The Lady And The Tramp
IC date: Summer 82, 1007
OOC date: September 10, 2012
PCs: Lorelei, Stormsailor
NPCs: Tumble
GM: Mad-Mare

It's a beautiful summer day in Horseshoe Harbor, as it often is! But it won't be for very long, with the beginning of fall a mere handful of days away. A certain sailor who found himself on the wrong side of the law is staring forlornly out the window, having already starting ticking days off on the wall of his cell. "Can't even bribe the darn guards," Stormsailor mutters, "they're all too deep in Maddie's pockets." Siiiiigh. He sticks one of his front hooves out the barred window so at least a part of him can enjoy the breeze.

It is a nice day! A nice day for a stroll, in fact. Lorelei enjoys leisurely walks; she gets to see so much more than she did when she just rested on her rock to watch all day! Of course, barring random angry ice witches, lying out on the rock was surely safer, but… that's what the accompaniment is for, after all.

So for today she's taking a stroll down by the port, enjoying the feeling of looking out at the ocean from the land — this is still somewhat new and different! Sure, it makes her feel the tiniest bit homesick at times, but… truth be told, not nearly so much as she would have thought! This is fast feeling like 'home' now, and this is somewhere that actually needs her! Somewhere she can do some good! Not a bad feeling, all-told.

Speaking of the 'accompaniment'. Today's Mayorial Guard is none other than Tumble! Little does Lorelei know, those assigned to watch over her, a term the Watch has affectionately dubbed 'foalsitting', are chosen for the duty by how much they've ticked off their captain lately. Tumble, being one of the guards who spectacularly failed to keep a group of ponies out of the mansion, was only lucky in that he didn't get picked for the other duty that those at the top of Mad's Hate List get to do. Poor Rough…

Anyway, this hasn't turned out so bad. Tumble gets to follow a generally good-looking pony around, it's a nice day, and all he has to do is keep her away from anything important. In a very subtle fashion. The port, for the most part, is one of those places. Especially the jail-area. So when they arrive close enough to portside to make criminal ponies nervous, Tumble picks his pace up a notch to fall in step alongside the mayor. "Lady Lorelei? I uh…can't help noticin' yer headin' to the docks. It's still pretty dangerous there, what with all the construction. Might I suggest a detour?"

Stormsailor watches the ponies trot by and sighs again. He can't be locked up here. This is so demeaning. The captain is about to head back to the pile of hay that passes as a bed when he sees a familiar pony passing under his window. "Hey! Hey, is that you, mermare?" He glances over his shoulder to see if the guard is around to here him— nope! He waves half-heartedly at Lorelei, not knowing that the pretty girl outside is the new mayor of the town. "What'cha doing?"

Lorelei blinks and looks over at Tumble. "Why, I think I can handle a little construction," she says with a small giggle, "It's not like I plan to walk right through a building. I just like to see the ocean, you know, the ships coming and going, hear the waves…" pity she can't go for a swim. It'd be a great day for a swim. But no, that would be just a little too tempting.

She blinks at the second voice, ears perking a bit as she looks around quizzically. This way… then that… then up. Where there's a hoof! Waving! "Er… excuse me?"

"But… Construction…" Tumble repeats ineffectually, his lip quivering at having his brilliantly subtle redirection so expertly parried! What's worse, the guardspony realizes they've gone and strayed too close to the jail! And a prisioner is trying to talk to the mayor! Oh dear…

Tumble gets a very wide-eyed, slightly panicked expression, valiantly leaping in front of the mayor to shake a hoof at the offending jailbird! "Oy! You don't deserve to be addressin' the mayor, you…prison scum! Shut yer yap!"

Stormsailor raises his head as high as he can, so that perhaps Lorelei will be able to see him better through the window. "I thought it was you, mermare! You're that pretty filly who kept sulking around the harbor when it froze last spring." He gives her another wave of his hoof, since that's about the only gesture he can make out of his dinky little window. "What'cha doing down there? I figured you would've swam away towards bluer seas by now."

