The Crimson Crusader Appears!
IC date: Spring 51, 1008
OOC date: May 18, 2013
Location: Main Street
PCs: Magpie Jellybean Kludge Tale-Chaser

The moon is bright tonight.

This is not ideal.

But there is a good sea-breeze going, so that's a positive for the rooftop foal with the billowing red cloak. Silhouetted by the bright moon, she crouches on the peak of a rooftop and watches the city. HER city. With her broad-brimmed red fedora pulled down to conceal her identity (as well as a snazzy domino mask), the unicorn filly keeps vigil over the streets.

Jellybean, enjoying a late night flight, lands on the rooftop. "Oh, hi Magpie. Are you out playing? I like your cape."

"AAAAUGH!" Magpie almost overbalances and pitches off the roof, but scrambles back and clings to the rooftop. "Don't DO that!" she gasps, then in a deeper, raspy voice, "I mean, don't do that! And I'm not Magpie, why would I be Magpie?" The filly proffers her hooves for inspection. "See? My hooves and horn are /black/. Magpie's are /white/."

Jellybean blinks, looking confused. To be fair, this is pretty normal for him. "Really? But I thought you were…" He blinks a few more times. "Okay. Who are you, then?"

Magpie relaxes and says, in her usual voice, "Well, I haven't really decided yet. What do you think of 'The Crimson Crusader'?"

Comprehension dawns. Wait. No it doesn't. Does it? Yeah, there it goes. "Ohhhhh, I get it." Jellybean puts a hoof to his chin. "I never really read comics, myself. It sounds good, though."

Magpie blinks. "Comics?" Gravelly: "Do I look funny to you?!"

Jellybean makes a little 'eep' noise. "What? No, I meant like Supermare and things like that. I thought you were doing something like that."

"Wellll… I guess I /could/ protect the citizens and stuff /too/," Crimson muses.

Jellybean says "Too? What were you planning on doing?" He looks fretful. You weren't going to do crimes, were you?"

Meanwhile, closer to the ground, Kludge exits the workshop after a long day of woodwork and design. Trying to design a stroller/wagon that can handle all four of the foals - both the Dragon Twins and the newborns - is an intriguing challenge, and the craftspony is reay for some relaxation.

Weirdly, there's a conversation going on directly overhead. The Crimson Crusader backs up a step. "Do crimes? Who? Where? What crimes? Nopony saw anything!"

Jellybean doesn't frown, doesn't look angry. But dang if he doesn't have an incredibly effective Disappointed Lip-Wiggle. "Do you promise you're not going to get up to anything bad, Magpie?"

Magpie hoofshuffles guiltily. "I promise not to do anything bad," she sighs. "I was just sorta hangin' out on the roof anyway." She suddenly adds, "AND I'M NOT MAGPIE!"

Kludge blinks. A conversation, at this hour? And that last line… He looks up, a puzzled expression on his face, and waves. "Hello, Jelly! An hello… somepony who sounds like Maggie but apparently isn't!"

Jellybean nods. "Oh right. Sorry. Well," he says, folding a wing over the filly who is evidently not Magpie, "as long as you promise not to do anything bad I guess it's okay. Just be careful on rooftops, okay? Hi Kludge!"

Magpie sighs. "Please, I haven't fallen off a roof in like forever. Hi, Kludge! I mean—" She drops her voice and octave and grates a gravelly, "Hi, Kludge!"

A small smile quirks across Kludge's face. "So, what brings a red-caped pony to our rooftop?" he calls out.

Jellybean says "Oh. I guess I just get worried about ponies who aren't pegasi on high places, is all."

The Crimson Crusader peeks over the edge of the roof, her broad brimmed red fedora and red cape blowing slightly in the breeze. "I'm just protecting the citizens," she calls in Magpie's voice. "You know, uh…" Sideways glance at Jellybean. "Fighting crime and stuff, I guess."

"Uh huh." Blink blink, then a cheerful smile. "Okay! Hope your night is… uneventful," Kludge replies. After all, if nothing happens that the citizens need protecting from, isn't that a good thing?

Jellybean nuzzles the Crimson Crusader in a way which is probably not typically approved for crimefighters. "Well, you have fun playing superhero. I'm going to go home and cook dinner." Jellybean, away!

Superheroes in our midst! Good news. Too bad the town is currently lacking a looming supervillain- but there's still other things for a hero to do. Like save damsels in distress. Look, here comes one right now!

