The Final Lesson Part 2
IC date: DATE
OOC date: 13/03/2013
Location: Outskirts
PCs: Player Player
NPCs: Rising's Clones
GM: Spindrift

It's only been a few days since Rising's locked herself in her house and refused to come out. By all accounts though, work is going well! Any ponies who've came over found her, if not calm, in control of the situation. She's told them that work is moving along excellently. Right now, however, she's alone in the lab and it seems she doesn't have it under control at all.

The afternoon sky is lit up even further by a brilliant flash of light, coming from Rising's house. It's followed shortly by a sharp crack. It seems something has gone wrong. Unless explosions are a good thing, in which case hooray!

Explosions may or may not be a good thing; Sky Sparkler wouldn't know, she's been out of town for a while at a convention in her hometown of Manehattin… Then her mother got her hooves into the unicorn, and her return was further delayed.

So when she arrives at the house JUST as the explosion occurs, she holds off on knocking her hoof on the door, waiting. Wondering.

Sniffing for any smoke. "Oh, I hope the poster wasn't damaged…"

Coming back from a supply run, Stormdancer can't help but spot the BRIGHT LIGHT coming from her destination. Matter of fact, now all she can -see- are spots. Her yelp is lost amid the sound of the (presumably) mystical detonation, but shortly after, there's a wet *thump* of a blinded pegasus impacting the wall next to the roof entrance.

Or at least, whatever may be left of it.

The house is intact. There doesn't seem to be any smoke. Or fire. Maybe a curious, lingering glow emanating from the cracks around the door and a few seams of the house here and there, evidently welling up from the basement…

Rather abruptly, Sky Sparkler finds herself thrust aside as the door slams open. A seemingly familiar figure rushes past- it's Rising Chaos, clamouring through the doorway and out onto the street. The unicorn's hair is a mess, and she isn't wearing her typical cloak at all. She doesn't seem to recognize Sparkler at all either before she's turning and rushing down the street, galloping all pell-mell.

Pursuing something, or fleeing something? In any case, there's a lingering magical presence inside the house- and the sounds of a scuffle in the stairwell that leads down to the lab, as well as clattering hooves upstairs.

Maxim 3: An Ordinance Technician at a dead run outranks everypony.

Not that Sky Sparkler has heard about the Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries. But she does hear the… something, in the building. So after watching her friend run off, she turns back to look inside, even stepping forward… But she is also charging up her horn, preparing a bolt of lightning she'd rather not need to use.

The wall is still solid, joy! Grumbling, Stormdancer rubs her nose as she bumps the rooftop entrance open, vision still shot. To be honest, it's not the first time she's fumbled her way into Rising's home while unable to see straight, but it -is- the first time she hasn't had to blame it on fatigue! (- Or drink. Historically it's been mostly the latter, to be honest.) She announces her entrance by shouting "Arcee, ya a'righ'?" through the portal, not knowing the unicorn in question has already vamoosed.

In the upstairs hallway, there isn't anything immediately obvious, but one of the doors towards the end- the one recently vacated by Daisychain and occupied by Spindrift- is open. The seapony can be seen standing just inside the doorway, facing inward, her voice raised at someone inside.

"Rising Chaos!" she's shouting. "Cease your panic right this instant and tell me what's going on! I-"

The seapony winces and falls back for a step as crash of shattering glass fills the air! Hooves can be heard scrambling over the wood, and then a moment of silence, before a body can be heard landing in the bushes beside the house, outside. Spindrift rushes into her room, before her shouting voice filters back out into the hall- "Rising! Are you alright? You- where are you- stop, you're injured! Stop running!"

Sure enough, Rising Chaos, favouring a wounded leg and sliced by broken glass, can be seen scampering away from the house and down the street- opposite the direction she just ran…?

The scuffle from the stairs leading down to the lab eventually makes it's way up from the stairs and in to the kitchen. Sky Sparkler is greeted by the sight of Rising chaos, again sans cloak or anything, not to mention being blue, instead of her normal purple. She's being held on to by… Rising… Chaos… This one has her cloak, and a look of total panic on her face. She's attempting to drag the blue Rising back down to the lab, growling. "you get back down here this instant so I can end you!"

