The Final Lesson Part 3
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It's a little hill just outside town. It would, perhaps, have been better to lay the trap inside town, and closer to the clonies, but it would also attract the attention of the townsfolk. This is undesireable. So Rising Chaos went and set up, taking Daisychain and Gravity along with her as manual labour. So far she's set about clearing a fire pit, a big one, like, a really big one. She's also looking anxious, for unknown reasons. She's sent out requests for help to anypony she could think of, because this is, y'know, kind of important, a little, maybe.

The blinders may be a clue about her anxiety, but you never really know. She does look less exhausted today though, by a small fraction.

And it is one of those requests that eventually reached the ears of a certain zebra that was now trotting up the hill into view. This was a serious matter, but Muzaji was in her usual congenial mood. By now most ponies in town knew this was normal for her. "So what's this I hear about our dear Miss Chaos having a bit of an identity crisis?"

Gravity is bulking stuff here and there, making darn sure this is going to be successful, He can do traps, he's got that keen eye and all. "Miss Chaos, I could fly up high and do recon, I have better eyes than ponies do ya know" he offers as he finishes his current task. "Scout and recon, and then dive in for the kill, er, not kill"

Daisychain floats down from above where she'd been hovering around and keeping an eye out at very low altitude. She trots a circle around the firepit and winds up near Rising, "So…Risin'…what exactly is it we're doin' here again?"

Quintessent-Rune typicaly vaugely agrees to try and help before sliping of back somewhere safe, and most importantly, comfortable. Most of the case; there are a few exeption, Rising Chaos is one of those. It's for that very reson Quintessent comes trudging up the hill, looking uncharacteristicaly tired; from physical exertion of all things! It kinda makes sense once one see her getup however. 'Essence's scarf is gone from it's normal place around her neck, replaced this time by the high crest of a grey-blue plate peytral forged to resemble coral and seashells and with the familiar crest from her scarf decorating it dead on. A long black-and-blue checkered caparison hangs around her, once more bearing the crest from her scarf as well as her own cutimark on her flanks - it does a fair job to cover up the clink-clink of the scalemail barding underneath.

For a moment Quintessent Rune resembles the knights of old, at least till she comes to a stop and groans. "Blistering barnacles… This thing is far heavier than I remember it being, it was not worth spending all night reforging it to fit." The seapony fell silent as Servant came floating along with it's new levitational powers, the golem too seemed to be garbed out with scalemail armor, a penant tied to it's tailfin. "And no, I'm not becoming all 'doughy and lazy!'"

Peer! Gravity may have better eyes than ponies, but that doesn't mean he saw Ruby coming - no pony sees Ruby coming; she's like a certain Inquisition referenced by a certain British Comedy Troupe. "What's going on here?" she pipes up loudly from right behind the group - somehow having remained obscured on approach, and taking the whole group by surprise. Be thankful she's not some menacing clone of Rising or something.

Rising-Chaos nods to Muzaji, and the others as they gather around. "That will not be necessary, Gravity, thanks. The idea is to make them come to us, and if it's successful, we won't even need to hide." She stops her pacing, and doesn't even fliinch at Ruby's question. "We are going to make a big magical beacon, or at least somehting that looks like it. I have a pony coming along, by the name 'Frolic', who will start the spell. If the clones are anything like me, they'll be unable to resist the temptation of that beacon. The spell we're using is fire based, so I wanted to clear an area, and get everything ready before we did anything extreme." She takes a moment to explain for Muzaji'sm, and possibly Ruby'[s benefit. "We're catching copies of me, there was an accident. Hopefully we cna get the two I'e missed up until now."

As she watches Rune come up the hill, she brightens ever so slightly. Rune will be very helpful, and she seems to have come. Is it okay to call that prepared, is that the right word? Rising gets up and walks over. "Nice to see you Rune, your arrival is very fortunate. though, I have to ask why you're wearing the armour. Not that I'm complaining, of course, it will keep you safe, which is important."

Glyph noses his way out of Rising's saddlebag (just the one today) and makes an attmept to glomp Servant.

"I've heard of split personalities, but that's definately something else," Muzaji replies, not losing a bit of her usual upbeatness. "And just what is the plan to do with them once you -get- them here?"

Ruby-Blossom sticks her tongue out behind Rising's back then trots around over by Muzaji whom she examines cause hey - something to do. "Sooo…Rising Hunting Season?"

Daisychain gives Rising a nod before joining back up at Gravity's side. "We're pretty much treatin' 'em like moths?" she asks curiously. "Dontcha think the other 'you's' might be smarter than ta fall fer yer trap?"

Quintessent-Rune glanced at Daisychain before nodding. "Indeed, she does have a point for that. They most likely are not stupid." 'Essence fell silent for a moment. "As for the armor, you told me it might be risky and I deemed it a good idea to bring it out of storage. It's a family tradition for the oldest to have one, though I must admit to my younger brother have always had the makings of a military pony, rather than I. My lot in life have been to try and breath life and inovation into our trade instead," concluded Rune with a sight.

Of on the side Servant floated down from up high, bumping noses with Glyph before being soundly glomped.

Glyphs decides that riding around on a fish is better than riding around in Chaos's bags, so stays there. Despite being weak, he can hold on pretty tight, and Servant's swimming around is fascinating, as is the opportunity to see things.

Rising Chaos nods slowly. "Well, I'm glad you'll be safe, but if this goes right, the armour won't be tested. If you need to discard parts of it to be comfortable, don't be too worried."

She flashes a grin, then turns back towards the group. she's obviously trying to emulate Muzaji's cheerfullness, and is mangaging benign neutrality, not bad. "Hunting season indeed, I don't think them being hurt would be good, though catching them is priority." She walks towards the cleared fire pitarea, looking over it with a mixture of confidence and anxiety. "Moths are, actually, the inspiration for this little trap. A big show of magic, and magic that I don't know anything about, so I'm asusming they wouldn't either, would be an almost irresistable lure. It would have me running, I know that." That was hard to admit, nopony take notice! "Hopefully it would blind them to danger, and we just scoop them up as they arrive. Since nothing I do works as intended though, yes, it become Rising Hunting Season. Once we catch them, and we WILL catch them, I put myself back together."

Daisychain puts a hoof to her chin in thought as she stares into the center of the firepit, "I dunno. If…if they're smart enough, I don't think this is gonna work. I could be completely wrong, an' ya'll could be completely right. I'm jus' sayin' though."

Gravity hmm's, "Well if your magic is reduced, then theirs is likely as well, that may mean we can get a hold of them easier without risking undue injuries" he states with concern.

Ruby-Blossom sarcastically calls out. "Perhhaps this isn't the right bait, have you considered something a tad more leggy?"

"While I'm confident this is going to work, they do have a point Arcee," Muzaji chimes in. "We should be prepared to have to do some possible chasing if they start to get wise. I mean, even a you of limited capacity is still pretty dang clever."

