Swordcraft, Part 2
IC date: Autumn 75, 1007
OOC date: December 3, 2012
PCs: Rising-Chaos, Winter-Solstice

One week prior, Rising Chaos approached Winter Solstice about crafting a sword. She returns to discuss the idea further...

Bang! Bang! Bang! Iron Stock's something something something is as noisy as ever. One must wonder what the neighbors think of the noise. Then agan, the neighbors are a woodshop and an empty lot, so between the two there probably isn't a lot of concern. The front door is there as always, and the same counters are there behind it for prospective and returning customers.

Rising-Chaos is once such returning customer. She noses her way in to the shop, her cloak wrapped tight about her. Her face is tired, ad if she was up all night, but even then the warmth and excitement of the forge perks her up. She walks up to the counter where she made her order last time, and waits attentively.

Across the shop, Winter Solstice and Iron Stock are workin'. Winter wearing a pair of heavy boots on her hind legs, the feet of them iron-plated, such that as she rears up and kicks backward with them, they hammer a hanging sheet of metal swinging from a chain above the yawning mouth of the forge. Behind it, a larger sheet of metal absorbs the impact as an anvil might. She's putting the finishing touches on the sheet, it would seem- pounding it smooth just as the metal is cooling from a brief, warm glow. Nearby, Iron Stock lingers by an array of chains and pulleys; after Winter finishes, the smaller unicorn's horn lights with a dull brown light, the chains starting to move and turn. The 'anvil' plate is wheeled upward, machinery clanking as it's withdrawn into the rafters of the vaulted shop ceiling, while another chain turns, the pounded sheet cruising away from the forge along a suspended track up above.

It's about then that Iron Stock glances over, seeing Rising. "She's here," says the unicorn. She magics a few more chains into place, the machinery around her clanking and rattling, then halting with a *clunk* as everything is settled. Winter is mopping her damped brow with a dingy towel and flashing a grin towards Rising. "Heya, Rising!" she calls out. "Be right there." She takes a moment to crank shut the opening of the forge, then approaches the counter, her every other step going *donk* as her metal-clad rear hooves tap along the floor.

"Hey!" says the big mare, grinning ar Rising. "Good news! I came up with some AWESOME ideas for a sword. You're gonna love 'em."

Rising-Chaos watches Winter's work with fascination, taking it all in. She waves when she is noticed and waits for her bouncy freind to come over. "Hey there Winter," she says, her voice counding tired, but happy. "I'm glad to hear that, I can't wait to see them. With you at the designs I am confident the sword will look amazing." She gives Winter Solstice a grin. "Let me have a look, I've been dying to see them all weekend."

"Yeah!" says the big mare. "Hold on! I'll go get them. It'll be real quick." She turns and dashes off towards one of the doors leading off the side of the shop. Those iron boots of hers must weigh a ton, but they don't seem to slow her in the least- and the sound of them lets Rising track her movement every step of the way. Wherever she goes, she doesn't go far, heading a few steps into that side room, then whirling around and tromping back out, a sheaf of papers in her mouth. She storms back up to the counter and tosses her head, laying the papers out in a spread.

Upon them is a ghastly splay of overwrought designs. "This one I like to call THE FEARSOME FANG," says the big earth pony, as she points to a scimitar with a serrated edge. "Because it makes me think of fangs. And THIS one…" She points at a wavey-bladed beast that, judging from its proportions, must be as long as Winter is tall. "Is The Great Negotiator. See? I put that stone you requested in the hilt. And over here we have what I like to call the Split Decision." It has a blade on both ends of its handle, and spikes coming off of that. "It requires the skills of a master to use. Oh! Oh, wait. You wanted something suitable for stabbing. Look at this one! I call it…" She gestures. It's a normal looking sword, but it has two blades, arranged parallel to eachother, "The two-bladed sword. Twice the stab for your trouble!" To Winter's credit, the drawings are all fairly well done, at least from a technical perspective… it's just that their subject matter is a bit… elaborate for the intended purpose. No matter what the intended purpose is.

In the background, Iron Stock is smirking to herself as she goes about checking things off on a clipboard with a pencil levitating in the air before her.

Rising-Chaos looks at the proposed sketches, suppresing her instict to wince. They are all very interesting weapons, to be sure, though not what she was thinking of. She manages a smile. "These are great Winter, really. I may even ask to keep a copy of the fearsome fang's design it's so neat. Unfortunately I'm not sure if I can afford something so elaborate." She pulls out her own neatly rolled up paper. She unrolls it on the counter, to reveal a rough sketch of a much more modest design. It's a straight bladed sword, with an elaborate handle decorated with spirals which creep up to the mouthguard. "Perhaps something a bit more like this? Plain, but still stylish. We can incorporate some elements from these fantastic designs in it as well."

