Temper of the Queen
IC date: Summer 89, 1007
OOC date: September 17, 2012
PCs: Queen-Pegasus, Siyana, Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Mad-Mare
NPCs: Rock'em & Sock'em
GM: None

((The first few poses are not in my log-file. —Kludge))

Queenie being surrounded by no less than five of her crew has ZERO expectation she'd be bumped into - after all that's what hired help is for; Siyana's little surprise assault causing the large, pink mare to ungracefully stumble forward before she can regain her composure. How disgraceful. She snaps around suddenly to hiss at the unfortunate youth. "How /dare/ you run into me! Have you any idea who I am?"

The two pirate pretty boys to Siyana's sides attempting to snag the filly as Heart-Throb and Tough-Love turn around to find their Captain in a fit of rage; a smug little smirk crossing Heart-Throbs face while the rough Tough-Love mostly manages to conceal his look of ill-content.

Ruby on the other hand had convinced Kludge to accompany her to docks - not hard consider she's awesome; she leads the stallion and his kart along. "You know I appreciate it, dragging a big ol crate all the way back to the Mane just isn't work for a lady." suddenly growing half her size as she sees Queenie - unaware who is currently on the receiving end due to the crowd of pirates.

"Wha— No? Lady, I got no idea who you are," Siyana replies in confusion. Extra confusion, in fact, when her boys start grabbing at her. She gets caught for a moment before squirming quickly away in that way only squirmy kids can manage. "Hey!! What in the hoof are you doing? I said I'm sorry!" She backs away quickly, ears flicking.

Kludge, noticing both the hubbub and Ruby's reaction, parks the cart so Ruby can hide behind it, then disengages himself from the cart. "You stay here, and I'll see what's going on," he whispers to Ruby.

Casually trotting over to a tolerably safe location, he sees a familiar blue-maned zebra filly surrounded by piratical goons. /What's going on?/ he wonders, a frown starting to crease his brow (not like anyone would see, given his hat).

The patter of wings and soft breeze of flapping alerts Siyana to a pair of pegasi pirates that just touched down behind Siyana - attempting to pick-up the slack for the two pirates that just lost her; managing to do a far better job. The livid pink pegasus storming forward to show Siyana the scuff mark on her front hoof. "You scuffed my hoof, you little brat." pushing the tip of her riding crop under the captive filly's chin. "I suppose I'll need to teach you exactly who I am." those dazzling blue eyes catching sight of Siyana's cutie mark "Like to sing do you?"

Ruby mostly sticks behind Kludge, softly hissing "I really don't think we should get involved." unable to see Siyana from her current vantage point of cowering behind Kludge.

The foal scampers back, and suddenly finds herself restrained. Siyana blinks, mouth working, before she screws up her expression in defiant anger. "Hey, you let me go! I didn't do nothing! I don't care who you are, you cranky three-flanked jerk! You don't get to treat me like some streetrat trash!" She starts to kick and buck, but in the pirates' clutches, she really can't do much.

Kludge narrows his eyes. "You don't have to get involved if you don't want to, but I don't like the way they're threatening Siyana," he growls, his anger plainly aimed at the pirate mob. He starts moving closer, aiming to be close enough to do something if things turn sour… which is becoming more likely by the moment.

Queen-Pegasus the pink pegasus glowers at the trash talking filly who /dares/ to insult her stunning good looks - it's undeniable that she's beautiful on the outside, but her vile nature is rapidly seeping out. She turns away with gritted teeth, hissing at Heart-Throb from the corner of her mouth. "See to it that whelp pays for her insult." A mildly sadistic grin crossing the pretty-boy's face as one of the two pirates not holding Siyana roughly pulls back on Siyana's ponytail. "Don't think I won't enjoy this, sweets." Heart-Throb drawing a small, extremelly-sharp looking curved blade from his waist band; the rugged looking Tough-Love looking less than pleased with the situation - even a hint of sympathy, but he doesn't make a move to stop it. Queenie glances to the small crowd of unlookers that are gathering "Let this be a lesson."

Ruby's large expressive eyes blink at hearing Kludge's words. "Don't move." a sudden, very rough kick to the back of his leg certainly giving him very little choice in the matter! Ruby manages to squirm to the front of the growing crowd while keeping her eyes downcast.

"What— hey!! Stop that! What're you doing?! You suck!!" Siyana squirms and thrashes, even when he yanks her head back via her braids. "Oh, giving me a mane cut, are ya? Pfff, so scary. I'll still look better than Miss Brick-for-Brains there!" Maybe Siyana's not the smartest.

