The Joust Part 1
IC date: Autumn 45
OOC date: November 3
Location: Town
PCs: |Kick-Save, Snowfield, Page, Magpie, Solar-Wind, Tale-Chaser
It's quite a treat, quite a sight! Standing in polished armor both black(-ish, vaugely) and bright one found both Sir Speech and Sir Cloud standing under a large and colourful banner reading 'The Harbour Jousting Tourney' at the very mouth of a small path right outside town.
st a bit away, above the trees, one can see flags and the tips of pavilions rising into the sky as well as hear the sounds of ponies getting everything ready - the last minute checking up!

Tied across the path, between the posts for the banner, was a white band blocking the way for the gathering crowd. You can't have a official ceromny without some kind of ribbon cutting, right?

"Hear ye, ponies of the Harbour, and wellcome! In but a brief moment me and my associate shall innaugerate the first Horseshoe Harbour Jousting Tourney though we do wish to speak a few words before this auspicious occation!" called Sir Speech. "And those words are these; if you are a visitor to our tourney, make mery and enjoy yourself! Indulge in rare treats and spectacle; from jesters and bards to the clashes of mighty arms that shall be on dissplay!"

"To our fellow competitors, I say this; cast away worries and fear as you take up your lance! Leave petty squables by the door and partake in the heady mixture of glorious and honorable contest, but most of all… Have FUN!" Sir Speech's horn flashed bright white, unsheething a sword by his side that rose in a salute before swinging down and cutting the ribbon. "Let the Tourney. BEGIN!"

From the far fields of the farms, strides a stallion in the well known armor of Solar-Wind's Fireguard, holding aloft a bold flag spired atop his lance. A large billowing black flag sits high atop that spire, with the framiliar skull and bones pattern in the background, but wait, there's more, big bold text emblazoned over that three words,


He must have /pirated/ this flag from somewhere…

Blow the fanfare! Wave the flags! Here comes the princess! Magpie is, naturally, dressed up in her absolute frilliest dress. She's decided to forgo the conical veiled hat, though, as it would clash with the rich wine-colored velvet, trimmed in black, that makes her look a bit like a china doll. Though with her colors, with the black patch-shaped spot over her left eye, she's a rather piratical china doll.
So, an appropriate princess for this city…

Tale Chaser is amongst the gathering crowd. He's waiting off to the side, politely seated out of the way, done up in a knitted scarf and a little hat not unlike a newsboy cap. In his hooves is a big book on the history of the knightly orders, though he's not paying much attention to it as he watches the gathering ponies instead. He perks up as the opening of the grounds comes so suddenly, and then blinks, looking towards Magpie. Oh my! Did someone tell her Nightmare Night is over yet?

Of course, not having the cutting of the ribbon would ruin the whole tone of the event, they may as well just go home if they aren't going to go all out. Sir White Cloud, wearing his grey (or black-ish, as the adjectives may be) armour with the lightning blue detailing, stands at his post, grinning confidently. He returns Sir Speech's salute and watches as the ribbon is cut. Once it's cute, it's like he springs free, and the stallion launches in the air, to hover above the path.

"I see some familiar faces here, my friends! The brave captain of the fire guard, the fair princess, and many ponies whom I hope to meet today. Come, join us for feasting, and dancing, and for contests of strength, today is a time for celebration!" Celebrating him beating Sir Speech in every way possible, that is!

Page isn't dressed half as fancy as Magpie, mostly because she doesn't own anything remotely that frilly. She doesn't really know why she's here: this is all, well, out-of-doors, and she could be inside with a nice book instead. But something about being outside today is calling to her. Something about… running. But for now she's trailing after her friend, handmaiden to her princess.

Following about fifteen meters behind Solar is a less than noble looking Spoiler, wearing padded material armour which is far stronger than those who don't have much knowledge of armour would think. He's also carrying a lance but no flag. Instead it is painted with blue and white stripes.

Another knight has seen fit to join in the festivities this evening. Clad in armor of crystalline ice which has fogged and frosted in the crisp fall air, Snowfield walks purposefully through the crowd. She is far taller than normal, easily the size of a draft stallion or Winter Solstice thanks to the magic of icy armor. Blue eyes look around to see if anypony she recognizes has also chosen to show up.

Kick-Save mills about, looking rather unadorned compared to the rest of the lot, only her bulky saddlebags upon her back. She mills about the area, looking restless. On occasion, finding an open enough area, she charges forward at breakneck pace, pulling up with a grunting noise just before ramming full on into some unsuspecting pony.

Dream-Daze is totally in the crowd. Weaving through legs, perching on adults backs, and getting to a good seat so she can watch all the festivities. It's so /exciting/! Jousts! Knights! Just like her books! It occurs to her that so far, just about everything that's happened in this harbor has been like the stories she's read. Who knew fiction really wasn't?

Back in the grounds, a tent set up off to the side rings and roars with the sound of metalwork. While competitors line up and enter, Winter Solstice and Iron Stock are hard at work at a brick forge and anvil, working on armor the old fashioned way. The big white mare, equipped with her metal-toed boots, is gleefully kickhammering away at a bit of armor magically levitated by her unicorn boss. Racks of the same sit nearby, all manner of barding made up and available for purchase- or rental! by competitors who don't have their own or just want something shiny and new. It looks like hard work- it's only mid-afternoon and already the big mare is lathered up in sweat and soot- but she looks like she's having the time of her life.

Sir Speech follows Sir Cloud through the narrow, and short, path through the trees and onto the tourney ground propper! It's quite the sight, a medow amongst the trees and fulled to the brink with colourful tents and pavilions and flags fluttering in the breeze! At the very far side one can see rows upon rows of seat rising up behind the jousting ground itself, flanked on either side by two large pavilions - flying penants with the respective orders symbols. There's already ponies here milling about, though they seem to be wearing performers outfits or dealing with the barrels and crates lined up next ot the tents. Tents laden with everything from candied apples to cotton candy to small silk scarves to books on chivalry and so much more!

