The Final Lesson Finale
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In between all of the silliness, and accidents, and tiredness. In between magic concerts and stress and sleeping for far too long. Rising Chaos apparently managed to get some schoolwork done. Which is good, because, y'know, she kinda needed to. Now that all the clones are gone, and everything is cleaned up, she's spent the past couple days practicing, and everything looks like it is going according to plan.

Professor Lancet returned, as promised. She and Rising disappeared so Rising could give her presentation in private. She's prepared, her friends have helped her as much as they can. Hopefully some of them even showe dup for moral support, it wasn't kept a secret.

It feels like she's been in there for HOURS.

In reality, only an hour or so later, she walks out, looking supremely confident. there's every sign that she owned that presentation in her step, and she walks out of the room, and closes the door. Once the door is closed, there's a change, she's a bit nervous. Still, she manages to get out a ways, and to a chair, before sitting down. Time to wait for the verdict.

Gravity was up there, a rooftop waiting to catch sight of her again, for confidience sake, for friendship, moral support, just plain ol' being there showing up for his friend, He scales down from the rafters and drops cooly to the ground in the middle of the room and stalks slowly up to Chaos, "Miss Chaos, did things go ok?" he asks with due care in his voice

Muzaji was certainly one who showed up for 'moral support', and probably to help with the practicing, providing those little bits of insight and query zebras were known for. And provide plenty of herbal drinks and incense to keep the unicorn going and motivated…. and had finally taken the oppritunity herself to catch a nap once Rising was gone to do her thing.

In fact, the zebra is still passed out right there on the most convenient piece of furniture right now, legs draped somewhat haphazardly over the sides.

Following the meeting, Professor Lancet took her leave and headed for the center of town, where she's been keeping a room for the past few days in anticipation of today's meeting. Her instructions were clear: She would return in an hour's time to present her assessment of Rising's presentation. She did a good job of pointedly ignoring any hostile or confrontational attention from Rising's retinue, keeping her arguments short and functional.

And now the gathered ponies play the waiting game. The weather is calm if a bit cloudy; the afternoon sun weaves in and hour of passing cloud cover.

Spindrift lingers to one side of the room. Seated on the floor, hooves folded before her, she is easily overlooked and perhaps forgotten entirely as she is mostly still and certainly silent when she is not actually spoken to. Still, if one does look at her they find her watching the group in an attentive fashion, eyes bright and alert.

Quintessent-Rune looked up from where she'd been sitting. She too had shown up for… well, she wasn't quite sure for what. Still, that didn't mean she'd stop doing what she does for the sake of it. Indeed not, her hooves is fully occupied with needles, thread and fabric. Apperently she's in the process of sewing something together. Off to the side Servants float around, perhaps a little smug looking - it still wears it's scalemail armor. "Miss Chaos."

Nocturne idly taps his hooves in wait. He should have known that this would be anything but exciting for him, but now seemed like a better time than ever to show some support and make some amends. Unfortunately, he appears to have missed out on quite a bit compared to the other ponies present. An eyebrow raises as the mare finally enters. "… So?"

Rising-Chaos had wandered on over the biggest collection of ponies she knows. She looks tired, a bit nervous, but in all respects, pretty confident! "Miss Rune, nice to see you. I see Muzaji here has been able to relax." She lets herself chuckles, just a bit. "I'd like to think I did well. All my practice and work, despite interruptions, has payed off. There's little doubt Lancet will be satsified with my work, she'll be back to give the final verdict in, well, a while."

Spindrift gets a little nod in her direction. that mare's been there the whole time, helped out a ton. What good friends Rising's been blessed with.

"Whuwha-oof" Muzaji jerks awake at the sound of Rising's voice… and promptly tumbles off her precarious napping position to the floor. ".. mmfff.. did I miss anything?" Rubs the sleepiness out of her purple eyes with the back of a foreleg.

Gravity offers a little Squaaak from the gryphon sort, "Twould be a good idea for Lancet to pass you" he intones with perhaps a little bit of a threat in his voice, what violence from Gravity, so the burd does have some talons afterall… "You've done so much, so many things with your magic" he offers then shoots Muz a glance and a little chuff of laughter in his voice thereafter

Spindrift is a peach. She frowns a slight, thoughtful frown at Rising's self-assessment, and nods slowly as she considers its merits. "Let us hope," she muses, absently. Her gaze trails to Muzaji, watching her for a moment as she goes and tumbles about.