Winter-Solstice leans forward to look at Rising's design as she unfurls it. If Winter is disappointed at being turned down, she doesn't show it, pursing her lips. "Oooooh. It's so… it's so subtle," she says. Well, subtle would be something without any ornamentation at all, but these things are relative. "You'll want to widen the grip a bit here. The spirals… might want to tuck them up a bit higher, for your teeth's sake. Unless you're gonna levitate this. Wait, is this a mouth sword or a floaty magic sword?" she asks, looking up with arched eyebrows. Her gaze darts between Rising's horn and her mouth.

Rising-Chaos smiles as Winter doesn't seem offended. "I plan to use it with my magic, nto my mouth." She grins, watching Winter intently. "I find it easier that way, more contorl." She point out a spot on the sketch, about a thrid of the way up the blade. "The sapphire would go there. I prefer subtle designs, and I don't think a lot more ornamentation is necessary."

Winter-Solstice bobs her head. "Gotcha! Gotcha. Okay. Magic makes it easier to truss up the handle with whatever you want. Still, you might need to carry the blade sometime, so just be careful. Though I bet you knew that already." She tilts her head as she looks back down at the drawing, then turn to spin the paper about. "Remind me, are you supplying the sapphire or are we doing that? Iron Stock was looking into supplying them. There are a few oval-cut Zebrica sapphires available, but they're spendy. It's in the budget you gave us but it might make for less ornamentation on the blade. I think…" Winter pauses, looking back over her shoulder. "Hey, boss! What were the other diamonds? The prettier ones?"

Iron Stock looks up and calls back out. She's not as good at shouting as Winter, but her flat voice carries easily enough. "Cloud sapphires from the White Saddles. A tear drop, oval and rough cut."

Winter looks back with a grin. "I like the cloud sapphires more, myself. They're more subtle. Sort of a blue grey tone. They're less expensive, too. Of course we can keep looking if you'd like, that's just what I think would fit the size you have here on the drawing."

Rising-Chaos nods along with Winter. In all honesty she had been dreading having to provide the gem. Upon hearing that not only was a nice gem found, but that it was the right size, she wants to seize the chance. "If you have cloud sapphires, which I agree fit better. I would love for you to use one." She looks over the design, picturing the finished product in her head. She imagines what possible enchantments she could put on the blade. "Yes, I think a cloud sapphire would do nicely. I can deal with less on the blade for such a nice gem."

"Nah, they're the less expensive ones," says Winter. "Unless you wanna go totally bargain and just get some glass in there. Although that's not as bad as it sounds, with the right magic you can make it as burly as any gemstone." Winter digs out a pencil and a piece of paper and starts scribbling down notes, wielding the pencil in her mouth. She talks out the corner of it without issue. "What cut did you want? Teardrop, oval, or rough? The rough cut is sort of oval already, kind of like in your picture, but has a more natural edge to it." She pauses, eyeing Rising's drawing out of the corner of her eye, and reaches out to point at the drawing of the pommel, and the diamond-like adornment there. "What's that?"

Rising-Chaos considers the suggestion of glass. "No, I think I'd like an oval cut cloud sapphire, it would work perfectly." She watches as Winter gets to work. Looking over the pommel herself. "That was a bit of a flight of fancy, Perhaps just a glass diamond, stained black? Glass is all I need though, it will be decorative only. If it adds any more to the cost I will gladly pay." She winces, this is alreayd something she can barely afford.

Winter-Solstice draws back, studying the drawing for a few moments. "Yeah… Iron Stock will have to do some of the finer detail work. She's better with the fiddly ornamentation than I am." She flashes a grin up at Rising. "Can do, though. Reinforced glass? Can do. Oh, and if there are any, like… crazy… magical sort of spell requirements for any of these, let me know, okay? I know how a lot of spells are like 'this spell requires a lump of copper that has been licked by a homesick basilisk' or somethin' like that." She takes a few more notes on her pad of paper, still eyeballing Rising's drawings.

Rising-Chaos chuckles. "Nothing so fancy, These are almost entirely for decoration. Plain stuff should do, I may love magic but it doesn't mean it should be in everything I do." She watches Winter at work with fascination. "In fact, it may be for the best that this sword only uses regular materials."