Solar-Wind slows up to keep pace with Sir Spoiler, tosses a wing over in a comradery style, "Look at that crowd" he whew's some seeing the gathering and spy's Snowfield, "Ooh boy looks like we have some solid competition with that one, she's a right Windigo, that one is" he points out Snowfield to Spoiler, then tucks back and breaks away trotting over to Magpie,

"Princess Magpie The Bold, I present theee, the uhh flag of Our fair town" Solar states as he lowers the flag for presentation to the Princess. "Welcome to the Tourney, I hope to represent our town with strength and honor!" he states as he bows before her.
Snowfield moves to the blacksmith's tent, passing before Solar Wind when the firepony comments on her. Icy blue eyes glower at him and she snorts a cloud of cold steam before continuing on her way. Yeah, that one is definitely playing up the 'evil knight' role. When the forest witch reaches the Iron Stock's tent she steps inside to watch the two ponies hammer away at a new piece of armor. "Having fun, Winter?" she asks to the large mare who seems to be in her element.

Magpie 's little platform in the stands lifts her up slightly above the other ponies, so they can all see her. She blinks a bit. Is she supposed to — she's supposed to do this, right? She takes the flag and waves a gracious hoof. "We thank you, Sir Solar the, uh…. Shiny, and hope that this day might grant you mumblemumble, and all the knights presents might rhubarbrhubarbrhubarb with, uh… strength and grace." Yeah. That's a good speech. So she forgot a few bits in the middle, nopony's really listening anyway.

Winter Solstice takes a few more swings at whatever curved bit of metal she's working on now- it either looks like a peytral or a veterinary cone of shame depending on the angle- and then turns to greet Snowfield, wearing a big grin. "Am I EVER! It's been so long since I've made honest to goodness armor for ponies, and not just for boats!" She looks the ice-clad unicorn over. "… though you seem to already have your own set. Wow! Nice duds. Don't get too close to the forge, though, we can't fix that, I don't think. I guess you're gonna be participating, yeah?"

Tale Chaser rolls to his hooves, slaps his book shut and stuffs it in his saddlebag, and hastens to catch up with Magpie and Page. He flashes Page a bright smile, then tries to flag Magpie down and get her attention. "Maggie! Hey!" She looks so regal! "Y-your highness, I mean!"
Spoiler has reconnected.

The forest witch shakes her head at Winter. "Don't worry about my armor. I'm actually controlling it with magic even as we speak to make sure it moves as I want it to and doesn't melt." A large, icy hoof pulls her helmet off of her head, revealing her long mane tied into a large bun at the base of her neck and a shining horn that had previously been hidden. "I thought it would be a chance to get out and meet new ponies," the ice knight continues, "Not to mention that it gives Wishy a little thrill to have somepony out there jousting with her favor. What about you? Will you be behind the scenes the whole time or are you planning on participating in the joust?"

Magpie grins over at Tale Chaser, a real grin rather than the fakey Princess Smile she's been practicing. She winks at him, then quick fixes her "I'm slightly amused by this" stoicism back in place. "Master Tale Chaser, heir to the Seapony Lands — er… seas? Um. Wanna sit next to me?" Patpats the platform.

Spoiler grins at Sir Wind's small speech towards the young princess. "The best of luck to you," he says to Solar before walking towards Winter and her armoury. "Quite a few nice pieces in here, Lady Snow," he says trying not to laugh as he does so.

Sticking near Sir Speech, Sir White Cloud stays in the air, darting around, and pulling some small tricks. In full armour, no less, this guy's a pro, or showing off. In addition to his flag and armour, the knight already has a shield and lance hlstered on to his armour. He flutters down to about head height, chuckling. "I must say, Sir Speech, that I think we've put on quite a nice little event. If there's one thing you cna do, it's decorate." Friendly grin, friendly! that wasn't subtly hinting that Sir Speech should quit knighting and become an interior designer at /all/. "I'm going to go meet the competition, want to join me?"
Kick-Save looks suitably ready to progress away from unarmed, unarmored charges, moving through the crowd and ever close to the tourney proper. She passes the clanging sound of a forge registers first as a loud annoyance, breaking her concentration. She makes a bit of an angry face as she walks on by, though it's quickly replaced by a more surprised sort of as she doubles back, rushing into the tent. "Oi>", she says, announcing her entrance, as though it wasn't obvious. She Sizes up the icy mare, looking a little unimpressed by the posturing of the costume, giving her a bit of a look before turning to the shopkeepers proper. Her gaze at Winter is far less scrutinizing as she quickly demands attention. "So, like…am I supposed to need your stuff? For the jousting."

Sir Speech grined at Sir Cloud and gave the other stallion a nod. "Indeed, I do think it's time we did don't you? Sir Cloud, would you kindly gather them by the jousting arena and lets begin with? You were always quicker and had a keener eye than myself I must admit." Yup, he can be friendly too.
Dream-Daze weaves around to get to an appropriate seat. Which happens to be somewhere near Magpie's prim and proper platform. She floats a bag of peanuts over to herself. All ready to spectate something!

Page sits down next to Magpie in a shocking display of familiarity between the social classes. "When are they going to start? Is it soon?" She's awfully eager, fairly vibrating in her seat in a way which might seem strange to ponies who know her.

Iron Stock, a harbor native who knows the tales and exploits of the forest witch as well as any, tries not to visibly balk at Snowfield mentioning that she's out to meet ponies, but with her back turned towards Snowfield while she goes about sorting inventory, it's easy enough.

