The Final Lesson Part 1
IC date: DATE
OOC date: 09/03/2013
Location: Town Square
PCs: Rising-Chaos Gravity Daisychain Spindrift Quintessent-Rune Stormdancer
NPCs: Professor Lancet
GM: Spindrift

Town Square is the place ponies can gather, the host of the wonderful street theatre that is so fundamental to Horseshoe Harbour. This, of course, would make it an ideal place for a magic show, and that seems to be just what is happening. Since early in the morning, Rising Chaos has been setting up for a performance. Most of the boring stuff has been taken care of now, which Nocturne helped out with. Helped is a bit generous, since he did most of the hard work, but that's fine.

Because now the show is ready! The small cleared area is in one corner of Town Square. There's several floating lights, for purposes as of yet unknown, and a makeshift curtain, which Rising Chaos disappeared behind earlier. Glyph is outside in front, in theory keeping an eye on things. In practice he is trying to eat the pretty lights.

In what could be called backstage only by a rather generous pony, Rising Chaos is pacing in a tight circle. She's holding a triangle in her magic grasp, a bit tighter than strictly necessary. She's panicking a little, thinking of everything that can go wrong. Taking a few deep breaths, she steadies herself, the show must go on. It's not the first time she's performed, after all.

It would just be nice if she knew what she was doing.

"Miss Chaos, would you kindly cease your pacing?" asked Quintessent-Rune as her eyes followed Arcee in her tight circle. "From what I have seen of your knowledge, you have little to be worried over except perhaps magical prowess, and even then you can sap said energy from Glyph should the need arise."

Out on the street, a ways away from the stage, under the awning of a shop, a cloaked and hooded figure who would totally be mysterious if not for her general recognizability as Spindrift waits patiently. It would be fairly easy to overlook her presence entirely if one did not know she was there, because she is quiet. Also, she is wearing a hooded cloak, that's like +2 sneakiness by default.

There's a faint whining sound in the air, getting louder- Followed by a WHOOSH as Stormdancer makes a high-speed landing out by the front of the stage, kicking up a flurry of snow around her drop zone. "Am I late? Did she start? What's happening?!" Tufts of cloud stuff detach from her mane as she shakes her head about.

"You are not late," calls out Spindrift, one of the few ponies present out in front of the stage, to Stormdancer's back. "She is still preparing backstage. And taking a while to do so, as well, it would seem."

Stormdancer's panicked entrance is for nothing, because she hasn't started. In fact, she's not even visible yet! the only thing the silly pegasus gets is a lizard plushie's attention. Glyphs wanders over, and attempts to eat her hoof, ozone and blueberries, delicious.

Meanwhile Rising Chaos whirls about in surprise as Rune speaks. She didn't notice the seapony's approach. "Accursed golem." She winces a bit as she's complimented and chided by her friend. "I am less afraid of failure in the show. Still, I am just thinking on everything that could go wrong, making sure I'm prepared." She looks up, thinking for a second, before giving a confident grin. "It'll start in a moment."

That earned Rising Chaos one of those rare, wide and genuine smiles from Quintessent-Rune who reached forward to give the unicorn a single pat on the back. "Worry not, Miss Chaos. Nothing will go wrong, and even if such would be the case you shall find me in the audience, right at the very forefront should you require any assistance - presuming I can provide it." With that Rune picked herself up and cut towards the scene instead, heading for the gap Servant had cleared for her. Which was surprisingly sizeable. Whatever it must have done, it appears to have been effective.

Stormdancer lets out a breath, fluttering her wings in relief. "Well, tha's a-" Blink. Pause. Turn. "- Ain't ya-" She starts to point a hoof at Spindrift, only to discover Glyph attached to said extremity. She's plenty observant most of the time, honest! She rears up to prod at the lizard with her other forehoof, fanning her wings for balance, and all in all, looking fairly stupefied. "Wat."