Kludge winces a bit from the kick, but gets the basic idea: let the professional do her thing. He does, however, get ready to spring into action, whether it's to help block for Siyana's escape or to escort her to safety. If things really go bad, well… he has an idea or two.

The pink mare glancing over her shoulder at the defiant little filly even as on-lookers begin to pipe up - 'Knock it off!' 'She's just a kid!'; a couple of brave individuals even attempt to step forward to intervene until they're met with a flintlock between their eyes. Queenie laughs softly while glancing evilly back at Siyana "That little rats nest? Heavens no, I'm going to have your tongue cut out." her tone clearly conveys she's already committed to this course of action. Heart-Throb roughly clenches Siyana's jaw in one hoof while brushing the smooth side of the blade against the filly's cheek as he chuckles. "Say 'ah', girlie." The grip of the surrounding pirates tightening to ensure the girl has little chance of escape.

Ruby is familiar with Queenie - she may have angered her greatly in the recent past while parading as Scarlett O'Mare - but she still fears Queenie will recognize those brilliant ruby red eyes. (Don't get involved, it's too risky.) The voice of the independent pony she's always been bubbling to the top. Suddenly she lips forward from admist the crowd despite her better judgement - eyes kept down cast as she promptly lowers herself before Queenie. "Please don't harm my filly! I beg of you!" The queen snearing at the sudden disturbance to her retribution even as Ruby yells "I'll accept any punishment, just don't harm her!" The Queen's look changing from one of sheer malice to one of amusement.

Siyana's eyes widen, and she looks over at the blade, trying to control her breathing. "Oh, m-my tongue, huh? I'm a pirate! I can t-take anything you throw at me!" She puffs out her chest, trembling, trying and failing to think fast. And when that pony leans down to take her punishment, her eyes widen. "NO! No!! Don't hurt nopony else cause of me! NO!"

Kludge reaches for a rock to throw, just in case Ruby's attempt doesn't work. If all else fails, he's willing to draw the wrath of the pirates long enough for Siyana to escape… but he hopes it doesn't come to that.

Oh how sweet - a willing victim, and a captive who will suffer more from not being the victim! The most delightful grin crosses Queenies face as she raises her riding crop and points to the crowd "You all heard the mare, and I'll accept her offer." Heart-Throb looking decidedly dissapointed "Seems I don't get to cut on a pretty young thing today." patting the girl's cheek with the blunt of the blade before trotting to his Captain's side "What shall we do with this bitter berry, Captain?" A delighted chuckle ensues from the Captain "A dog indeed…" she snags a apple core from her earlier snack from where it rests atop a near-by barrel - tossing it so it bops Ruby on the head before rolling in front of the mare "A treat." Heart-Throb cackles "Don't forget to thank your master, dog." Certainly this isn't the situation for heroics given seven armed pirates are the center-piece.

Ruby with downcast eyes leans towards the apple core "Woof. Woof. Thank you. Woof." before she begins to eat the apple core in a very public display of humilation - the display clearly brightening Queenies day even as she snags Heart-Throbs blade away. "Your filly did suggest a mane-cut early." grabbing Ruby's lovely tresses while pushing the mare's shoulders down with hoof to roughly shear a good chunk of her chosen victim's mane.

Siyana gapes at Ruby's treatment, ears flicked back, before she growls and charges Queen's side with a headbutt. Whompf! "HEY!! Leave her alone! It's me you're kissed at! Stop that!" Nope. Not smart at all.

The filly find her ability charge forward greatly hindered by the grasp of Queenie's crew! Tough-Love glances towards Siyana and leans in - speaking with a gruff tone "Cool it, kid. You've done enough." Certainly not as nasty as the Captain or her first-mate it would seem.

There seems to be a commotion going on near the docks! But nobody invited the Harbor Watch? How rude… Apparently this must mean that the Watch shall invite themselves. And by 'the Watch' what we really mean is the Captain of the Watch, come to investigate the sounds of craziness going on.

If there's going to be any craziness of a horrible nature in /this/ harbor, certain bodies already own the rights!

"Ahem! Ex/cuse/ me! Captain coming through. Move that arse, citizen! Yours too, tubby!" Ahh, the dulcet tones of yon Mad Mare, come to see what all the hubbub is. Forcing the crowd to part around her and her two closest goons, ever the unit of trouble, until enough space has been made to allow Maddie the dubious pleasure of a 'front row seat', as it were.

"/What/ is going on here? Nopony torments my victims without my approval. I demand answers or someone's getting bucked into next week!"