Winter Solstice doesn't do NEARLY as good a job at hiding her surprise. She doesn't really try. "Meeting new ponies! Wow! That's- wow!" She reaches up and wipes her brow on the back of her hoof. "Well, it's pretty crowded out there! S'one way to do it. I'm not gonna be in the tournament proper, thoguh I might be in some exhibition jousting they're doing later on. Too busy manning the forge to compete." She flashes a grin at Spoiler and Kick Save as they enter. "Hey! Thanks, Mr. Brown!" she says to the former, before shrugging at the latter. "You don't NEED any, though some ponies consider it nice to have! If they can't, y'know. Magic up their own, or don't have an old set lying around. I bet you got enough hockey duds to make it work!"

Hoarfrost waves at Snowfield from her little spot over looking the event. Laying on a blanket and of course covered by her umbrella to keep the sun off. She yells something but is likely too far away to hear. No doubt something like 'go get them mom!' or 'do your best!'. The pefect time to watch Ice Witching win the day!

Plot Twist is in her full Shadowbolts uniform again. Not a dress has been seen since she quit working at the orphanage. Besides this is more of a military thing anyway. "Are you ready for this Solar?" the large pegasi trots up close to her special some pony. "Going to take down all those silly gaurds who think they are better than the best firepony out there?" she gives a playful smile. Clearly she is stoked for some friendly competition.
Tale-Chaser smiles as he takes Magpie's invitation, hauling up to sit beside her, opposite Page. He wiggles around a little where he sits like he has something to say and can't wait to tell them all about it. You can tell because he does just that immediately afterwards. "I entered the tournament," he blurts at Magpie. "I'm gonna joust."

Spoiler laughs before turning back to his friend(?), Solar. About seven meters away he notices /her/. "It's you!" he says upon seeing Plot Twist.

Page looks at Tale Chaser, shock and betrayal on her face. "You're going to joust? And you didn't invite me?" She blushes. "I mean, really? Have fun!"

Solar-Wind finds his way to the grounds after presenting the flag to Princess Magpie. The Fireguard sees his special Somepony in the crowd as she makes her way to him. "Ready, darn right I'm ready" he pracctically growls out, with a snort, and a hoofing at the dirt, he drapes one wing over her as he looks to the other competitors out there. "Got some good solid practice in with some of the locals too, strong competition we've got today.

Solar looks over to Spoiler, "Good Luck Sir Spoiler!"

Magpie blinks at Tale Chaser. "What? You can't fight them, they're huge!" She stares over at Sir Speech, compares sizes to TC. Then blinks over at Page. "You WANT to, too?!"

Kick-Save nods with a bit of a grin. "Yeah, I figured the hockey stuff'd do. I just don't need some stick-in-the-flank ~true knight~ chirping about how Im I'm not in ~hoof-forged steel~." She takes another look over at Snowfield, indicating her with a flick of the head. "Though I guess if ponies are showing up in getups like /that/ I got nothing to worry about on that front."

Sir White Cloud does a mid-air bow. "It would be my honour, good Sir knight. Prepare the grounds and I shall do the rest." With a strong flap of his wings, the stallion ascends higher up in to the air. His sharp eyes scan the crowd, looking for the fun ponies, the ones in armour, the ones looking for a grand time, not just a great one. With a grin, a spin, and a dive, he pops near them one by one. Eash pony receives, in a booming, jovial tone, "oh noble competitor in the Horshoe Harbour jousting tournament, it is my great pleasure to inform you that we will be beginning the jousts in a few minutes. Please come to the field of honour as soon as you may, so we can begin!" Then the big knight is soaring off again to the next potential jouster.

Once he's finished, Sir White Cloud soars back to his counterpart. "They will be here shortly, Sir Speech. I assume you have a plan?" He has one to, but he wants to check to make sure the unicorn does, because then he can laugh if Speech doesn't have one. In a, er, chivalrous way.

Page blushes more. "What? No, not at all! It looks entirely unsafe and anyway, it's a sport! Sports are for slack-jawed ponies without any okay yes, yes I do."

Magpie 's ears lay back. She can't imagine a worse idea than standing up in front of somepony and /asking/ them to hit you. If you have to have a fight, you oughtta throw stuff from as far back as you can get, preferably when their backs are turned.

Solar-Wind says "And thats my cue" the mighty fireguard stands to his tallest, and gives his mare a kiss, and wing hug, bows, then turns to trot to the indicated place shield held high, lance ahead ready for conquest. Upon making it to the grounds, he turns and looks back at the rest of the competition, and grins, "For the Harbor! Princess Magpie, and my Special Somepony, Plot Twist!" with that he turns his attention to the Knights."

Tale-Chaser slicks his ears back at Page's reaction. "Oh! Did you- wait-" He's confused. Does she want to participate or not? The colt scuffs a hoof in his seat, then shakes his head. Sitting up, he gives Magpie a quick kiss on his cheek. "Anyway, I better go get ready, sounds like they want competitors on the field. Cheer for me, okay?" Because if she doesn't he's probably gonna be too spooked to so much as budge and will lose by default. He hops down from the stands, filters out of the crowd, and makes for the tents in the back where competitors are making ready.

Page doesn't budge. "Good luck, Tale Chaser!"

Spoiler stands there slack jawed, staring at Plot Twist. "Umm, my cue too then, I guess. You are the one who… Nevermind," he says before following Solar again.

Smiling Twist nuzzles back at her special somepony. Making pointed attempts to ingnor one pony in particular. (Spoilers its Spoiler) Last thing the Shadowbolted mare wants to to get tossed out for stabbing somepony. "Knock'em dead love!" she cheers in her best Drill sergent voice.

Magpie peers sideways at Page. "If you wanna go, go…" she mutters.

Page says "What? No! You're my friend and I want to hang out with you. We can cheer on your coltfriend."

Magpie snorts and bumps Page. "Who's gonna joust with him? Those guys? I want him back in one piece!"