Spindrift raises her eyebrows slightly. Ain't she…? The question is evidently not going to be completed as Glyph starts trying to eat the pegasus. Spindrift watches for a moment. "Its name is Glyph. Have you become acquainted with it?" she asks, of Stormdancer.

Elsewhere, a small crowd is gathering, mostly because they are curious what ponies are waiting for. Plus, there's a stage. What's this all about, then? Is there going to be a show? Confusion seems to be the prevalent mood. A trio of foals are seated on a crate nearby, arguing amongst themselves about if there's anything worth waiting for- or rather, an earth pony filly and a pegasus with a floppy rain hat are arguing, while a second earth pony filly that sits between them just quietly endures the discussion being shot back and forth over her head.

"Miss Spindrift, how nice to meet you once more," came Quintessent's voice from off the side. "And I see that while Glyph does not have the magical capabilities it was intended too have, it is more than willing to engage in battle still."

"Kinda tickles," Stormie notes as she drops back down, still holding her Glyphed hoof in the air. And looks between the two mystic-type ponies! "'e one've yers?" Another blink, then, to Spindrift: "Weren't expecting ta see ya 'gain, I'll 'mit. Ya ain't…" She traces small circles next to her head with one wingtip, eyeing the former doompony with a bit of caution.

Spindrift's expression is placid and unreadable. She turns her head slightly as she regards the twirling feather. "'Sane?'" she says.

Rising-Chaos waves goodbye to Rune. "Thanks. I'll be out in a moment." She turns to make a few last minute preparations, checking her spells, and she's ready to go. With a close of her eyes, and a deep sigh, Rising Chaos turns to go out on 'stage', it's time! She does a little peek around the curtains, just to gauge audience. Not bad, nothing she can't handle. Her stance immediately changes as she marshals herself for action, adopting a confident look. While she's no professional showmare, Rising can put on a show of total confidence.

Without further delay, she walks out in to the cleared area, making sure her cape splays out in a showy fashion. Glyph lets go of Stormdancer, and scuttles back to her, climbing up her leg, good golem. "Fillies and gentlecolts, welcome to this little performance of mine. I'm honoured you would all choose to attend this demonstration. Today I will be showcasing some new spells I have been learning. I hope you enjoy the show." The waiting ponies have the secrets revealed. It is, indeed a show, and hopefully a good one!

"- Well, was askin' if ya ain't still in a mood-" Stormdancer goes to quickly correct things, but then, lizard-scamper! And the start of the show! So she shushes, turning to the stage and giving her friend a hopefully-encouraging salute.

A polite, if sceptical round of applause circles through the sparse crowd, ponies thumping their hooves on their seats or thee ground with approval. The trio of foals stops arguing, the earth ponies thumping the crate while the pegasus colt leans back and claps his hooves together, knock knock knock knock.

Spindrift applauds as well, looking away from Stormdancer now, focusing on the 'stage' and Rising Chaos. Hers is a brief, polite clap.

Quintessent-Rune glanced at everypony else for a moment. Applause? Huh, right - it wasn't how she typically gave applause, and neither was it an opera. Still. Polite smile still plastered to her muzzle Rune joined in, stamping her hooves. Though her hind legs far less than her front.

Spindrift turns her head slightly and glances at the other seapony. "And it is nice to see you, too, as well, miss Rune," she offers, voice hushed. "Kind of you to be here in support of our mutual associate's performance."

Rising-Chaos scans the crowd, rather more than she would have anticipated. That's fine, in fact, that's good. If you repeat things to yourself often enough, they become true. She can pick out at least one other pony she recognizes, Stormdancer, so that's good. Or rather, it means there's a 50/50 chance her life's in danger, if precedent means anything.

Still, the show must go on, and Rising doesn't let her nervousness show. Once the applause has died down, she raises her little triangle. Her smile grows wider, and more confident, as she strikes it just once. The note rings out clear, and loud, louder than one may expect from such an instrument.