"I guess it's just to wait and see, yes," said Quintessent-Rune with a slight nod. "Care for some tea while you do, I'll send Servant to procure a teaset as well as tea if you would like."

Nocturne gives a bit of a smile and a laugh in response. "That's good! Pretty soon, you'll be…" He pauses and his grin goes crooked, having no idea where to take that sentence; after all, he just recently learned that Rising a student. What a student of magic does with their life is beyond him. "… That's good!" Another laugh escapes him as he notices Muzaji. At least that'll make him look more enthused in comparison.

Rising-Chaos pats Muzaji on the leg, smiling. "You've missed nothing Muzaji, don't worry." Her vocie is calm, confident, almost suspiciously so. "It is good, yes, I have high hopes. I've learnt a lot, since coming here, I think I'm ready to graduate, though." She shoots Gravity a very pointed look. "I want to earn it, through my own merits. I think I am capable of that." Her horn starts glowing, though without noticable effect as she makes herself more comfortable in her chair. "Some tea would be lovely, you don't mind?"

There's a soft rat-tat-tat at the front door.

Gravity shrinks in place and nods a little with a little mumble, "I didn't mean it like that" he responds quietly looking down a little. The gryphon climbs up one of the beams so that he can assume his normal place in and amongst the lower rafters. The burd is infinitely more comfortable up in the rafters than down there on the ground after all.

Muzaji whews as she gets up. "Sounds like it went well… Yeah, teah sounds like a great idea. I'll go get some. You rest while you've got the chance." The zebra trots off for the kitchen.

"But…" Quintessent-Rune blinked after Muzaji, a hoof half-raised towards Servant floating around. The golem somehow contrived to look even smugger than before, earning it a scowl. "Laugh will you, Servant? Do not think I will not remember this, revenge shall be swift and brutal, mark my words."

Spindrift eases to her hooves, pausing to look at the group, before making her way out into the hallway and to the front door. Which she opens. Hellloooooo. I am the butler, Lurch.

Nocturne can only shrug at the earth pony arguing with her servant. He's familiar enough with their relationship, but the chainmail only makes things even more curious. He catches himself staring as soon as the knock on the door is heard, jolting upright as to stand up before seeing Spindrift make her way to the door first.

You've encountered a Daisychain! Daisy is standing at the front door, some sort of cloth back hanging from her mouth. It, along with her saddlebags, are stuffed full of various kinds of food most likely from the market. Not having the convenience of a unicorn, she's physically carrying all the groceries she's bought. She tries to talk with a "hmmf mmfhfm" but alas, that doesn't work to well. After setting the bag down for a moment, the pegasus bows her head to Spindrift with a "Thank you" and picks the back back up to head inside.

Spindrift stands aside without a word on seeing it is a familiar face, or at least someone who lives here. She closes the door and silently follows Daisychain in. "Do you need a hoof putting groceries away?" she asks.

Is there a clock? There could be. It ticks away. If there is no clock, the lack of one ticks just as steadily. The wait is just over halfway over; Lancet will be returning soon, and there's no doubt she will be punctual to the minute.

Rising-Chaos sighs. "I know Gravity, I'm just making sure. Thank you." Muzaji gets a nod. "Thank you, as always. Rune don't trouble yourself, or Servant, it'll be fine." thoguh the mare's antics do earn a smile. "I think seeing you take revenge on Servant would be a sight worth seeing." She pointedly does not freak out at the knocking, and instead gets up, ready to assist based onwho it is. As is, she takes some groceries without asking, and trots off in to the kicthen. Tick Tock, time isn't helping nerves.

Gravity nods and looks down to the freshly entering Daisy, His red-mohawk lifting in a smile, and a flare of wings brings him down again to help her with groceries

Spindrift returns to the living room. Groceries are being seen to. She settles off to the side once more and resumes being silent and observant and maybe a bit creepy depending on one's creepiness threshold.

A hoof knocks on the door! Again! Thump thump thump! There are voices out there.

Nocturne watches as the groceries are carried in, foregoing offering help just to play it safe. Daisy gets a short wave as she enters, and the unicorn leans back, tapping his hooves on his lap in a drumming pattern as he waits. It would certainly be easier to pass the time if he had the slightest clue as to what to converse with these ponies.

He still has -no- idea why he's here.

Daisychain gives a slight nod to Nocturne as a returned gesture with a bit of a friendlier "Hello. Thanks!" to Rising as she helps free her mouth of the sack. Now that it's an option she gives Gravity a peck on the cheak with a warm, "Thank you" as she lets him help her get the stuffed saddlebags off.

