That S Not How You Pick A Lock
IC date: Autumn 5
OOC date: September 24
Location: Belly of the Beast
PCs: Magpie Lavender Sadaka Makuru Hoarfrost Page Fugue

Dump. SLAM! Click. By the time Magpie can struggle out of the bag that she and Page were dumped in, their captor is already gone. She sits up, slowly looks around. "Yes! I got kidnapped!" she chirps happily, rubbing her horn where it got banged against somepony else.

Magpie isn't looking her normal self. While her mane and tail are lavender as usual, her coat's dyed dark gray, and her tail is all braided. She's wearing a bow the wrong way, so it makes her mane stick out sideways, as if she'd tied it herself and didn't know what she's doing.

It had been just about time for all the batponies to wake up, too. The slam of a cage, the lock of a lock, and the chortling of big ol' pony attendants as they moseyed out of this 'living quarters' probably woke up most of the foals. The bat-winged ones were already starting to anyway, with a whole slew of curious eyes now peeking towards the newly filled cage.

Hoarfrost is awake. Mainly because she can't sleep. Soar and tired from all that running, but still sleep wont come. Head layed over her cell mate both keeping close for comfort more than warmth. "Magpie? You wanted to get caught?" she can't believe her ears. Voice barely above a whisper. "Are … are you part of a rescue?" smile spreading hope burning in her eyes. Thats the only thing that makes sense! Clearly this is a break out!

With a near-audible 'zip', Lavender is at the bars between cages, ready to inspect her new legionnaires—er, her new fellow captives. "Huh, who's in it this time? …Magpie?! Aww hahaha," she's in on the same wavelength as Hoarfrost apparently, "that's great! We can really use your skills in here. Is anypony planning things outside? What's the situation? We're still getting everything organized, but…" She struggles to keep her voice low.

Sadaka lifts her head, blinks, and yawns widely. Then she shifts in her little hay bed, rolling over, and drops her head back onto her hooves. "It's great that you're happy to be captured and all but can you be a bit less exuberant about it? Some of us are tired." Bookworm zebra is grumpy.

A voice issues from the bag. "Oh! Oh no! Oh no no no! My books! Where are they?" Page's head pops out of the bag and she looks around. "Where did they go? Magpie, did you see my books? Have you seen-" She looks around. "What's happened? Where are we? Were you… were you TRYING to get kidnapped?"

Magpie grins brightly. "Yeah! We got this whole thing planned out…" Her smile fades. "Um. Well, mom was following us, but there was this roller-coaster thing, and I don't know if… I'm sure she knows where we are. And Sunshine. She's got metal legs and she's all… uh…" She makes a half-hearted fighting kick. Rubs her mane. "Um. Sorry Page. I /did/ say go away. Like a bunch of times."

Hoarfrost face hooves. Three more foals nabbed and not a one escaped. This is going wonderfully. "Surely they are getting a bit bold to have this many of us. There is going to be an army between Snowfield, Ruby, Blackbird and that bat ponies dad rampaging to get us. All they have us do is run." great Magpie seems unsure. Head laying back down she closes her eyes trying to pretend she is sleeping. "Well this sticks." she mumbles.

Makuru grumbles from the pile of hay in his and Sadaka's shared cell and rolls over. "Shu'up. M'try'na sleep."

Lavender offers a grin. A hopeful grin. "Aw, well, we'll get out of it soon enough. And you know what Hoarfrost? Pretty soon it won't be us who're talking about running. Pretty soon it's gonna be them. It's gonna be Snakebite who's gonna be yelping all, 'I wish I'd run away when first I saw 'em!' And they'll rue the day they set hoof in Horseshoe Harbor, oh yes, they will rue the day…" Her voice doesn't really help keep the noise levels down.

Page is not one to be deterred by Magpie being… well, maybe not reasonable, but pointing out something true. "Well, I didn't know why you were doing it. I didn't even know it WAS you at first! I was worried! And then I was… okay, I was confused and curious, but still!" She sits down heavily on the bag, her tragically empty saddlebags flopping limply on either side. "Do you have a plan?"

Magpie gives Page a little hug, then puts her nose up against he bars to either side. Peers. "Shhh… Running? Running where?" She starts to unbraid her tail and, in answer to Page, tugs two rainbow-colored lockpicks out of it. "Does anypony know where we are, actually? Like where in town we're under?"

Sadaka gives a little snort. 'Quiet' is not happening. "On a giant wheel. All day. We get on the wheel and we run. No flying. No talking. Just running. Then in here again." She frowns. "And how should we know where we are? I don't think anypony has mystical bag-x-ray powers."

