That Ship Has Sailed
IC date: Summer 59
OOC date: August 18th
PCs: Jettison, Mad-Mare, Jellybean, Ruby-Blossom, Trueshot, Typhoon-Wave
NPCs: Rock'em, Sock'em
GM: None

The last weekend of the Midsummer Bash is upon the fair residents of Horseshoe Harbor, but the party ain't dyin' 'til the last pony drops. Today the stage set up at the end of the beach has been filled with back-to-back bands, with every type of music possible represented. Some, less popular than others, judging by the amount of fruit and veggie stains showing on the stage. Right now it's a country band hailing from a nearby port town, and they're not doing too bad!

The rest of the beach is hopping well enough, it's a great day for food and fun and all that. There's even been an impromptu beach volleyball tournament set up on the other end of the beach from the stage that's garnered a decent bit of attention. Food, song, games, sun… What more could a pony ask for in a beach party?

Of course, security isn't exactly having a ball. They're goons. They're used to doing bad mean things. The fact that they've had to babysit a big ol' beach party for nigh on a full week has grated on them. Yet they do it because…well, quite frankly, it's their job now. So the random times ponies have put up a fight, they've been rather quickly subdued and thrown into a makeshift jail just on the boardwalk. There's just a couple ponies in there now, sleeping off their drunkenness.

It's into this happy-go-lucky setup that the current Captain of the Harbor Watch is dashing through. Right through the boardwalk, across the beach sands, interrupting several sunbathing and picnicing ponies along the way. She looks…panicked, and is being chased by her personal bodygoons, Rock'em and Sock'em. Both of which are trying extra hard to catch up to her before she can get to the docks themselves. "Boss!" "Wait! It's too late! The boat's already leaving!"

Ruby-Blossom contently watches the ongoings of the party from a relatively quite spot along the boardwalk; diligently she studies the other ponies to familiarize herself with the locals. The dashing Mad-mare while by no means charming, catches her attention - this pony she has seen before; despite knowing little about the town situation she knows this mare is important. Curious to the on goings she trots after the trio - in search of useful information and to study a potential lead.

Despite being very much a friendly pony, Jellybean actually isn't much for parties. At least, not parties past a certain size: he gets just the teensiest big skittish around too many ponies. But it's Midsummer Bash and so it's only right to be social, so here he is. Currently he's sunbathing on a cirrus-blanket some five feet off the ground, off to the side so he isn't blocking out the sun for anypony else.

Who loves a party?

Jettison sure as hay does. But he's been gone for the past month plus whatever, mysteriously. And why is that?

The answer comes as he sails closer to harbor, his usual single person skiff now replaced by a good sized caravel or similar, a good size two mast ship that clips through the water. He nods a bit to his crew, grinning jubilently.

"Great… got the crew, got the horsepower, got the goods… let's get back to the Harbor!"

Typhoon-Wave also isn't much one for parties. They make her nervous (what doesn't?). But when everypony is at a party, it's hard /not/ to be at it too, especially when your 'house' is just a cloud outside. So here she is, floating on said cloud, trying to hold still for fear of accidentally bumping some rain out of it and ruining somepony's pary day.

Another pegasus is also at the party! And doesn't seem too into 'party' mood either! Instead, the pale yellow mare is sprinting after Maddie and her other goons, occasionally flapping for a little extra speed. Geez, Maddie can run fast when she wants to.

It would seem, at the moment, that Maddie isn't listening to her goons. Heck-bent on the docks as she is, her tunnel-vision nearly causes several accidents with food vendors or other ponies, hooves kicking up sand and the occasional sparks when her metal legs strike something else metal along the boardwalk.

There's even a dramatic leap over a popcorn stand, the Mad one impulsively bucks a leg back to send the poor cart rolling back into her goons. That slows up Rock'em and Sock'em at least, when they're forced to catch it before it tips over, rolling it back to its owner and tipping their heads respectfully to the shopkeep before resuming their mad dash after their boss.

Ruby-Blossom keeps a brisk pace, and respectful distance behind the trio - manging to slip in front of the goons when they're pre-occupied with the popcorn cart. She does slow to a casual trot as the goons resume their dash; ensuring they rush past before picking up her own pace.

Jellybean idly rolls over on his blanket, noticing Typhoon Wave in the process. He yawns and gives the mare a friendly little wave. "Hi there, Typhoon. Are you having fun, too?" He looks up: that's a mighty big boat coming in. And… is that Jettison he sees? Ooh, wonderful!

