The Fall Of Fizz
IC date: Winter 32, 1007
OOC date: 1/20/13
PCs: Sodium-Fizz Hemlock Aliella Solar-Wind
GM: None

Everypony needs to eat, even the crazy, depressed alchemist ones. Well, maybe
anyway. Who knows if Soda have some weird potion that lets her skip out.
Though one thing is for certain that if she have one, Sodium-Fizz defiantly
isn't using it. The grey mare trudged - or stumbled - onwards with a blank and
emotionless expression on her face and looking more or less drenched. On
occasion her belly rumbled, loudly and aggressively.

Hemlock is playing in the streets! By all appearances, he's quite pleased with
himself as he splashes around in puddles and sings silly songs. His rain coat
is soaked, and his mane is plastered against his neck, but that's a small
price to pay for the smiles he can give ponies!

Suddenly, a grump. Hemlock stops and watches the pegasus, curiosity evident on
his face. Should he go for it?

Trotting along Main Street with plenty of energy is Aliella, who drags a small
shovel in one hoof as she goes. As she nears Sodium Fizz, she offers a simple
wave and a smile and continues her trek - until she hears the pegasus' stomach
rumbling. Quickly dropping her shovel, she scurries over to the alchemist and
presses an ear against her side, waiting for another sound. "Are you hungry,
miss? I know where to find some nummy berries around here. Mama already told
me which ones I can't eat."

Solar is on patrol again, he cruises over town from time to time, and
while most not everyone knows him, they likely well have seen him from time to
time on his usual patrols. today he sees a recognized form, and another,
though doesn't off-hoof remember the name, he's bad with names, but he swoops
in and alights near enough to Fizzy to offer a wing over her, to act as an
umbrella. "Good Afternoon Miss Fizz" the big stallion intones kindly

The alchemist came to a unsteady stop before looking down at Aliella. It seems
to take her several moments to notice there's somepony before her. Or rather,
some zebra. "No, it'd just be a waste," she muttered before trudging onwards.
She does add a uncharacteristically flat, "Hello, Solar," though.

Hemlock torts over to Solar Wind, whom he recognizes. "Hello there mister Wind!"
The hero uses that excuse to get himself in the conversation. "And hello miss,
little one. What brings all you ponies on such a rainy day? Are you enjoying
the weather as well?"

Aliella follows Fizz, hopping up and down to try to get her attention. "C'mon,
lunch is like, reaaaally important! If you don't eat it you have to wait for
dinner!" She stops as she seems Hemlock in front of her and smiles at him.
"You bet! The ground's all soft and mushy, and I stay clean!" She prances
about in a small radius, revealing that there is indeed some mud in her coat,
but most has washed off from the rain.

Solar-Wind issues a little sigh and opens up his other wing providing cover to
any pony not in proper rain attire, to heck with his wings getting wet it
seems, meh. "Fizzy, you look" he crinks his head a little, "well, not much
worse than normal really, ya should really work on that" he offers with a
little grunt "Hemlock Good Afternoon, and Little zebra, Greetings" he offers

"I don't think anypony'll mind me missing another meal," said Sodium-Fizz. "At
least, nopony should," she added for herself as she ambled on. At least for a
few moments before coming to a stop, looking a wee bit confused on top of
emotionally empty. "Now I can't think of why I'm out here…" After a moment of
silent the grey mare just laid down on the wet, and somewhat muddy, street.

Aliella wastes no time trotting near Soda's head to talk to her. "Maybe you
really /did/ want food and forgot!" She pats the alchemist on the back. "Not
eating does stuff like that, you know. One day I missed breakfast and the town
caught fire!"

Hemlock looks down at the mare for a moment, frowning. "Well, how about this,
miss. I'll buy you some lunch, because missing meals is no fun." He sits
beside her. "Anyways, I couldn't stand to see a pretty mare like you with such
an unfabulous frown." He turns to look at the little filly. "Rain is fun
though, isn't it? What have you been doing to get all muddy though, little

Solar-Wind stands over the proceedings keeping the rain at bay though himself
getting drenched. Fizzy on the ground though and he's not thrilled by that,
He's just being a rain-shield for right now. "Fizz, Just how many meals have
you missed?" he asks with concern in his voice

"Six I think," Sodium-Fizz answered numbly before dropping her muzzle on her
hooves. "Now leave-me alone."

Right, something is defiantly wrong here.

Hemlock isn't about to take any of that. He leans down so he's closer to the
mare's level. "Simply put, miss. No, I won't leave you alone. I care too much
to just let you sit here and mope." His voice has no bend in it at all, just
try and argue. "I'll bring to food to you, if I have to. Get Solar Wind here
to sit on you so I know you'll be here when you come back."

Aliella promptly drags her shovel over to show Hemlock. "I've been diggin'!" She
leans against Fizz's side and pouts, turning back to Hemlock. "I think we
should get her some breakfast, lunch, /and/ dinner!"