Quintessent-Rune's expression shifted ever so slightly - it's suprising how many emotions Quintessent can squeeze out without ever stoping to smile - towards a pout, only really catchable for those who know what to look for. "Fine then, Miss Chaos, I shall leave it be. For now at least. I do still have my own work to finish before disciplinary actions can be taken towards dissobedient golems." With that the blue mare bent back over her work and keept on sewing.

Well Nocturne, maybe you're here to be cool, or something, try it out. You are all being wonderfully supportive and omestic right now, it's very much appreciated. rising chaos, however, is bad at being comforted. The groceries are almost all away when there's more knocking, and she drops everything to go get the door. Again, not a hint of nervousness, or anything but confidence in her posture as she opens the door, but if it's more friends, it's standing room only, the house is getting a bit crowded.


Muzaji returns from the kitchen, balancing a serving tray with teapot and cups on her head. "I've returned quickly, and I brought the tea." Her ears would perk up if the tray wasn't splaying them out with its position. "And at the door there is a knocking. Best we hope it's not more stalking."

Outside the door are a pair of fillies wearing green berets. One of them has a wee little cart stacked with boxes.

The other takes one look at Rising before launching into what sounds like a very practiced spiel, droning and toneless. "Hello miss, we are selling Filly Scout Cookies to raise money for our troop to fund a trip to Canterlot, would you like to buy some and help support your local Filly Scouts and, uh," Uh oh. She hesitates as she runs off-script. "Uh, they are ten bits a box and we have six different kinds?"

Nocturne's ears perk up as he hears the door open, but groans as he recognizes the voice. It's not that he can't stand cuteness or anything, rather that he's tired of all of the false alarms; okay, so he's not the best with cuteness. Trudging his way to the front door, he puts on one an unusually disturbing smile as he tries to hide his disgruntled demeanor. "Hi, there," he says, levitating some bits out from under his mane, "Here, I'd like a box of thin mints, please." He immediately makes his way back without another word as the box is handed to him. That's enough being nice for the rest of the day for him, as he tosses the box in Spindrift's direction and leans back on his chair, closing his eyes. "Knock yourself out."

Gravity pauses and sets aside the grocroies, he bounces and jumps clear over ponies to land him near the door with a change pouch in his talon, "I Love eating girlscouts!" he bounces "I'll take me I'll take em!"

Quintessent-Rune glanced up from where she was sitting, shaking her head before glancing over at Rising Chaos. "And you live with him?"

Daisychain 's ears perk up and anypony who can see her face could see her eyes roll with a bit of a smirk as she clears her way through ponies to stand with Gravity. "Babe…don't scare them off!" She giggles a bit…it /is/ a little funny, after all.

Muzaji ducks her head to set the serving tray down. And resists the urge to pick up a pillow and throw it at Gravity. Tch. Let's not terrorizing the businessmares of tomorrow.

Come to think of it, cookies would be a nice snack alongside tea. So the zebra trots over to the door for a look herself. "And just what six kinds do our little enterpranures have?"

Rising-Chaos rolls her eyes. "I've no interest, some ponies here might." Taking a step away from the door as, well, she's proven right. The unicorn, deflated a bit from her official pose, trots on over to Rune. "Yes, yes I do. Yes, yes I know. I tend to attract interesting characters." She looks around the room meaningfully. She takes her tea, giving Muzaji a thankful nod. As she takes a sip, she once again relaxes just ab it more. "Tea is excellent, Muzaji, as I have come to expect." Shadow of a compliment for the trader zebra.

The two fillies look at eachother in confusion. Thin mints? What are THOSE? A box of Skinny Mints is fished out of the pile and handed over to Nocturne with a pair of ADORABLE if, again, rather atonal "THANK YOU!"s. The two then look at Gravity and stare. "You're a Griffon!" says one. "We just got a griffon in our troop. She's nice except she has trouble eating the cookies with her beak without getting chocolate all over it." They giggle at the thought of it. if Gravity was trying to scare them off, he seems to have erred. These are filly scouts, man. -They've seen things.-

The uncarted one holds up a box. "What would you like? We got Skinny Mints, Alipopcorns, Seabiscuits, Peanut Butter Palominos, Horseshoes, an' Mooncookies."