"Rising? Pull yourself together, what are you doing, trying to end yourself?" Sky Sparkler asks. "And how many of you are there? I've seen three so far."

The blue Rising Chaos seems pretty unconcerned with the protestations of her cloak-wearing duplicate. With an expression that is blank besides being set, she's kicking and lurching and trying to haul herself up out of the stairwell, sometimes pulling free only to get snagged once more or trip and fall on her face. She looks down the hallway towards the open door- and though Sky Sparkler is there, she seems blind to the unicorn's presence, focusing instead on he open sky beyond. At the sight of it, the blue Rising's eyes widen, and with renewed strength she surges into the hallway, finally stumbling free of the cloaked Rising's grasp and making to flee as the first one did!

Sky Sparkler is still in the way, and not really firing on all mental cylinders. So when Blue!Rising arrives? *CRASH*

Stormdancer bolts forward at the window crash, saddlebags tearing off as she takes the corner into Spindrift's room at speed. Hey, vision's returning! There's the seapony in front of -one- window, so action-pony here tucks her wings in close to leap through the -other- one, shouting "Git th' bandages!" as she does so, intending to give chase to the one Rising -she's- seen.

… Hope Spinny doesn't mind a well-ventilated room. It's almost Spring anyway, right?

Rising-Chaos surges to her hooves behind the blue Rising. "Getting myself together is kind of the goal here Sky Sparkler!" While she clearly looks exhausted, the unicorn stumbles over to try and apprehend her clone. "Something went wrong, I need to get myself whole again."

Spindrift turns and looks back with Alarm as Stormdancer comes crashing into her room. "Stormdancer? What is the meaning of- hey!!" She all but throws herself up onto the bed to dodge the pegasus roaring through and through the already ravaged window, reaching up to shield her face as more debris and glass is thrown wide.

She's then left behind as Stormdancer takes to the air outside of the house once more. There's a clear mark where the Rising Chaos that fell from the second story landed, some shrubbery beside the house crushed- while debris leads off towards the road and around to the east. Galloping hooves, moving in an odd, favored rhythm, can be heard in that direction.

Spindrift leans out the window a moment later to look up at Stormdancer. "She's hurt! She landed on one of her legs poorly. I don't know what's come into her, though, she didn't seem to recognize…" The seapony trails off at the sound of voices and further commotion below, and turns to head back out into the hallway cautiously.

The blue Rising Chaos does, indeed, crash into Sky Sparkler. The other unicorn may find herself flattened and trampled as Rising- or at least one of what appears to be several Risings- clambers over Sparkler and out into the street, although not without tripping once more. SHe is plainly visible to Stormdancer up above, especially as she hauls upright and starts taking off to the north, crossing the road entirely and running off into the fields on the other side of the house. Roads are for suckers.

Sky is counting the teeny-tiny Rising Chaoses going round her head. "Oooo, pretty…" she shakes her head to clear it, then goes for her EMERGENCY ADVENTURE PACK! She keeps it behind the front door. And she pulls from it… A rope, quickly fashioned into a lasso. "Right. Any more in the house that we need to wrangle?" she asks.

"I'll bring 'er back!" Stormie shouts back, taking off towards the east- But she pulls up short as Blue Rising makes a run for it. Blink, blink- "Wat." Blink. Then she shakes her head, resuming pursuit of the injured copy. "Unicorns," she mutters under her breath with a grin. Search-and-rescue pony, away!

Rising-Chaos tries to sprint forward after the blue rising, but stops to star at Sky. For once, her panic and anger is replaced by utter confusion. "Where'd you get the rope?" She shakes her head. "Doesn't matter. There's three copies in all, two of them ran out and I don't know where they went, you just saw one get away. I need to get them back, it's kind of important." She's already lifting her saddlebags with her magic. The aura around her horn is noticeably dimmer though, and she seems to have trouble getting the bags on right.