Jetti mmms a bit, as they get closer to the shore. Anchor is dropped, sails are hoisted, all that good nautical jibber-jabber.

The colt makes a running leap himself, landing on the pier effortlessly, and strikes a mighty pose. He is a Mighty Pirate (kinda-sorta), after all.

"HELLOOOO HORSESHOE HARBOR!" He yells out, a bit oblivious to the quickly oncoming mare, her goons, and others.

Typhoon-Wave blinks and glances up, smiling as she waves back. "Oh… Hi, Jellybean!" Yay, Jellybean~ Blush. "Oh, uh, yeah, I… I'm having fun. Y'know. Parties! Always cool."

Trueshot is a bit less tripped up by popcorn carts, on account of WINGS! Making spectacular leaps easier since their invention, everypony should have a pair! Unfortunately, Rock'em and Sock'em do not. But hey, at least /she's/ able to keep up the chase!

The timing of Jetti's arrival is of the absolute worst! No sooner does he plant his hooves and shout a hello, than Maddie shows up to barrel straight into him at mach-pony-speeds! There's the fun sound of body impacting body, and the screech of metal skidding on the docks as the Mad one herself is forced to come to a rather abrupt halt, momentarily stunned out of her Mad Dash.

It's a quick moment though, and Maddie springs back up to her hooves, calling out a quick "Hisorrybye!" to the pony that broke her run and then dashing back off again! For all of ten steps, before she realizes that A, she's at the docks.

And B, the boat she was looking for is, indeed, gone.

The realization of this makes Maddie slump, metal legs sprawling as her rear plants to the dock, with misty eyes and an absolutely sad quiver in her lower lip. Plenty of time, all in all, for Trueshot, Rock'em, and Sock'em to catch up to the mess, the latter two keeping a few feet behind their boss.

"See Boss? It's already gone." "Yeah… Um. We're sorry…"

Ruby-Blossom slows to a steady trot before stopping behind a random barrel or crate to watch the ordeal from a few feet away; she's genuinely curious about the ongoings - after all she needs to find out what's happening in this town.

Jettison is flat on his back now, his hooves all twisted up in the air before he manages to roll back around to his normal, upright stance. he blinks a few times, shaking his head, and then asks in a confused voice, "Did anyone get the number of that donkey cart?"

Jellybean is about to say something else to Typhoon when, well, Jettison gets run down. He flaps his wings and glides over to the stricken stallion, seeking any signs of serious shocks to the system or similar sorts of stress. "Are you okay, Jettison? I don't think that other pony was watching where she was going. Do you need any help? Would you like some lemonade?"

Trueshot skids to a stop behind them, panting softly and readjusting her bow and quiver on her back. All this running for a boat that was gone! Pity the bad timing, but really now.

The Mad Mare twitches an ear, staring silently at the place the boat, which usually carries travellers to and fro this wonderful harbor, usually sits. But it is gone. It is gone, and its passengers with it. Off to new harbors. New horizons. Or back to their real homes. She sits there for the longest minute, leaving Rock'em and Sock'em to look nervously between each other, and up at Trueshot, and back.

"Uh. Boss..? You alright?" "'s not that big of a deal boss. I doubt we're the first…"

"Not a big deal..?" Maddie's ears pin back, the Mare glowering over her shoulder. "/Not/ a big /deal/?" With a little struggle, the Mad Mare gets back up to her hooves, turning fully to glare at Rock'em and Sock'em in particular. "You just sent a batch full of 'Dear Queen' letters that /you two wrote/ away with one of our ex-members, /to Canterlot/. What part of this is not a big deal? Did you two forget what in Tartarus we're actually /doing/ here!?"

Ruby-Blossom peers at the ponys on the pier, listening intently and even whispering to herself "Yes, what /are/ you up to?" peeking around the corner of her hiding space for a better look, beautiful ruby eyes exposed but likely of no consiquence to the trio given her distance and the current situation.

Jetti perks an ear, and shakes his head at Jellybean. "Oh, hey Jellybean… nah, 'm good, just… ouch, that hit hard is all. …Lemonaid would be good tough." He says, grinning more, though not getting too far from Maddie, whom he hasn't seen in a while.

A bit of him wondered if she was a bit mad at him for never getting to that second date.