Spindrift catches the box of mint cookies tossed her way, eyes wide. THINK FAST OH NO COOKIES. She stares at the box with slowly dawning realization, then expertly masked delight revealed only in a little glitter in her eyes. Yesss… th cookies are MINE. The seapony offers Nocturne a crisp nod. "Thank you. I'll be sure to share."

Gravity wasn't trying to scare anypony really, "Oh yeah beaks, n chocolate cookies, don't work well, just gotta eat em whole" he nods and offers bitcoins, 40 of them. 30 for cookies 10 for a general donation to their fundraiser. "Slim Mints, Please" he asks

(OOC) Rising-Chaos: all the seaponies I know have a sweettooth

SO MUCH MONEY. The uncarted filly practically dives into the stack of boxes and starts fishing out the requested boxes. "THANKS, MISTER!" they chirp in unison as they accept the bits and hand over the cookies.

And then they're on their way. The door swings shut afterwards.

Ten seconds later, there is another knock. Thump thump thump. This one is crisp, businesslike, and exactl 60 minutes after Lancet departed. There is no doubt who it belongs to.

Daisychain hovers over to the kitchen and rummages through her saddlebags, pulling out a bag of coins. Making her way over, she gives it to one of the fillies. "I'll take…two of each. I figure 'round here they'll disappear sooner than later." As the door is knocked on again, she opens it up…

"Thank you indeed, Miss Muzaji," said Quintessent-Rune softly, expertly stuffing her sewing work into her scarf - where it promptly seems to dissapear. The seapony-in-disguise is just about to take a seep when there's a knock on the door. Again…

Gravity withdraws clutching boxes of cookies, under his wings, going all reclusive and shifty eyes clutching 'HIS COOKIES!' he scales the beams to the domain of the rafters yet again to peer out at everyother pony here. 'His COOKIES!'

The fillies are more than happy to shower cookies upon anypony with money. Two of each?! The uncarted one is practically swimming through the heap in the wee little cart to find the necessary boxes. Looks like they're getting low on Skinny Mints, or Thin Mints, or Slendermints, or whatever they're called.

Muzaji makes sure to get a couple of boxes of those Palominos before the girls depart. Mmm, peanut butter. Even if it does get stuck to the roof of your mouth. That's part of the fun. And includes a couple of extra bits tip. "From one business-mare to another."

The fillies make a note to hit this house up again next cookie season, because seriously, bro. Seriously.

Once the fillies are gone, and that distraction is over. Rising Chaos stands up again, because now there's something important. You ponies, and your obsession with treats, how very silly. Since Daisy is getting the door, the unicorn wait, a ways off from the group and adopting her whole 'I'm cool and tough and awesome' look.

Gravity is going to hide in the rafters for the rest of the night apparently and maul cookies, because, well cookies are the only excuse.

Behind door #3 is… Professor Lancet, as expected. The butter-coated, blue-maned unicorn, wearing a grey coat and a saddlebag into which the attentive might see her stashing a box of Mooncookies, regards Daisychain evenly. "Hello. Is Rising Chaos still here?" she asks, before glancing up and inside.

Daisychain recognizes the professor from Rising's musical demonstration, having not been around to see her since. Her eyes go wide for a moment when she realises this must be what all the ponies have been waiting around for. She backs away from the door with a bit of a nod and a furrowed brow. "She's still here" the pegasus replies a bit sternly.

Muzaji stows most of the boxes in her bags, but opens one to have some delicious snacky goodness with her tea. She's just sat down to enjoy as there's a knock again, and this time it's the professor everypony has been waiting for. Guess its make or break time for Rising Chaos.

For the zebra, she's just going to sit here and enjoy her tea and cookies while watching.

Rising-Chaos steps forward, making her presence known. "I am here, yes. Ready for my mark." Confident, she did everything right! The unicorn isn't attentive enough to see the cookies, wouldn't change a thing if she did.

The Professor wastes no time in nodding to Daisychain and entering, waiting just inside the hallway for Rising to approach. Which she does. The older unicorn regards Rising coolly after taking quick stock of the surroundings. "Shall we retired to your study, or would you rather I deliver the results here?" she asks, adopting her usual swift, precise tone.

Quintessent-Rune shot the Professor a stare. That mare reminded her way to much of her grandfather for comfort, really.

Back in the living room, Spindrift turns an ear towards the hallway and the voices there, mulling over a slendermint thoughtfully. But not chewing. Chewing goes crunch crunch. Interferes with listening. Plus, one must savor the minty goodness.

