Swords Are Not Toys
IC date: Winter 28, 1007
OOC date: Januari 16, 2013
PCs: Rising-Chaos, Sodium-Fizz
GM: None

The fields outside of town are seemingly free to use by anypony that needs them. It's not that they aren't owned, but more that it's hard to enforce said ownership while in storming conditions. It's a perfect place to go if you desire privacy. Though, in this town, nothing goes unnoticed for long.

Rising Chaos has set up a wooden mock-up of a pony in one of the fields. She's hard at work, standing out in the middle of the rain, practising her sword play. There is the illusion of the front half of a pony around the stick figure, and the cutlass she retrieved last night from Heart Throb is being used to fend off her blows. Every so often, she is forced to take a break, as the wound in her chest gets too painful. the breaks never last for more than a minute or so, before the mare promptly returns to practice.

Sadly enough, she seems to be losing.
Sodium-Fizz is out herself, though for completely unrelated reasons! What with the rain laying the ground bare it was good time to stock up on a few of the more common roots. And apparently to stock up on more conversation with Rising Chaos. "Arcee? What are you doing out here? With swords of all things…"

Rising-Chaos doesn't reply for a couple moments, focusing on her blades. Their movement is clumsy, and the opposing blade has no problem defending. Eventually, she leaves an opening, and the cutlass surges forward, tapping her on the chest, coming to rest right over her bandage. The cutlass returns to a ready position and waits for further signal.

Rising Chaos throws the swords down in frustration. Only now is the pegasus even acknowledged. "I'm learning how to fight. It's about time I learnt how to use my sword and machete properly, after all." She fixes her cloak, the unicorns only protection from the rain, and looks at the alchemist. "And you, Sodium Fizz? Why are you out, and bothering me?" She doesn't look happy at all.

"I'm out because I need a few more roots to fill out my storage till spring, those healing elixirs don't spring out of thin air after all," answered Sodium-Fizz before frowning, "and I'm bothering you since you're doing a horrible job with your sword-work - really you shouldn't bother, not since you're bad mind - and you seem kinda stiff. Achin' ribs?"

Rising-Chaos looks at her blankly. "I'm learning, we all start somewhere." She looks down at the bandages and snarls. The swords are brought back up, as if she's ready for another go. "Stab wound in the chest. Got it last night. Care to guess why I'm practicing?"

Sodium-Fizz cocked her head to the side for a moment before sighing, a wing curling over to dig amongst the contents of her belt. "Right, stab wound… Why doesn't that surprise me as much as it should? What happened?"

Rising-Chaos would wave away any help, it's healing just fine on it's own. She stomps her hoof on the ground and snarls. "Again, slower." Her tone making it sound like she's been saying that a lot today. The Cutlass lashes out, and the sparring recommences. "Pony who was on Queen Pegasus' crew jumped me on the way home. Turns out he wants to have some 'fun'. Stormdancer rescued me then Queen Pegasus chased him off before I got to him. My Queen suffered another wound thanks to my incompetence, I won't let it happen again."

It's not long this time before the cutlass, even slowed down, finds an opening and beats her. With a snarl, she stomps the ground once more. "Again, slower!"

Sodium-Fizz groaned for herself. "Stallions, go figure… Makes me want to figure out some form of selective gender alteration elixir and pour it in the town well…" Soda sighed for herself before turning her attention back to Rising Chaos, watching her practice.

"Have you considered an approach that does not really on a open contest of arms? I mean, you're a unicorn," said the alchemist. "You lot are rather good at acting out of sight, as the back of my head can attest too. I've been knocked out about three times by unicorns levitating something up behind me…"

Rising-Chaos spares a chuckle mid-practice at the elixir idea. "Not sure if you know this, miss Fizz, but I'm a terrible unicorn. With swords all it is is levitation, and I can mix more spells in as time goes by. If I rely to much on spells, last night happens." It looks for a moment like she's gaining the upper hand, and goes in for the strike. She stops, looks down, the cutlass has tapped against her chest, winning it the round. the unicorn takes a breather, the wound is starting to burn. "I do seem to have pretty rotten luck with stallions lately though. Rotten luck everywhere though."

"Welcome to the club," muttered Sodium-Fizz as she strode forward. "Though you might still want to reconsider using blades, I'm not honestly sure I trust your judgement in their use. Hay, I know I don't trust -my- judgement using lethal weapons so I don't see why I should trust you with it."

Rising-Chaos laughs out loud at that statement. "I didn't ask you to trust me, did I? I will use my possessions as I see fit, though the sword did come with a promise…" A grimace momentarily occupies her face as she remembers that day in Winter's forge. She snaps out of it, going back to her frustrated expression. "Rest assured, I have no intentions of harming anypony unless it's in self defense. I don't see a problem."

Sodium-Fizz shook her head. "To imagine you're the third pony today I have to advice not to put themselves in a position where they don't have to kill somepony else," she muttered. "The last two were out for your mare, by the way. And no, I'm not telling you who they are," not that she knew in the case of one of them. "The blood of ponies are not something you can wash off."

