The Alchemist And The Archaeologist
IC date: Winter 25, 1007
OOC date: January 13, 2013
PCs: Sodium Fizz, Spindrift

The beaches near Horseshoe Harbor have seen better days. Since the formation of the Spire, the ongoing whirlpool- and the process by which the bottom of the harbor is dredged up to give the Spire its hodgepodge composition of flotsam and jetsam has left a lot of junk to drift back to the town and wash up on shore. Most of it is just old organic material- driftwood, shells and chunks of plants. But there's pony-made stuf as well: old bottles, bits of broken ships, rusted bits of junk and detritus cast off the side of boats inbound or outbound from moorage. An enterprising or even curious pony could spend a lot of time combing the beach looking for goodies… at least, if they didn't mind the ongoing wind from the storm, and the warm rain that it brings.

Sodium-Fizz is just one of those ponies, with all the things washing up on the beach it would be an ample oportunity to stock up on a few ingredients of a more aquatic nature than normal - one could never have to many ingredients for alchemy, after all who knows when you'd need a potion of water breathing or 'protection from iminent and wet appocalypse'. Soda stopped for a moment in her digging around and looked up at the spire before shaking her head, she had a hard time understanding this still. Catastrophy without her? Weird…

With a slight shruging of her wings, unseen under her ratty and windswept nightmare-world cloak, she leaned down and picked up another clump of seaweed and tucking it away in her saddlebags before moving on. The weather really wasn't of any concern for her, she'd learnt to keep to the ground to make sure she wouldn't repeat her visit to Rising Chaos, and she actualy kinda fancied the rain. Even if rain and glasses didn't combine to well, which is why hers was diposited safely in a coat pocket.

Rocks, seawood, weather-worn wood. There's a little crab, and there's an old scallop shell. Sodium encounters a nice green bottle which, aside from some mud gathered inside, is intact and totally useable. There's some glass shards from old beer bottles- watch out for those. And then there's…

A pony. A seapony, specifically, judging from the fish tail. Her coat is a slate blue, but bald in a few spots along her forelegs; her mane spreads out across the sand, long and black, tangled and matted in places. She's thin and malnourished. And she's also deeply asleep- though one might reasonably suspect she's simply dead if not for the eventual, shakey rise of her side as she breathes. She wears two things around her neck: the first an ornamental necklace of silver plates, heavy and collar-like, nice to look at but not immediately obvious as anything other than jewelry.

The other object arrests one's eyes and sends a chill down the spine of observers. It's a crystal, a bit larger than a hoof and shaped like a heart, its color a deep, midnight black; a rusty chain is wrapped around it and then looped about the seapony's neck, turning the object into a pendant of sorts.

Being unconscious, she does little to acknowledge Sodium's approach.

Sodium-Fizz stood still for a moment, eyeing the pony. She didn't usualy run into half-dead looking ponies like this, often since it was her that was half-dead when ponies ran into her… Well, often would be a bit of a overstatement, its only happend six times. Shaking her head to clear it for a moment the pegasus pony strode forward, stopping next to the seapony's side before bending down - buffing at her with her muzzle. "Hey?"

There's no response, at least at first. The seapony is cold to the touch, and all but entirely limp, and easy to nudge around.

Enough insistent causes her to stir, though, expression briefly tightening, body growing stiff before she curls up a bit more with a low, suppressed groan. Gradually she blinks her eyes open and lifts her head, seeming to hardly recognize her surroundings until she notices there's a pony. Right there. Standing over her.

Eyes widening, she tenses immediately, pushing up on her forelegs and scooting back a bit across the sand from Sodium, staring at her. As if she wasn't already unhealthy looking enough, the sclera of her sea-green eyes are tinged with a black and oily presence, creeping in from the edges of her eyes. She doesn't say anything just yet, obviously trying to place Sodium's face- and determine if she's a threat.

Sodium-Fizz cocked her head to the side, one ear perked alertly while the other crooked at an inquisitve angle as she studied Spindrift. Huh, the mare did look vaugely familiar, but she couldn't really place her face. Never mind, there were a few more important things at hoof, more important questions to solve. "What's happened to you? No offence, but you look buckin' awful. Kinda like you got eaten by Tartarus' and spat right back out."