"Emergency Adventure Pack," Sky explains, pointing at the area behind the door. "'s where I keep all sorts of dodads I might need." She starts swinging the lasso in a loop, slightly assisted by her magic. "Just in case, you know. Of anything. This is Horseshoe Harbour." She starts heading off in the direction she saw one flee, then stops. "If these things are connected to your magic, is there any chance we can use that connection to track them?" she asks.


The injured copy- the one that ran to the east- is nowhere to be seen, though a few farmhouses in that area suggest the fleeing unicorn didn't go very far, especially given that there doesn't seem to be any Rising Chaoses on the road. It's eerily quiet, in fact, should any flying pegasi get close enough to look and listen.

Meanwhile, the blue Rising Chaos is still fleeing across the field across from the house, totally out in the open! She seems to trip and fall every fifteen feet or so. By now she's getting pretty scuffed up and muddy.

Spindrift rambles down the stairs and finally emerges on the ground level, looking up to see Rising Chaos (!!!) and Sky Sparkler. "Rising…?" she asks. "But I saw you just-" She quiets, stares, and listens for a moment. "Copies, you say?" Her gaze shoots past the ponies in the hallway, their lassos, and their nerfed magical abilities, into t he open street, before she sighs and looks to the cloak-wearing Rising. "Are you the original one? You're actually speaking and not fleeing in a blind panic. That is at least one mark in your favour."

"I think I see Blue," Sky Sparkler says, heading off with the lasso, making careful to not trip every five feet like she was in a horror movie and just took her top off after saying 'I think we're safe now.' If she can get close enough, she'll lasso the unicorn.

Having successfully split the party, Stormdancer swoops down to ground level, hovering on quiet wings. It -is- rather too quiet about, even for this part of the Harbour. "- But I ain't gonna say 't," comments the pegasus, continuing her internal monologue out loud. "Somethin' bad -a'ways- 'appens afte' somepony says 't." After a quick look around, she starts inspecting the ground below. Even an amateur tracker ought to be able to find the trail of an injured, panicked unicorn- and though her skills in that department are a little rusty, Stormie's no amateur.

Blue Chaos is a bit far for casual lassoing, especially when she notices pursuit and picks up her pace, eyes wide but demeanour still muted. She's still prone to tripping, but the net result is a sort of motivated tumble across the field. Sparkler will have to chase for a bit if she wants to get into lasso range.

Meanwhile, at the farmhouses…

You're right! A panicked and wounded unicorn doesn't get far without leaving a trail, and this trail curls between a couple of houses and heads towards an open door. Inside of which is… a dark and empty house. The door creaks slightly as it turns on its hinge, and the sound of something clattering can be heard deep within.

Rising-Chaos looks down and frowns, deeply. "I certainly hope so. I'm the one who cast the spell, if that means anything. I'm the only one with the cloak, and remember a full life. So I think it's safe to assume I am the original."She stomps a hoof. "I feel so empty though, weak." She takes a moment to sit down, leaving the chase to her two friends, for now. She'll join them in a second.

Spindrift makes her way over to Rising, watching her for a moment, then nods. "Right. I don't understand exactly how this happened, but I trust your judgement on the matter. Stay here and rest. We won't go far if we can help it." And with that, the seapony takes off, long and thin legs carrying her in a canter after Sky Sparkler and, in turn, Blue Chaos.

Sky-Sparkler chases! She can't teleport from one point on the ground to another. So she uses the conventional approach.

Stormdancer flaps quietly after her quarry, sloooowly nudging the door open. Don't wanna spook her! She winces as her intentions are betrayed by the building, however. -Somepony's- gonna be getting a jump scare at the end of this. Once she gets inside, the pegasus tries to stay sneaky. At least until one wing clips -something- hard and she drops to the ground with an oath and a thud. "- 's easier'n th' woods," she complains to herself.

As Sky Sparkler chases, Blue Chaos flees! Over the hills they go! Through the valleys! Or maybe just through mud puddles. Blue Chaos- or, more accurately, Brown Chaos, judging from how filthy she's getting with the repeated tripping- is losing the race, though, on account of her persistent clumsiness, tumbling end over end with stoic dignity time and again.