Magpie gasps. "A treadmill? Does it make something up above go 'round?!"
Page is looking around at the cave walls. "Well, maybe I could try and figure out what kind of stone this is and check it against…" she looks at her saddlebags. "Right." She flops. "I don't have any ideas."

Frost smiles, just a little from her cozy Freeze frame pillow. Lavender has a point. It will be awesome to see all that hay rush though here and kick all their plots. "I think they are usuing us to do something like foal based power? I dunno. That seems silly to me. Nono like a Hamster wheel." making a round shape with her hooves.

Magpie squeals happily and does a little sauntering dance around the inside of the cell. "I got something right-yeah! I got something right-yeah!"

Lavender shakes her head, "We don't know where the place is yet. I mean…We kinda know where it's not, right? I mean, this whole place is new, it's not like it's been here for years and years." She seems like she's got a major notion in her head. "So if we make a map of the town," she starts scrawling abstract shapes, "and then cross out every part of the town that hasn't been rebuilt in the last year…" She looks at the ground and frowns. "That was a stupid idea."

Makuru makes an annoyed sound and rolls upright to a sitting position. "Whyyy won't you be quiet?" he groans. "We could get another hour or two of sleep." The colt rubs at his eyes and squints at Magpie. He doesn't recognize the dark gray filly. "Who're you?"

"Because they're all excited about getting foalnapped," Sadaka grouses. She's been pretty unbreakably grumpy since discovering her earring missing. She blinks over at Lavender. "If it's dug in the ground it could be under anything, 'cause it's dug out. It doesn't matter what's built over it."

Magpie is still beaming. "I *told* 'em the big generator thingy at NiceCo was a big liar-liar-pants-on-green-fire *fake* and I said they hadda be running the factory off somethin' else that they didn't want nopony to know about but nopony thought it was important so HA!" she shouts, pointing at nopony outside the cell. "HA! I WAS RIGHT! Filly-power!" A pause. "Wait, seriously, filly power? That's like… stupid." She pauses, then glance sat Makuru. "I'm Magpie! We met before, when — Oh. Right. It's dye. Spots, y'know, kinda recognizable…" She waggles a hoof.

Magpie says "Soooo, is it the Syndicolt?"

Makuru blinks at Magpie. "Oh. I guess that makes… no, wait, no it doesn't. Why do you care if they recognize you? You're stuck down here with the rest of us." Somepony has not been paying attention to the conversation.

A batpony that happens to be in the same cell as Lavender finally rouses himself from slumber. It wasn't like he could sleep much anyway given all the racket and shouting. Yawn, stretch, wing-stretch~ He smacks his fang'd muzzle, rubbing an eye with a hoof. "What's all the ruckus about?"
Page, still flopped, looks up at Magpie. "Maybe we should keep it down. I don't wany anypony to get in trouble."

"More ponies got napped and they wont let us nap." Frost fills the bat pony in as she rolls over folding her ears back. "If its NiceCo why didn't they just take over the Orphanage or something. There is more holes in this than cheese. You know the holely kind." filly is too sleepy to think right now.
Magpie oops. Covers her muzzle. "Right. Sorry." SHe grins at Makuru. "They might not've grabbed me if I looked like that filly that's always with Ruby, so I hadda be a little more … y'know, not obvious." She trots over to the cell door and peers at the lock, lock-picks poised.

Makuru stands up and trots to the edge of his cell to try and get a better look at what Magpie is doing. "You think that matters? They haven't cared about our parents before, what makes Miss Blossom so special?" She managed to get some lockpicks in here? If she can get that cage open… maybe she can get him his potion bag!

It's not really that complex of a lock for a cage lock. Apparently whoever's running this joint didn't figure foals would have Lockpicking as a skill.
Magpie sticks her tongue out. "Well I didn't know! What if they had stayed away?" She starts tinkering with the lock.

Was that the sound of the lock jamming?

Makuru totally didn't cause that to happen by distracting Magpie.

Magpie is still fiddling with it ten minutes later… Finally she flops down in disgust. "I think it's stuck," she announces with an irritated grump.
"That was real helpful," Sadaka mutters from her hay pile, "What's plan B then?"

Page sighs. "Well, so are we. I'm sure the grown-ups will figure out where we are before too much longer."

Makuru turns to Sadaka. "Wanna try pushing me through the bars of the cage again?"

Lavender looks over, "If we were all in the same cage, we could all try and do a big pyramid," she offers unhelpfully.