Rising-Chaos uses the same tone to reply. "If it's all the same, I would prefer to hear the results here." Let her friends share her victory. Nothing to hide, she has no fear, this is, perhaps her proudest moment. "Have you come to a decision, then?"

Maybe that's why Muzaji is licking the peanut butter out of her cooking before munching it properly. Or just because she likes the peanut butter. She's listening either way

Daisychain steps back until she's behind Rising, giving the professor a little bit of a staredown from where she stands. Her ears are perked up attentively.

Quintessent-Rune's ears perk upwards at attention as well as she sips her cup of tea. She's doing her best to not look expectant, only just barely managing.

Lancet watches Rising- it's not a stare, but is direct, focused. Subtle movements of her ears indicate she's aware of others in the room- and she does take a moment to note Daisychain's presence and confrontational demeanor. Not unexpected- but Rising has asked that the assessment be delivered our here. So be it. The unicorn clears her throat and lifts her chin slightly before she speaks, not breaking eye contact with Rising Chaos.

"It is my estimation as chair of the Department of Life Magics at Canterlot University that your presentation on soul amplification and aura magnification processes fails to demonstrate a meaningful contribution to the field," says Lancet. "The scenario you describe is largely anecdotal, lacking in sufficient documentation and suggests accidental, rather than reproducable results, and you have failed to adequately provide a link between these processes and your greater thesis regarding soul refraction mechanics."

"Regarding your field studies: Your summary of local magical currents and wells has failed to provide an adequate contribution to the University's understanding of geographic arcana. Your results largely confirm the findings of Diamond Shine's 985 survey of the northwestern territories. An understanding of the stability of local trends and ley patterns is valuable, but as you may recall we are specifically looking for an exploration of anomalous presences and other issues raised by Diamond Shine's survey, and these have not been provided."

"In light of this assessment that your studies in Horseshoe Harbor have failed to advance your acamedic record to a significant degree, it is my judgment that your position as field researcher in Horseshoe Harbor is to be ended immediately. Your tutelage at Canterlot University will continue, and only continue, upon your return to the main campus in Canterlot."

She pauses for a moment. "This judgment was determined with concordance from the University's Board of Advancement and its ruling is final pending any appeals you wish to present before them. Would you like to append any remarks to the report I will be filing upon my- our- return to the school?"

(OOC) Spindrift: call her the schoolmistress
(OOC) Spindrift: 'cause rising just got schooled

In the adjoining living room, Spindrift- who is as much a product of arcane academia as anybody else, even if her education was a bit soggier than most ponies'- slowly slicks her ears back as she listens to the report on the report. She swallows her mouthful of slendermint without much appreciation and looks across to Muzaji and Nocturne with a slight frown.

If there was ever a time to be glad one partook of the teachings of the world rather than organized higher education, this would be one of those times, and thus Muzaji is quite glad of just that. Ears tilt back slightly as Rising is pretty much dressed down in public, nostils flaring briefly. A few months ago, the zebra probably would of just turned back to her tea and that was that.

But this isn't a few months ago.

"Curse my inability to stay out of trouble," she murmurs in somewhat rueful amusement as she sets her tea down, pops a final peanut butter cooking in her mouth, and gets up to go investigate properly.

Daisychain 's ears flatten down and a simmer begins behind her eyes. Her tail flickers back and forth a few times before she stomps a back hoof. "So what…that's it then? Yer jus' gonna come up in here and tell us that you an' yer so-an-so University are gonna fail her jus' like that?" She takes a step forward. "Do ya have /any/ idea how hard Risin' works at her magic? Do ya have any idea how much she's actually capable of?" Another hoof is stomped. "Hello…my name is Professor Lancet and even though you're the most awesome unicorn I know, I'm still going to fail you" Daisy mocks, using an over-done fake noble accent. One more hoof stomp and she's ready to explode, "Who do ya think ya are…comin' all up in here like yer better 'en any of us other ponies jus' cause yer name's on a fancy peice of paper. Shame on you. Shame. on. You."

"Miss Daisy, I don't think it would do well to antagonize the Professor," chided Quintessent, if rather reluctantly by the sound of it. "The Professor does have a higher education upon the matters of magic than any off us by virtue of following the established dogma far better than us."

Quintessent shot Professor Lancet a glance. "I'm not certain if the results of Miss Chaos' experiements would be repducable, though I'd still say they are still intriguing. Had it been up to me, I would have let her persue her studies in the field further and await with baited breath to see what comes from it."