Spindrift pauses at that question, still tense and staring, but clearly a bit surprised to be asked that. Her eyes briefly flick towards the water- and across it, to the looming tower of the Spire- before looking back at the pegasus. Spindrift turns her head slightly, wary gaze taking a turn for the suspicious. "Do you… know who I am?" she asks at last, in the manner of someone genuinely unsure of what she's asking about.

"Nope!" came the almost cheery response, "I just know you look like hay. Well, and that you're a seapony. And you look kinda familiar…" Sodium-Fizz fell silent for a moment, her head tilting backwards as she ran a hoof across her muzzle. "Hmh, I don't think you were half-fish the last time I saw you, that might be it."

Spindrift's suspicion gives way to curiousity, next, and she lifts her chin slightly, eyes narrowed in thought. If Sodium is a threat, she is not an imminent one, but the seapony is still trying to place her face. After a few moments her eyes open back up. "You… you were one of the Harborites trapped in the frozen world. I saw you when we went through the portal."

Sodium-Fizz blinked in suprise for a moment, before her brows furrowed. "Through the…? Well, that explains why I didn't remember - my mental healt being wath it was at the time. Took me almost a week to recover from what that lich did to my head… But if you were there, that must make you… the mare with the stallion that got killed by the Nightmare…"

The alchemist's face fell, ever so slightly. "I'm sorry I didn't make it over there in time to help… but… Yeah, mental health."

Spindrift's gaze darkens at the mention of this, and she looks away, briefly caught up in memories of that night. She seems to disregard them quickly enough, though, looking back up to Soda with a grim but controlled expression. "I doubt there was anything you could have done- but thank you."

She adjusts her position, then, rolling onto her front, facing up the beach, so she can prop her front end up on her legs. Reaching up, she pulls her tangled mane back away from her face and wipes a bit of the sand leftover from her "nap" off her cheek. "You were in poor condition following that fight yourself, as I recall. It was an unpleasant night for everyone involved."

Sodium-Fizz snorted. "Yeah, the stupid lich got a chance to pick in my mind… I hate it when somepony does that." Soda planted her flanks in the sand, pushing the hood of her cloak up - the scratches and bitemarks on her forelegs another souvenire from that night, though one she hardly feels worth of mentioning. "She just had to go with the whole 'you're a horrible pony' thing…"

Spindrift makes a vain attempt at cleaning herself up a bit more but eventually decides she's probably not going to get very far, especially as, in the process of trying to straighten out her tangled mane a bit with her hooves- how do ponies do that, anyway?- she eyes one of the mangey spots on her foreleg with a frown and reaches over with the other hoof to poke at it. Hm. The seapony settles back down, folding her forelegs and turning to rest her cheek atop them.

"And you… listened to her? It was sorcery, nothing more."

"Yeah, sorcery! Unfortunately for me, 'bad pony' is kind of one of my big, glowing weak spots. The number of times I've gotten ponies hurt… Or ruined a town." Sodium-Fizz sighed for herself and brushed her own, wet mane out of her face before eyeing Spindrift once more. "Kind of makes it strange when there's an appocalypse going on and I'm not involved, really. Kind of a shoddy appocalypse, though…"

Spindrift keeps her head turned in such a fashion that she can watch Sodium while she speaks, but is rather still, herself. In the wake of all her paranoia and tension she seems exhausted, instead. She studies the pegasus closely as she speaks of towns being ruined and ponies being hurt, but doesn't offer much of a reaction… at least until the apocalypse is dismissed as shoddy. This draws an upraised eyebrow from the seapony, who turns slightly to glance back over her shoulder once more. "Shoddy?" she asks. "Really?"

"Yeah. I mean, sure it's visualy impressive and everything," said Sodium-Fizz with a nodd towards the spire, "but I don't really see the point of it. Waking up in the morning and going 'I feel like destroying a town' should really be followed up with a 'today, before breakfast' if you ask me. At least that way you can get to the whole running for your life part as you inevetably fail part earlier."

Spindrift shifts position again, curling up a bit more so she can give the Spire a longer look. She watches it for a few moments before furrowing her brow and looking up at Sodium once more. "You think failure is inevitable?" she wonders. "If that's the case, why not go for strikng visuals, at the very least?"

Sodium-Fizz glanced at Spindrift, an eyebrow raised. "Of course, have you noticed the kind of world we live in? The good ponies win, bad ponies like me lose. Just like in all the stories. I mean, sure… we might win momentarily but that's just to build tension for the inevitable failure."