Snowfield nods at Winter's explanation. Of course, managing the force is an important responsibility. Ponies will need their armor crafted and repaired, it would be irresponsible for her to abandon her job. Kick-Save, however, gets a steamed snort just as Solar Wind did. "Normal armor doesn't fit me," she says sharply. "Mind your tongue talking about other ponies' 'getups'."

"Aww, c'mon," says Winter Solstice, to Snowfield and Kick Save. "All armor is beautiful in its own way, ladies! What matter is that you find somethin' that works for you, 'cause CONFIDENCE is really the hottest way to accessorize it! Besides, if you both wear different types, that means less competition for drops." She shoos her shaggy hooves. "But go on, go get lined up with the rest of the competition if you're participating! I got work to do here, anyway."

Kick-Save rolls her eyes. "Yeah, whatever." She gives the ice-clad mare a shove that is just /barely/ too hard to be considered playful, though she passes it off as such with a grin as she turns around. "Mare's right. We gotta scram, eh?" She's already walking out.

"I have confidence to spare, thank you very much," Snowfield says lightly. The sudden shove from Kick Save is almost enough to make her stumble, a hoof thrown out to catch herself. The hockey mare earns the biggest of frowns from the ice witch. "…indeed, we ought." The helmet is placed on her head once more, covering her mane and horn, and she trots out of the blacksmith's stall and towards the tourney grounds proper.

Page looks conflicted but nods. "All right, then! Wish me luck! I mean, maybe not as much luck as you wish your coltfriend: that wouldn't be nice." She gets up from the stands and trots over to the changing area. "Do you think you could get me fitted?" she asks a likely-looking pony.

All contestants, upon making their way to the field, find Sir Speech and Sir Cloud standing upon the first of the benches - as spectators begin to file in behind. The former is grining widely. "Ah… It enthuses me greatly to see you all gathered here and eager to go! Young and old, magical and mundane."

"You have all come here to contend for glory, prices or the favour of loved ones," Speech continued, "without training and without weapons and arms - in some cases - and for that we commend you! Of course, we do not wish to leave you without solid footing which is why we have seen to providing suits of armor and lances for those in need, we will instruct you in the rules of this gallant competition and demonstrate the arts on the field."

The unicorn knight raised a hoof, directing it towards several suits of armor and lances for those in need - hoof-made in the harbour at Iron Stock's Sturdy Seaworthy Sinkproof Shipworks of course. "The rules for our jousting competition is easy! Each match consist of three bouts, three charges down the center to clash with your oponent! Once you win a match you progress, if you lose you are out! You lose a match if your oponent manages to force you off the track with your lance. You lose a match if you are knocked down by your oponent! You lose a match if your lance is shatered upon your oponent! Any questions?"

Solar-Wind snorts and hooves the earth, then snaps a salute to the Knights, "Sir's!" he shouts in understanding and stands forth ready for combat. "Sirs, I do have to ask though, perhaps we should have two weight classes, I, I don't feel that I would wish to endanger the life of a normally noncombatant foal" he states, "No offense" he adds.

The Suffering Carapace of Greyfin, The Boy Duke, was a functional, albeit ceremonial suit of armor crafted for the titular Duke two hundred and fifty years previously on the unlikely event of his rise to power. The nobleman was atypically young for his position, elevated there by the court politics and underhanded maneuvering typical of lesser Seapony nobility. But his house collapsed at some point under the weight of financial ruin, its assets lost, pillaged, or absorbed into other royal families. The armor rattled around in various collections for a while before ending up in a museum, and from there it moved on to the Silver Archives, enough of a historical artifact to warrant preservation.

Currently, it is 'on loan.' Because Tale Chaser emerges from a tent clad in the thing. It glistens with pearlescent black shades reminiscent of a beetle's shell; its hinged joints fold and shift in artfully constructed layering of finely-hammered metal that calls to mind cross-sections of spiral nautilus shells. The helmet is sleek and pointed, tapering to a trumpeted snout resembling an honest-to-goodness seahorse's face; six eyes of bright yellow dot its face like some sort of insect's, while myriad twisting horns spiral out from the back. A caparison of a translucent purple material drapes over the back. Being that this is seapony armor, the hind legs are completely uncovered- Tale Chaser's pink coat stands out against the nightmare black coloration- while a few plates rattle around behind him, meant to cover a finned tail that is not currently deployed.

He rattles his way onto the field and lines up amongst them, a smudge of eldritch darkness amidst the hodgepodge armor most of the other contestants are wearing. Then he turns and waves enthusiastically at the crowd, and Magpie up there.

Kick-Save is, somehow, already fully padded in her goalie regalia - beat up looking cloth padding all down her hooves and torso. Hopefully it's sturdy enough to take a lance - it /does/ look pretty thick. She rolls her eyes, mumbling "Everypony knew what they were signin' up for." She says that, of course, having not known the rules of jousting until 15 seconds ago.

Magpie waves back hesitantly at Tale Chaser, her mouth open in a jaw-dropped expression of shock. When did he — What in the world is he wearing and where can she get some?!

Spoiler takes a few steps towards Kick Save and says "Cool armour. It's kinda similar to mine. Although mine has actually been in a war. It was my great great great grandpa's."

The ice witch looks down at Tale Chaser and his ridiculously evil looking armor. It's not often that Snowfield is tall enough to see the tops of ponies' heads! "…nice hat," she says, the tone of her voice making it less a compliment and more a statement of fact. She breathes out through her nose with another small cloud of steam.

Noticing a pony in need of assistance, Sir White Cloud swoops over to the armour tent. "Hello Milady, will you be joining us on the field of honour? It would be my pleasure to have you, but first we need ot get you equipped properly!" After a moment of eyeing Page up for size, he darts off. A couple seconds later, he returns with a suit of armour, lightweight but tough, perfectly sized for the filly. Sharp eyes indeed! He quickly helps Page out with getting it all on, before returning to Sir Speech's side.