Rising-Chaos freezes in place, not moving a muscle. "Two ponies, after my Queen?" A low growl starts in the back of her throat. "If anypony even think for a second they can lay a hoof on her. I will destroy them, do you understand me? I will take them apart." There is nothing but deadly seriousness in the glare she gives Sodium Fizz. "I think you're mistaking me for a pony with a conscience." Says the mare who wrote a thank you letter to Stormdancer because she felt bad before leaving the house today.

Sodium-Fizz leaned forward, her muzzle right up to Chaos'. "Oh yeah? I don't think so, nopony comes out unscathed from taking somepony's life. No matter the circumstances. Besides, I convinced one of them to back away and rethink his commitment to sending your mare-friend out of town, by force. The other one, though, seemed more intent on snuffing out her life. Not much I could do there…"

Rising-Chaos holds the gaze without blinking. "I'm willing to take that risk." After a couple moments of glaring, Rising backs off. "Thank you, however. One is easier to deal with than two. And I WILL deal with them, nopony hurts my Queen and gets away with it. Nopony will be allowed to make the attempt." Rising returns to the practice target, stomps her hoof. "Again, slower.


"Then, Rising Chaos, you're a complete and total gimboid!" huffed Sodium-Fizz and glared at her.

Rising-Chaos recoils for a moment, that didn't even make sense! It doesn't take her long to regain her composure, but by then the cutlass already has scored another point. "Again, slower!" she snarls, and launches in to her practice. "I don't even know what that means," she snarks. "I fail to see why I should take advice from you, however. It's not like you would know anything about it. I believe you once asked me to spare you my advice? I will ask you for the same courtesy."

Sodium-Fizz stood stock still, for a moment, before growling at Chaos. "I… You… So help me, Chaos, if you tell anypony else about this… I'll kill YOU."
A moment later the pegasus pressed forward again, once more muzzle-to-muzzle with the unicorn. "I KNOW Arcee, 'cause I've caused deaths! There's a few unfortunate souls that died during my episodes… but…" Her expression faltered for a moment. "You know I had a husband, right?"

Rising-Chaos stares at the enraged alchemist for a moment, then steps away so she can continue practice. The unicorn looks completely unfazed by the news. "Not a word, miss Fizz. You may not trust my judgement, but you can trust my confidentiality. I was unaware you had a husband, however. Go on."

"Good, I'd hate to have to petrify you, smash you up, grind the bits to a fine powder and mix you into the sea! It'd be a shame," muttered Sodium-Fizz before settling her backside firmly on the ground. "But yes, I had… Now, say what you will about the stallion, but he was a monster - incidentally, if you ever say anything good about him I might just do that anyway - of the worst kind. Our obsessions and derangements really can't compare to his… But we were married for a while, not entirely of free will but I didn't have much say of the matter, until somepony came mucking it up. A private investigator from Manehattan."

"All in all, that was rather fortunate… it tripped my paranoia and crazy enough to rouse me to what was going on…" Sodium-Fizz fell silent for several long moments, her gaze just staring off into the distance. "Well, lets just say that we're not married because, as the wows say, 'death do you part'… When I came to my senses… I bashed his head in. Me. Not the crazy… just me. And… however horrible a pony -he- was… it made me a worse pony for it…"

The grey mare raised a foreleg, wiping her eyes with her pastern. "So trust me, it's not worth it… You truly become a bit of a monster on the inside when you take a life…" She sighed.

Rising-Chaos listens to the whole story, and gives the mare a couple moments to settle down. She nods, but doesn't break her practice, she's actually holding her own this time. "You assume that I haven't, already, taken a life." There's no real reply to the story itself, but is saved away in Rising's mind. Perhaps this will give her cause to be a bit more sympathetic towards the pegasus.


Yes, I do… I can only hope, really. And this is why I tell you not to do it… Ever," said Sodium-Fizz glumly before sighing. After a silent moment of self-pity she raised her head and focused her pale yellow glare at Rising Chaos. "And I better don't hear this coming back to anypony else… Especially Winter! Remember; petrification, smashing, grinding, ocean…"

Rising-Chaos continues practice, right up to the point where she loses, again. Another stomp and a growl. "Again, slower." After a couple seconds of practice, she feels comfortable enough to speak. "You would be correct to say I haven't killed a pony, but I have done things that some would call worse." She takes a moment to bow, really just an exaggerated duck. "Your secret is safe with me, of course."

Sodium-Fizz nodded slowly, taking a deep breath. "Of course… Maybe I should just leave you to it… you do need to practice after all. If you want though, stop by the Flask and I can set you up with a alchemical tricks… Free of charge." The alchemist picked herself of the ground, her tail swishing back and forth to brush her bottom clean.

Rising-Chaos is caught in a whirl of blades and can't reply right away, focusing. "Very well, miss Fizz. I will be sure to stop by the Flask, though I insist on paying." She stomps the ground and her swords change pattern wildly for a couple seconds. Before the cutlass can react, the machete hits the wooden mannequin. Rising beams with the elation of victory. "It was a pleasure talking to you. Perhaps one day you'll hear my story." She stomps her hoof in the dirt. "Again, faster."

Sodium-Fizz says, "Gladly. For now though, good day… and don't stress yourself to much if you're hurt. Another thing you can trust me on, though I'm not up for sharing that particular story myself any time soon." The grey pegasus set of down the path, looking for her herbs and roots.