Soda sighed softly and leaned back, peering out over the bay to the Spire. "I've found it's just way better to hurry it on when it's comming, get it over with so I can go back to being me, rather than the storybook failure villain that I'm required to be, part-time."

Spindrift narrows her eyes, watching Sodium directly, the Spire disregarded. "You say this all as someone who has intentionally courted destruction." The seapony pauses. "You don't exactly strike me as the type."

Sodium-Fizz eyed Spindrift for a moment before shrugging. "Well, you know what they say. There's more to it than meets the eye. Though intentinally is the wrong world, compulsory fits better. I don't really have much choice than doing the storybook mad scientist thing at times." Soda chuckled, if a very grim one.

"So yeah, I know more about that than I wish. What about you? I don't remember you looking this bad last time we meet… however briefly. Kinda like… well, you've got the life drained out of you." The alchemist leand forward slightly, peering at Spindrift's fore - and currently only pair - legs, more so on the mangey patch - and from there the rest of the seapony mare. "You should really get yourself looked over, you know."

Spindrift adopts a look of mild surprise and leans back as Sodium leans in. She the follows the pegasus's gaze, looking down at the mangey spots on her forelegs. The exposed skin is slightly red, as though sore. The seapony shrugs after a moment. "We all have conditions to contend with," she offers. "I have dealt with dark magics and paid a great cost in the process." Turning her head, she peers back over her shoulder at her own body, then frowns. It's not contagious, however, so you have no need to worry, at least."

Sodium-Fizz cocked her head to the side curiously, leaning forward a wee bit more. "Magic? Seaponies can do magic? I…" She frowned so slightly. "I'm envious, really. I always wanted to be a unicorn… And I'm not really worried, even if it was. I can cook up a cure for almost everything it seems, hehe."

The grey mare picked herself up, her wings spreading a moment to compensate for the uneaven load of her saddlebags, and started to trott around Spindrift - eyeing her all the while. "And evil magic or not, you really should take care of yourself…" muttered Sodium-Fizz for a moment, her eyes dancing from Spindrift to the heart around her neck to the Spire, "even when you -are- buissy destroying a town…"

Spindrift pushes up from her relaxed posture, once again settling into a more defensive one, tail curled up and front quarters 'standing' on her two legs. She's still a fish out of water, though, awkward no matter the position. The Black Heart swings freely as she sits up, ringing softly with a deep and hollow bell tone when it jangles against its supporting chain.

The seapony turns her head to track Sodium's pacing with a suspicious squint in her eyes. "You've figured it out, then. I was a bit surprised you didn't already know." Spindrift offers a slight shrug. "I'm not a good judge of my own notoreity, however."

"I've heard a name, Spindrift," said Sodium-Fizz with a slight wing shrug, "and I've heard of the heart-thing, from Chaos. Somethin' about it sucking the 'joy and happiness' out of her." Soda stod still for a moment, eyeing the heart before her eyes darted up to Spindrifts. "Though from what I understand of the rumors, I guess he actualy have your appocalypse to thank for getting the pony she… likes… in her lap. Well, after a fashion."

Spindrift doesn't relax just yet, though she does look a little intrigued at the mention of a certain surly unicorn. "Rising Chaos? You know her?" The seapony grunts softly. "She has an inexplicable loyalty to the pirate pegasus that had set up on the docks. Last I'd seen -her- I left her bedraggled but alive on the beach after she foolishly tried to fly through the storm. The two are… together, now?"

Spindrift narrows her eyes for a moment, then rolls them. "Infatuation. Obviously. I'd wondered what the appeal was for the longest time. I suppose it was much more simple than I had suspected."

Sodium-Fizz nodded. "Seems like it, though I've never seen the two of them together…" The grey mare's voice trailed off, a wing extending and twitching forward slightly, the primaries pointing in the direction of the heart. "So… that's the hope-sucking heart thing? I supose I can see why you're a bit… eh… on the iffy side, carrying that thing around. To be fair, I was imagining it being some huge crystal heart sitting atop the Spire. It makes a certain amount of narrative sense."

Soda turned around slightly, eyeing the iposing structure. "Makes me wounder just how everything hold together, the heart… Spire, the storm. And those bleedin' elementals! I've had to chase them out the top floor of my store several times now."