"We seem to have some excellent competition, good Sir Speech. though I agree that the larger, more experience ponies should perhaps have their own, in the interests of safety." A knight would never want a pony hurt in this extremely dangerous event using actual weapons, after all.

The multi-eyed seahorse face turns about, bobbing around in the unwieldy fashion of one unusued to managing its weight, as Tale Chaser looks up at Snowfield. There's a soft rattle of metal plates as he freezes up at the sight of her. "Th-thanks," he says, voice echoing inside the armor. "Your outfit is really cool, too." Pause. "But not like that… though… though also like that." He looks back up to Sir Smooth Speech, but doesn't have any questions just yet. He's sure all the details will be made clear in time.

Page is once again not the most fancily-attired pony in the room but trots up to join Tale Chaser. "Good luck out there," she says, with a little smile.

Solar-Wind stands at the ready, offering a little bow to each competitor offering the best of sportsmanship to each and every pony here.

Sir Speech tapped his muzzle. "Perhaps, though perhaps you fail to notice that we only have two younger ponies competeing in the joust? We shall see what we can do in the interest of safety for our youngest if they wish to compete all through the whole tourney."

After a moment the unicorn knight bounded forward, landing heavily on the field. "For now though, I do belive I promised an demonstration did I not? Gentelstallion Solar Wind? You have practiced with us before, would you care to join me in demonstrating the style of jousting we shall engage in?"

Tale-Chaser turns to blink at Page, and reaches up to lift the visor of his helmet. The seahorse-like visage of the helmet splits and levers away from his actual pony face like the petals of a metal flower. "Oh! You entered after all?" His look of surprise quickly gives way to a smile, and he reaches over to try and give Page a quick hug around the withers (Clank), visibly reassured by her presence. "Thank you! G-good luck to you, too!"

Solar-Wind stands at full attention, "Sir Speech, It would be My honor!" the stallion bellows and stands ready. He boldly takes up his shield, bows formally and presents his lance. He lifts his wing to show how the lance is fixed in place, showing this for inspection of the crowd and the other Competitor.

Scoffing, but not insulted, Sir White Cloud hops up in to the air. "Let the demonstration begin, then. Good luck Sir Speech, the good Captain is a worthy foe!" Solar certainly thrashed him that one time! The pegasus knight flutters over to the other contestants. "Is everypony excited to watch the sport of the nobility?"

Sir Speech grined like a madpony as he trotted of to one side of jousting field, stoped and promptly turned on the spot - a hoof rising to his visor before snapping it shut like he's done it a hundred times before. Which, to be fair, he most likely have.

Solar-Wind trots to the far opposite side of the line, drawing up his lance, and shield prepping as he stands, ready. Down goes his visor, up goes his guard. Ready, Set…… CHARGE!!!!!!

Page rears up on her hind hooves, readying herself for a proper charge. It's strange: she's not even second-guessing herself for a change! It's easy! There's somepony on the other end of the field and, well, she's going to run in their direction!

Sir Speech let lose an uprorious laughter as he to charged forward, his lance tipping neatly as he lines it up with Solar Wind! CHARGE!!! indeed!

And crash-and-bang as well, as the two stallions come together! Clearing the impact area Sir Speech continues down the run in full galop, his lance a shattered ruin by his side. Comming to a halt he turned as the tenders came with a new lance. "Ahah! That is how it's done Captain Wind, that's how it's done indeed!"

Solar-Wind rightly trots with a beaming grin, as he lifts his visor. "Still a mighty hit on you sir, Nice strike, certainly felt that!" he grins, "Good Match Sir, Good Match!" The stallion is a little winded as he felt the impact solidly beneath his wing, and upon his own shield. He tips his visor in a bow to his competitor as he lines up on the running side that he posted.

"Well done indeed!" Sir White Cloud applauds the show, he may be getting a little bit excited about all of this, considering, but this is kind of his thing, don't take that way from him. Also, He's somewhat glad to see he's not the only one Solar can beat. "Notice how they both kept steady and strong? One of the most important things is to not waver, confidence, my friends, will net you many victories." Or, y'know, spectacular losses.

Sir Speech stood for a minute as a new lance was affixed to his saddle pivot. He turned slightly, giving Sir Cloud a nod - so very true that - and then Captain Wind, waiting for the firepony to get ready for the second before setting of down the run once more.

Solar-Wind lines up again looking to the crowd he salutes, then looks down the line, huffing but strong, a little winded from the last go. "You Ready Sir White Cloud?" he lowers his lance and tips his visor down. "Good Luck Sir!" he shouts as he tips into a full gallop making that mark. "Charge!"

Oh hey, look who gallops away unscatched from that one! And with a whole lance this time around as well. Skidding to a halt at the very end of the track Sir Speech turned, casting his gaze back towards Solar.

Solar-Wind 's full on headlong gallop slowed, he didn't even touch, not a hit, the stallion merely slowed and veered to the side taking on a sudden and drasticly not quite right stance, a stagger actually, and a head hung down with a sigh. The Fireguard lifts his lance looks back to Sir White Cloud, "Good Show Sir, Good Show" he huffs out softly as he pads slowly back into the crowd with a noted limp, "First round got me I think" he murmurs, confidience shot evidently, He just seeks out Plot-Twist.

Tale-Chaser leaves his visor open as he watches, wide-eyed. He winces as lances go shattering everywhere. That looks painful. He hopes the armor is enough to keep him intact, but gosh, maybe he'll win huge boyfriend points if he gets some cool injury jousting in Magpie's honor.

Magpie winces at the impact, at the flying fragments…. oh gosh oh gosh her friend and her boyfriend are both gonna DIE and then what's she gonna do she'll have to leave town or something—

Page is watching, wide-eyed.

Sir Speech frowned slightly, comming trotting down the path once more - or besides it really. "Are you fine, Captain Wind?"

