The Chicken And The Snake
IC date: August 6
OOC date: September 25
Location: Portside
PCs: Cross-Redfeather
NPCs: Snakebite
GM: Applejack

Another cool clear brisk day is slowly fading towards evening, dusk starting to show colors across the sky, but still enough daylight out to make for a good game of ball, or alley hockey! Alley hockey is such a sport and this little griffon is a true star at it! Cross is bouncing the heavy ball expertly between two walls and her forepaws, bouncing and batting it this way and that towards the end of the alleyway betwixt two of the harbor buildings.

Boffff! Bang! Booom! echo's tween the buildings and an occasional warcry from a mini griffon as she dodges and bats the ball down the alley. The griffon's gait is occasionally intrupted as one wing flares out and the other well simply doesn't as its all bundled up in bandages and a sling. She has evidently broken a wing at some point in time or another recently, which causse the little griff to bound astray and mis align on her beloved ball.

Boffff! Bang! Boom! ** bounds her ball noisily

So much noise! It's a wonder someone doesn't do something about it. Then again how many ponies in the Harbor really go out of their way to interrupt someone else's playtime? Not many! So as evening arrives, ponies passing by the alley probably haven't really done more than peer inside curiously at the alley and the little griff inside.

Close to that moment of twilight, when the stars just barely begin to come out at night, a door opens in the alleyway. Why it opened isn't immediately obvious, but it does open at just the perfect moment to catch the rebound of that ball during one of the times it's bounced around, the ball promptly disappearing into the darkness of the building that door was part of. Oh no! No more ball! Whatever will a mighty brave star player of alley hockey do?

The griffon watches her precious ball, I mean this was a custom ball made to endure even the harsh treatment of a griffon's claws and beak and everything!, bounce off and straight through an open door. "My ball!" she squeaks, "Awesome!" she chimes cause warehouses are like even MORE challenging, boxes and crates and stuff. JUST STUFF. She's through that door just like that, and after her ball! making a mental note, 'ok I didn't expect that entirely,' but she continues slowing some as she squints in.

PEEEER? peek peek. The griffon bounds in a few steps looking around where her ball should have gone merely thinking that her ball hit the door and pushed it open she doesn't entirely expect anything untoward yet, "Where Is it?!" she grumps aloud, "I Can't see in this!" she pouts

It's true! The building is generally dark, and with little light outside to help to boot! Oh but look, there's the ball! Sitting next to a few dark shapes, that appear to have some kind of blanket or tarp covering them. It would almost be spooky! Walking inside an abandoned building, just as night happens?

The little griffon does seem to cower cause well, it is So dark in here and while she has great eyesight, it is great in daylight not this. She could so totally do this in daylight, but now she looks unsure of everything, she turns towards the door, looking hard at the vauge light, she turns back towards ball, as she can always bolt out if she gets too scared. The door is right there, a rough outline of light still present, "its just right there, I'm not Chicken" she coaxes herself, "no Way" she does however lurk a little, and her voice is a bit more squeaky "not a chicken!" she states again as she creeps toard her ball looking worried creeping slowly, that one wing up, the other up too but it causes her to wince a little as broken wings suck like that. "I'm not a chicken!" she states as she edges closer, and further away from the light



The door crashes shut! Now the building is almost total darkness. All but the faint outline of the ball and rough shapes of all the things this building has. So much stuff! And all in sheets! How does the little chick know that it isn't all, like, bodies or something? Spooooooooky!

"Kkreee!" the little griff screeches out in terror, at the sudden noise, while she was all undercover and doing the sneaky thing and getting caught like this, the loud noise nearly scares the feathers off the poor chick. As she is now more or less blinded by the loss of light and her own panic. She spins about in place with feathers on end, a total poof of feathers, "wh, wh, Who's there?!" she squeaks out in panic'd terror as her ball has gone forgotten, and she has gotten herself completely turned around. She knows up from down but beyond that nope. Her voice quivers, "j j j just the wind maybe" she is evidently panic'd about this as she actually starts slowly backing up.


A hiss? A hiss! That was definitely a hiss. And very much less the hiss of, say, a ball losing air as maybe..something reptilian. Or at least living.


It sounds close, too. But coming from where? From the tarps? From the myriad of shapes? From…from where the door was?


"Door, Door, oh where's the door" she cries out, then hears that hiss noisse, "Snakes, Snakes I hate snakes! , Where, where?!" she outright freaks out on that one. She litterally jumps up as if into flight extending both her wings which causes her to cry out in pain in this instance as one wing is bound up and in a sling as it seems to be broken. The bandages tug at her hide painfully as she tried to flex and take flight with panic but that doesn't work and she comes crashing back down rather hard flat on her chest in a total sprall, and a outrush of her breath from the surprise landing or not landing, she squalls and gasps out raspily trying to regain her breath she thrashes in place whimpering out in pain from her injury, and further injuring herself at her panic. Fight or flight, and she's all flight just not today!

Hsssss! Hss hss hss hss hss…

Whatever it is making the noises, it's certainly laughing now. Laughing, looming, and then…

A pair of red slitted eyes appear, /right above/ the thrashing gryphon chick! "Boo!" comes a raspy shout!

Ya know that thing that happens when ya stare the bejezsus out of an owl, well the griffon chick does just that, Its not a feather poof, but entirely the opposite. She FLATTENS to the floor as she looks up in absoloute terror. Its as if every fledgling memory of big bully's picking on her has come back right now to fill a waking nightmare.

Cross's Beak Opens wide as if to scream, but there's nothing but a choking gasp, her foretalons actually clutch her head like she's bracing or just to hide her eyes from the big-scary-monster!

Undercover mission, HA, My Tufted Tail feathers, girl what did you just get yourself into?! she mentally beats herself up, or some fragment of sanity does, as everything else is screaming at subsonic levels about now!

There's laughing again. Not the soft, hissing snicker of before, but a riotous roar of laughter coming from the red-eyed figure. "Baahahahahahahah!" The eyes lift! And drop. And when they drop? Some kind of tarp…or bag drops over the poor, witless-scared gryphon. "Gotcha!"

Cross-Redfeather is actually crying, its a soft pouting cry, at being so frightened so thouroughly, I mean if she was able to fly she'd probably have flown into a wall or something, at least there's that, but now laughing, then, she's tumbled into a bag, a bagged bird, I mean seriously. "ahhnnnghOww Oww Oww!" she goes from crying to startled pain and upside down, I mean who even does that?, wait, wait this? This is it, Oooh these guys are MEAN' she thinks to herself. Mental note, NO COOKIES! these guys just are horribile! "Oww, Oww Hey!" she shudders as she just stops struggling still crying little sobs, because well her wing ,and being folded like this!

Griffons DON'T FOLD like this!

The figure doesn't seem to notice if he's being a little rough with handling his newest catch. The bag is slung over his back. From there, so many sounds happen! The creak of hinges, the descent into a place still very dark and dank… The smells of underground. There's a lot of hissing/humming from the captor, but he doesn't exactly try to make conversation with his prey.

What will become of the poor undercover gryphon? Tune in next time…