A very faint ghost of a smile flashes across Quintessent-Rune's face as she glances at Ruby. "Perhaps that would work, indeed. Miss Chaos, have you considered bringing your paramour to this occation? That, one would expect, would be rather a potent way to draw the attentions of your clones."

Rising-Chaos loses her serious look and seems to get a tad grumpy. "I thought it was a pretty good plan. I'd be taken in by it." She stamps a hoof in the ground. "It's not a question of being clever, it's a question of need. I need power, I'm hoping that the clones need it too." She sits down, croses her forelegs. "I thought it was really clever plan. I don't even know what you mean by leggy, Ruby. But I'm not using Queen Pegasus as bait." She pauses, grumpy thoughts can still be funny, but she hides her chuckle. "She'd be bad at it."

"Don't think she's the damsel in distress type, no." Even Muzaji has to snicker a bit at that. Then hmms. And looks down into the firepit. "But if it's fanning of magical flame," then turns to nose in one of the various pockets hidden within her cloak, muffling her voice just faintly, "prehaps I can find something tempting to add to the game."

Daisychain smirks at the thought of Queenie playing bait for the clones and gives a not of agreement to Rising, "I don't think she'd be all too up fer it." She looks around a bit, unsure of her purpose, "Um…Risin'…is there anythin' I could be helpin' with?"

Quintessent-Rune stiffeled a highly inaproppriate giggle. "Indeed, if the plans involve fiery magics I do not think I can contributemuch beyond the musclepower of my golems. I have never been particularly good with pyromantic arcana," Rune glanced at Chaos, "as you can imagine."

Ruby-Blossom glances about before quietly slipping away; after all she'd be best to avoid too much physical activity.

Rising-Chaos eases up on the grump, but stays sitting down. "I just needed help setting up, really. Now I just need to wait for the rest of my essential helpers, Spindrift, Frolic, Stormdancer. We already have Rune here, who is crucial in my plan." Realizing how that sounds like she's excluding Daisy, a jerk move, and Rising totally isn't a jerk. Totally, right, yeah. She hastily appends, "I'll, of course, need as many ponies as I can get to help me restrain the copies. I don't know if they are weaker magically than I. I mean, the one I have in the lab did somehting I've never been capable of, self levitation." That actually kinda stung, watching herself be better than her. "Rune, your golems are helpful, but I'll need you to help Spindrift with her job."

Muzaji eventually pulls out a small pouch, which she loosens the top of and tosses into the the bit. "A little zebra magic, to sweeten the deal. Sure to get any afficionado's appeal. We do not want to be waiting an all-nighter, so this will help the arcane essences burn brighter." Then hmmms again as she steps away from the pit. "We want to restrain without destroying, I may have another trick or two for deploying."

Daisychain gives a slight nod in perhaps a bit of a bored manner. She plops her rump down near the edge of the firepit and eventually lays the rest of the way down idly.

Quintessent-Rune cocked her head ever so slightly, eyeing Rising. "Crucial, you say? I am intruiged to know how I fit into your equation for me to be such, especialy taking into consideration Spindrift… I do hope you remember that I lack any finess when it comes to natural magics." Rune bit back a grimarce, hoping nothing she'd say would give her away to much.

Rising-Chaos finally relinquishes the grump. "Thank you Muzaji, every little bit helps. And I'm sure you have many little zebra tricks to contribute as well." She finally gets back to her lazy hooves, and walks over to Rune, sitting down again to look at the mare. "Now you listen, you're great at magic. You'll be helping Spindrift make the beacon look big, shiny, alluring, pump it full of magic, Spindirft cna help change it into what we need. I'm also counting on you to know what to do if things go wrong, I trust you. If nothing else, it eases my mind having you here." She looks over at Daisychain, rolling her eyes. "Would you like a job, Daisy? Or am I just boring you?"

Daisychain looks over at Rising with a little bit of a 'of course I am' look to her. "Well…I mean…there's not much fer me ta be doin' 'till ya get the beacon goin' an' one of them clones shows up…"

Muzaji plants her striped flank on the ground. "Then I guess for now, all we do is wait. When everypony is together, then we'll start the bait." Then returns her usual casual but knowing smile to Rising. "And before you ask, there is no cost. Just to help a friend return what they've lost."

Quintessent-Rune's upturned ever so slightly from it's usual polite smile. "I'm touched by your confidence in my ability to assist, Miss Choas, though I do not share it. But I agree, lets wait for the others to show up, then procede with your plan." With that, the seapony-in-armor laid down, foreleg folded beneath her. She'd give a relieved sigh of not having to stand up with the armor on, but that'd not do for her image.

Rising-Chaos finds a place to lay down as well. "My confidence is not misplaced Rune." That should be enough, right. "Thank you, Muzaji, for the generosity. I suppose all that's left for us to do is wait for the rest of the parties to come together."

[Later, that same day]

The trap is set, the pieces in play, there is no way this can go wrong

As previously stated, if you keep telling yourself something, it might even become true. So Rising Chaos repeates those words in her head over and over. She's not really doing anything right now, just laying around with Rune, Muzaji, and Daisychain. They are all on a hill just outside of town. Near the center of the hill's top is a fire pipt, awaiting the pony to get the beacon started.

The ponies know what they need to do, or kinda, Rising has been a little bad at organizing things. Most ponies probably mostly understand what she wants, a big magic beacon, or big magic performance. The magic ponies pumping it full ot make it look as big as possible, while hopefully not burning down all of everything. She kinda communicated this, she thinks, maybe. To be perfectly fair, she's stressed, worried, tired, and weak, so she has her limits like any other pony.

Should the plan come together, it should work though. Her only worry is that it works on her, too. So she's mentally preparing herself, and wearing those silly blinder things.

(OOC) Rising-Chaos: fire is, in fact, most of the plan. Because we are rational, thinking ponies
(OOC) Muzaji: Fire can't go wrong with this town's reputation, not at all. :3
(OOC) Rising-Chaos: not even a little bit
(OOC) Fireside-Frolic: Fire can't go wrong with /my/ reputation. Clearly this is the best plan ever and can't backfire in any possible way.
(OOC) Rising-Chaos: exactly, see, I'm glad Frolic has confidence in the plan
(OOC) Quintessent-Rune shifts nervously and wishes everypony would stop saying 'fire'.

Stormdancer arrives from the weather shed bearing gifts! And by gifts, we mean clouds. "Got th' 'idin' places," she chirps. "'oo's got th' nets?" Because the last time she ambushed somepony from the sky it worked out -so well- for her. And two lone clouds in an otherwise perfectly clear sky are so inconspicuous.