Snowfield seems unfazed by the apparent injury Solar Wind has sustained. This sort of thing can happen when ponies stab each other with enormous sticks, after all.

Solar-Wind pauses "Sir Speech, You bested me in combat Sir, I will be alright, Shoulder's out er' something" he groans favoring one side, "Good Match Sir" he bows to Sir Speech with a faint smile.

"Solar!" Twist rushes to her companion. A box of medical supplies at the ready and a serious look on her face. "You are always getting hurt." she tsks, eyes wrought with consern. "Here lean on me get off that leg." pushing herself against the stallion. "I'll patch you up good ok?"

Seeing that the other knight has Solar Wind under control, Sir White Cloud takes off in to the air. "A noble bout, but it appears our challenger is bowing out early. While my counterpart takes care of the good captain, perhaps another two contestants would like to come forward?" His eyes fall specifically on Page, and by extension Tale Chaser, Page is like, the most pumped up and excited pony here (except for White Cloud himself!) Though anyone will do.

Kick-Save has been gaping openly, eyes and mouth open wide at the spectacle. "Coooooooooooool," is all she can manage to blurt out after seeing a full round of jousting.

Solar-Wind leans upon his wife as Plot-Twist helps him away, "hey hey now I did decent on the first round" he grunts as he is led away.

Tale-Chaser's eyes widen behind their spectacles. He turns and glances to Page, then back up to Sir White Cloud, then back and forth a few times, before slowly scooting to the side. Surely the knight does not mean Tale Chaser!

"You did wonderfully on the first round love." Twist reasures as she leans her lame lover to the medical tent. "You would have won the cup I'm sure of it."

Page steps forward, the grin on her face positively epic in scope. "Tale, they're waiting for us! Come on, let's try, let's try!"

Tale-Chaser swallows heavily as Page volunteers him. All of his earlier enthusiasm and bravado is abandoning him in a hurry, but he nods a few times. "O-okay," he says, picking his way out of the lineup, then hesitating before trotting towards the far end of the grounds. The metallic rattling that his armor makes as he walks sounds like the whispering of sleeping gods.

Page gets ready on her side of the field, rearing up. "Good luck, Tale! Have fun, okay?"

Tale-Chaser reaches up to close his facemask. "Y-you too," he calls back, as an assistant fits him with a lance. He wobbles about under its weight, then grunts, hefting it up into place with a precarious lean in the opposite direction.

"We have a match, fillies and gentle colts!" Sir White Cloud does a loop in the air, before landing next to the last two contestants, so he can watch. He takes the chance to look at the two of them more closely. "It's an honour to have two such strong contenders come to our field of honour today, miladies. Have we been properly introduced?"

Right, here we go. Tale Chaser tucks his head low and launches forward, skinny legs churning the turf below him. He keeps his eyes open only enough to make sure he's still on course as he barrels down the line, leaning this way, leaning that, making minute adjustments to keep his lance upraised and aimed just so. He won't have strength behind his blow, so he'll have to try and knock Page off the course with a well-placed deflecting blow…

Magpie bites at her hooves. "Yay, TC! Go Page! Huzzah—!"

What's that? Yes, that odd sound! The one that seems to be hooves on wood? Lots and lots of hooves on wood, stomping in applause? Oh right, that's the crowd! All fired up and ready to go enjoy the show. There's even a foam-hoof reading '#1 Bookworm' on it.

"Nope." Kick Save extends a padded hoof, smirking. "Kick Save, Horseshoe harbor Seaponies. This ain't exactly my game but it doesn't look that hard, eh?" Her eyes are fixed on the bout in progress after giving White Cloud just the briefest of introductory glances, her hoof still hanging out there in welcome. "Also it looks super rad. So."

Page knows what to do. She just knows it. The wind is in her mane and the ground rumbles underneath her hooves as she runs, RUNS forward with the lance held up with her magic and… THRUST!


Page's lance ricochets off of the Suffering Carapace with a deep, sonorous sound not unlike a frozen bell being rung at the heart of a black trench in an unlit sea and echoing through the deeps. Tale Chaser is thrown off course, wobbling about and unbalanced, and pitches over to skid into the grass on his side. His legs churn the air for a bit where they are sticking up before he realizes he hath been unhorse'd and stops. Slowly he picks himself up and checks back over his shoulder. Who hit who? Oh. He got hit. Did someone get the license plate of that filly?

Magpie makes a little whimpering sound as Tale Chaser gets hit and overturned. She manages to essay a little "Huzzah," for Page, but — wow.

Snowfield nods to White Cloud. "Snowfield," she says with a curt nod of greeting. "I am a resident of the Wintersong Forest north of the city. They call me the forest witch in the harbor." She turns her gaze back to the joust in progress, unreactive to the crash of splintering lances. "Hmm."

Page comes to a stop, turning around to go check on Tale Chaser. "Oh my goodness, are you okay? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to… but oh my goodness, did you see that? It was amazing!"

Tale-Chaser is winded, but uprght, and doesn't show any visible signs of injury. He lifts one of his mailed forehooves up and pokes himself. The armor is scratched, but otherwise intact. "Nngh- I'm okay," he says. "It's… I'm pretty well protected. G-good shot." He smiles at Page, though you can't tell through the mask, and recollects his lance before making his way back to the end of the line to ready for the next pass.

"Sir White Cloud, of the order of the hurricane knights. It is an honour, milady Snowfield, Kick Save." The knight bows deeply, but still manages to catch the bout. "My goodness, the filly shows talent!" He trots out on to the field. "May we get the names of our two brave competitors?" He wants to put on a show before going to the next bout, give the foals some time to rest up, jousting is tiring work, even for him!

The crowd goes quiet, waiting to hear the names of the ponies that… Well.. They probably already know.

Page blushes and scuffs a hoof in the dirt. "I'm Page. This is my friend Tale Chaser. Just friend-friend, not, like, coltfriend or anything. He's Magpie's coltfriend," she says, pointing to the prettiest princess in Horseshoe Harbor today.