"I could … freeze the lock?" Hoarfrost offers half helpfully. "Why didn't I lean lock picking magic …" grumble grumble.

Magpie says "It's already stuck, what good is freezing it? I mean I guess I can wait until tomorrow… they'll have ot come unlock it then…"

Makuru thinks for a moment. "Hoarfrost, I have a bad idea that's not gonna work. Wanna try it?"

Fugue blinks at Lavender, then trots over towards the bars to stare at the other ponies doing things. All trying to escape? What? …Okay not all of them. That zebra looks pretty grumpy and sulky.

Sadaka is the grumpiest and the sulkiest.

Page isn't grumpy but she's managing sulky pretty well.

Fugue trots over to his door next! And rattles it. Also unhelpfully. Yep, still locked. "I don't see what all this poking at escaping is going to accomplish…" he notes. "The grown-ups will show up any time now. Especially if there's more of them now that there are more of you in here."
Magpie is grumpy /now/, but only because she didn't walk right out of the box. Grump.

"You want me to try something that wont work? That isn't very nice Makuru." Frost's ears fold down. Fine she wont help she will just lay here not being helpful nope. Forlegs cross she sighs. Ever foal is so tense!

Fugue frowns. He gives Lavender a nudge. "Are these all your friends..?"
Makuru shakes his hooves. "No, no, I mean… I don't know if your magic works that way but maybe we'll luck out and it does! If there's some ice can you 'feel' the shape of it?"

Magpie eyeballs Makuru through the bars. "Picking locks doesn't /work/ that way," she grumps.

Hoarfrost shakes her head. "I can't do it that good. I mean If I can get some water I can make it expand a whole lot. Thats about it." the ice witch shrugs wiggling out from under Freeze so she and peek at the lock mildly curious now.

Sadaka blinks over at Magpie. "Well it's not like your try worked any better."
Page says "Everypony stop! We shouldn't be snapping at each other like this! Honestly!" Pause. "I mean, maybe we should try harder to be nice to one another, under the circumstances."

Magpie 's mouth opens and closes. "That's not — You still can't — /that isn't how/ — AUGH!

Makuru frowns at Magpie shooting him down before he's even said anything. "Hear me out! If you were to freeze some water into the lock, then felt out the shape of the water, you could figure out what the inside of the lock is like. Then you could, like… make an ice key in just the right shape and you could unlock the doors. Or something."

Lavender nods at Fugue. "Yeah! Pretty much everyone here that I know from the Harbor…Everyone's my friend here. Some of them might be crazy, but they're all good ponies. And zebras."

"I see." Fugue states, glancing past Lavender, at all the grumpy, sulky, and otherwise hyperish ponies. Not that his kind are any better. "Such an odd mix." he decides. "They're very spirited, but that doesn't seem to be helping much… Are you sure about this 'escape' idea?"

Magpie just pulls the bag back over herself and curls up. Grump.

Page hesitates for a minute and then scooches over next to Magpie and sits down. She puts what she hopes is a reassuring hoof on her shoulder. "Hey, you tried. I mean, I'm sure we'll think of something."

Sadaka drops her head down on the hay and drapes her hooves over it, one lingering on one ear for a moment. She mumbles something into the hay that sounds like "Mn mfnt mrf mnfins," and gives a little huff that blows a few pieces of straw across the cell.

Hoarfrost tries to summon up her ice magic stuffing the lock full of as much of the stuff as she can before freezing it letting it expand. At least that is the goal anyway.

The metal groans in complaint to being iced over.

"See all it did was make noise. I can't ever get my magic to do anything right!" the filly bucks the bars in anger.

Snap! The stress of the buck finishes what the ice started, the cage door flying open with a loud slam!

Lavender chews on her hooves, grinning, then squeals. "Eee! You can get us out of here! Great job!"

Magpie jerks up out of the bag and stares. "ACK! Pull it shut! Pull it shut!" she says as loudly as she dares.

Makuru stares at Hoarfrost, then at the ruins of the door, then back to Hoarfrost. "…"

Page says "Wait, why? If she can get the doors open like that we should make a break for it!"

Hoarfrost just stares dumbfounded "How …"

The echo of the door slamming open fades.

The echo of hooves coming down the hallway gets louder.

Magpie says "Guards, that's why!" She starts kicking hard at her own door, banging as much and as loud as she can. "LEMME OUTTA HERE! YOU CAN'T KEEP ME HERE YOU BIG JERK! OPEN THE DOOR RIGHT THIS SECOND YOU —" and then she goes into a litany she must've learned from a sailor. On a bad day."