Jellybean nodnods. "Okay! Lemonade coming up! Typhoon," he calls back towards the skittish pegasus, "would you like some lemonade too? My treat!"
Typhoon-Wave blinks and perks her ears at the offer, smiling. "Well, uh, okay, sure! I like lemonade!" She hesitates a moment before hopping off her cloud, fluttering down to stand on the sand.

Wait, they did what now? Trueshot blinks and turns to glare towards the two goonponies. /That's/ what all this is about? By the goddesses, how idiotic can you be?

Now that they're being glared at by /two/ mares, both Rock'em and Sock'em start to shrink in against each other. "W..well we thought…" "Since we're, y'know, good guys now and all…" "Besides, Boss, like I said. It's not like it's the first time."

The last comment, uttered by Rock'em, makes Maddie's eye twitch. "You've sent letters before?"

"Well yeah, Boss." Rock'em affirms, with Sock'em nodding his head. "Y'know, throughout the whole barricade thing. We had to do something to feel better, you were going completely nuts."

Maddie sinks again to her rear on the docks. She looks up at Trueshot, eyes wide, pupil's narrowed to pinpricks. "Would it be too much of a bother if I had you dispose of these two?"

Ruby-Blossom wonders to herself "Blockade?" ponder ponder, so many things she's yet to discover about Horseshoe Harbor. She sits quietly behind a barrel, watching the scene and paying particular attention to Mad-Mare.

Jettison grins a bit, nodding to Jellybean. "Mind running to grab it? I gotta make sure the crew lands the ship right. Captain-ey things, that sorta thing." He grins some more, glancing over to Maddie.

He steps closer, a bit of a smirk on his face. "Hey now… no need to dispose of anyone… 's a party, right?"

Jellybean blinks at the kerfuffle with the two pony enforcers but, as is typically the case, doesn't quite understand that there's anything going on. "Typhoon? Wanna help me get the lemonade?" He holds out a hoof for the mare.

Typhoon-Wave blinks and smiles widely. "S-sure! I mean, uh, yeah, I can do that! Okay." She moves to take the offered hoof, blushing sheepishly. "Where're we going?"

Trueshot looks the two goons over appraisingly, tilting an ear. "Witnesses here," she stated simply after a moment. /Could/ she do it, sure. No amount of muscle would save you from a well-aimed arrow. Was it a /good/ idea, now, that's a tossup. Especially coming from Maddie! She might change her mind later, and then where would they be.

Maddie sighs, slumping further. "Right, of course. Witnesses." Like the one that's sidled up to the little soiree. The Mad one flashes Jettison a look, head tilting ever so slightly. Oh hey. Him. She nods her head in recognition. "Of..course. No disposing. Not during a party."

But then she turns back to her two favored goons, her gaze practically a death-glare again. "If your pen-pal shows up and ruins everything, I will make personally sure neither of you survive to be royally punished. Understood?"

Now this is very, very valuable information. Ducking behind the barrel Ruby makes a quick little note in her little black book before tucking it safely away. She emerges from behind the barrel and trots right over to the trio. "Everypony okay? I saw all the commotion?" a obvious new comer butting in where she doesn't belong.

Jellybean leads Typhoon over to the lemonade stand put together by some enterprising young fillies and gets a couple of glasses of the tart yet sweet stuff. "Have you been enjoying the summer weather, Typhoon? It's a lot easier than winter, I think. Mostly you just need to move clouds out of the way of everypony else."

Typhoon-Wave nods. "It is… easier. Less rain in the summer… Though, uh, I guess the occasional thunderstorm still pops up." She'd been… avoiding those. :/ "But it's a lot less to worry about all at one time, at least, then winter."

Trueshot turns to glance at the newcomer over her shoulder, frowning faintly. "Everypony is fine here."

The foals wave as Jelly leaves with lemonade. Totally counting their sweet pile of bits, they are!

Maddie rubs her face with a hoof, peering overtop the goons (since they've pretty much ducked down to as submissive a posture as they can manage) at the approaching Ruby. "Hm? What? There's no commotion here. Everything's fine. Back to your partying, citizens." Another glare to her Goonponies, and Mad Mare is up again, already trotting back past the goons, towards the Bash proper.

Rock'em and Sock'em close their eyes, just waiting for a buck, or something. When it doesn't happen, they both breathe a sigh of relief, glancing up at Trueshot. "Didn't you write one too?"