With the tilt over, a comment is enough to get Kick Save to turn back around and give Snowfield a quizzical glance. "Witch? Wow, you're really going all out with this whole gimmick, ain'tcha? You seriously live out there or is that just some kinda like 'Parts Unknown' kinda deal, make you sound tough?"

Magpie waves a hoof at Tale Chaser, suddenly embarrassed. Not like she ever cared but geez now everypony is LOOKING at her…

Tale-Chaser pauses. Is it over already? He hesitantly opens his visor and glances up, as he trots back to the center of the… the ring? What do you even call it? He once more leans to the side to counterbalance his lance. "It's, er, it's Tale Chaser, sir," he says, to Sir White Cloud.

Snowfield snorts in disdain at Kick Save again. Maybe she is playing it up a little much, but that part at least was true! "My cottage is a mile and a half past the edge of the forest," she states. "You can ask at the town hall for the last census records if you don't believe me, they list place of residence."

The fields of honour, is its proper name! Sir white Cloud beams, stomping his hooves a couple times. "Very well, on to the second bout Milady Page, Prince Tale Chaser, and best of luck to you both. Remember, have fun!" Listen, if Magpie is a princess, and Tale chaser is her coltfriend, logic dictates he's a prince, or that's the thought that goes through White Cloud's head. He's not always terribly clever, a few to many lances to the noggin. He flutters back towards the sidelines, to watch.

The crowd erupts in to cheering, it's a good match! they want bloo- jousting! The pony with the #1 bookworm foam hoof has added another, which reads 'Tales never Fails'.

Kick-Save emote shrugs, looking a little chastised. "Dang. I mean, I like the cold as much as anypony for sure, but…ain't nopony out there, you know? Gettin' lonely and all."

Snowfield keeps her gaze on the jousting field. "That was the idea when I moved out there, yes." Not mentioned is how she's currently househunting in town because after a decade she finally wants to be around other ponies.

Kick-Save snaps her head back to the jousting field at that, simply muttering "Weirdo…"

Magpie inhales deeply, leans forward, and gives out a loud cry of: "DON'T HURT HIM!"

Tale-Chaser turns and makes his way back up to his place at the end of the FIELDS OF HONOR, if that is, in fact, its real name. The helmet is locked back into place and the lance made ready, and it's a good thing he's hidden inside the black armor, because Magpie's shout is a little embarassing. "B-barnacles, Maggie," he murmurs to himself. "I can handle myself like a proper stallion, really!"

Page prances back to her place and wheels around to charge again.

Tale-Chaser likewise charges. Still unbalanced, fel armor, etc. Presumably there is at some point a comical collision that leaves the colt strewn out in a tangle of armored and unarmored legs; his lance is sitting over yonder, piercing a tent canopy, its end on fire. How did that even happen? Scholars will debate it for years to come.

Tale-Chaser rocks upright, collects himself. The armor held, it looks like. He trots back to the middle of the field to offer Page a shaken sort of smile. "C-congratulations," he says.

Page nuzzles Tale Chaser in a 'it's okay' sort of way. "I hope you had fun too."

Magpie jumps down off the platform to the ground (using a couple ponies as steps in between) and gallops over to Tale Chaser in a cloud of ruffles. She pulls his faceplate open. "Are you okay?" she asks, radiating concern.

Tale-Chaser ulps! "M-magpie!" he says, blinking at her. His glasses are skewed out of place and his mane is matted to his forehead by sweat, but aside from that he doesn't look all that bad. "I'm fine, really!"

Well, that was a spectacle. the crowd goes silent for a while, while their collective consciousness tries to sort out what just happened. First slowly, then gaining in volume there's more applause! Someone put out the fire!

Sir White Cloud was one of the first to applaud, good show! He trots forward to the foals, grinning. "Well done, brave sir Tale Chaser and Milady Page. It was an honour to have you on the field." He steps out of Magpie's way, one does not obstruct a princess. "I trust you are both unharmed? No doubt you'll be looking for a rest, you both did well!" He nods his head to a prepared rest area, with punch, and snacks! "You've earned the rest."

Page says "Ooh, snacks!"

Magpie smooches TC on the nose and hugs his armored chest. Then she gives Page a hug too. "You're officially scary," she informs the filly.

Page blinks. "Really?"

Tale-Chaser nods warily to Page. "Just a bit… you gotta let me whatever you were reading to figure this out," he says, before making to hobble off to the rest area and go about the lengthy process of divesting himself of the armor. It does not idly yield mortal flesh that it has entrapped.
Page says "That's just the thing! I wan't reading anything! I just… I don't know, I GET it! It's like it just makes sense."

Magpie pats Page on the head. "Congratulations! Uh… I gotta go watch the rest of this, I guess." She starts making her way back over towards the stands…

Once the foals start leaving the pitch, and Sir White Cloud knows they will be taken care of by brave helpers, he turns back to the crowd. "Now, for our final match of the day, for your entertainment, Snowfield, and Kick Save! They shall begin shortly." Then he takes to the air, to spectate once more.

Kick-Save grins at hearing her name called, gesturing to the crowd and mugging it up a bit. With a conspicuous glow of the horn, she magic-opens her saddlebags and completes her gear by donning her goalie mask - garishly painted in bright colors and abstracted little doodles of 'seaponies', it looks quite out of place at the knightly event. With another last big pose to the crowd, she finally gets to the task of trying to get her lance secured.

Snowfield trots out onto the grounds when her name is called, giving Kick Save a nod as they move to the field. Of course they would wind up together. It's not like they haven't been butting heads the entire time already. The witch does not bear a lance as she goes out, instead conjuring one out of the humidity in the air as she walks, crystalline weapon gleaming in the autumn sun.