That's just the beginning, as Rising's horn blazes to life. The sound of instrument start to fill the air, despite the lack of any physical evidence of their existence. Instead, the lights that surround the unicorn flash in time with the sounds. Rising stands perfectly still in the centre, deep in concentration as she co-ordinates the music. Soon the sounds start to move together to form a simple melody, something to hopefully get some hooves tapping.

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Quintessent-Rune settled back after a moment, ears perked attentively. Would you look at that, there was a music performance! And a rather interesting one at that, though perhaps it'd be due to the fact seaponies tended to lack the fine control to attempt magical music. Then again, if Rising Chaos deemed it performance material so would unicorns Rune guessed. The corner of her neutral smile turned upwards as she tapped out her approval.

The crowd hushes further as the music begins, watching, listening, and allowing its scepticism to gradually give way to surprise. Oh- it's a music thing. Ohhh. It's a magic music thing. A few ponies look genuinely surprised, eyes wide, while a few others seem perplexed.

The three foals are staring, agog. Then, one of the earth ponies, one with an orange coat and red mane, points with a hoof. "She doesn't even have any instruments!" she calls out, incredulous. The pegasus sitting on the opposite side of the middle member of the trio reaches across to clap a hoof over the noisy filly's mouth.

Stormdancer grins widely! Oh, this -is- impressive. And not likely to have anything explode at all, so even better! She begins bopping along, head moving side to side in time with with music.

The music continues for a while, keeping it simple, not trying to do anything risky or fancy. Eventually, the simple little tune comes to an end, the lights fading back to a normal dull glow one by one.

This doesn't mean it's over! Rising Chaos opens her eyes, and relaxes. She looks a little tired, obviously that was quite a bit of effort, but she's proud! Her smile is less confident and more 'look what I made' right now. She looks around, and levitates and glass of water she had prepared. Performing is thirsty work. Once she's taken her drink, she looks back to the crowd, trying to gauge how it was received.

Another round of applause rolls through the crowd- more enthusiastic this time, now that everypony knows what the deal is. The raucous trio of foals join in as before. Everybody keeps an eye on Rising, though, obviously in the mood for more. Others are filtering in, joining the crowd at the edges, looking on with interest, the crowd drawing more ponies in that way crowds do.

Rising Chaos certainly seems to be getting approval from Quintessent-Rune, at least as far as the mare seems able to show approval with her constantly neutral if polite expression. Servant seems ecstatic, though, as it bounces from the ground well up to be level with the second story windows of the surrounding houses.

Spindrift has settled back and claps politely once more, but again, doesn't clap for long. "She's maintaining an impressive array of focus," comments the seapony, to Rune and Stormdancer, nearby. "Active moderation of arcane flows to no less than seven nodes. It is clearly taxing work, however."

the tittering of a triangle how, odd, amusing but odd. Gravity remains on some rooftop overlooking the gathering below. up above is where creatures like him belong after all, but he is well detectable by that of Rising-Chaos

Stormdancer hops up and hovers to give her friend a flying ovation. Then… she just can't resist. It's a -tradition-, consarnit, and as the designated smartflank, it falls to her to maintain it. Over the sound of the crowd, she calls out: "Do Freebird!" Followed by a grin and a wave before dropping back down. Such a butt.

Rising-Chaos seems to bask in the positive reception. Ponies like it, and seem to want more. Not only that, but the crowd is growing, which she takes note of, even if she can't see all that well. The unicorn does a brief bow, thanking the audience for their applause. She's about to start again when Stormdancer jumps up and, what? "I don't even know what 'Freebird' is," she mumbles.

The remark is ignored. that's the only way to save your sanity, with some of the ponies in this town. She brings the triangle around again, and strikes it the same as before. She closes her eyes, and the horn flashes to life. Just like last time, the instruments start to sound off, before forming a melody.

Except this melody is not only more complex, but more energetic. The pressure of the crowd is making Rising go ambitious, and so far, it seems to be working. This new song is obviously tailored for the harbour's residents, sounding like something you could sing along to while drinking. Her focus holds strong, for now, and the instruments keep playing clearly, so maybe it was worth it.