Solar-Wind Hrumphs deeply "SIX really, Sodium-Fizz thats not the way to keep
healthy, I"m not leaving you alone for nothing and you KNOW how stubborn I can
be, You can't out-stubborn this pony" he stares down at her, shuffles in place
a little, "Hemlock, in my wing-pack" he ducks the wing thats not covering
Fizzy, "I've got some protein rations in there, they'll help with her state
right now, keep her up a little, But we're gonna have to get some food in her
now" he practically slips into 'rescue' mode.

"Why should I? You'd all be better of without me in the long run," muttered
Sodium-Fizz glumly. If she'd actually seemed to have the capacity to be glum.
It sounds more matter off fact really. "I'm tired of hurting, and I'm tired of
hurting other ponies. I'm tired of being terrified…"

Hemlock recognizes those words. The stallion takes the offered protein rations
from Solar Wind than lies down facing the mare. "Well, I know for a fact that
at least one pony wouldn't be better off without you. As for the hurting, and
hurting others, that's a lot harder. But the fear, now that's something I am
trained to deal with!" He nudges the bars over to the pegasus with a smile.
"Have something to eat, alright? Please?"

"Pleeeease?" Aliella now stands directly in front of her face, still hopping a
bit. "There's nothing to be scared of out here! And besides, I'd be real upset
without you. I don't even even know your name?" She takes what she can of the
alchemist into an embrace. "Mine's Aliella."

The Stubborn pony is Stubborn. "I'm not leaving till you eat something, and then
I'm going to be a thorn in your side, like you were to me while I was getting
better, My wife will understand, and support this" he states without a doubt
in his voice. "you've said this all before, and fine, whatever, you're still
someone whom I care about for which I'm not simply going to walk away from,
thats it the end" Solar-Wind states boldly.

Sodium-Fizz sighed for herself. "Then you're a idiot, Solar-Wind," she mumbled,
eyeing the protein ration before lifting her gaze to Hemlock. She's not buying
that for a moment. "As for who I am… I am Sodium-Fizz. Alchemist by trade,
loathsome villain by nature and everything I hate with my world. Now leave me
alone so I can… whatever."

Hemlock actually looks excited by that. "You're a villain? What a coincidence,
I'm a hero! It's a pleasure to meet you miss Fizz!" There's nothing but
sincerity in his voice. His face falls in to a frown, very uncharacteristic.
"Though something about your tone tells me something about that is bad?"

Aliella gasps. "You're a villain? Ooooooh!" The filly begins circling Fizz. "But
even villains deserve a nice meal!" She stops her circling in front of Fizz
once more. "… You're not gonna stop me from finding my daddy are you? 'Cause
then I'll have to fight you!"

Solar-Wind grunts at being called an idiot, but he's a stubborn one then at
least. He jerks his wing back and lets the water stream off of it then
re-covers the grounded mare. "Hemlock, this is Sodium-Fizz, she's a right
mighty villain, or she thinks she is or was at some point in time, she's
deathly afraid that she'll fall into her old ways at some point in time yet
again" he states dryly. "Bad past and everything, seems to have it in check
right now, which is how the harbor likes it" the stallion offers. "Fizz we're
just trying to keep you well" he offers still not budging.

"Why would anypony sane want to be a villain?" asked Sodium-Fizz. "Or anypony
insane, too. I have to go around and create conflict and chaos, to be defeated
and hated. To always be confronted…" Pale yellow eyes, rimed with red as if
she's been crying, turned towards Aliella for a moment. "And, Solar, I do not
have it in check. It just crops up from moment to moment, small incident. Like
the spaghetti monstrosity."

"Soda sighed. "So no, just go away and leave me alone. I'll spare the lot of you
the trouble."

Aliella sighs and shrugs. "You're impossible, miss soh-dee-um Fizz." She picks
up her shovel and begins trotting out of town. "Make sure she eats some'n!"

Solar-Wind nods a little, but holds his ground, "Fizz Ya know me well enough to
know that I'm not going to leave your side when you're like this" he notes,
"So you're not in check, we all have issues, and accidents from time to time"
He eyes her seriously, "We'll help you get home, get some food into you,
drinks perhaps, water at the very least" A glance is given to Hemlock then
back to Fizzy, "or, you can let go, just let it all go, give up whatever
control you have, and set yourself free inside, see how far you go, before
something stops you" he states with the look of resignation on his muzzle.
"Unleash that other you for a bit, de-pressurize so to speak" he gulps hard.

Sodium-Fizz gave Solar-Wind a flat stare. "Really, Solar Wind? That is your
plan," still emotionless, but it was a good attempt at getting surprise out of
her. "I do not think I want another town on my consciousness. Speaking of
which, there's a town named Cornflower. Wandering army of explosive corn. A
few years back. Half the town was gone by the time they stopped me."