Until she vanishes. Whoop! Where…? Ahhh, the big sinkhole that opened up is prbably to blame. Dust and mud are sprayed into the air as the soil, left fallow for the winter, drops downward.

Meanwhile, in the farmhouse…

When the clattering of Stormdancer's pratfall ceases, a silent house greets her. Nobody is there to witness her fall. Is there anybody in this house? was it a wrong turn…?

The creak of a floorboard upstairs and the scrape of a hoof on the wood suggests maybe it isn't!

Rising-Chaos huffs to herself, and gets back up to her hooves. "Not bloody likely. I've trusted important things to others too often, I'm getting this clone back." She takes a deep breath, then breaks in to a gallop to catch up with Spindrift. It's hard to do, but she's using adrenaline and anger.

Sinkhole? Not good. Sky fell down that same sinkhole. "IIIIIIEEEEE!"

Stormdancer looks up sharply. "- Ya bette' na go out na more windows, Arclone." Blink. - With that in mind, she doubles back to the front door, intent on taking to the air and outfoxing Wounded!Rising. Or herself. One or the other!

A few moments after Stormdancer takes to the air… nnnnothing! No windows are broken out. In fact, the windows upstairs appear to be boarded shut! But that door she just left, leading into the empty house? It slams shut, before the thump of something heavy being braced against it from within can be heard.

Meanwhile, out in the fields….

The sinkhole isn't that deep, thankfully- it's only fifteen feet or so down, and the soil collapses inward in such a way to create soft, if dirty, sloped sides. A pony may be shaken by the fall but uninjured beyond superficial bonks and bruises. Several open holes in the side lead to what are apparently the tunnels of rabbits, or gophers, or whatever surprised-looking critter is now fleeing away from a gaping atrium where once it had a nice little pantry.

Blue Chaos is on top of her head at the bottom of the pit, struggling to pull herself upright as Sparkler tumbles in. Once more, the sight of her pursuit puts a little spring in the step f the apparently mute Rising Chaos copy, who starts trying to scramble up the sides of the sinkhole, scrambling up a few steps only to slide back down atop loose earth and small stones.

Spindrift appears at the top of the hole a moment later, peering downward. "Sky Sparkler!" she calls. "Are you okay?"


Something that doesn't come up often is Sky Sparkler's claustrophobia. Specifically when underground. Being in a sink hole like this? Not good for her. Oh, and she's tangled up in the rope. "Do I LOOK okay?" she shouts back up. She's ignoring blue as she hyperventilates slightly.

Stormdancer drats. She was thinking two steps ahead- Arclone was thinking three! Clearly, she's got the sneaky one. … Of course, make it hard for somepony to get in, and you make it hard for yourself to get out. She does a quick circuit of the building, looking for any other entrances- assuming she finds none, she lands back by the front door, rapping on it with a hoof and raising her voice. "Ya there, Arcee? 's just me! Ya took a bad fall, wan' some 'elp?"

Rising-Chaos skids to a halt beside Spindrift, only just stopping herself from falling in as well. Her attention is not on Sky right now, not even close. She's glaring daggers at blue. "You, I'm going to take you back!" She runs around to intercept the cloney who's trying to climb, and slides down right at them.

"You look muddy, but unharmed," answers Spindrift, who is either unaware or unconcerned with Sparkler's gradually dawning bout of panic. "Hold on, I'll find something- Rising!" Spindrift's exasperation is clear as the Real Rising slides down into the hole after her duplicate. The seapony watches for a moment, then turns and disappears. Either she's off to get something, or she has decided she's had enough of this and is going back to try and patch up her window. Actually, you know what? She's just going to take all her stuff, switch it with the stuff in someone else's room, and pretend it has always been this way when the inevitable questions start getting asked.

Blue Chaos is soon joining Sparkler in panic-town as the original starts clambering down after her. She turns and heads for the far side of the pit, crawling over Sky Sparkler in the meantime, and resumes her climbing-sliding-climbing routine on the far side. At least until her scrambling hooves are churning the empty air, because the next time she falls, she misses, and starts floating instead.