Queenie can't help but laugh in amusement at the entire situation - clearly highly amused. "Ohohoho. The Harbor Watch. Fitting considering it's quite the little show." another chunk of Ruby red mane shrewdly cut from Ruby's head - now tossed at Maddie's feet. "Souvenir." she comments before pushing her roughly roughly down on Ruby's shoulders - pushing the other mare's face roughly into the dirty planking. The pegasus motioning to Ruby then Siyana "Which of these are yours again? I'm assuming the foul little Zebra, right up your alley - unassuming, doesn't know when to shut up." clearly commentary aimed at the Captain of the Watch. The pegasus snagging her open bottle of wine for a quick swig. "Mmm…" she over turns the bottle so the remaining contents begin pour down atop of Ruby's head in a further act of public embarrassment - all while looking Maddie straight in the eyes. "Something to wash down the meal.." shaking the bottle over Ruby's head. "This is getting pretty boring…" a wicked grin crossing her face - her own pirates stepping back to circle around the captain as she turns to leave. "Oh! I almost forget!" *crack* The sound of smashing glassing briefly echoes as the empty bottle is smashed atop of Ruby's head "There we go~o." she sings mockingly before starting up the gangplank to her ship - the pirates on dock hooting and hollering in amusement as Ruby falls limp - thoroughly humilited to say the least.

Tough-Love places one hoof atop of Siyana's head to keep her from rushing forward even as the other pirates let go of the whelp to join the rest of the crew aboard - intent on keeping her in place long enough for Queenie to retreat before grunting "Go see to your mom, kid." moving to join Queenie and the other numerous, armed pirates aboard.

Siyana flails and bucks and fights, even when Tough-Love keeps her from rushing off. But as the bad guys move away, she has to pause in confusion. Mom? Who? What? NO TIME TO WORRY, there's a pony in pain! She runs over to Ruby, and nudges her. "Are you okay? You shouldn'ta done that! I… I had it under control!"

Ruby is totally okay, yup - no wait she's out cold, covered in wine, and her beautiful mane is destroyed; certainly the Mare is not in any mortal danger, but she's the bottle certainly busted her noggin. From atop of the shop Queenie calls out "Somepony clean up that unsightly mess, oh you might want to move the unconcious pony too." The pretty boy pirate crew laughing and chuckling safely from on deck.

Kludge quietly glares at the pegasus pirate queen, then walks over to Ruby. Kneeling down, he glances at Siyana. "Could you help get her onto my back? We'd better take her to a…"

He pauses, mentally cursing himself. A doctor would undoubtedly discover the lesser of Ruby's secrets, and that's a complication that should be avoided at the moment. "We'll get her home, then help her from there," he finishes.

Well. That was interesting, to say the least. Apparently Maddie arrived just in time to witness the severe humiliation, and subsequent abuse, of one Ruby Blossom. Hm. Y'know… Normally she would be somewhat delighted with the show. Violent, cold-hearted, and certainly executed without care for consequence. Just like her own style! Or what used to be her style. Before /it/ happened…

And then the moment passes. Suddenly the pirate crew is leaving, the crowd is generally dispersing, and the Mad Mare is left conflicted, staring at the hulk of a boat that is Queenie's ship.

"…Uh. Boss?" "You gonna…do somethin' about this?" her goons speak, gesturing to the mess of Ruby, Siyana, and Kludge.

"Hm..? Oh." Maddie glances that way, then up at the ship again. "Help them, or whatever. I'm busy thinking."

Rock'em and Sock'em nod, happy enough to bound up onto the docks to offer aid to the injured parties. "Hey, we know a good doc if ya need help!"

Siyana wheels and yells, "YOU BIG BULLY!" after Ruby, before stomping her hooves hard in frustration. No fair! As Kludge requests help, though, she nods, mouth closed tight in anger and eyes fighting back tears from frustration and worry and latent fear. She leans down to try to nudge under Ruby, helping to lever her up… pausing to blink a little. Huh. Never noticed Ruby was a unicorn… Ah well. Up she goes! Especially with the help of Rock'em and Sock'em. "Thanks, fellas," she mutters, genuinely. "That might be good. Who d'you know?"

Kludge glances at Ruby, then at Rock'em and Sock'em - then doubletakes as he realizes that Ruby's horn is showing! With this many ponies trying to help, trying to keep things a secret might be a lost cause. Still… "How discrete is this doc you know?" he asks, giving the goons a measuring glance.

Queenie laughs boisterously from atop her ship. "Oh Sunshine, don't look so serious!" leaning over the railing of the deck. "Or perhaps you're just taken by beauty." Mockingly calling out "Are you going to call me your special somepony, and make scene?"