Spindrift's tail slides about in the sand, and the seapony furrows her brow. This is the second time she's expected a bit of trouble only to have this chatty pegasus get all conversational instead. She's not sure whether to relax or not, and so stays where she is. "Yes, this is the… hope-sucking heart thing," she mutters, peering down at the Black Heart with a look of disdain.

She then looks up, towards Sodium, then the spire. "If you are looking for explanations or apologies, I am not the right one to seek them from, she states. "I have never been one for uneccesarily monologues regarding dark designs, but then," Her voice adopts a dry tone. "This is -only- my first apocalypse."

Sodium-Fizz leaned forward, using her pegasi granted speed, and patted Spindrift on the cheek. Almost teasingly. "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get it right the next time you try."

Is the grey pegasus smiling? Yeah, she is, almost teasingly so. "It usualy helps to speed thing along to it's inevitable conclusion, so monologuing is a handy thing to know. Though I supose our approach to villainy might be a bit different, you're obviously in full control of most of your faculties for example…" Soda trailed off as she stood up straight for a moment, once again giving Spindrift an eyeing over. Appraising her.

Spindrift is the picture of unamusement, poker-faced and unflinching as she gets patted on the cheek. "Next time," she echoes.

She continues to watch Sodium with a flat expression, though as the pegasus's deameanor turns to appraising, the seapony narrows her eyes. "-Villain?- Is that what I am, now?" She turns to look up towards the town, expression smoldering. "A recurring nuisance to bother the town until I am defeated until my next perennial scheme?" She shakes her head and looks back to Sodium. "A quaint routine of a life, but your estimation is off in this case. And you…"

The seapony glowers. "You seem -resigned- to your condition."

Sodium-Fizz noded once more, her face falling ever so slightly. "Indeed I am. I'm twenty six, Spindrift… I've been forced into this rolle for more than half my life. I've gotten over trying to change it, I'm just trying to live with it now… As for you," said Fizz, pointing a hoof at Spindrift, "you're indeed just a villain. That's how this world works! Gangsters, crooked performers, corrupt guards… heck, even fallen alicorn queens… we're all here for somepony else to beat."

Soda scoffed, eyeing Spindrift. "Wether you're recuring is up to you, though. In that, you're lucky. Will you give this all up after they're done defeating you… or will you try again. You have that choice, at least."

Spindrift fixes Sodium with a defiant glare, pushing up a bit taller, and it's not unreasonable to think she looks as though she's preparing to respoond with violence. After a few moments the fight starts to go otu of her, a bit at a time, the seapony sinking back down, releasing Sodium from her furious gaze, then eventually sagging, defeated, to the sand.

"I don't. When the Spire has exacted its demands in full, there will be nothing left of me to return," she says, lifting and waving a mangey foreleg. "This was to be the first step in a campaign along the coast line. Every port city was to be eradicated so as to ensure a border between my kingdom and yours. Now… this is as far as I will get."

She turns her head, then, to look up towards the town. "And even then this is not going as it was intended. All of you were meant to flee, to head for your safe cities in the mountains and forests and clouds. But as Rising pointed out- the people of this town are as stubborn as they are foolish. They'll perish in the wilds before they resettle someplace safer."

She stares for several moments longer. "This was meant to help them to all find someplace safer. Someplace happier than here. All I've done is doom them, though. That isn't what I wanted at all. I don't know if that makes me a good villain or not, but it's the only chance I'm getting."

Sodium-Fizz blinked at Spindrift for a moment, seeming a bit stunned. Then she rolled her eyes. "Great, a plan hinging on ponies -not- being stupid. You were doomed with that one from the start! Never, ever count on ponies doing the smart and sensible thing. Ever. You should have noticed that by now."

"As for the rest of your plan," continued Sodium-Fizz, her tone biting, "suprisingly aulterisitc if missguided, pluss the whole 'sacrificing myself' part is kind of a huge flaw as far as I'm concerned. At least unless you got some way to stop it - I guess maybe removing the heart from you, it sounds like it drains emotions or something and if it's using you to build power it certainly sounds like it would be. On the pluss side, you seem to be getting a hang on the monologuing. Pitty you won't get much use out of it." By now the pegasus words were dripping sarcasm.

"So that's your plan? Being stupid and sacrificing yourself for some idiotic goal of yours? You know, you should just quit now while you're just barely ahead and try again some other time."