Floating…? Yep. Floating. As in the unicorn is beginning to lift upward, levitating, as a faint blue aura surrounds her horn. She seems as surprised as anybody else, and cartwheels her hooves through the air as she floats up like a lazy balloon towards the edge of the sinkhole. Towards- she's not there yet. It's not a very motivated levitation, no matter how fast her legs circle beneath her.

Meanwhile, at the farmhouses…

The far side of the house does have another entrance- a sloped storm cellar door. One that Stormdancer finds wide open. Hoofprints lead through the mud and dirt up to the cobbles of a nearby road… which don't bear much in the way of a trail.

"I'm, I'm… Oh get back here you!" Sky Sparkler says to the unicorn crawling over her, using a loose end of the rope to try and hook the horn of the floating copy.

Stormdancer grumbles as she follows the new lead to a dead end. "Roads. Why'd't 'ave ta be -roads-?" Sometimes, it just comes down to chance- Towards town, or away? All things considered… Stormie starts zipping down the road heading most away from what passes for civilization in these parts.

One direction of the cobbled road winds back towards town. The other winds towards the farmlands and, eventually, the mountains in the east. The latter is what Stormdancer probably has in mind.

Unfortunately, there's nobody on the road- no unicorns, at least. An earth pony mare pulling a wooden cart loaded with gourds is trundling along the road, back from the fields towards the mountains, headed towards the town. She looks up as Stormdancer flies overhead and offers a neighbourly wave.

Stormdancer waves back at the mare, pulling up to a stop and hovering nearby. "'eya! Seen anypony come runnin' down thi' way? Like a purple unicorn wit' a 'urt leg?" She smiles hopefully at the other pony. "Risin' 'ad a bit've a accident." Which is entirely true!

Gourd Pony slows up her cart-pullin' and smiles at Stormdancer. "Seen anybody else…? No, not at all! You're the first pony I've seen on this road in a few hours! Ohh, everybody's waiting out the season, I think, oh ho ho ho." She clucks her tongue and chortles.

Rising-Chaos clambers after blue, clambering over sky and grabbing the rope from the mare. She starts to pull her clone down, tugging as hard as she can. "give it back!" she starts pulling back, and away from the edges of the pit. Blue rising isn't going to get away, no matter what happens. Poor Sky Sparkler though, is probably out of commission after being trampled so often.

The lasso catches the floating unicorn's horn and cinches tight! And anchors Blue Chaos. At least her head. The rest of her floats upward, until her flailing hooves are turned towards the sky.

And there at the end of the rope she floats, much like a balloon. The levitation doesn't appear to want to turn off. She peers down into the pit helplessly, glances about, eyes the real Rising, and… sticks her tongue out at her.

Spindrift appears a moment later, dragging a ladder beside herself. She stares at the floating clone, down into the pit, and back up at the clone, and sighs.

Stormdancer lets out a sigh of disappointment. "Thanks any'ow." She starts gaining altitude again, talking as she goes. "Sorry ta jest bolt, but gotta find 'er 'fore she does somethin' silly an' gets 'urt worse!" About-face! Forward, zoom!

A lonely road winding into a murky town waiting out the dregs of winter greets Stormdancer. Gradually, more ponies can be found, but no matter who they are, the trend is the same: Nopony has seen nothin' of nopony. Those who know who Rising Chaos is say they haven't seen hide nor hair of her.

Get hurt worse, you say? No problem. Rising Chaos doesn't even acknowledge spindrift's presence in the hole, she's not exactly acting rational, even by her low standards. What she is doing, is trying to pull blue Rising down with her magic as well as the rope. Because this makes more sense than trying to undo to levitation, of course. at the provocation, she totally loses it, and starts jumping to try and reach her clone.

Hoisted by her own petard! Or, uh. Her levitation spell. The floating clone bobs about in the air as though weightless, which means she can't really get away even as she's hauled downward. Although once she's in reach, she can try and kick off and float back up, although the rope on her horn seems to keep her caught. (Nobody tell her she can probably untie it. She doesn't seem to have caught onto that yet.)