Jellybean gives the foals a friendly little wave as he leaves. "The thunderstorms can be a little hectic but they're easy to handle if you're okay with taking it slow. You don't want to try to rush them or they'll unload."

Ruby-Blossom trots into place right beside Mad-Mare as she bypasses the goons. "Well, it's wonderful that everypony is okay. I'm afraid I'm not particularly familiar with this town having arrived just a few days ago. I imagine you're some form of sheriff or the like?" Sticking her nose where it doesn't belong!

Typhoon-Wave nods. "Yeah… they just tend to get a little… over-zealous when I'm around. With the rain and the wind and the lightning and… yeah."

Trueshot blinks and tilts an ear, looking over at them sharply. "Of course I did not. Why would I do something like that?" Honestly. She's got better things to do than write letters to somepony who likely gets /far/ too many to ever bother actually reading hers. Hmph.

Some form of sherrif? Maddie gives a soft snort to Ruby's question, not exactly in the mood to talk, yet unwilling to deny the bragging of her official title. "I suppose you could say that. I'm the Captain of the Harbor Watch." she offers. "And I'm afraid I don't have a ton of time to give a silly tour of the town. If that's what you're after, I suggest asking a guardspony, or do what all the other newcomers do. Wander around."

Rock'em shrugs, while Sock'em tilts his head up at the archer-goonpony. "Y'know. To get things off yer chest and talk 'bout things you learned. I thought it was a royal edict or something."

Ruby-Blossom tsks softly and offers a friendly, charming smile to the other mare. "It's understandable that you're busy, being as important as you are; I wouldn't dream of asking such an important pony to partake in such a menial task. After all menial tasks are left to the help." Attempting to relate to Maddie on her own terms. "It would be silly of me not to introduce myself to somepony so important.

Trueshot gives a faint scoff and shakes her head. "I don't need to 'get things off my chest'." Because being a sniper doesn't come with any weight at /all/, nope. Easiest thing ever. Totally.

"To the help?"

Maddie frowns at that comment in particular, stopping her steady march to turn her head and give /such/ a disapproving look to Ruby. She might not have minded so much, if a certain princess in town didn't also happen to have that 'high and mighty' attitude.

"Look… Honestly, I don't give a flying feather who you are and what you're doing in my Harbor. Unless you're here to tell me you're some world-class criminal and you're about to rob everypony blind. Then? Sure. Introduce yourself. I'll take notes, and come arrest you later. Otherwise, you're just another citizen or tourist."

Rock'em and Sock'em don't look convinced at Trueshot's scoffing. Nopony in the Syndicolt exists without some kind of guilt. Some just take longer to catch up than others. But now it's become a somewhat awkward subject, what with Maddie's closest goons showing just how sensitive they may really be. "Guess we better stop sending letters then." "Yeah… I suppose…"

Ruby-Blossom appears genuinely hurt! Those expressive Ruby eyes wide with (feigned) shock. "I just thought…" righting herself before turning away "I understand. I'll make sure to include this in my letter to Celestia." hurriedly trotting away from the other mare and down the boardwalk with (crocodile) tears in her eyes; any onlooker would likely assume she genuinely hurt by the reaction. So mean to new-comers!

"Well if you're going to send letters you'd better be a bit more covert about it, at least," Trueshot states after a moment with a small huff. "I'd prefer not to have to waste arrows on you because you two got her too mad to calm down."

Of course, Maddie just rolls her eyes and continues on her merry way back down the boardwalk. There's already at least seven more letters making their way to a no-doubt vast collection sitting in Celestia's library. What's another letter detailing a rude Captain? Besides, she's not here to be nice! She's here to keep the peace…

So why does she feel just the tiniest bit bad that she'd yelled? She's really losing her touch…

The ponygoons nod, Rocky offering Trueshot the hint of a smile. "Maybe you…" But Sock'em jabs him in the side with a hoof, apparently already knowing what he's about to say. "C'mon. We better go make sure Boss doesn't hurt anypony." Like that running mare dashing past right now!

Ruby-Blossom would be proud to know she got to Maddie; if even just a little! However like any true actor she's committed to her role, trotting down the boardwalk in a public display of hurt feelings.

Trueshot nods and heads off to follow Maddie, casting a sideways glance at the mare as she runs by.