Sir White Cloud frowns ever so slightly at the ice lance. Is that allowed? There's not a rule that he knows of explicitly saying no, so he guesses so… Oh well! He watches as an assistant brings a lance for Kick Save, so they cna get started.

Kick-Save gallops down the length of the field, lance at the ready, staring Snowfield down the entire time from the confines of her helm-mask. With just a few moments, though, she makes a decision - leaping into the air in an attempt to bring the lance down on Snowfield from above - because it would look rad, duh. Unfortunately, her leap's current trajectory leaves her on course to fully clear the other pony without making contact.

Snowfield charges forward, hooves leaving steaming hoofprints of ice on the ground behind her as she moves. Her lance is raised and poised to strike Kick Save's shield, when… she jumps!? Snowfield watches the hockey pony jump into the air and her lance pierces nothing but air. She skids to a stop and looks back at Kick Save. "What was that supposed to be? You're supposed to stay on the ground!"

Indeed, that's not how you do it. Sir White Cloud swoops down. "Now now Milady Kick Save, it really is best if you stay grounded. No harm done, we shall have another go. When you are both ready."

Yep, she's way off. She hits ground lance-first, the wood splintering as it makes contact with dirt, though she lands safely herself. A Spin around. "Hey, hey, don't worry about it! Mind games, eh? Mind. Games." She turns to address the knight. "Oi, oi, it doesn't count if the ground breaks it, right? Nopony won. Get me another and we'll do this for real."

"Of course it doesn't count, this is a contest between ponies! The tournament assistants will provide you with another lance." Sir White Cloud was prepared for ALL eventualities.

"Dang right it doesn't." She fidgets with the replacement lance, head turned to stare down Snowfield the whole time. With a scowl, not that anypony can tell behind the mask.

Snowfield goes back to her side of the field with a sigh and a shake of her head. Her lance, unbroken as it is, shall be reused. It and her shield are floated into position.

Snowfield charges once more! She gallops at full tilt at Kick Save, raising her lance and bracing herself to break it against the other mare's shield. Her aim is off, though! Instead of striking the hockey mare's shield square it glances off the edge of it, remaining intact and hardly transferring any force into her opponent.

Kick-Save keeps it simple this time, just sticking her spear and shield out and hoping her sturdiness will prevail. With just the slightest of adjustments to keep the lance on target, she barely feels something glancing off the blocker but powers through it, as the lance strikes home against the opposing pony.

Snowfield is knocked off-course by Kick Save's lance breaking against her shield, stumbling off to the side and falling to her knees and dropping the spell that levitates her weapon. A mumbled curse escapes under her breath as she stands back up. "…well done."

Seeing a good show, the crowd erupts in to cheering again! They like action, this is action! Sir White Cloud swoops down. "The first bout goes to Kick Save. Well done! Take a moment to get rested and we can go again."

Kick-Save her mask with a hoof to let everypony see her huge grin, raising a hoof to the crowd, clearly reveling in her (partial) victory. "Ahahahaha! Wooooooooo!" She gives a bit of a sideways glance. "Rested?" Her mask comes down again. "I'm ready. She better get ready. Let's get it on, yeah? Hahahaha!"

Snowfield shakes her head at White Cloud. "I don't need to rest. Let's do this now." Her lance and shield are encased in a new levitation spell and she returns once more to her side of the tournament area.

Kick-Save decides not to fix what's broken - just a straightforward, bull-rushing charge. Her block last go around reminded her 'oh yeah, I have this shield thing too', and this time she extends that first, twisting to knock a blow aside before rearing back and putting all her weight into a huge thrust of the lance.

Snowfield's lance is knocked aside easily and the thrust of the hockey player's weapon brings Snowfield to an abrupt halt. It shatters her icy shield and knocks the forest knight to the ground, the spell maintaining her armor disappearing and causing the entire thing to shatter. When Snowfield stands back up she is just a tiny unicorn, not a knight. "…darn!"

Kick-Save throws her hooves up in triumph, flinging her lance into the air (not being one much for weapon safety) and ripping of her mask! Yes! Yes!" She's no stranger at playing to a crowd, though this is certainly larger than a hockey crowd gets in the harbor. "Ye-…oh." And, it's at that point, she turns around, finally seeing Snowfield unarmored for the first time. Kick Save blushes a tiny bit, suddenly aware of how loudly and openly she had just been gloating about beating up a little filly. "H-hey! Yeah!" She grabs Snowfield by the hoof, helping her up and trying to salvage as much grace in victory as she can muster. "Hey, uhh…good…good job out there, kid. Yeah."

Snowfield is fine accepting the helping hoof up at first until Kick Save says /that word/. Her eyes and horn flash with blue-white magic and the chill of death races up the hockey player's foreleg. "I'm older than you." she says flatly. Hey, the forest witch may be trying to be friendlier these days but old habits die hard. Her hoof is pulled back and she trots back to the sidelines haughtily.

Kick-Save recoils her hoof immediately, flinging off her padding and staring at it wide-eyed until she's convinced that, no, it hasn't spontaneously turned to ice. "H-hey! Uhh….alright…then. Alright." She walks in a decidedly different direction from Snowfield - back towards the preparation area, muttering. "They said something about snacks. I'm getting myself on that right now though."

Well that's the end of the jousts for today, or mostly. Sir White Cloud dives in for a landing near the two. "Excellent show, you two! It's nice to be proven right about the tales I have heard concerning the bravery and valour of the citizens of Horseshoe Harbour. " In all his bullheadedness, he apparently doesn't notice little Snowfield, maybe he thinks that's normal? "I hope you all find the time to relax and enjoy yourselves at the tournament grounds, hopefully I will be seeing you all again. For now, I must go check on the good Sir Speech, so if you will excuse me…" He trots from the fields, with assistants already coming in to clean things up. It takes a lot of effort to keep a jousting field in perfect condition.