Stormdancer sighs, admitting defeat. "Prob'ly turned 'erself invisible," she mutters, changing course for the fields north of Rising's lair. If the others are still there, maybe she can help out with the blue one!

Everybody else is mostly where Stormdancer left them. Well, most of them are in the bottom of a sinkhole in the middle of a muddy field. Spindrift is at the side, lowering a ladder such that it lays up along the sloped side of the pit. And a blue Rising Chaos clone is floating by a rope, at least when she's not being wrassled by an enraged original.

Oh, and Sky Sparkler is just catatonic in the middle. Her eyes may or may not be swirling and dazed. We don't know.

Rising-Chaos manages to latch on to blue, and try and wrestle the mare. Hopefully the levitation spell isn't strong enough to hold them both. Rising tries to wiggle around to sit on the clone's back and drag her down. "Help me out here?" Any attempts of thrashing are in vain, because Rising isn't gonna let go for anything. So much so that she ties the rope around her waist as best she can (not very)

Once the ladder is in place, Spindrift starts picking her way down- carefully- until she can settle into the bottom of the hole near the others. She looks at the clone, watching her for a moment, then looks up to Rising, expression flat. "She seems caught."

Indeed, Blue Chaos is mostly laid out, flat, saying nothing, but with a grumpy expression as she stares at the mud before her. She squirms a bit every now and then but otherwise doesn't struggle. Her horn continues to glow, but apparently her levitation is weak enough that she can simply be anchored with a well-placed behind.

Spindrift lifts her chin slightly. "Now what?"

"Lost track've Limpy," Stormdancer reports with all due tact, descending to Blue and Original to help out with a hoof on Blue's flank. "'ope ya got somethin' magic-like ta find 'er, 'cause I reckon she got onta th' road an' went see-through."

Rising-Chaos isn't about to move for ANYPONY. However, she does seem at a loss for answer to Spin's question. "Uh, now I take it back and…" there's not really a good way to say 'vaporize and reassemble myself' is there? "Fix my mistake." Stormdancer receives a nod, still no smile though. "Thanks for trying, at least. Honestly, in my current condition, I'd be lucky to find her, I mean, it, at all. tracking them down will require some planning." She seems to deflate, now that the adrenaline is gone. Also doesn't help she just learnt that two of her clones are just gone.

Spindrift stares for a few moments, before shaking her head. "Right. Here, you two hold her town and we'll truss her up. If she keeps floating like that it will make bringing her back to the house easier, at least." She draws closer to the Blue Chaos and Rising Chaos, and gets a pebble spat out at her for her trouble. The seapony frowns. "It would seem the copy is rather lacking the charm of the original," she notes, dryly.

Stormdancer grins. "Ionno, Spins- 's kinda cute," she chirps. "Like'f Arcee 'n I 'ad a baby an' she grew up angry 'n mute." She keeps watch of original-flavor Rising out of the corner of her eye, though most of her attention remains on the clone. Won't let -this- one get away!

Rising-Chaos splutters with embarrassment and anger at that. "W-wwhat?!" She flails her hooves, but doesn't move from her position. "No, this thing is an abomination. Our baby would…" She suddenly gets really quiet and grumpy, realizing what she was about to say. "Just tie it up and let's go home." She unties the rope, and starts trying to hogtie to thing, but is clearly exhausted and it's not very efficiently done. "It's not cute, for the record."

(OOC) Stormdancer awards herself a point. =D

Tying the clone up isn't especially difficult. She's not very strong. Soon her legs are hog-tied, and the loose rope is around like a leash to keep the floating pony handy. With a bit of effort the trio can climb- or fly- up the ladder, bringing their floating pony with them. Oh, and Sky Sparkler, too, who does NOT float, which is terribly inconvenient.

Once up top, Spindrift, distastefully muddied, kneels by the side of the sinkhole and starts dragging the ladder back up. She turns and glances over at Rising, who presumably has the floating Blue Chaos in tow. "Are we to assume, then, that your experiment was unsuccessful?" she asks.

