Swordcraft Pt 3
IC date: Fall 83, 1007
OOC date: December 11, 2012
PCs: Rising-Chaos, Winter-Solstice

Rising Chaos previously commissioned Winter Solstice to build a sword. She now returns to collect the finished product...

Iron Stock's smithy- it has a longer name but 'smithy' conveys what it is just as well- sits there, as it usually does, beside the boardwalk, there at the north end of the dock district. There's no sound of bangin' on metal coming from within, but the windows are lit and the steady huff, huff, huff of the bellows can be heard faintly from within.

Rising-Chaos trots up to the door to the smithy. She opens the door and walks up the counter. She has none of her excited looks from previous visits. "Winter? You here?" she calls. She looks impatiently around the smithy.

There's a bell on the door that rings as Rising enters, and not a moment later, Winter's head pops out of one of the doors leading off of the main shop floor, looking towards the entrance. The big mare brightens up immediately and bustles out, romping forward to meet Rising at the counter. "Rising! I knew you'd be here soon. Hello! Hello!" She seems clueless to Rising's lack of enthusiasm, at least for the moment, as she prances from hoof to hoof with a broad grin crossing her face. "Did you come to get your sword? Didja didja didja?"

Rising-Chaos can't help but smile at Winter's enthusiasm, it's infectious. "I have come for my sword Winter, thanks." She is wearing a hooded cloak which conceals her face partially, and shifts it back. She raises and eyebrow looking Winter up and down. "How did it turn out?"

Winter-Solstice's grin spreads even further. She's a big mare, with a big mouth, and she can grin pretty big, teeth all aglitter. "Soooo awesome! C'mere, c'mere!" She gestures around the counter and towards the forge, as she turns away and heads in that direction, romping through the tables and hanging pulleys. There doesn't seem to be much work going on right now, and no sign of Iron Stock, but the shutter on the forge is cranked open a few feet, letting orange light spill out across the open area before it. Winter hastens to a workbench nearby and turns to grin back at Rising, unable to help but glance more than once at a length of velvety cloth upon the bench, inside which is clearly folded an Object.

Rising-Chaos follows Winter through the shop. She gives Winter the satisfaction of showing her the obvious sword. "I have been looking forward to it very much Winter." She has been waiting for this moment for a long time. "I'm sure your work is increidble quality."

"It was me and Iron Stock both, actually," says Winter, cheerfully, as she turns towards the bundle and reaches out towards it. "She's better with finer stuff than I am. She usually does the jewelry and other ornamental stuff we do. Which isn't much, but still. She did most of the detail on the hilt and advised on the settings and stuff." Unfurling the fabric, she reveals the blade, just as described. Its shape is accurate, down to the swirls curling back from the hilt and around the grip- mahogany, laquered to a warm gleam- and the pommel, adorned with a diamond decoration of smokey hue. The blade has a faintly warm hue to its steel, which sets it in pleasant contrast with the oval-shaped sapphire set within its middle. The sapphire's color is soft, a cloudy sort of sky blue, but the warm tones of the rest of the blade help emphasize the cooler tones of the gem.

Winter runs a hoof adoringly along the length of the blade, grinning down at it. "It was a lot of fun to make. Should hold up pretty well. Iron Stock's good with metal- she knows a few tricks to reinforce even delicate decoratins like that little fiddly ribbon around the hilt you have there." Winter draws to the side, smiling back at Rising, but then narrows her eyes and braces a hoof over the hilt of the weapon. "It's yours… but you can't have it yet. Because it isn't completely finished yet. It still needs that last piece!"

Rising-Chaos widens her eyes at the sight of the blade. It's perfect, everything she had imagined. She moves towards it, entranced. "It's perfect Winter, thank you." She pulls her notebook out and flips to a page that has a list of names. "Ah, yes. It needs a name, doesn't it?"

Winter-Solstice nods briskly. "Yep." Her grin of excitement relaxes into a smile as she looks back to the sword. "There's a long tradition of metalwork in my hometown. It's said that a skilled craftspony can give life to a weapon made with care, but it takes a name to make that weapon whole and to let it awaken into its real identity. It has to be the final step, though! Name it before it is complete and the weapon will awaken unfinished and be brittle in body. Never name it, and it will be brittle in spirit." The big mare settles back on her haunches as she lifts the sword carefully in her hooves, balanced atop them. "So if it looks done to you, you can name it and make it whole." She flashes a grin back over her shoulder at Rising. "It's sort of an old story. It probably doesn't really make a difference. I'm not good with magic and I don't know how a sword could ever really have a spirit. It feels good to sort of honor those old ways, though, even if I'm like, I was never really more than an apprentice." Arching her eyebrows, she peers down at the book. "So whatcha got?"