Hoarfrost scrambles at being yelled at and the sound of hooves. "What do I do what do I do!" Melting the ice left over and pulling the door shut as Magpie order.

Makuru moves his stare from Hoarfrost to Magpie. "Moon above! Even momma doesn't say stuff like that!" he yelps in surprise.

Lavender grins over at Magpie and hollers along with her, all kinds of things she learned from Mwai and Salty and her friends from her latest sailing expedition.

Clop, clop, clop, clop. The light from a lantern rounds the corner, illuminating the burly pony attendant carrying it around. "What's the big idea? Yer all supposed to be asleep! Go to sleep! Unless ya wanna run already!"

Makuru turns to the guard, lip a'quivver. "I wanted to sleep but she wouldn't shut up," he wails, raising a hoof to point at Magpie. "Make her shut uuuuup!"
Magpie whangs into the bars, reaching through them in a vain attempt to reach the lantern-weilding pony. "C'MERE! C'mere and lemme have that lantern, I'll shove it—" Down his throat. That's what she threatens.

Page gasps!

The 'guard' grunts. He turns his head, shining the lantern towards Magpie. "Quiet. 'less you want a sleep aid." The grin he's got says all too well that that may entail.

Magpie says "Yeah?! You wanna try it? I'll tear all your hooves off see if I don't! Come over here and say that ya bully!"

Lavender stuffs her muzzle against the bars and raspberries at the guard, before jumping back.

Frost just freezes where she is. Nope she didn't do a thing. Gulp. Glancing between magpie and the gaurd. Mumbling little prayer to the princesses to let this work!

Sadaka gives a low groan and earsplays. She better not get in trouble for this. If she gets in trouble they're never gonna give her mama's earring back. "/We/ were trying to sleep," she agrees with Makuru to the guard.

Page grabs Magpie's shoulders and tries to pull her back. "Please, sir, she's just worked up. We were just brought here today, we don't want to be any trouble. We'll be good, I promise. Won't we, Magpie?"

The Guard grunts again. He sets the lantern down, tucks his nose into a sidepouch that he's got handy with stuff in it. There's a rattle. A jingle. And then…when the guard lifts his head, it's got a blowgun in it. Oh.

PTOOI! One sleepdart for one loud filly!

Magpie's expression is one of startled surprise, then slackening annoyance. "You wuzz 'posed t' … punch me," she mumbles as she slowly slides down the bars into a snoring heap.

Page sighs and drags Magpie's sleeping form over to the straw.

The 'guard' snorts and the blowdart is tucked back into his pouch. "Punchin' is cruel and unusual. The boss wouldn't approve. But sleep aids, they're allowed." Shrug. "Is that gonna be all the commotion now?" The question, apparently directed to all the foals.

Makuru raises his hoof.

Lavender huffs at the guard. "Yeah just you try that in a fair fight." She tilts her snout upward, turns away and flops down in her little corner.

The guard huffs back at Lavender. Makuru is eyed. "Yeah?"

Makuru says "Can I have a sleep dart, too? She woke me up and now I'm wide awake and I don't think I'm gonna be able to fall asleep again and I really wanna sleep before we have to run 'cause I didn't sleep much 'cause she was loud and woke me up."

The guard blinks. Broad shoulders lift in a shrug, the big lug dipping into his pouch again. Blowdart, rearmed! Somehow. And then.


A 'sleep aid' for Makuru! "Whatever helps ya sleep." is mumbled around the blowgun, the guard turning to start walking out.

"Magpie!" Frost squeeks not knowing what kind of evil lay within the dart. "Sleep aids is like whiskey not poison darts you jerk." Grumble grumble, oh right not trying to be noticed.

Makuru winces as he gets hit with the dart. "Thank you!" he says as he wobbles on his hooves and then falls over. "Sadakaaaaaa," he mumbles. "Hideza… durrrrt… imma neddit… latrrzzzzz…"

Sadaka blinks over at Makuru, her expression somewhere between disbelief and pure exhasperation. Really? /Really/? She gives a small sigh, and hauls herself to her hooves to drag him over to his hay, plucking the dart free as she does so.

Makuru is entirely dead weight as Sadaka drags him to their shared hay pile. "snxxxxhtnxs…" he snores loudly.

Magpie lays bonelessly in the straw, dozing. Her soft snoring is somehow still grouchy.

Hoarfrost looks unsure waiting for the jailer to be long gone before opening the gate. "Freze wake up I'm goign to need you to get to that vent." swallowing she knows what must be done! Operation escape is a go!