Yup, everypony is completely 100% confident. That's tottaly why Quintessent-Rune is pacing back and forth across the hill herself - despite being burdened by her scalemail barding and plate peytral. Ocationaly she'd stop, brushing a creese out of her blue-and-black checkerd caparison, emblazoned with both family seal and cutimark both, or to look over at the equealy armored up Servant - the golem playing around with Glyph - and her scarf lying in the grass.

Muzaji already added her bit to the pit, in the form of a pouch of some extra zebra 'magic' that's suppose to make the magic energies all the more 'bright' for the lack of better terms. She may have more to add as things progress, but for the time being she's just sitting idly by. And trying to keep Rising from getting to anxious.

Daisychain has grown…bored…in waiting and in Gravity's now absence. Upon Stormdancer's arrival she livens up a little bit and hovers up onto one of the clouds, "Well…we ain't even completely sure this is gonna be workin' er nawt…"

A passing breeze whirls its way up the hill before coalescing in a rabbit-sized twister of dust and mud. It tumbles about a bit on its way up the hill towards the gathering ponies before a pair of black eyes manifest and peer up at them. The little elemental cavorts a bit and waggles windy little claws at the ponies, pantomiming uselessly.

A few moments later, Spindrift is making her way up the hill, all cloaked and hooded. She pauses as ponies come into view, taking a moment to take stock of who is present, before advancing further.

"Hello," she calls, as she approaches. "It seems you have everything in place, Rising Chaos, and ample assistance at the ready…" She trails off, and stares at Rune's panoply.

The small elemental- Thunderknuckles- whirls over to Servant and Glyph and starts circling around them excitedly.

Fireside-Frolic probably does not know /exactly/ what it is she's signed up for. But she seems to be slowly figuring it out. She's eyeing that firepit with a strange mixture of excitement and extreme trepidation, shifting from hoof to hoof as she stands a bit away from the rest of the group, trying to keep herself turned so as to keep her flank out of easy view.

Rising-Chaos smiles up at Stormdancer. "You showed up, excellent. I hadn't thoguht to bring nets, that would actually have been a good idea. Still, we should be fine." She stamps a hoof and /looks/ at Daisychain. "We do know it's going to work, because it's going to work." The fact she doesn't even sound confident should be COMPLETELY IGNORED. Muzaji's reassurances only helped a bit.

Thankfully Spindrift is there to break up the tnesion. "More or less, yes. We're just waiting on Frolic to get the beacon started. I'll be asking you and Rune to make it looks big, noticeable. Remember, we don't wnat power, just the promise of it." She tries for a smile, and wins! She did it! "I'm counting on you, I know you can do it." She gets up and walks over to Frolic, trying to act like the leader she so desperately wishes she was. "I'll just need you to do your thing in that pit. If you cna just hold the spell, my copies shoudl come running."

Glyph, spotting a NEW FRIEND, lets go of Servant. He scurries along the ground and makes a leap for Thunderknuckles. Whether the leap is successful or not, he makes an effort to eat the elemental. Good luck, little guy.

Muzaji's ears flick up, though it's less hearing the approach and more zebra awareness of things that are more than natural that sense the approaching bunnymental. "Ah, Thunderknuckles. Then that must mean," sure enough there she is, "Spindrift! How nice of you to join the endeavour." Then she glances from Spindrift to Rune and back again. Huh. Chaos must have an attraction for Seaponies or something. "Well, we should be set to get this underway soon enough now I imagine…"

That's okay RC, she's providing as much optimism as safely possible to make up for the rest of you doubters.

Quintessent-Rune glanced at each pony in turn, giving them a polite nod. Though finishes with the staring Spindrift. "Miss Spindrift, pray tell.. is there something on my face to make you stare like so?" The mare raised a hoof, a wee bit self-consiously, then let it fall and looked over at Rising-Chaos. "To fake power, while not granting it?"

Can you eat the wind?! No! Such is Thunderknuckles. The elemental's black eyes widen slightly as he finds himself leapt upon and apparently being eaten, although he is able to just breeze his way back out of the lizard golem's mouth. He seems thoroughly confused and reaches up with an implied hand to pat Glyph on the head. My little minion: Friendship is confusion.

Servant, for his part, eagerly swims along through the air. New friend! Whatever silent exclamation the golem is capable off, Rune can still hear it and the trio gets a slightly annoying glance.

Daisychain rolls her eyes from up on her cloud. From up in the air and behind the goggles (totally just almost called them giggles…) it's unlikely that it's seen. She lets out a sigh, "Well…I guess we'll see."

Stormdancer hops on top of her cloud and settles in, wiggling her hooves in the cloudstuff to be sure she's well set. "Sa we gotta 'old'm th' 'ard way?" She looks a bit concerned. "Ya ain't gonna like, git any bruises we put'n 'em, righ'?" The scampering of the sidekicks draws her attention away, though, and she can't help but giggle at their antics. Though she double-takes at the elemental, glancing back at Spindrift for a moment, before taking her cue from everypony(and zebra) else. They're not bothered, so she shouldn't be!

Glyph suffers being pat on his head, because apparently Thunderknuckles is not eatable. this is, as one might expect, one of the biggest disappoints since ever, for Glyph. Instead, he starts weaving around, trying to follow the air currents inside of Thunderknuckle's 'body'.

"No, but there is something on your body," replies Spindrift. "The presentation is very impressive, though, at least." She offers Muzaji a bow of her head, then turns her attention back to Rising. "I'll do what I can, though as you know my talents are more in directing and shaping arcane sources. Still, it should help to focus the energies present… AND ensure they are kept in check."

The cloaked seapony makes her way to the firepit and stops at its edge, peering in, then draws back slightly, looking now to Fireside with a slight squint. She's new, but there's something familiar about her. Hm. Spindrift doesn't stop to stare for long, though, looking back to the group next and waiting patiently.
Fireside-Frolic blinks and nods, letting out a slow breath. "Right. Yeah. Okay. Er… just, y'know, I might not want to make… too many. I don't want 'em running off and lighting stuff up, you know?" She casts a somewhat guilty glance down towards the docks, then approaches the firepit slowly, giving Spindrift a somewhat shy nod of greeting. "Just, um, say when. When everypony's ready and all."

Rising-Chaos nods, following Frolic as she walks over before putting a comforting hoof on her shoulder. "You'll be fine, I promise. You're surrounded by magical proffesionals who are here to help keep it check. You just do your best." She's totally not reassuring herself there, nope. She walks back away from the fire, because she wants at least a bit of a run up if she loses it. "Well, you had me following you like a moth for a while there. You just do your best as well, that's all I can ask."

She wanders away from the magic area, and takes a seat facing away. handily, she's also facing Stormdancer. "Well, I have no idea, actually. I wasn't feeling what we did to Blue, but I was feeling a whole lot of other stuff. so who knows? I'd, know, prefer to avoid broken bones, or major damage though, just in case." She raises her voice. "I'm ready any time. I brought you here because I know you can do it, so let's do it."