Rising-Chaos nods, picking the sword up wiht her magic. Her eyes wander along the length of the blade, drinking it in. The notebook is ignored. "It makes sense to do that, everything has it's own spirit." She moves it away and looks at the whole thing. "It's Limit Edge."

Winter-Solstice is still admiring the blade and lost in a rush of memories of stories of the great works of past smiths, such that the levitation of the blade catches her off guard. The earth pony scrambles to catch the floating blade, clamping her hooves around the hilt and pulling it back. "Not yet! Hold on! I gotta do this right! I've never done it before!" She clutches the sword until she's sure it's not going to float away, then once more holds it aloft on her upraised hooves, towards Rising. Winter flashes the unicorn a brief squint before grinning broadly. "Then I name you, blade, Limit Edge." She pauses, breath held. If the sword awakens, it does so very quietly and does not move. Winter reaches out. "-Now- you may take it. It's yours!"

Rising-Chaos solemnly takes the blade back from Winter. "Perfect," she says under her breath. She twirls the blade around, admiring it. "It's perfect Winter." She steps back, grinning like mad. she pulls out a sheath and sheathes the blade. "It feels so much more, complete now wiht the name. You were right." Chaos bows hsallowly. "I should trust your judgement about these things."

Winter-Solstice bobs her head, watching. "Yes you should! I'm super good at cool stuff like sword naming ceremonies. I gotta admit, though, I was real tempted to name it myself. It was sitting there all pretty and finished, and I was sharpening the blade and kept thinking of lots of rad names. But it's yours, so I held off." She puffs her chest out. "I hope it does you some good! In fact, I know it will! You're my GOOD FRIEND, so I kept that in mind when I was making it. It's another bit of Bardington sword lore that says a blade made in good faith by one friend for another, and wielded with justice in mind towards that union, will always strike true! So as long as you use this for just causes and never to betray the trust your friends have put in you, the steel will be forever strong! And I know you're a good pony who would never ever do anything to hurt any of us so I'm not worried at all." Winter reaches out to pat Rising on the shoulder with a big pie plate hoof, and there is every indication she is 100% totally sincere with everything she is saying.

Rising-Chaos winces at Winter saying that she's a GOOD FRIEND. Then she winces again at the mention of using it for justice. Then winces again at the confidence winter is putting in her. She looks at the mare, and finds she just can't say a word. Instead, she smiles. "Thanks Winter, I appreciate it. I'll use it well," she replies quietly. she feels the sudden urge to be not-here. "I should probably be going, so much work to do today, right?" Chaos chuckles nervously, edging away.

Winter-Solstice beams a smile at Rising. "Yup! I can draw up a receipt if you want, but to be honest I think they're pretty boring. It all checks out, anyway. Well, I think it ran one stalleon over budget but it's cool. Or was it one stalleon under? Not sure." She stares up and past Rising towards the ceiling. "Not sure. Hey, wanna go chop up some watermelons with it? Wait, no, you're going. Yeah, I guess you got business. Ha! You got all kinds of business now! With a sword like that you can get up to all kinds of business in all kinds of dungeons! Or go fight monsters in the wild! Or go overthrow a corrupt king! I really better let you get going, you've got a lot to do, now!" The big mare prances about from hoof to hoof once more.

Rising-Chaos smiles and nods. "I'll be fine without a receipt, it's perfect Winter, thank you." She stop, almost embarrassed by Winter's show of excitement. "I'm afraid I won't be doing so cool. I'll probably take it home and rarely use it." She nods, thankful Winter won't stop her from going, she's good like that. "Though I can say that I'll be enchanting it with something very cool." She doesn't want to completely crush the mare's fantasy.

Winter-Solstice's grin brightens. "Cool! Make sure you show me when it's done, I can't wait to see!" She continues to prance in place, but makes no move to follow Rising out the door. "Have a good night!"