Well, this pony isn't a damsel, though you might think otherwise on seeing the pink color scheme, since pink is for girls. But Tale Chaser does appear to be in mild distress. Divorced from his glasses, he's poking his way down the street in a meticulous fashion, squinting, searching about with a hoof in front of him. A pair of overladen book bags slow his progress.

WHOOSH! In a blur of flapping red cloth, the filly plummets from the roofline! Her fall twists into an arc thanks to the rope helpfully tied 'round a sturdy beam (or possibly joist, Kludge would know), and at the right moment, the Crimson Crusader releases the rope and lands on all fours in front of Tale Chaser, posing as her cloak blows dramatically back to reveal her dark coat. It's /super/ impressive, which makes it rather unfortunate that TC is short one pair of glasses.

A pencil in his mouth, Kludge holds up a sign with "9.5" written on it.

Tale Chaser draws back, rearing up briefly on his back hooves, a bit surprised by the sudden manifestation of the Crimson Crusader… but only a bit. Because mostly what he sees is red. And not, like, the angry kind of red. He's not really the -seeing red- type. Rather there's a big red blur in the street before him. "Oh, uh," he says, blinking blearily in Magpie's direction. "S-sorry, mmm…" not sure if it's a miss or a ma'am. "sir." not sure if it's a sir, either. They're not saying anythjing. They're awfully fluttery around the edges- a cape, yes, but he can't tell. Wings, maybe? A pegasus. He knows most of the pegasi in this town are female. "Ma'am."

The Crimson Crusader says in a raspy growl, "What seems to be the trouble, citizen?"

Tale-Chaser shuffles slightly. That's quite a growl. It sounds hard on the vocal cords, especially for a pony that appears to be both young and has a naturally high-pitched voice. "Uh, I'm not- actually a citizen, here. I'm, uh, visiting on a sort of… a student visa kinda thing," he says. Then pauses. "Do you… do you still want to know what the trouble is, or does it not count anymore…?"

Long pause. "Um, look," the Crusader says. "If nothing's wrong I'll just, y'know… go…?"

Kludge quietly stifles a chuckles, then walks over in such an angle that, to one who can't see clearly, it appears as if he's just arriving. "Oh, hey Tale Chaser! How are you doing?"

"Oh," says Tale Chaser. He briefly considers if his missing glasses are wrong enough to warrant telling somepony else. It seems like it might be a bit rude. This should be a lesson on personal responsibility. But this mysterious stranger… they're so red, and their voice is so growly. A pony that red and growly must mean business. "Well, uh-" He lifts a hoof and points at his face. "Have you seen, um- a pair of glasses? They're a bit… they're kind of big? Round lenses. Not like the… the trendy… big thick rims that a lot of ponies have, but thin bronze rims…" He turns and glances back along the street behind him. "I think they're… somewhere along the street, here. I- oh." There's Kludge. He recognizes that voice, and the blur is of a familiar color. "Hello, Mr. Kludge. I'm doing okay. I think I lost my glasses, though."

The Crusader gasps! (It sounds like kind of a familiar gasp.) "Allow me to assist you, citizen!"

Magpie rolls 1d10 (Glasses findering!) — Result: 8 | Sum: 8

The glasses, for the record, are easily found- they're sitting out there in the open, about fifty feet behind Tale Chaser. Why didn't he find them before? They appear to be mobile- bouncing around in the air atop a small, swirling dustcloud. It looks like Thunderknuckles, that storm elemental leftover, has put the glasses on and is playing a game of keep-away with Tale Chaser that Tale Chaser does not himself realize he has been recruited into.

Tale Chaser, in the meantime, blinks at Magpie. Er, the Crimson Crusader. That did sound familiar. "I'm not a ci-" Pause. Irrelevant. "Well, uh… I guess… you don't see them anywhere nearby, do you? You don't have to look or anything. I just think, you know, they're kind of… kind of shiny. They might stand out a bit…"

The Crusader gallops down the street in a rush of cape! "Halt, miscreant!" she shouts at the bundle of swirling air. "Relinquish your ill gotten gains or face the wrath of — THE CRIMSON CRUSADER!" She stands up on her hind hooves and crosses the front hooves, pointing one at the puff of wind. "I'll punish you," she explains.

(OOC) Kludge: …did you just strike a Sailor Moon pose?

(OOC) Magpie: Who me? :D

Kludge watches with a certain amount of bemusement. "Looks like the Crimson Crusader has things under control," he remarks.

"Oh," says Tale Chaser, as he sees the blur of red rush by and hears the shouts and feels the rush of wind. "Bye?" He stares off in that direction, then turns towards Kludge. "Uh, who… who's the Crimson Crusader?" he asks. "Are they- are they new in town?"