Oh that sucks. Like, a lot.

Rising Chaos wasn't expecting that at all. All her expectation and. Well, 'oh' pretty much covers all of them. Her cool look drops, completely swept away by the news. One thing stops her from reacting more than anything though. "Return to Canterlot? With you, to return my studies?" There's a bit of, surprise, anger, unidentifiable emotion? Whatever it is, it's creeping in to her neutral tone. Daisy's little outburst makes her look up. "She's my teacher, and entirely within her right to fail me. She knows exactly how hard I work, and knows exactly what I'm capable of."

Professor Lancet keeps her attention on Rising as criticism- open and mocking, or veiled- is the expected results to the news. Not to be unexpected, considering her last encounters with her student's friends. The professor calls to mind a few useful cantrips to use in case things get truly rowdy.

"If gumption or the ardor of one's colleagues were the means by which success were measured, miss Chaos," she says, to the younger student, "Your success would be assured. However, this is not a mere story, and as you know, at this stage of your education it is -results- that we look at when make our assessments. If there are to be further gains in this field of study, as the artificer has suggested, I would rather they be explored with the oversight and resources available at our main campus. Doubtlessly, the skeleton operation you are maintaining in this field outpost were a contributing factor to the unsatisfactory results of your most recent experiment."

She glances about impatiently. "If you have no remarks to register, then I will be going now. As I mentioned, we can discuss the matter further in Canterlot. I will be back in my office in one week and can review the matter of your ongoing education then."

"Oh resulllts. That just makes everything make sense." Muzaji cuts into the conversation when she steps into the hallway, an out of place scowl considering her usual cheerfulness creasing her brow. "So that's it? Just because there's no physical results, not hard evidence, that you think there was no 'results'?" Purple eyes narrow a bit at the instructor. "But I guess I should not be surprised, that a stuffy schoolmarm from Canterlot would not understand there is more to learn of the world than facts and figures. Tch. Sad really, how some of the most intellectual ponies I come across are also some of the least sensible."

Then turns back to the rest of the gathered, regarding the unicorn with her dark colored eyes. "And I must I am shocked, Rising Chaos, nearly shocked off my block. After everything else you've stood up to, you'll let her roast you? Does she really you and what you're capable of, when she's instructed from afar, sat in some cushy classroom while you ran your flank off tracing leylines and trying to stop the manitions of an artifact possessed so-called 'seawitch'?"

Then leans back to glances to the living room. "No offense, Spindrift."

Daisychain ruffles her head in frustration, flicking her tail and stomping a hoof again. The fire continues to burn behind her eyes. "Results!? Ya want results!? Results ain't somethin' you kin jus' write down on a piece of paper an' expect ta show everythin'. If ya really cared about what she's been tryin' ta do fer her research…if ya really did, ya wouldn't be hidin' behind yer fancy school walls and all yer councils and documents. No. You'd be out here right next ta her watchin' what she's really able ta do." A small short growl escapes from her throat. "But she's jus' another number to ya…another name on a piece of paper that ya don't give two rat's bottoms fer. She's out here doin' all the real work while ya get ta play boss. You think /her/ results were unacceptable? Yer the only unacceptable one here, /Professor/."

Spindrift makes a brief face at her inadvertent mention. She isn't exactly sure she should be held up as, ahem, *results,* but this isn't the time and place to quibble. The seapony nods to Muzaji as she makes her way to the door of the hallway, but she isn't about to crowd out there with everypony else, much less start shouting. Rising can take care of herself. Probably.

Maybe. Sometimes. Hopefully this is one of those times.

(OOC) Muzaji is also amused her and Daisy hit on the same concept of 'not all results are on paper'
(OOC) Quintessent-Rune: I find this hugely amusing as, considering scientific research… Results tottaly -is- something you can write down and show everyone. So detailed everyone will be able to do it just the same way.
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(OOC) Daisychain: science=/=magic
(OOC) Rising-Chaos: tell Chaos that, watch her be all upset
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"Miss Muzaji, Miss Daisy," began Quintessent-Rune, "I do belive that results can, indeed, be writen down. Else they would not be conclusive results. Arguing otherwise does not help, arguing for Miss Chaos' continued stay here to study further, to produce said results, is."