"Eleven now," said Quintessent-Rune, glancing at Spindrift. "That really is impresive."

The song sounds SO MUCH like something you could drink to that a few sailory types raise their voices in what they think are the lyrics. "An o'er the bow she went an' fell, heave ho, heave ho! And into the drink she took a spill, heave-" Their voices falter and diverge and they look confused. "Wait, that's not the song-" "It sounds just like it, though. Maybe?" "No, no, it's clearly-"

"SHHHHH!!!" The trio of foals turn and hiss at the noisy sailors, who fall quiet.

The rest of the crowd watches and listens, though a number have started to stomp or clap in time to the jaunty beer-hall beat. Yay! Enthusiastic music! We like that.

Except one pony in the back doesn't seem to be getting into the mood. This butter-colored mare in a high-collar coat and tucked cravat is watching the scene with a severe eye, over the heads and shoulders of many of the gathered rubes. Mauve-coloured eyes steadily narrow as they study the performance and apparently find it… lacking.

Stormdancer looks back and forth between the mage-mares in the audience, cocking her head sideways. "- Sounds good, ta!" she chirps, contributing what expertise to the critique that she can. "Coul' use some percussin'." And- crowd-stomps! Just what the tune needed. She joins in with all due energy, making little 'come on' gestures with her wings at Spinny and Rune to join in.

Up above a pegasus begins to make it's descent. Her ears are much better than her eyes and she seems drawn in by the music. As she gets closer, her path starts to veer towards the spying gryphon. She lands next to him, giving a small nuzzle into his neck. "What's goin' on? What's with all th' music?" Daisy asks Gravity as she peers down, "Is…is that Risin'!?"

Spindrift turns to regard Stormdancer, watches her, and then eases to her hooves. She begins to neatly stomp her front hooves in an alternating rhythm, joining in. Once upon a time she would have scoffed at the very idea, but things are a bit different now- and she has a feeling someone up there in the stars would appreciate her getting into the musical spirit of things for the sake of a friend.

Gravity gives a little shrug to Daisychain "its music, and its bein' put on by Miss Chaos" he offers in return to his friend returning the quick nuzzle, "Why don'tcha go down and help steady her, that's got to be an awful much bit o' magic she's using, could probably use a little boost from friends" he suggests to Daisychain, "my ears tend to get all ring-y when In such close proximity to such musical endeavours, pretty as it does sound" he notes and kinda motions down ground ward.

It is, indeed Rising Chaos. While some may think the music is off character for her, obviously they've just never seen her perform. The unicorn makes an attempt to get in to it with the crowd, appreciating their enthusiasm. She join in the hoof tapping, because doing that doesn't mess up her concentration, and even helps with keeping time.

Unfortunately, she's pushing herself a bit far, spreading herself a bit thin. There's the teeniest change in quality in the instruments, and Rising flinches. Hopefully nopony noticed, it was a pretty small error. This does mean, however, that the song will have to come to a early end, since she won't be able to keep it up much longer. Even if it's not completely done, Rising starts to wrap it up as naturally as possible.

Once the music ends, she opens her eyes, taking another long drink. She looks really worn out now. Though she may be game for another try, this is unexpectedly fun.

Again, the crowd breaks into applause, more enthusiastic this time, especially with everybody already in a stompy, clappy kind of mood. A few whistles and cheers are tossed into the mix. Oh, sure, this isn't exactly super professional orchestra, but it's certainly novel, and if there's anything a mob likes, it's novelty!

Except for that harsh-eyed mare in the back of the crowd. As the song finishes she begins to approach the stage, weaving between gathered ponies with both precision and an obvious desire not to have to touch anypony she'd rather not. The butter-coloured unicorn is soon at the front of the crowd, eyes locked on Rising Chaos, and a frown on her face. Her blue mane is drawn back by a humourless band; her cutie mark depicts a heart wrapped in neat bandages.

"A quaint little show, Rising Chaos," she says. "Although it seems far better suited to Professor Gleamdrop's college of illusions and glamours. Am I to assume you have shifted focus?"