Thunderknuckles stares up at Magpie, the lenses magnifying the elemental's beady black eyes up to big giant inky pools of surprise. It watches her for a moment, glances left and right at the lack of anypony else on the street, before extending a dusty little clawed hand and pointing at itself in a 'who, me?' gesture.

"Yes, you! Who else would I punish?!" The Crimson Crusader's horn flickers with a fitful light. "Hand over the glasses," she demands, "Or else."

"I don't think I've ever seen the Crimson Crusader before," Kludge admits. Of course, he's not mentioning the "secret" identity of the Crimson Crusader - if she wants to have a secret identity, he's not going to argue.

Thunderknuckles panics for a moment, whirling around in a rapid little circle with stubby little arms flailing over its head, making sounds not unlike a quiet hair dryer. It skids to a stop after a moment, reaches up to take the glasses off, and scoots over to hold them up to Magpie, beady little black eyes squint into thin lines in anticipation of a faceful of mighty justice.

Tale Chaser listens. Glasses? She found them? With a… a miscreant? Oh my. "Oh. Well, she seems a bit… nice, though… I hope that throat thing isn't… some kind of condition. It sounds uncomfortable…"

Magpie levitates the glassses. "Good boy. Don't tease the poor colt," she tells Thunderknuckles, and trots back with her prize in hoof. Well, in magic, but same difference. She settles the glasses on Tale Chaser's nose, then throws her cloak dramatically around her. Not that she's trying to hide her identity or anything. Anyway, it's clearly not Magpie. The Crimson Crusader's coat and horn are black, or at least charcoal gray.

Thunderknuckles hangs its head- or at least the part of its amorphous swirling dustcloud body where its eyes are- in shame. Truly, crime doesn't pay. It follows after the Crimson Crusader sullenly.

Tale Chaser blinks rapidly as his vision adjusts, surprised- but pleasantly so- by having the clarity of his vision restored. "Oh!!" he says, surprised. He quickly focuses on the Crimson Crusader and blinks at her. "Ohh!" She's pretty, in a dark and mysterious sort of way. "Thank you! Wow…" With a flush and an embarassed scratch behind his head, he looks down at the ground. "You're, like… a real hero. Thanks…"

Kludge quietly applauds. "Well done, Crimson Crusader," he smiles.

"Oh! Well… Thank you! Here's the miscreant," The Crusader says, pointing down at the little elemental. "But I think he was just playing a game." There's a pause, a moment of silence. "…you're cute with your glasses on," she rasps. "I mean not that you aren't without them, but they sorta add something to your face. Sort of thing."

Tale Chaser's blush deepens. "You think so? Thanks…" he says, smiling lopsidedly. He then turns towards Thunderknuckles. "Ohh… it's you. Um… don't… please don't do that again, at least without telling me. If you need a pair, we can get you one of your own."

Thunderknuckles blinks its beady black eyes, then shrugs, and makes a game of sending little drafts of dusty air up underneath the Crimson Crusader's cloak.

Tale Chaser smiles back up at her. "You, um- is there, like… some kind of signal we can use? To call you? Like if there's trouble? I think a hero is really going to do a lot of good in this town. It tends to, er, have problems."

The Crusader casts her gaze around. Uh. "When, uh… when you need me… I will … be here. Yeah. That sounds good." She suddenly leans in, head tilting to the side, and plants a kiss on Tale Chaser's lips — and then she vanishes down the alleyway in a rush of black fur and crimson cloak!

Tale-Chaser falls back onto his backside, surprised, and reaches up to cover his mouth with a hoof. A few books tumble out of his bags and onto the pavement nearby. He stares off in the direction the Crimson Crusader just ran in, looking as surprised as he is enamored. You can practically see the little hearts floating over his head. Wow. WOW. After a moment, though, he hops upright, and looks to Kludge, eyes wide and panicky. "Oh! Oh, no! Don't- please don't tell Magpie what happened!!" he says. "I don't want her getting all jealous and stuff!"

And Thunderknuckles chases off after the Crimson Crusader, though will likely get distracted by something well before it finds her. Whee! She's strange and brightly colored! That makes her fun!

Kludge opens his mouth to say something, but a grin crosses his face. "No problem, TC. It's not my place to say anything about unexpected kisses given to you," he finally says. This could turn out to be amusing…

Tale-Chaser hastily recollects his fallen books. "Thanks," he says, still blushing. "I, um… I have to go. I'll see you later…" He staggers off back down the street, all light-headed and conflicted.