Stormdancer gives Rising a sloppy salute! And flaps her mobile perch up to a decent height to wait for, well… She wasn't -quite- sure, but if any of the other Chaoses show up, they're in for a tackling! Hope she doesn't hit the wrong one.

Quintessent-Rune sighed softly for herself and nodded, walking over to her discarded scarf. After a few moments of rumaging through the folds she pulled out a pair of gold-rune inscribed spheres. Spheres she brought over to Fireside and Spindrift. "From what I understand, I do belive Miss Chaos wishes for me to provide the power nesecary to work this endevor… I do belive that I need to invest in devices ment for the procuring and containing of power, draining my artefacts like this can't be good for them." That said she droped the two spheres upon the ground, resting a hoof on them.

Daisychain pushes her goggles up for just a moment from her face, taking a great big yawn in the process as she flops down on her cloudly throne. She slides the goggles back into place and peers down towards Rising before scanning the horizon, "All ready from up here, Risin'…"

Spindrift keeps quiet for now, though her sea-green eyes are alert, darting from pony to pony as they speak, tracking every word. She won't be caught unawares by a plan she is unfamiliar with or ponies she doesn't know what to expect from. As Rune brings the golden spheres close, however, Spindrift turns to regard them quietly. "You mean for us to use these?" she asks, nodding to one.

For the moment Muzaji is just watching, waiting until she needs to either aid the beacon or start catching clones.

(OOC) Spindrift: emergency backup zebra

Fireside-Frolic nods slowly, casting another glance around before taking a deep breath and ducking her head to touch her horn to the firepit. Said horn glows a bright, fiery orange - there's a spark, then a few more. Then a flash, and the fuel in the firepit would catch ablaze and soon be crackling merrily. A right little campfire, this one! Maybe not /quite/ the beacon of powerful magic Rising is looking for, but she's not quite through yet. She glances back at Rising timidly. "Should, um, should I do the firesprites now, or does somepony else need to, er, do something first? I can try and make just, um, one big one, maybe."

Well to Rising Chaos you all look like you know exactly what you're doing! In fact, for her, this is going great! She turns to Frolic, and offers her approximation of an encouraging smile. "I think we should be getting underway. Do whatever you are mroe comfortable with, Spindrift and Rune will handle the rest. It doesn't have to be huge, I've come running for less I am sure." she looks back around, before all the activity starts.

Muzaji just turns her head the other and pretends not to be listening for a moment when Rising mentions running around after 'lesser' experiences.

"Indeed, they're self perpetuating golem cores - as long as they have some arcane power they will beging to empower themselves, and these two have not been used since I charged them the last time. They shall have more than enough for whatever you intend," said Quintessent-Rune with a slight, polite nod to Spindrift. "I'll gather the threads of power from my construct, you weave them."

From up above, Stormdancer calls down a (not very) helpful suggestion. "This don' work, reckon I kin get m' 'ooves on a tutu what'll fit Kewpie. Think what that'd work?"

Spindrift returns Rune's nod, quiet and composd as usual, but also thoughtful. Granted, this is a Seapony royalist instead of a Harbor loyalist, but still, they're giving her a powerful source of arcane magic? Just to, like… use? Spindrift glances about, then shrugs. There is, of course, nothing to fear, but she is nevertheless slightly surprised all thes ame, and her demeanor remains muted as she scoops up the golem core and draws it close. "Of course…"

She trails off at Stormdancer's catcall from above. Part of her is disgusted, the other one wants to smirk. She ignores both and simply sits down to roll her golem core about between her hooves, while turning to regard the fire, and Fireside beside it.

Muzaji has to put a hoof over her mouth to keep from snickering too loudly at the suggestion from above.

Rising-Chaos scrunches up her muzzle and glare up at stormdancer. "Not helpful Stormdancer, I do not appreciate the input. Queen Pegasus would be terrible bait anyways." she folds her legs and looks back down. "Why is the one of the first things everypony seems to think up?"

Daisychain wraps a wing in front of her face as the smoke from the fire starts to rise into the skies. Perhaps sitting on a cloud near the firepit wasn't the best of ideas. She wrinkles her nose in disgust, "Maybe we should be movin' back a bit…"

Quintessent-Rune closed her eyes and planted her flanks, to the sound of rustling sclemail. "Whenever you are ready, Miss Spindrift."

Fireside-Frolic nods. Okay. Okay, she can do this in a helpful and totally-not-destructive-whatsoever manner. She gazes into the fire thoughtfully, frowning a bit, horn gleaming, After a moment she thinks of whatever she's trying to think of, and begins muttering to herself. Astute listeners might recognize a very-much-sped-up rendition of Jack' and the Beanstalk. The fire flickers and dances, but doesn't start to take form until she gets to the part about the Giant. Now, there's giant and there's /Giant/, and the form that is taking shape in the fire is… well, neither. It's about foal-sized. But growing! And very much in the shape of a pony. It stamps its hooves and tosses its head and does its very best to look imposing and giant! Though it seems to taper off with the growing once it's maybe six inches or so short of full pony size.

But enough scholarly consideration! Have at you! The seapony watches the growing fire-foal for a moment before closing her eyes and concentrating. Quintessent Rune may have a sore understanding of Spindrift's talents and abilities, but the cloaked seapony is not about to get fussy about whether she's suited to the task before her. A lick of fire curls away from the mane of the the fire-foal- a sliver of magic redirected, made to flow under Spindrift's control. The lick of flame becomes a curling wisp, twisting away from the blaze, approaching the seapony- and with a flash, enveloping the golden sphere she holds aloft in her hoof before her- her right hoof, a hoof bleached white in a curling pattern that continues up past the seapony's shoulder. The device is still for a moment, smoke clearing from around it, but then begins to hum and rattle softly, gleaming with a soft light of its own. Spindrift, jaw tight and expression still, eventually peeks an eye open and nods hurriedly to Rune. "There," she murmurs.

Stormdancer snickers and watches the show, though she nods to Daisychain and points upwind with one wing. "Shoul' b' clearer o'er there." And magics! And fire! And- she twitches a little bit, deciding the best course of action here is to watch the area around the hill instead.

Rising-Chaos feels that sudden burst of magical energy. It takes a lot for her not to turn around and try and get it, now. She grits her teeth, closes her eyes and tries to hold herself together. Oh please, clone, just show up so she can get all upset at something.

Daisychain wrinkles her nose even harder…thankfully she's got her goggles to protect her eyes. She stands back up on the cloud and hovers above it, "Might wanna leave these here…jus' incase we need water in a right hurry…"

Quintessent-Rune noded in response to Spindrift, never once opening her eyes. Instead she pressed her hoof firmer against the two spheres, reaching for the power… A moment later 'Essence's mane burst out around her, as if she'd been submerged in water - mane caught in a brisk current - and ribons of golden energy wraped around her foreleg. Reaching out with her other forehoof, she offered it to Spindrift as thaumic energy started to pool.