A slight, disapproving frown found it's way onto Quintessent-Rune's face as she turned upon hearing the voice, eyeing this new, interfering mare.

Daisychain gives the gryphon a peck on the beak with a quick wing hug. "Love ya!" she says with a smile before hovering down close to Rising. Looking around a bit puzzled, she asks the unicorn, "What /was/ that? How…were ya makin' that music?" She looks at the approaching quizzically, perhaps even a little on edge.

Spindrift's muted demeanor grows concerned as she joins Rune in watching the interloper. She glances about at the others present, trying to see if anybody seems to recognize the butter-coated unicorn mare.

Stormdancer joined in with the applause! A very good showing! Especially considering all the improvement it implies. And- hey, pony talking to Rising! And sounding a couple shades shy of rude! She takes up hovering again, joining the collection of ponies staring at the new one. Staaaaaare.

Rising-Chaos revels in the applause, they didn't notice! Not only that, but they seemed to really enjoy it. She's just about to say something about trying another when the pony interrupts. Rising looks down, and her face immediately shifts to an expression of surprise, then shock, then fear, before carefully becoming neutral. "Professor Lancet, an unexpected pleasure. Your assumption would be incorrect, I merely wished to try something. My focus remains the same. What brings you to Horseshoe Harbour?" Why did you interrupt my show?

Never taking her gaze away from Lancet. "Hello Daisychain, it was a spell I put together with some assistance. The magic was making the music."

Daisychain gives a brief nod, backing away as the crowd seems to focus on 'Professor Lancet' and her seemingly snootyness. Her wings pull in tight as she continues to peer at the strange new unicorn.

Professor Lancet watches Rising Chaos evenly, while ignoring the stares. When you are one of Canterlot University's more stringent instructors, you grow calloused and unconcerned with the ire of others. "-You- do, actually," explains the professor. "To be more specific, I am here in pursuit of the matter of your regular reports and why the reason of their cessation. I had given you the benefit of the doubt, and assumed your silence was on account of your occupation with whatever experimentation would be detailed in your next report. But I instead find you dabbling in mere razzle-dazzle." She waves a hoof at the stage. "Is this not something in which I should be disappointed? Perhaps you can explain how this folds into the curricula to which your adherence is expected."

"Ah, splendid. A school clerk, how quaint," muttered Quintessent-Rune.

"No mere clerk," suggests Spindrift, glancing to Rune. "Did you see how Rising reacted? I suspect these two have a history." She watches a moment longer, then leans over to murmur to Stormdancer. "You know Rising Chaos better than I. Do you know anything about the faculty at her school…?"

Stormdancer glowers at the back of Lancet's head. She caught Rising's reaction, too. And she shakes her head at Spindrift's question. "Na really- They give 'er money, she does researchin'. 'least when things ain't goin' ta Tartaurus one way 'r th' othe'." She frowns then, and glides over the heads of the crowd to take up a spot by her friend's side. "Good showin', Arcee! Practicin' control un'er stress, righ'?"

Rising-Chaos visibly wilts before the reprimand. It seems really difficult for her to keep a calm stance against this mare. "My progress reports…" She flushes, embarrassed, and in front of all these ponies he just entertained! "I experienced some difficulties. This performance was a way to…" Stormdancer, saving the day, again! "Yes, practice my control, under stressful situations. I would say in that, it was a success. I will resume my progress reports right way, now that the difficulties are finished." She nods to Stormdancer, then to Lancet. "Stormdancer, this was one of my professors from Canterlot University, professor Lancet. She's a expert in healing and life magic." She is also a jerk, and Rising is extremely uncomfortable around her.

Daisychain 's eyes open a bit, realizing the unicorn must be one of Rising's teachers and by the sounds of it, isn't too happy with her student. Daisy's ears lay back a bit as she takes a few more silent steps back.

Quintessent-Rune arched an eyebrow. "It can be nothing but some difficulties indeed, if I must hazard a guess. I've yet to meet a wizard as talented as Miss Chaos and even during the short time I have know her, her knowledge have grown rather a bit."