Spindrift keeps her gaze on the town as Sodium speaks, little twitches and shifts of her facial muscles revealing more of her reactions than she intends to let on. There's a bit of anger in there, mixed with a helping of shame as the seapony's oil-stained gaze wanders away from the buildings to stare absently in the direction of the beach, if not at it. As Sodium concludes, Spindrift closes her eyes and sags more against the sand t han she was already.

"'Sacrificing' myself wasn't ever the goal," she says, in an offhand manner that suggests she rightly agrees that the point is merely academic. Her voice is distant, weary. "But you're right. This was foolish from the start. It was always doomed to not only fail, but to cause more harm than good."

Sodium-Fizz took a step forward, laying a hoof on Spindrift's back gently. "So, how do you stop all this mess, then?"

The Black Heart beats lowly, once. The sound is felt more than heard, somewhere just below a normal range of hearing, somewhere that shakes the earth with a subtle vibration.

"I don't," says Spindrift, simply. "It can't be stopped. Never was I in control, much less able to halt its progress."

"By Luna's lushious… You don't have that?" asked Sodium-Fizz as she frowned at Spindrift. "Hay, even I had a potion to defuse the walking, exploding corn army…" The grey mare shook her head before craning it around to look up at the spire, with a ever so slight forown. "Hmh… Maybe I should give it a go. I'm thinking a pretty potent shrinking elixir, then just douse the thing in acid. Or explosives."

Spindrift offers a slight shrug, and even that, in the face of her otherwise all-consuming melancholy, seems positively radiant in its expressiveness. "Stopping it wasn't a concern. It wasn't SUPPOSED to be stopped. It just wasn't SUPPOSED to kill."

A few moments pass. She still has her eyes closed and her head low. "If you want to try and destroy it, go ahead. It won't work, but I won't interfere."

"Yeah, I know that feeling. Don't worry, it'll be fine I think. That's how the universe work after all," said Sodium-Fizz as she leaned forward and wrapped her forelegs around Spindrift, hugging her.

Spindrift reacts in the sluggish manner of one waking up from a deep sleep, eyes unfocused as she opens them, movements uncoordinated. Even when she manages to stir herself to alertness, it's only to curl her legs inward, covering up the Black Heart, shielding the pegasus from any inadvertent contact with the thing.

She looks thin, of course, ribs showing against her sides and with a bony pointiness to her joints, and she feels the same, fragile and hollow to the touch. "What are-" she says, starting a protest that she just as soon abandons with a sigh of resignation. She doesn't pull away, though, at least there's that. "You land-dwellers are a bewildering lot and every one I meet only confuses me further."

"Well, if you're going to complain I could just grab some driftwood and try and hit you over the head," said Sodium-Fizz with a small smile. Though it swiftly fell as she squeezed Spindrift a wee bit tighter. "Lets see if we can make sure you'll pull through, and the Spire won't, long enough for somepony to figure out how to solve this."

"'Cause you might be doing the wrong thing… but you're a good pony, by the sound of it. Better than me anyway," a small smile grazed Soda's lips again.

Spindrift squirms slightly at the mention of bludgeoning, and for a bit after the hug tightens, but otherwise doesn't resist. She is, perhaps, far too tired to do as much. As she relents, she slumps into that hug, but her weight is such it's easy to hardly notice. Though relaxed, she keeps her legs wrapped up around the Black Heart, protecting it- or rather, protecing the pegasus from it. "I appreciate your optimism. I wish I could share it."

A look of irritation crosses her face. "And you should not so readily dismiss yourself. It is… ugly language to hear."

Sodium-Fizz sighed softly. "Perhaps, but you don't sound like you've actualy… well, you're worried about hurting somepony. I kinda stepped over that line years ago, I reserve the right to cast judgement on myself in light of that." A grey hoof came up, stroking through Spindrift's mane. "And don't worry about it, I know my villainous schemes far to well - you'll fail big time and then it'll be over. And I'll help you keep it together till then. I mean, why not? I've already taken to keeping the town's other wayward villain out of the worst of troubles so why not you too?"

Spindrift flicks her ears at the touch to her mane, and in a sudden fit of self-consciousness, turns her head away from Sodium's hoof, opening her eyes. There's that look of smoldering shame for a moment longer, her gaze downcast. In short order she's struggling to pull out of the hug, though she is hampered by both her protective hold around the Black Heart as well as, y'know. Fish tail. "Thank you, but you can let me go now," she says. "Who's this… other wayward villain?" she wonders.