The seapony folded her forelegs in her lap, turning to the Professor. "To which I would say, do let her remain for the forseeable future. Whilest your university might have plenty of laboratory space, I do belive there's plenty of valuable field observations to be had here - if one shift their foci of study slightly. There are a number of seaponies in town, whose magic is not like that of unicorn - colaborating with them would most likely produce intruiging results. Furthermore, there are individuals like myself and Miss Spindrift here as well, that would be able to render further assistance and resources. Golemancy is hardly the limits of my tallents, for example."

Rising-Chaos frowns, she thought that's what the professor said. Despite all the noise by her friends, she raises a hoof, she has something to say. "Please, ponies, give her the respect she deserves. Professor Lancet is an accomplished scholar, there was no unfairness here. She knows exactly what was needed, and what I did." No, there's no grudge here.

"Professor Lancet knows me well, but perhaps not as well as she thinks. Because if she thinks that, just because I failed, I will return to Canterlot with her, she's wrong. My 'skeleton operation' here, has taught me more, and accomplished more, than I ever will under you, Lancet. Any further advancements in my studies, will be done by me, and my peers, under my supervision, not yours." Oh, yeah, turns out it was definetly anger. "Any unsatisfactory results are not failures, but steps in my learning. I do not need you to learn. I am past your ability to teach." The tone isn't yelling and hysterical, more an even tone that communicates her anger without ever rising or getting out of hoof.

"Go back to Canterlot, Lancet, I don't need you anymore. I have better things to do. As these ponies have so eloquently stated, I have accomplished things in my new home that you could never imagine. I graduated a long time ago." By the end of her little speech, it's all low menace and she's just standing there, hoof in the air, glaring at Lancet. "I have much to learn here, from my friends."

Daisychain stomps her hoof on the ground after hearing Rising's statement. She's certainly not one to just give up on the pony who helped give her a home and a place in the world. Her ears lay back ever further as she steps to Risings side, glaring daggers from behind her goggles. "Ya'll heard her" she adresses to all the ponies before turning back to Lancet with a dark scowl. "It best be time for ya ta be gettin' outta here, /Professor/. Risin' don't need ya no more." Her wings flutter a bit as she stands like a rock next to her friend.

And prehaps she was concerned a bit too soon, because -that- is the Rising Chaos they know and admire coming back to the surface. That makes Muzaji's usual expression return as Rising pretty much throws what she was just told back in Lancet's face, letting the unicorn have her moment to get all that off her chest. She does look slightly apologetic to Rune, but only in that she jumped the gun in defense, not in what she actually said.

"And this will be the day that Rising Chaos ruled," the zebra pauses a half-beat to lean closer to the instructor, "that you may be the professor, but -you- just got schooled."
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The professor arches her eyebrows, looking momentarily surprised, but doubtlessly in control, as Rising goes into her sething explanation of just what she thinks about future studies. There is a hint of irritation in her gaze- but patience, as well, as she listens and lets the younger unicorn say her piece. As Rising finishes, and Daisychain and Muzaji have their say as well, Lancet waits a few moments, then nods, crisply. "So be it, miss Chaos. If it is your preference you remain here, then it shall no longer be as a compensated field researcher for the university or as a student under my direction. Your scholarship will be on hold until such a time as you return to Canterlot to resume your tutelage there, and the appropriateness of your continued field posting can be reassessed."

She pauses, looking over the gathered ponies, then at the surrounding hallway of the house. The dormitory house paid for by school funds. "A university representative will be in touch with you regarding your use of the property, of course, but that's for the finance department to sort out, not myself."

She turns towards the door, but stops to glance over the gathered ponies, cooly withstanding the obvious hostility in the air- from some more than others. "As the pegasus has said, it is time for me to depart. Again, miss Chaos, my office will be open if you choose to return, but it seems you've found a more… appropriate setting in which to pursue personal enrichment." She shrugs. "And if it's half as fertile an environment for growth as your friends suggest, then maybe it's for the best. Have a good evening."

And with that, she opens the door and sees herself out, closing it and walking away. No teleportation, and certainly no parting jabs. She may not like Rising Chaos, and Rising Chaos may not like her, but she's still a professional.

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Rising-Chaos may have let herself get a bit flustered, but soon gets it under control. For everything that may prove otherwise, she can be proffesional as well. "You as well, Lancet. Thank you, I'll keep your offer in mind." It really was generous of her, to do all those things, Lancet isn't a bad pony. However, now that all that stress and focus of her anger is gone, Rising has a problem. She solves it by sitting down, and feeling like she's going to be sick. Her voice is completely even and steady. "So, just to be clear, did that just happen?"

