show that she's not going to do anything in a defensive position. She gulps though with concern, "My name is Mbaya-Ndoto, but you may call me Myth for short" she offers politely to the foal, "Is easier to say for one so small" she kindly intones, to the foal as she looks back to Zula with a wide eyed gaze, then back to the foal
Zula remains steadfast while watching Mbaya with a gaze that could only could be described as predatory - like a lion laying in wait, waiting for one mistake before pouncing. "Indeed. I am a only child, which is hy my temperament is mild." Zula does appear to be allowing Toybox her freedom - and does not appear to pose a threat unless provoked.

Toybox takes a moment to try and take all of this in. "But…if you aren't family, how aew you sisters?" She doesn't seem to get why this other zebra is backing up from her either. Toybox walks the rest of the way up to Mbaya in sheer curiosity, "I'm Toybox!" The foal turns her head towards Zula for a moment, "I'm gonna be a hewo!"

Mbaya-Ndoto gets this wideyed look of terror, hides it, and looks down to the foal, looks quick like up to Zula, then back down to the foal, "We family in a different sort" she smiles to the foal but also looks back with absolute terror at Zula not wanting to incur that bizarre shape-shifty thing nor have any more of her scarves shredded for that matter then she concentrates strongly. All of her scarves appear again, every last one of them as she stares back at Zula hoping she doesn't do anything crazy, then the Zebra practically explodes!
There's a distinct sound of thunder that echo's the street, and there's no Zebra there anymore, but a 'splatter' of all of her scarves practically everywhere, of which each and every single one of them, rapidly slither in a multitude of directions though all avoid directly going anywhere near either Toybox or Zula. Mbaya is absolutely gone!

Zula remains poised to strike and rushes forward just in time to incur the thunderous boom up close and person. She shakes her head while watching the scarfs slither off in all directions. "Despair weights heavily in the heart of that mare, she is one I ask you beware." she shakes her head and gently pats the filly. "Let us return home."

Toybox looks at the spot where the 'other' zebra has once been, throughly amused and confused at the slithering scarves. She trots back over to Zula and nods before starting her way back towards the ship. "She was funny," the foal comments…