Stormdancer looks back up, blinking at Daisy. "- Wait, ya wan'ed -rain-'n these, ta?" She wiggles one hoof free and prods at her cloud experimentally. "- Migh' be able ta squeeze a lil' ou', b' these came outta th' decor'tive batch, na th' stormin' batch." She looks away, rubbing the side of her muzzle self-consciously. "- 'sides, they was easier ta make thi' way."

Spindrift still looks a bit taken with the apparent intensity of the show so far, her thin figure tense like a bow string, her ears soon slicked back against her skull. It takes her a few moments of concentration, but eventually she's able to lift her white-marked hoof in a hurried gesture and hook it around Rune's offered hoof, holding on as one might grip the railing of a ship tossed by a storm. Whatever is happening, it seems to be quite… unpleasant to the seapony.

But she remains focused. More licks of flame- flame that might have otherwise been wasted on showy but magically inert flickers of heat and light- are drawn away from the growing fire-filly, channeled inward. While Rune works her magic, Spindrift works her own- or rather, shapes the magic that is already present. The building arcane show is concentrated in a growing beam of golden light… focused, intense, cutting towards the sky like a spotlight.

Fireside-Frolic does her best to keep her concentration, which seems equally split between growing the firesprite and making sure it doesn't, you know, go stamping off to cause trouble. She can't help but look intrigued, though, as Spindrift starts to do her work - and the firesprite looks the same, pausing in its stamping to watch the spirals coming off of its flaming form. Oooooh. Pretty.

Rising-Chaos is sympathising with Spindrift right now, a lot. Trying to keep herself from doing anything rash is difficult, and the presence of so much magic, painful. Thankfully, she's learnt some self control. Here's hoping the clones didn't, because she'd be half way here from Canterlot by now.

Muzaji idly moves closer towards Rising. "Just keep focused on watching for your misplaced herd to come." Don't think of the big surge of magic going on in the background. Nope. Don't think about it at all.

Daisychain perks a bit of a brow at Stormdancer then shrugs, "It was jus' a thought. Figured if things get outta control, we could make it rain. But, I think we'll be more worried 'bout catchin' the other Risin's…"

"Moderation, Miss Spindrift," whispered Quintessent-Rune, her brow furrowed in consentration. "It might seem… ample for the moment, but the cores do not hold an infinite amount - they will drain if you are not careful."

Between the firesprite, Quintessent's humming golem cores, and Spindrift's tense management and focusing of the gathered forces, a mighty beacon indeed is being formed. It isn't just magically-sensitive unicorns that might be noting the beacon- the column of golden light blazing into the darkening evening sky likely stands out to everybody who bothers to take a look. It hums with gathering power, spreading warmth and a tingling sense of 'this is how towns get burned down' in the ponies nearby.

But it doesn't actually draw any clone unicorns out of the woodwork. The show doesn't draw anybody. Nothing seems to be happening aside from a big flash in a blazing pan.

Thunderknuckles slowly leans out from where he's hiding behind one of Spindrift's rear legs, peeking up at the blaze, the black holes of his eyes drinking in the light and churning out obvious amazement. Beside him is Glyph, who the elemental has apparently been dragging around like a stuffed toy for a while.

A few more moments pass.

There's a soft rustle in the grass. It may go unnoticed by most, especially those focused on the display- or overwhelmed by it- but off to one side of the firepit, hoof-shaped depressions in the grass approach and slow to a stop.

Glyph, for his part, is one hundred percent okay with being dragged around like a stuffed animal. He's probably having so much fun right now.

Rising Chaos sure isn't, but seems to relax at Muzaji's help. "Yeah, yeah, trying. Magic is really cool, I wonder if Frolic wou- no, clones, right." She's looking outwards, for any sign of magic, for anything abnormal at all. Something like an invisibility spell and movement. Her eyes crack open, looking around in the vague direcion of the hoofprints. "Gotcha." Because that word by itself explains everything.

Stormdancer really shouldn't have been looking across at Daisy, 'cause when the beacon goes on… "- Um, ow." Blink. "Really ow." She flops back, rubbing at her eyes with her hooves, trying to get all the spots out of her vision! So she is, for the moment, useless.

Muzaji's ears perk, eyes shifting just enough to glance in the direction that Rising looks. Hoofprints, but no pony? Correct that, no -visible- pony. "My my, they are sneaky devils aren't they," the zebra murmurs under her breath. Then out loud. "Here, let me give you something to help relax." She reachs into her cloak and pulls out another small sack. "Something to sooth those nerves a bit — oops." She snaps her hoof and lets go of the bag. "Oh my, butterhooves me!"

The bag should land near those hoofprints and explode in a cloud of dust that 1) coat the invisible pony enough to make them visible, and 2) give them a fit of sneezes to distract them."

Daisychain turns her head to the side and flaps to push herself backwards away from the control of light. She winces her eyes shut and grumbles with her ears layed back.

Paff! The flung sack of sneeze dust impacts with a presence where one does not see one- but is right to suspect one. For a brief moment, a figure not unlike Rising Chaos's is revealed, the dust settling over a unicorn-like shape. That moment concludes with a Rising Chaos-like sneeze.

And then the cloud whirls as the revealed pony leaps around the edge of the fire and towards Muzaji, aiming to barrel the zebra to the grass! Wait, Rising doesn't -TACKLE- ponies, does she?!

Stormdancer's vision is all blurry, but it's an improvement! And there's nothing wrong with her -ears-. So, odd sounds… which means something's happening! She sticks her head out the bottom of her cloud, blinking- "Daisy! Think w' got one!" Blink, blink. "Mebbe!"

Not tackle per say, but Muzaji has seen her threaten people with that sword of hers, so getting a bit aggressive isn't -too- much of a surprise. As the unicorn charges she braces herself, though she still lets out a gasped "Oof" at the impact. But then shifts her balance to shove back and hopefully topple the lighter unicorn over. "Now now my dear, there is no need to get violent. Just sit here and stare at the big magic show like you came for."

Rising-Chaos certainly doesn't tackle ponies, usually. But she's about to do something that worked, once, kinda. Seeing the cloney barreling down, she stands in front of Muzaji, bettign on it not wanting to hurt her. It worked with a murderous prate, maybe it'll work on a cloney? If nothing else, the face would give the clone pause, it's all anger, with a certain amount of worrying craziness creeping in because MAGIC I WANT IT.

Or that was the plan anyways, Rising Chaos doesn't quite get there in time to stop Muzaji getting tackled, so rushes over to try and make sure nothing bad happens and clone doesn't get away. "Come on, you are staying with me, here. Stay still and don't hurt Muzaji, she's your friend." She stops herself from saying 'I am not'.