Stormdancer sticks her tongue out at Original!Rising and grins, taking over the job of hauling poor Sky back up to ground level (and, indeed, the rest of the way home.) "'s a heck'va party trick 'f that's what ya were goin' fer," she adds, mostly to fill her peanut gallery quota.

Rising-Chaos goes really quiet once that question's asked, more than upset and very much embarrassed. "It wasn't a total disaster, but yes, it was unsuccessful. With the state my lab is in, I'll be lucky to even retrieve most of my notes. this is a disastrous setback." She tugs blue rising along, trying to keep positive. "Right now, all I'll care about is getting myself back together. I can panic about school work later." She rolls her eyes. "If this is a party trick, then the I am the worst clown ever."

Blue Chaos floats along, struggling every now and then against her bonds, silent and generally inexpressive as ever. She does stick her tongue out at anybody who looks at her for too long, though.

"There is still more than a week and a half until your report is due," says Spindrift, following the other two mares. She's dragging he ladder along with. "Capturing the remaining copies may be troublesome, but shouldn't be too hard. If they are anything like this one, they lack the street smarts and survival instinct to make it far on their own."

Stormdancer makes faces right back at Blue Chaos, attempting to goad her into even sillier heights. Spindrift's comment makes her break off, though, frowning. "Ain't sure 'bout that- th' one I was afte' was bein' plen'y sneaky. Fer runnin' 'round wit' a 'urt leg, she made good time for 'erself."

Rising-Chaos keeps walking, though she's limping a bit now barely managing to stay upright. The unicorn is tired, not hurt, napping would be good right now. "It's safe to assume that some would get more of me than others, which would make some more competent, powerful or dangerous than others. Clearly this one is the least powerful." She still has yet to explain 'part of her' really. "A week and a half is not a comforting amount of time with this disaster. Though I do have a lot of information I didn't have previously. With repairs and the rest, I'll be hard pressed. thank you two for helping me out though."

"Of course," says Spindrift. As the trio approach the house, she sets the ladder aside and moves to open the door, glancing about quickly. "We will have to prepare a plan to recover the remaining two, in any case. Perhaps we can round up assistance in this matter."

Blue Chaos tries to gnaw on the top of the door jamb as she's brought in, still floating along and helpless in her bonds.

Stormdancer would help Rising along, but, yanno- She's already carrying Sky. "'ow many othe's ya got, 'sides Limpy an' Blue?" Right, she missed that part. "An' ya need anythin', just git me th' list, like 'fore, an' I'll see what I kin scrounge!" She beams helpfully, before going to deposit her passenger into the sitting room.

Rising-Chaos pulls blue down , but keeps a firm hold on it. "I think I will not risk another experiment. the forces I'm looking at seem to be far beyond my capabilities to control." She rubs a temple with her free hoof. "I'll be using you now mostly to just bounce idea off of. And to help me review my report. I'll need to practice a lot, and while this may not exactly be the strongest evidence." She looks at her clone balefully. "I'm not risking it again. I need to get all three copies back, and fix this."

Blue Chaos sticks her tongue out at Rising Chaos, as she bounces along the ceiling at the end of her rope.

Blue Chaos can go knock herself out for all Rising cares, she's not going to rise to the bait!

"Let us know what we can do to help," says Spindrift. "I suppose for now the best thing we can do is start looking, and asking around." She lingers in the hallway, and sighs. "But for me, at least, the first step is to see to boarding up the broken window. Thankfully the weather is turning soon…" The seapony takes a few steps towards the stair, then pauses, looking back at Stormdancer and Rising. "I will be upstairs if either of you need me. Rising, if your…" Spindrift stares at the blue copy for a moment. "Double gives you any problems, please do not hesitate to shout for help."

Stormdancer nods at the other ponies, angling towards the kitchen. "I'll git some foods goin', shouldn' take ta long." Snacks make -everything- better, yes.

Rising-Chaos slumps down and trots off for the lab. "I will do that Spindrift. But for now I'm going to go restrain her, and get some rest. I don't think I have the energy to stay up any longer, or to do anything else." She nudges Stormie a bit. "Thanks for the offer but I'm done." She trots down to the lab, and is soon fast asleep on some comfortable floor.