He pouts at Tumble as the bodyguard tells him to shut his trap, and by 'pouts' he means 'pfffts'. "Mayor? Yeah, right. The mayor's supposed to be some scumbag with her hooves in everypony's pocketbooks, ain't no way a cute mare like that could be her."

Lorelei peers up at him, frowning faintly. Who… what is he… wait. Oh! Oh. Yes. The pony from the bar. She tilts her head slightly. She could never quite tell how serious he was about this 'mermare' business. How does one respond to that?

At his response to her station, however, she draws herself up a bit. "I am indeed the mayor. I'm afraid the previous one met with an unfortunate circumstance, and I was called to replace her." She wasn't… entirely sure, how Maddie had made that work. But she had the proper papers and ordinances and everything!

Tumble seems just as affronted! "Hey now! Show some respect here. Our lovely Mayor here worked hard to get where she is now! You wouldn't believe what we had to go through…"

Right about then, a rock baps the over-talkative guardpony in the side of his head. "Ow! Hey!" Looking over at the nearby construction crew, the entire group of which seem to be staring at Tumble, makes the Guardspony simmer down a notch, sufficiently cowed enough to scuff a hoof on the wood. "…Lady Mayor, I really think we ought'a be goin' now. Maybe go visit the orphaned foals? You like kids, don'tcha?"

"No way, really?" It's difficult to judge Stormsailor's expression from behind the prison bars, but if his tone of voice is any indication he seems downright surprised. "Well, your Watch captain's kind of a bitter berry. Here I am, an innocent freight captain, locked away for Celestia only knows how long on some trumped up drug charges. It's a travesty of justice, is what it is." Judging from his tone of voice there, he is now probably lying through his teeth. Also the way that he laughs at Tumble getting beaned with a rock isn't particularly endearing.

Lorelei blinks and nods, looking back at Tumble. "I do like the foals! There's this very sweet little pegasus there who…" she blinks again, gaze trailing back up to Stormsailer. "Drug charges? …Just what 'freight' were you bringing in? I'll have you know my Watch captain is very dedicated! She's keeping this Harbor safe! Why, the sorts of ruffians who were here before… that's the sort of thing that caused the last mayor her terrible accident, you know, it's horrible, things like that…"

Stormsailor 'pfffts' again. "Lumber and construction tools, I'll have you know. Anypony who knows a thing about trading in these parts knows trying to smuggle stuff IN to this harbor is a lost cause. The real money is in taking stuff out. They'll pay a pretty bit in Baltimare for that warm fuzzy feeling you get munching on Wintersong puddleshrooms." He gestures vaguely at Tumble— or where he thinks Tumble is, at least. "Not that your buddy there needs the lesson, I'm sure he's intimately familiar with how these things work, being in the Watch and all."

"T'weren't nothin' trumped up about those charges." Tumble mutters, looking all the more nervous when his next attempt at drawing attention away from the imprisioned pony doesn't work quite as planned. Poor Tumble glances nervously back towards the construction crew, still staring at him, and blanches when the 'leader' of that crew, with a hardhat on his flank, points a hoof at his own eyes, and then to the watchpony. We're watching you…

"Lady please leave the addled criminal alone? Poor guy had ta be knocked in the head a few times when we were bringin' him to justice. Clobbered our Boss a right good whack to her face with a case of the drugs he was carryin' around! I saw it!"

"Hey, I surrendered fair and square after walloping her!" Stormsailor says defensively. "Her hitting me back after is police brutality, it is!"

Lorelei tilts an ear, frowning. "…Puddleshrooms? Well I've never heard of…" she looks over at Tumble. "A proper Watchpony would never partake of such things!" She looks positively affronted by the idea! The very thought! This was the sort of thing they were trying to change about this town, of course none of her Watchponies would dabble in keeping them around! "You attacked my Watch captain? Well you have nothing to complain about, then! You earned your time, now you serve it until you've learned your lesson, and then you can be released as a productive member of society!" Because that's… totally how it works, right?