Hemlock looks blankly at the mare, deep in recollection. "Cornflower… Name's
familiar… Oh yeah! I was in there a few months back! Helped em rebuild the
town a bit and now corn harvests are way better!" He smiles, nodding
encouragingly. "That was fun. The town's doing great, last I heard. I get
postcards from them sometimes." He pulls out a little card of paper, which is
from Cornflower! "Though his idea isn't the worst one. If that's what you call
villainy, maybe it's just you trying to bottle it up that's got you so

Solar-Wind rightly laughs some, "I love popcorn, great stuff that is, if only
the butter factory had exploded too" he laughs with a dreamy expression on his
muzzle, "I heard of a guard dispatch out there for fire duty, didn't call our
team out, but all the rainclouds they had to wrangle in for that one" he
shakes his head a little. "Popcorn Yum" he just chuckles some to himself then
looks down to Hemlock. He tucks his wing back and shakes it off, turns around
and lifts his other wing up to act as an umbrella yet again, the first wing is
sore and stiff from holding out so for such a long time.

Sodium-Fizz snorted, sounding almost irritated. "Obviously, they got rid of
me… And no, I won't try to cut lose. I don't want to wreck havoc, I don't
want everypony else - or Winter - to… No. And I won't try to use it for
'good' either. That's… worse." Soda looked away. "Was a town up north
infested with Rat Wights, I did get rather mangled though the towns-ponies
saved me. In return I rid them of the Wights… though in doing so I lead the
pony that saved my life to his death."

"I only had one Hydra's Blood elixir, I could only save one of us. I used it

Solar-Wind nods some, "Fizz there's little that this town hasn't seen, heck its
about to be destroyed by that thing out in the harbor, let loose, go with it,
whats the worst that could happen" he shrugs, "Woooo, the town burns down
again, Celestia gets ticked off at me for not doing my job properly" he
grumbles a little and scuffs a hoof some, "Nothing new for this place, heck if
you leveled the place, at least the town would have a fresh start, right?" he
silver-lines absolute chaos.

Hemlock shrugs. "Suit yourself, I would have had to stop you anyways." He thinks
again on it. "Hmm, I had to save some wandering merchants from bandits once.
Turns out they had a manticore. I got so caught up with beating the manticore,
that the bandits came and got half of the merchants while I was busy." He
grins, obviously not that bothered. "I kicked that manticore's butt and got
it's poison though! And then I chased those silly bandits down, even if the
merchants were already sold off." He nudges Sodium fizz in the shoulder. "I
think you're just being hard on yourself."

Sodium-Fizz snorted. "Right, not like I wouldn't leave the two of you smoldering
corpses if I did that," Soda muttered mater of factly, "unless you two were the
ones meant to stop it. Still, I don't think most of the town would be standing
anyway. After all, that is what I do." Soda sighed for herself and finally
pushed herself upright, turning vaguely towards the store before stumbling
off. "I'm leaving. Going home. Maybe you will all stop bothering me then. I
don't want to make you stop bothering me like I did my husband, I think… I
don't like to have blood on my hooves."

Hemlock trots right up beside her. "You don't even begin to frighten me miss. I
have faced down demigods, dragons, liches. They didn't stand a chance against
Hemlock. A pretty alchemist, which is the coolest job ever, by the way, is
hardly a problem." He doesn't look bothered, he easily is taller than Fizz and
looks TOUGH. "I'll just escort you home, then arrange for some lunch to be
brought to you. Because taking care of ponies is what I do."

Solar-Wind simply resigns himself to the strong silent type, and walks her home,
one wing still outspread and keeping her from the rain till she gets home, at
the very least. "At least you still have a some sense of compassion" he
murmurs some, and nods to the other escort. "Fizz, just keep this in mind,
this town holds some ponies that care alot about you, maybe that will help
keep you on the level, at least, try" he asks gently as he finds himself at
her door. Again he looks to Hemlock, "Taking care of others is also My job
too" he smiles and performs his Royal Equestrian Fireguard bow to Fizzy" that
rather formal thing of wings splayed wide and fore hooves kneeled jobbie.

"They really shouldn't bother," muttered Sodium-Fizz as she pushed the door open.
"They should just run me out of town or hang me already and spare themselves
being sullied by being near me, spare themselves the trouble." The dripping
wet, starving mare stepped inside, slamming the door in the face of the two

Hemlock grins. "Well that was productive! I'm going to go arrange lunch for her.
Nice seeing you again Solar Wind!" The hero prances off quite happily, not
even fazed by the door that just got slammed in his face.

Solar-Wind kinda rubs his muzzle a little with a hoof, "Oww" he grumbles and
nods a little, looking back to Hemlock, "Thanks for the help Hemlock, Have to
do this again some time" he chuckles, "Food, hmm that sounds pretty darn good
actually" he tosses his mane, that wet mane look does not look good on him (in
his opinion that is) and starts to trot off towards the outskirts of town and
the forest beyond.