Yes, the sour-looking, straight-laced unicorn mare is evidently a ~magical healer.~ Which may be hard to believe, given the precise and cutting nature of her dealings with Rising and how visible an effect they're having on the younger unicorn.

Professor Lancet watches Stormdancer for a brief, unimpressed moment, then looks to Rising. "An exercise. I see." She pauses. "Then I will assume you have instead been working on something appropriate to the study of life magic all the same. Something on which I will be expecting a report very soon."

The unicorn turns her head, staring at the murky late winter sky for a moment, then back at Rising Chaos. "Specifically, two weeks from today: Spring 2. Not only will your report be completed by then, Rising Chaos, but it shall be an oral presentation, and I shall be here once more to receive it personally. I will expect a summary of your last six months' research as a supplementary material as well."

The crowd has long since started to filter away. The joyous mood that the amateur, but spirited magical music had elicited is rapidly dissipating, and ponies that got wrapped up by the unexpected crowd are starting to head back off on whatever errands brought them by to begin with. Several ponies are lingering, though, watching, either because they want to see if there's more music, or they want to see this stuffed shirt from Canterlot get her clock cleaned.

Stormdancer looks back at Lancet levelly, before grinning at Rising. "Oh, sa -that's- 'ow ya coul' fix m' wings," she chirps up cheerfully, spreading them out to display them as the works of art that they are. Laying the sugar on thick, she hops from the stage and makes to shake Lancet's hoof (despite the snow and slush she makes sure to pick up on landing)- whether or not the other mare really wants her to. "'m sure all yer teachin's what made't sa she coul' 'elp me fly 'gain! Thank ye'!"

Rising-Chaos doesn't seem to be getting much from Stormdancer's enthusiasm. "Yes, professor Lancet. I will be prepared in two weeks, thank you for your generosity in giving me this time." She low, hunched, looking like a scolded student. which is, in fact, just what she is. "Yes, the skills I learnt from Lancet helped me with your recovery." Because Stormdancer is trying, and Rising can see that.

Spindrift settles back, reaching up to draw her purple and black cloak a bit more closely around herself while she watches.

A small smirk appears on Quintessent-Rune's lips as well. "And baring the possibility for full healing, I know Miss Chaos have acquired herself the knowledge to make a lame pony walk still though the arts of golemancy should it be necessary. Rather a well rounded set of knowledge."

Daisychain wiggles her wings a bit as her eyes narrow down a hair, "An'…an' my recovery too! My…my leg was busted up…an'…an my wings too! She…she helped heal 'em fer me!" She looks like she's getting a bit flustered.

Professor Lancet narrows her eyes somewhat as she sees she is about to be hoofed about by a pegasus, but she not only takes it in stride, she takes the lead, shaking Stormdancer's hoof briskly, firmly, and in such a manner that discards the hoofshake rapidly. "If this is so, then it is an appreciable application of her abilities. As such, as a student of promise, you can understand why she is being held to the standards that she is." Lancet's mauve eyes turn back to Rising Chaos. "Standards that, along with the expectations placed upon her, she understood when she relocated to Horseshoe Harbour."

"And if the testament of your associates is true…" Lancet glances around at the various ponies speaking up in Rising's defence. "Then you will not lack for demonstrable evidence to populate your report with. Of course, IF your skills have progressed to such a point as these anecdotes would suggest, I will have to raise my expectations appropriately." She takes a moment to adjust the sleeve of her coat. "Now, then. Have you any questions?"

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Rising-Chaos nods timidly. To her complete lack of surprise, ponies speaking up for her didn't help, at all. In fact, things are more than a little bit worse. "I understand and accept your expectations. I am confident my work can live up to it. My report will be complete and ready to present in two weeks. I have no questions." Her gaze is fixed firmly on the ground in front of her. Glyph, from his position curled up in her mane, gives her a little nuzzle.