"Yeah?" asks Winter. Her work isn't much- just some notes being jotted down on paper. She sure uses a lot of exclamation points. Her lettering is large, but neat enough and easy to read. All she's writing down are notes on the plans as discussed, though. "Why's that? Got something else going on?" She pauses, pencil tip unmoving on the paper, and then glances up, suddenly rather thoughtful. "Some sort of experiment stuff?"

Rising-Chaos raises an eyebrow and stays silent for several moments, just watching Winter. She contemplates just how much she should tell the mare, and how much the blacksmith's trust is worth. "Indeed, magic is great, but if you get to much, and cannot control it." she grimaces. "It can only be disastrous." She watches Winter intently while she speaks, gauging the reaction. "I can't have anything interfereing with my experiment. "

Winter-Solstice's pencil swirls in the air, drawing an invisible circle as Winter idly tongues the end of it. It drops back down when she resumes speaking. "Is this that experiment you needed alchemical reagents for?" she asks, in a sober and direct fashion. "I'm sorry Fizz was giving you such guff about it. She's the worried sort. I think she's seen a bit too much disaster of her own. She means well, really she does!"

Rising-Chaos chuckles. "It's fine, really. If I was her I probably wouldn't trust me either. I think I should have a talk with her though, explain the situation." She moves away from the counter, and starts to rummage through her saddlebags. "It is, in fact the experiment I needed the reagents for, and it is the culmination of my work here. I am unwilling to share it's exact details with anypony I do not trust absolutely."

Winter-Solstice watches Rising, her demeanor still atypically sober. She isn't very good at hiding anything- it's clear from the focus in her gaze that she's considering things very closely. After several moments the big mare shrugs and looks back down to her paper with a smile. "Oh, well. I'm sure you have what's best in mind. You seem like a nice enough pony." She doodles a few more lines. "Any particular preferences on the grip? Metal? Hewn wood? Fabric or leatherette binding?"

Rising-Chaos pulls out an enveloppe from her bag, then hides it under her cloak. "Indeed, what's best," her voice falters for a moment as she seems to get lost in thought. She seems distracted as she answers the question. "I think wood would look nicest, myself."

Winter-Solstice bobs her head. "Me too. Sort of an advantage of magic that way, you can put in some nice stained wood." Winter didn't notice the envelope, it seems, or Rising's pensive tone. She smiles up at the unicorn. "What kind of wood? Do you know? Or do you just know a color you'd prefer? I think something in hickory might looks nice. It'd be sturdy, too."

Rising-Chaos nods. "Hickory sounds good, or mahogany if you can find it, I've always liked mahogany." She continues slowly, no longer so much pensive as thoughtful. "If you do use mahogany perhaps you could make the hilt of brass, to compliment the colour."

Winter-Solstice purses her lips. "Ooooh, good call," she says, nodding, jotting MAHOGANY in big letters on her notepad. She looks down at it and 'hmmms' under her breath. "Okay, I think that's about enough for us to get started. We'll have to hold onto the drawing, though, if that's okay, so we can follow your design. I'm pretty sure we can get something pretty close to it with only a few minor adjustments for the sake of structural integrity." She sets the pencil down and grins. "Oh, and one more thing! One more question. But you can't tell me the answer yet because you have to wait until it's finished. You gotta have an answer, though, so you can't skimp out on it."

Rising-Chaos nods and smiles as the work wraps up, excited about her new weapon. At the mention of a question she tilts her head curiously. "Oh? Do go ahead and ask then, what can I help you with?"

Winter-Solstice braces her hooves on the counter and leans forward with a grin. "It has to have a name. It's a custom built, super cool lookin' sword, so it has to have a name. S'tradition. And it gets christened when it's completed." She settles back and waggles her rump, holding up one hoof. "But don't tell me! Not yet. That jinxes it." Winter leans forward once more. "And if you don't come up with a name, I get to choose it. Really, the smith usually gets to anyway, at least back in the Bardington tradition, but since you're my friend I'm gonna let you have the honors."

Rising-Chaos laughs, relieved to answer such an innocent question. "Of course, how could I forget?" She smiles, glad they could end on a happy note. "I'll think on it, come up with something very cool, very slick. You go ahead and keep the design, and thank you. I'll take my leave now, have a great night." She slips the letter back into her saddlebags and walks towards the door. Chais is looking noticeably relived, a small bounce in her step.

Winter-Solstice waves after Rising. "Come back in one week!" she calls out. "We'll have it ready by then! Have a good night, Rising! Remember: -cool name!-" Smiling to herself, she starts gathering up her radical drawings and Rising's own not-quite-as-radical-but-just-as-good design and turns to make her way back onto the shop floor proper.

The plans are made, and construction begins! Rising returns in another week's time to collect her prize...