Ruby on the other hand is dead weight at moment, only as a figure of speech she's still quite alive!

The two goons glance at each other, then back down at Kludge.

"The one we'd use to fix up a friend of the Boss?" Rock'em says, with Sock'em finishing. "As discreet as you need." Both the goons nod sagely. You better believe they know about under-the-table healthcare.

Maddie squints at the big ol' pirate ship. She glances about, spotting another empty bottle, steps over to it, and turns around. She eyes the bottle. Eyes the ship. Eyes Queenie. Eyes the bottle again. And…bucks one metal leg out to strike the bottle, with every intention of launching the darn thing up on the deck. With any luck, at the pirate boss too!

"Mmf," Siyana grunts as Ruby's finally dropped on Kludge's back. "I want to help," she declares. "Let me help. It's my fault she got messed up. Dang it, I hate stupid jerks like her! No code of honor! She's not a pirate, she's a tyrant!"

Maddie's attempt to strike Queenie is commendable, but falls short as the bottle whacks one of Queenie's crew who lurches forward and falls over the railing *cue Wilhelm scream*. Queenie clapping her hooves together "I'm surprised you managed to hit anything with those glorified lamp posts." hoots and hollars form the vile pirate crew on deck. "At least you and your girlfriend have matching manecuts now - hideous! Who cut your mane anyways, a beaver with the jitters?" she waves a hoove dismissively before turning her back to wander away from the railing and out of view.

Kludge nods at the two goons. "Sounds good; lead the way." Giving Siyana a small smile, he adds "First we regroup, then we plan from there. Don't worry, we'll figure something out together." Glancing at Maddie, he raises his voice a bit. "We need to talk, but not here. When and where would work for you?" he asks the Watch Captain.

The goons nod! "Right-o. It's a bit of a walk. We…" A thought strikes Rock'em. "…Uh…actually we should probably ask Boss if it's okay first. He's not exactly…"

Sock'em shakes his head too. "It's not exactly a secret what we are, Rockie. He's at our /other/ fort. On the beach."

Meanwhile, Maddie tsks. Not her intended target, but hey, it's still okay. She's satisfied. For the moment. Cursed conscience… Why you make violence so hard these days? At any rate, she stomps her way towards the gathered ponies, just in time to catch Siyana's desire to…help.

The Mad Mare looks at each of the ponies in turn. Her goons, Kludge, lingering on the unconscious Ruby, and finally Siyana. "You wanna help, kid? I got a /great/ idea." She sits her rear down on the docks, tossing a glance at the pirate ship, then back down at the singing zebra. "…Join the watch." Then up to Kludge she looks, making a gesture to him and her guardponies. "Yes, yes. We'll talk. Once Ruby's conscious again. Maybe at her place."

Siyana blinks, turning to look at Mad. Her enemy. Soundly trounced, now, though. And her goons seemed to be really nice ponies… "Join the Watch?" she asks at length. "And do what? Whatever you tell me to?"

Ruby doesn't look like she's in any mortal danger, just really really humilated and unconcious as the moment! The scene has certainly quieted down now that the 'watch' is about, and now that Queenie has retreated to the seclusion of her ship - there's not much more to do than tend to the unconcious mare.

Kludge gives Maddie an acknowledging nod, then glances at Rock'em and Sock'em. "Lead the way, guys. The sooner the doc checks on Ruby, the less I'll worry."

Rock'em and Sock'em nod again! They begin to trot off, like good little goons, leading Kludge off down the streets and towards the SECRET SYNDICOLT SHIP. Like, a mile down the beach. So secret it hurts.

Maddie lifts a single eyebrow at the questioning zebra filly. "Short answer, yes. If you want in on my crew having an epic pirate battle with these backwater blowhards. It's either that, or you go off on your own and potentially get yourself in even more trouble. Your choice."

Siyana squints hard at Mad, frowning sharply. All that roiling resentment, the frustration, the sheer dislike crosses her face one after the other. She's not shy about it! But then she looks at the wine stain on the ground, the shards of glass… She looks up at the big boat. And she looks up at Mad, extending a hoof. "Done."

For the record, Maddie doesn't exactly look thrilled about it either. She does, however, recognize opportunities when they come. She shakes the filly's hoof, then tosses her head back. "You better go with them, kid. We'll discuss a proper plan later."

Siyana spits on her hoof and shakes with Maddie, looking at her critically before nodding. "Awright. I'll go help. But I'm joinin' the Watch to help ponies. Not to help you." And just like that, she turns to scamper after the others, scowling.