Fireside-Frolic is quite quickly distracted from her tending of the 'fire' as it were by the sudden commotion. She spins around, blinking in surprise and confusion and tensing a bit. "What the hay…" For its part, the firesprite looks quite confused as well. What's going on here we were telling a storyyyyyy!

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(OOC) Muzaji: Oh Rising-kun, you so silly with your denials
(OOC) Stormdancer pulls up the Therapy Bench. … We're gonna need a bigger one. :(
(OOC) Rising-Chaos: you guys leave her alone, only I'm allowed ot beat myself up

Daisychain 's ears shoot up at Stormdancer's claims and sticks her head in a similar manner through the cloud to look undernead. She hovers off the cloud and circles around quietly behind the clone…

(OOC) Muzaji: In this case, literally!
(OOC) Muzaji badumdumching

A brief struggle ensues! The powder-dusted unicorn, still invisible, topples back after Muzaji throws her off, and as she falls to the ground with a wordless grunt, briefly becomes visible- it looks like Rising, sure enough, but with a somewhat squatter profile, and a pinker hue to her coat. Her hair is a bit tangled and her eyes are a bit wild, and as she surges to her hooves and looks ready to charge back in, the unicorn flickers out of view once more… but freezes. The dusting of sneeze powder remains, delineating her presence, and indicating as she turns to look towards the real Rising Chaos, watching her silently.

The fire crackles; the magic hums. Spindrift gasps and drops from her reverie, only to settle beside Rune, who has apparently dropped to the grass, out cold. The cloaked seapony glances between Rising and the dusted duplicate, quickly taking stock of the situation. It looks tense. She's not about to disrupt it.

Off in the distance, a curious sound can be heard. It's easily dismissed as part of the background hum of the town, until it happens again, a bit louder. Bamf. And then it happens again, louder. Closer. Bamf.

Bamf. Bamf. Bamf.

(OOC) Muzaji: Hey Rising, why can't you teleport like that?
(OOC) Rising-Chaos: because I suck shutup >:[

Muzaji looks at the dusty not-quite-invisible pony. Then up at the sound in the distance. Then to the real Rising-Chaos.

"Just how many clones -are- there, anyways?"

Hmm. This one was invisible. Sounds like one is… teleporting? What else makes the sound *bamf*. "It's like each clone only has one magic power…"

Daisychain lands on the ground, still seemingly unnoticed by the clonie pony. She adjusts the straps on her steel-plated flight cap and makes sure it's on nice and snug. Her wings put her into a completely silent hover as she slowly circles around again behind the sugar-frosted Rising doppelganger.

Rising-Chaos is starting to get a little bit intense right now, what with all the noise and struggles and new things coming in that if she had the common sense of a walnut she would take note of. Thankfully for everything aroudn Rising, she doesn't all the time. She continues ot stare down her cloney with that desperate, furious stare. "You just stay right there, I won't hurt you. Not if you don't try and run. You're among friends, you're where you belong. Just. Stay. Here." Her breathing gets a bit harder, but she holds that gaze for all she's worth. "I got this one, there's one more on the way."

Stormdancer's ears flick back and forth as she orients herself to the approach of the tele-Rising. Not that she -knows- it's a tele-Rising. After all, everypony knows the purple unicorn wouldn't be able to teleport around like that! "Comin' 'n fast," she adds with a warning, spreading her wings out and getting ready to dive.

(OOC) Rising-Chaos sobs because she will never be as cool as her clones

The sugar-frosted clone faces Rising stoically, silently, much of its features hidden by invisibility. In the gleaming light of the fire, in the flickering waves of magic no longer being managed by the seaponies, the spell sputters and fades in uneven waves, revealing marble ribbons of the clone's pink-coated features- as well as an expression of deepening anger. Rising's intense, focused address is returned back at her, frustrated and feral.

Bamf. Bamf. Bamf! It's coming from the far side of the hill, away from the town. Trees and branches rustle around flickers of movement. Bamf, bamf, louder, faster, closer, a figure is flickering into view only fast enough to disappear with a dissipating waft of shadow! Bamf bamf bamf bamfbamfbamf

Another clone, much like Rising but a bit taller, a bit lankier, and with a red coat, descends upon the original in a sudden, grabby fury! Her hooves reach up and seize Rising's cloak, trying to pull it off of her! "M-mine!" she gasps, in a rather Rising-like voice, fixating on the cloak with an almost single-minded obsession!

Spindrift hauls herself upright, wobbling about, and winces as she settles her weight on all four hooves, shifting and snatching her tattooed leg up a moment later. She takes a moment to check to see Rune is well- the silly royalist probably wouldn't have fainted so readily if she wasn't decked out in all that ridiculous armor- before pressing forward to come to Rising's aid, trying to pull the red clone off. She is kind of weak, though.

Thunderknuckles spins around in the grass, panicking and waving its claws in the air.

Glyph, of course, thinks this is all part fo some fantastic game, and he's enjoying all the magic being flung around and the ride. This is the best night ever.

Muzaji yelps and jumps to the side as the tele-Rising abruptly appears and grabs onto the real Rising!… Oh wait, it's just after her cape. And yet.

"It's like each one has just one power and just one aspect of her personality."

The zebra turns her attention to wavering fire beacon. That's not good, they've only gotten two clones here so far! She pulls out another one of those pouchs of powder and tosses it into the bonfire to try and give it some magic stability back.

Daisychain's ears dart up again as the other clone approaches. When it ambushes the real Rising, she waits a moment to see the outcome. As it still keeps trying to steal the cape the pegasus fires off like a rocket, forehead aimed right for the side of the tele-clone.

Fireside-Frolic gives a startled squeak and darts forward to try and help as well. Of course, this isn't exactly a normal situation, but admittedly she moves with the air of a pony who's been in a rumpus or ten before, snatching up the attacking clone around the flank and trying to pull her - it - back. Granted, she's not fully an adult pony yet, so she's a bit small for such a physical task!

The firesprite is looking kind of excited. Sure, it misses out on the story, but at least it's getting a show! It stamps about and opens its mouth in a mostly soundless roar, as it can't really do much more than crackle cheerily. The powder is probably welcome, though, because it /has/ shrunk a few inches in its creator's period of distraction!

And there goes the bait! Stormdancer snaps her wings down, launching herself through her cloud and diving towards Red, picking up speed as she goes. If this one can teleport… Can't just pin this one down! And can't give any warning! So she extends a hoof, trying to angle her dive juuuuuust right- And is focused enough that she doesn't see Daisy doing the same from another angle.

This may get messy.

Rising-Chaos tries to hold the stare, but that's what we call 'difficult' when you have the thing around your neck pulled. Because that kinda hurts, y'know? So she's pulled back, and breaks eye contact with feral her. "Stop the spell, we have them all," she growls. They really don't need the whole fire thing anymore. She does a kind of useless nerd flail to try and latch on to something or somepony, at least. When is Stormdancer going to show up, because that's the only mare here with muscles, and a precedent for smacking Rising Chaos, which is A GOOD THING RIGHT NOW.