Tumble's got something of a twitch going in one eye, glancing from the burly crew nearby, to the prison pony, to the mayor, and back. At least Lorelei doesn't seem to have been…too convinced that her loyal Watch ponies are doing anything dirty behind her back. "Uh… Yeah! That's right!" He chimes in, giving Storm's window a completely unintimidating 'tough pony' look. "Do yer time, ya darned drug dealer!" He sniffs, turning to Lorelei, "We're so lucky ta have you as Mayor. We prob'ly caught him before he could sell his drugs to the orphans!"

"If you'd like, I could introduce ya' to 'em when I get out of here," Stormsailor says with a laugh. "Well, if I get out of here, anyway. You know what the sentence is for a briefcase full of cloud powder? 'cause I sure don't." He seems affronted by Tumble's words, though certainly not intimidated. "I'm just an innocent freight captain, I'll have you know. I don't do retail, just wholesale."

Lorelei stares over at Tumble, totally stunned at that idea. "One would do that? To children? How horrid!" Landponies can be such… savages! "This town really is a mess. We can't allow these sorts of things to happen! We must up the watch, make sure this doesn't happen again… Can we put a guard on the orphanage? And the schoolhouse! Doesn't school start back up soon?" Had it already? It may already have. Learning all these new dates and holidays was a bit confusing!

She looks up at Stormsailor. "Well I never! I would have no interest in trying your… puddleshrooms, or cloud powder, or any of it." What the hay is 'cloud powder' anyway? How does one powder a cloud?

"Innocent, yeah." Tumble scoffs, "That's why he's in there, right?" The poor guardspony fidgets, sneaking a glance at the glowering gang watching him. "Now can we get out of here Lady Mayor? Think of poor Tumble… We stay here any longer, an' I might hafta answer to Boss for inciting prisioners. She don't go easy on anypony, Mayor."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Stormsailor says as he waves off Tumble. "I'm not any incited than I was for being in here in the first place." He waves in Lorelei's direction again. "Since I'm clearly not going to turn you onto the slippery slope to darkness, do you think you could you do a poor sinner a favor? Promise it's not illegal."

Lorelei blinks and tilts an ear. "Surely you wouldn't get in trouble, he's the one bothering us…" She frowns, peering up at Stormsailor suspiciously. "…What sort of favor? I'm not letting you out early. You haven't learned your lesson yet." Sniff. Hmph.

Erk! Favors! Tumble gets that panicked look! "I really don't think we should be listening to him, Mayor…" the guardspony almost stutters, giving Lorelei a bump or two with his head, "'s orphanage time!"

"Nothing like that," Stormsailor says with a hint of hurt in his voice that will, hopefully, keep Lorelei around just long enough to here him out before Tumble can usher her away. "I'll pay what I owe, you don't need to worry your pretty little head over that. All I want is a bowl of seawater." The stallion sighs wistfully. "The sea breeze doesn't make it through this dinky little window— you can't even see the ocean from this cell. A scent of home'll make this whole 'rehabilitation' thing so much easier."

Lorelei looks up at Stormsailor, a bit surprised. Seawater? Well, yes, the breeze never quite made it this far inland, you could smell the sea but it wasn't quite there… she could certainly sympathize! But she'd never expect a landpony to… appreciate such things! To think of it as the scent of home! Really it's startling, it's a surprise, especially from such a… ruffian!

And then she's being bumped. "What? Oh. Oh, yes, of course. Yes, the orphanage, indeed. Right. Let's be off…" She casts a glance up to Stormsailor. "I will… consider your request."

Seawater? That hardly seems like much of a request… Nontheless, Tumble knows he's going to get in a whole heap of trouble over this. He might even get relegated to that duty. For weeks… And that's if he's lucky. He lifts his head to shoot Storm's window a parting glare, then spares one last look back.

Tumble catches the sight of the entire construction crew. Eating lunch, slowly chewing their respective sandwiches while staring at the poor guardspony. He is in so much trouble… He bumps his head again on Lorelei, ushering her on. "Y..yeah. Kids would be really good to have around right about now…" Nobody would dare lynch him with kids around, right? …Right?

"Thanks for your time, mermare," Stormsailor says as he draws his hoof back into his window and cranes his head to watch Lorelei and Tumble leave. "Sea's blessings upon you."

"And her bounty be with you," Lorelei responds unthinkingly, following after Tumble.