Stormdancer gives a little puff when Lancet turns her attention away. Drat, going all Country tends to unsettle upper-class ponies more than that! She flaps back up onto the stage to Rising's side, giving the unicorn a friendly lean for support.

Daisychain flaps her wings a few times, hovering over to Rising's other side with a stern look about her. She gives the teacher a bit of a 'don't touch' look as her wings fold back in.

Quintessent-Rune glances at Lancet before leaning on the stage, giving Rising-Chaos her own sign of support. Which comes down to about a warm inflection of her otherwise rather emotionless smile.

Professor Lancet wastes no time in gloating. In fact, she doesn't seem to particularly enjoy Rising's defeated demeanour at all. "Very good," says the older unicorn. "I look forward to seeing your results. I will be between here and the Vanhoover campus during the ensuing two weeks, should you have any questions, but I believe you understand the extent of your assignment…"

"… as well as the gravity. Be aware that, owing to its lateness, this report and its contents will be a determining factor in the continuation of your scholarship." She sits up and reaches up to adjust the cravat tucked into the neckline of her coat. "I will leave you to get started immediately- I suggest you make good use of the time you have been allotted." She nods her head once, both to Rising and her growing posse of supporters. "Goodbye."

And poof! The unicorn disappears in a cloud of purple and butter-coloured smoke that swirls for a artful moment before drawing inward to a single point and vanishing, leaving naught but churned snow and mud where once she stood.

Spindrift watches the spot where the professor stood for a moment, before sitting up and approaching the group of ponies. She doesn't lean in to try and get some of that sweet group hug action, but she does regard Rising with a look of quiet concern. "She didn't seem especially happy to be here," says the seapony."And you didn't seem very happy to see her here, either," continues Spindrift. "Do you think you won't be able to fulfil her task?"

Rising-Chaos watches while Lancet leaves, and once she's gone, breathes a sigh of relief. Her horn pulses, and the lights fade out immediately. The curtain starts folding up, as if Rising is going to get out of here fast. "Hello Spindrift. Lancet doesn't appear to be happy about anywhere. Her arrival here is, alarming, to say the least, there's no love lost between us." She sighs, putting a hoof to her forehead and holding it there. "I think I'll be able to do it. Most of the work is finished. What's left I can probably accomplish with one big experiment. That should take a week, at least. Then I have one week to compile my notes and prepare for the presentation." She sits down, frowning, either furious or deeply unhappy. "It's that or I fail." She leans against Stormdancer a bit, still tired from the performance. "I should head home, get some rest, then start working."

"That might be a wise idea, Miss Chaos," said Quintessent-Rune with a nod. "Though that said, do feel free to ask for any assistance, we are you friends and would be pleased if we could lend you our aid."

"Indeed. If it's within the parameters of your assignment… allow us to help if we may," says Spindrift, reaching out to rest her white-marked hoof on Rising's shoulder for a moment, before withdrawing it. "Otherwise we'll just run interference if something tries to distract you."

Daisychain gives Rising a small hug with her wing, glaring a bit at the spot where Lancet had been for a moment. She turns back to the unicorn, "Yeah…anythin' we kin help with, jus' let us know an' we'll be there"

Stormdancer layers her wing onto Rising's back, too. "Findin' bits, keepin' ya fed- Like 'fore, eh?" She grins. "- Think'd be worth tryin' ta git 'er sauced th' day 'fore ya gotta present?"

Rising-Chaos manages a chuckle, but it's dry, humourless. She gets to her hooves, and floats her stuff in to her bags and on her back. "I will certainly be asking for some help, thank you, my friends." She turns to look at Stormdancer. "And if you are willing to work with me again, I could think of nopony better." She gives Stormdancer a hug, and all the others hugs as well. This doesn't mean she looks cheered up, and still looks furious as she walks off.

Spindrift still got a hug out of the deal, so, she considers the day a victory. Ha! Just kidding. Rising looks miserable. Spindrift watches her go, expression pensive, before looking to the others. "We'll just see what happens, I suppose," she says.