In all the confusion, she does try and grab at Pink with her magic. Try and knock the copy over or something. You can't just ignore ponies like that.

(OOC) Spindrift: useless nerd flail
(OOC) Rising-Chaos: the best kind of action

Red Chaos is super interested in that cloak. She wants it. You have no ideas. She looks like she might tear it off her originator entirely if given half a chance. Which she isn't- what with
Daisychain barreling in from one direction, Stormdancer from another, and both Spindrift and Fireside trying to pull her back. She is beset by ponies from all sides! "Mine! MINE!" she calls out, desperate, flailing, before she is buried under her assailants and pinned!


The clone disappears out from under the heap and scrambles over them, slipping out of their hole but with her balance upset. She trips, stumbles, and topples over with a surprised "mine!" and flops out atop Rising, momentarily stunned.

Pink Chaos is on the warpath again. She stamps backward, shaking her head left and right against the magic burst, lips curled back in a snarl. She then launches towards Rising Chaos and Red Chaos atop her, limbs spread eagled as she vaults into a FURIOUS NERD TACKLE. Everyone in the ponypile! One condition: Rising Chaoses only.

(OOC) Rising-Chaos selfsnuggle

Sorry, we're gonna have to break that rule of 'Rising Chaoses only'.

Everypony else is busy trying to hold down the tele-Rising, so Muzaji steps back into things.

She darts towards Angry-Chaos, yanking off her own cloak as she does so, and with a snap of her head whips it at the clone's hooves to try and tangle them up. "You wanna play rodeo, then that's the way we shall go!"

Daisychain veers at the last minute as she sees the other ponies coming in for the attack. Her wings spread and flare out as an airbrake but at her speed, it's not enough. Her legs start running before they hit the ground but she still winds up tumbling head-over-hooves. After a few seconds of laying still she works her way back onto her legs with a groan. With her bearings back the pegasus stares at the clones. Like the flip of a switch, there's a spark in her eyes and it's ready to turn into a roaring inferno…

Hey, they didn't all crash and maim each other immediately! Stormdancer counts this as a win, even if Red got out and left the ponies a bit tangled up. And has an idea as she scrambling to her feet, intent on diving right back into the fray! "Arcee! Gimme yer cloak!" Once again, she's a little too focused on the goal, and not the complications. Like Daisy. This is a common theme.

(OOC) Rising-Chaos is being choked by herself, taking off articles of clothing is not priority
(OOC) Daisychain: Daisy finally has an excuse to beat the tar out of 'Rising' =3
(OOC) Stormdancer just wants to bait Red away with the cloak, not a private show. =P
(OOC) Rising-Chaos: uh huh
(OOC) Muzaji: So it's like angry make-out

Fireside-Frolic stumbles back from the ponypile, shaking her head. "That didn't work." She blinks and nods; her horn gleams, and the firesprite fades back down into a normal, flickering flame. She'll deal with that later! She circles the fracas, looking for some way to be useful. She'd pounce right on in, but she might kick the wrong pony, and then where would they be? Other than, you know. Kicked.

Rising-Chaos accepts the furious nerdtackle, and commences to enraged nerd grapple! Good thing Muzaji exists, because that cloak is probably gonna slow pink down a bit, and let equally nerdy weak Rising get an advantage. "How am I supposed to do that?" she shouts at Stormdancer's request. "You come take it off yourself, I'm a little preoccupied." Still, she helps by trying to cut off Red's magic, because she can try, at least. "Mine!"

Red Chaos doesn't like being the meat in a Rising Chaos sandwich. As opposed to, you know. The bread. So she gets ready to pop on out of there, acting more on instinct than intention. Bam- *fizzle!* Magic interference seems to stop her right where she is. She looks surprised, distracted for a moment from the cloak and her intense NEED of it, and sneezes violently, whisps of shadow rolling out of her nose in a flashy gust. For the moment, she is not strangling Rising Chaos with her own cloak, at least.

Pink Chaos is cloak-lassoed! She kicks and thrashes and makes Muzaji work to get her tied, but despite all her rage she is still just a li'l nerd mage, and a bit of focused wrassling binds her hooves in short order. She does bite, though, if given something biteable to chomp on.

Like Rising Chaos's tail. CHOMP.

Daisychain sees this open opportunity of Tele-clone unable to make a magical getaway. She starts walking back towards the group with heavy footstomps, which soon turn into a gallup for a second or two before her wings spread open and she fires off like a cannon at Red Chaos, her forhead aimed at the clone's head this time.

Spindrift is picking herself up from the ponypile, on the bottom of which she recently found herself, and groans a bit. She squints her eyes at the continuing melee, taking a moment to study it magicwise. Rising's arcane interference with her red doppleganger does not go unnoticed- and so the seapony draws back, gathering her wits, and focus, ready to try and counter any further tricks from either of them.

Although to the unaware eye, it does look like she's just standing back and frowning at everybody. To be fair, this sort of what she normally does anyway.

Muzaji fortunately is not a weak nerdpony (no offense RC!), she's a mystery solving adventure zebra! Yes okay she had a lot of help on the whole mystery thing, but still. The point is, if its going to take a bit of wrasslin' darn well she's gonna wrassle! At least long enough to get that cloak knotted good and tight. Then for extra measure she -sits on top- of the bundled Nerdrage-Chaos. "For so much anger, and so much rage; pity not knowing when to disengage."

Stormdancer bulls her way through to get to Rising- Who is, temporarily, clear of interference! And starts fussing with her cloak, trying to remove it both quickly and without wrecking it. "'f Red wants this sa bad, I kin keep 'er busy 'til ya do yer absorba-thin'," she offers as quick explanation for the ponyhandling of her friend. And with a quick look over her shoulder at the pony in question, she winces in anticipation of the impact the runaway Daisytrain will make.

Rising-Chaos is beginning to suspect that the plan isn't going smoothly. Not sure why that is, any suggestions? Honestly she has no idea what's going on, and is just holding on to red now for all she's worth. "You know, maybe we should try communicating, yes? WHAT IS GOING ON?" At least that fire is gone, which is one massive release of pressure, and makes it so she doesn't completely lose it when the cape goes. "I'm going to go ahead and assume you know what you're doing Stormdancer, and make a bad decision in so doing." She releases red, and flops back. This is far too much for her little nerd muscles to maintain, and her tail being bitten makes her groan in pain.

Also Muzaji is the only one of you who can get anything done, thanks Muzaji, you rock. Woohoo.