Daisychain lets out a deep breath, the fire behind her eyes settling back down into nothingness. She wraps a wing around Rising in a hug, still shaking a bit from the anger that had been building up inside. "I…I think it really jus' did, Risin'…" She responds

Quintessent-Rune nodded and picked herself of her seat. "It would seem so, yes. And if the worst come to pass, Miss Chaos, I do happen to find myself with spare accomodations - for you and your guests. For some perculiar reason I've found myself with the possesion of a manor." The corners of Rune's mouth turned upwards ever so slightly in a amusement as she passed Rising, giving the other mare a brief pat on the shoulder before leaving for her own home.

"Indeed," says Spindrift, making her way further into the hallway, and approaching Rising to reach out and lay her umarked hoof on the Unicorn's shoulder. "It did. I think you are now, like miss Quintessent Rune and myself, a 'free spirit,' as some might say."

Muzaji chuckles a bit. "A better way to be, if you were to ask me." The zebra gives Rising an affection bump before turning to walk back towards the living room and her tea and cookies. "But then again, I'm biased on that matter."

"Huh, I guess it did then." Rising Chaos just kinda looks at the ground for a bit, apparently deep in thoguht. "Well, that's good. That whole matter is resolved now, nothing is going to change." She looks at Rune as the mare elaves, and Spindrift's hoof, and all the other things. "Well I think I made the right choice, without question. Looks like you ponies are stuck with me for now." She gets to her hooves, and wanders back over to her favourite chair, in a dreamy state, as if she hasn't quite processed what's happened. She chuckles faintly as she takes her seat and curls up. "Well you're all welcome to stay for a while, of course. I think, I think I should get some rest soon, that would be good. Haha"

Daisychain gives a glance up towards the rafters as she maks her way back into the living area, letting out a sigh of hesitation before turning back to Rising, "Well…I'll be the one ta break the news ta Gravity…"

Spindrift follows Rising to the living room, and finds a seat herself, no longer skulking off to one side but settling down near Muzaji. Not before finding her box of slendermints, though. "We'll stick around, Rising, if it's all the same. After all, you did the same for us."

Muzaji picks up a peanut butter cookie and pops it in her mouth. "Have some tea first Rising, it will help you to relax. We will worry about working out that you were essentially renting the place later, after you've hard some rest. It is not as big of a matter as she made it sound. If nothing else, I'm sure the rest of us would be glad to chip in."

Rising-Chaos does just that, taking her cup of tea form earlier and taking a sip. "Those problems are for later, yes. I can deal with it, it won't be an issue." That comment from Spindrift confuses her though. That's not really something she imagined she did. "Well, it seems I stuck around for the right ponies then. Thanks then, for sticking around for me." She falls silent, just drinking her tea. This really is a lot to take in all at once.

Muzaji offers the box of almost empty peanut butter palominos to Rising. "Cookie with your tea, madam?", she asks if a faux stuffy voice.

Daisychain turns back and approaches Rising, giving her a hug with her wings and putting a hoof on her shoulder, "Risin'…we're yer friends. I know I haven't been around as much lately…an' well…that I'll explain later…but…well…the point I'm tryin' ta make is that we're here for ya. Gravity may be my special some…gryphon…but yer still my best friend, an' I'd stay by yer side 'gainst a thousand more Professor Lancets, or whatever pony tries ta knock ya down."

Rising-Chaos waves the cookie away. "No, no, I'll pass on the cookie. I really must get my rest." Then Daisy has to go be all cute and junk. "Thanks, Daisychain, I'll remember it. Just to be clear, this changes nothing. Though I do appreciate your support. Good night." She gets up, and heads off to her room.

Spindrift watches Rising go, quiet, before shrugging and going back to her sittin' there. "Affection does not become her." She regards her cookies, then offers one to Daisychain, silently holding up the box. At least we have cookies.

Daisychain smiles at Spindrift, giving a slight nod, "She's really come a long way though…since I first met her an' all." Her head shakes at the cookie and suggests towards the 12 boxes she just ordered, "I got a bunch of my own now. I appreciate the offer though!"

Spindrift quietly shifts the offer Muzajiwards.

Muzaji smirks a bit at Spindrift, even as she helps herself to some skinny mints, and offers her peanut butter ones in return. "Not every pony wears their heart on their mark."

Spindrift exchanges cookies and nods, nomming a peanut butter palomino as she draws her mint box back to herself. "Mm."