"Rising Chaos, obviously. She's got a bit of the same problem I did when I'm younger, even if they stem from different sources than my compulsory cartoon villain ways," said Sodium-Fizz with a chuckle, letting go of Spindrift - if gently and slowly. "Of course, she's rejected my advice on the matter so I guess I'm just going to have to try and show her how to deal with it in a way that's… not so lonely, even if it might be painful."

Spindrift settles back down against the sand, breathing a bit more easily as she does. She relaxes her hold around the Black Heart, allowing it to swing freely from its chain once more. "She has amibition as well as potential. I hope she considers herself worthy to live up to it." Her expression darknes briefly, and she glances up at Sodium. "Preferably not towards harmful ends. I can only hope the pirate does not exercise an undue influence on her."

Sodium-Fizz shrugged slightly as she laid down in the wet sand. "We'll have to see, right? Though to be fair, having friends and ponies you care about seems to mellow one out rather than make you go all 'stompy, crush, destroy' crazy. At least that's my experience of things… However recent it is." Soda chuckled softly before craning her head around and looking up the docks. "Either way, you should drop by the Fizzy Flask at some point, if nothing else than to get a solid square meal - assuming I'm not botching my cooking - into you and maybe a potion or two."

Spindrift's expression curdles as Sodium speaks of Queen Pegasus in terms of friends and caring, but she says nothing more on the subject.

At the invitation to the Fizzy Flask, though, her expression sinks. "Thank you, but I would be torn limb from limb if I let myself be seen in town. And it would reflect… poorly on yourself if they knew I was a guest at your establishment."

She's quiet, staring at the sand. Curled up as she is, she's in a good position to look down at the beach all she wants. "The Fizzy Flask… that's new. I don't remember seeing that when Brume-" She pauses. "My friend that I was here in town with… when he and I were still, ahh… visiting, I guess you could say. You just opened it?"

Sodium-Fizz gave a brief nod, a hoof reaching out to pat Spindrift's back. "Yup, opened it a few weeks after we got back from the nightmare-world. Figured it was to late to leave, by then… so I might as well set up shop and try to live with it. Of course, it helps that the number of sailors of questionable occupations here are so large 'round here selling medical supplies is a breeze… And the rest of the weirdoes buy some of the stranger things though…"

Soda frowned, rather angrily now. "Of course, there's this scruffy idiot that keeps showing up, asking for love potions… but other than that, it's rather good."

Spindrift furrows her brow slightly. "You can actually make love potions?" she asks, sounding skeptical. "It sounds like an interesting establishment. It would be nice to s.. see…"

There's that subtle black heartbeat again, and the seapony sags to the sand with a groan. "Except it's going to be destroyed along with everything else." Lifting a hoof, she waggles it at Sodium in a vague fashion. "You should probably go. You are making me forget the situation and escapism to such a degree is not very healthy."

Sodium-Fizz scowled at Spindrift. "I can, but the day I do is the day somepony will have to put me in a straightjacket and lock me up for good," she muttered, her expression slowly growing from offended to merely curious. "And… I supose so, I think I see how it works, maybe…."

Bending down Soda wraped Spindrift in another brief hug before standing up, her wings ruffling under her cloak. "But, I hope you can make it over some time. Maybe after everything's blown over, or maybe you could just swim there… but I don't suggest it, its through the sewers. Becaus it -will- be fine, no matter what you say. It's just how it works, evil never wins!" She chuckled softly.

"Now, I'll be heading off, but berfore I do," continued Soda, a wing unfurling from under her cloak and brushing past before Spindrift's face. When it pulld back it left a small, thin vial of thick black liquid. "It's a healing potion, I'm not sure if it'll help you anything… but hay, it might be worth a shot. Up to you though… Have a good day, Spindrift. I'll be keeping an eye out for you." The pegasus raised a wing, giving Spindrift a wave as she set of down the beach once more.

Spindrift furrows her brow at the hug, frowns at the mention of swimming through the sewers, and blinks with visible surprise at the vial left on the sand in front of her. She sits up more fully to stare down at it, then looks up at the departing form of Sodium Fizz, back at the potion, then back at the Pegasus. "Ah… goodbye?" she calls out, voice growing hoarse as she raises it beyond a conversational level.

She then drags the vial close with a scooping motion of her hoof and settles back down someplace where she can stare at it, confused, thoughtful, morose, until at last she drifts back off into the troubled sleep the pegasus first encountered her in.