Seeing that Pink is currently… 'handled', Frolic's turned her attention to Red. And by 'turned her attention', apparently, one means she's waited for an opening and then tackled the clone, hopefully off of Rising, trying to pin her down enough to do something more solid about her. She's a lanky thing, but she's been in brawls before, which hopefully will give her an edge over the possibly-larger-but-still-nerdy ponyclone.

Pink "Nerdrage" Chaos thrashes about and bounces but seems pretty solidly bound. She is also solidly anchored by the teeth locked on Rising Chaos's tail, and she gnaws a bit but doesn't seem inclined to let go. She even growls a bit. Good thing she has flat, herbivorous teeth! If everypony was a lion or a wolf or something silly like that, this could get pretty awful. The clone's tail switches irritably at Muzaji.

Red Chaos is coming to following her brief stun, and glances up towards the cloak. She's about ready to get all grabby-hoofed again, when… bam! Not bamf. Bam. As in, she's tackled by a scrappy little firebug, and sprawls into the grass, wailing a piteous "Mine!" along the way. She looks about ready to teleport herself out from under Fireside as she did the ponypile before, until a slight gesture from Spindrift, and an expertly timed counterspell, halts the bamf before it happens. Again, Red Chaos sneezes and wobbles about with a spinning head, limp beneath Fireside and against the grass.

Watching this out of a sideways glower, Nerdrage Chaos apparently realizes she has tricks, too, and turns INVISIBLE! HA! But she's still tied up. Invisible teeth chew on Rising's tail. Maybe if she keeps up this feral act for long, Ruby Blossom will come by and adopt her. They can bond over a mutual enjoyment of vanishing.

(OOC) Fireside-Frolic snrk!

Muzaji glances down as the pony underneath her disappears. But she can still feel the clone underneath her, and the bound cloak is still there. "… Huh, they can learn from each other." She reachs over to bop the invisible head invisibly chewing on the real Rising's tail. "Stop that."

An invisible snarl is Muzaji's answer. The biting stops, though.

Only to be replaced with irritable poking with a unicorn horn! Rising Chaos is repeatedly poked in the flank. Not stabbed, not impaled, just poked. Poke poke poke poke grrr poke
Oh, and Fireside's tackle pulls Red Chaos out of the line of Daisychain's charge. Which is probably a good thing, for the sake of avoiding headaches on the part of one and all.

Stormdancer has retrieved the cloak of don't-let-Rising-explode! And she… Flaps up a decent fifteen, twenty hooves, hovering overhead and folding it, while keeping it in plain sight of Red. Well out of reach, and trying to teleport up to it would likely only end in tears. Or hilarity. "Sa we got 'em na, Arcee- What next?"

"You make a rather uncomfortable and fiesty cushion, Rising," Muzaji comments like it was casual conversation. "I'm going to presume you usually sit the Queen when you cuddle instead."

(OOC) Stormdancer snickers. Sassy Z!

Fireside-Frolic glances over her shoulder at the others, staying sprawled out over Red to try to keep her pinned. "Yeah, uh, what… what do we do with 'em now? …Are you okay?" she adds after a beat, as if suddenly realizing that might be a prudent question.

Rising-Chaos groans more at that comment than being prodded by the horn. "haha, how very amusing Muzaji. Why don't you try it some other time and see how well it works out." She half heartedly kicks in Pink's direction. "Stop it, you, me, whatever." She leans back again. "Now, we bring them back to my lab, and we bring me back to my lab, because I am quite thoroughly not okay. Once we're home, we can deal with all three of them at once."

Muzaji just smirks cheezily at Rising. "Right, like I would try to sit on you when you're not gone to pieces. Please, I know better than that…. why you think I made the joke -now-?"

It seems that there won't be any dealing with things tonight, because Rising Chaos is barely even conscious. "You're the worst, Muzaji." Is all she manages to say before falling aslerep, right htere on the ground. Good Game everypony

"Wise zebra proverb say 'It is better to be a bad friend, than a good enemy'." And then the unicorn passes out. Not surprisingly. "Well then." Muzaji hops off of Pink Chaos and onto her hooves, grabs the end of the cloak the clone is tied up with, and starts to drag her towards Chaos's place. "Let's get these bundles of trouble back home so RC can do whatever needs doing once she wakes up."

Daisychain flares her wings as an airbrake once more. There was even more speed behind this charge and she finds herself once again pushing a little harder than she can. Like the previous time, she tumbles across the ground and stops with a heavy 'thump' and a skid. She peels herself up off the ground and stares at the Tele-clone. The fire in her eyes is a full on raging inferno threatening to consume her. With a raged scream unheard of from the normally tame pony, Daisy spreads her wings and launches like a rocket up into the air. She doesn't come back…

(OOC) Muzaji: And you people make the Magical Rhyming Zebra look 'tame and normal'
(OOC) Rising-Chaos: I make interesting friends

Fireside-Frolic blinks and nods, picking herself up slowly and keeping a careful eye on Red to make sure she stays down. "I, uh… I dunno if I can carry… this."

Stormdancer frowns, as her Brilliant Plan turns out to be rather useless- And as Daisy just… goes. "- Ain't seen -that- 'fore," she comments, blinking, before re-draping Rising's cloak over her and picking her up. "I got 'riginal flavor 'ere- 'oo's got Red?"

Red Chaos eventually stops scquirming. She's not getting anywhere, and her attempts to teleport out of trouble are repeatedly stymied. What's more, she's getting a headache. Eventually she goes limp with a defeated "Mine…" and a forlorn gaze towards the cloak Stormdancer drapes over the snoozing original.

Spindrift watches for a moment, before slowly approaching, gaze tracking Daisychain's fleeing form, before looking to Stormdancer. "I'll help drag her back. I'm going to have to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't port herself away again, anyway," she says. She pauses by the fire, looking down at Quintessent Rune. "Quintessent Rune is on her own, however… unless…"

The seapony lifts her head and looks across to the field nearby. "Thunderknuckles. Come."

The elemental whirls up from the grass, glances about fearfully- is everybody done fighting now?- and approaches.

"Fetch some water and douse this young lady on the face. See that she comes to. Can you do this?"

The elemental stares at Spindrift for a moment with its coal black eyes, then whirls off into the evening.

"I suppose that will have to suffice for a yes," says Spindrift, watching with a shrug.

Well, no one else seems to be dealing with it. Frolic pins her ears back and gives a faint sigh, but moves to wriggle awkwardly under the Red clone and straighten back up, wincing. This is tricky enough when the pony /isn't/ a bit bigger than you. "Just… somepony make sure she doesn't do that… bamph thing," she mutters.

Spindrift settles in to help carry Red Chaos. Maybe between her and Fireside they can manage. Spindrift makes a note to herself in her head: convince Rising to befriend more burly bruiser types.

(OOC) Rising-Chaos: Red's a jerk, just like the rest of them
(OOC) Muzaji: And the original
(OOC) Rising-Chaos: and the original, yes.