Swordcraft, Part 1
IC date: Fall 71, 2012
OOC date: November 29, 2012
PCs: Rising-Chaos, Winter-Solstice
NPCs: Iron Stock
GM: None

Iron Stock's Sturdy Seaworthy Sinkproof Shipworks is easy enough to find, since it even has a sign out front identifying it! And it is a reasonable enough expectation that someone looking for Winter Solstice can find it there, since that is not only where she works, but where she lives! Her commute is super easy, it's great. The shop is situated near the docks- fitting, seeing as a major source of its work are ship repairs- and has a large, square shape, with several smaller structures adjoining it. Even this far into the evening, the windows are lit, a low thrum of activity sounding from inside, along with the ocasional clink or clank of metal on metal as someone works on something within its confines.

Rising-Chaos is glad that it's easy to find the place, as it's exactly what she's looking for. She walks through the door to the shop, looking around. An instant change comes over her, her eyes light up and her step becomes bouncier, happier. She walks through the Shipworks until she comes to a counter, which she stands in front of, waiting to be helped.

The front office is really just a small section of the main workshop floor sectioned off with counters, making something of a secure 'pen' from which one can watch business in the shop. It's fairly large, perhaps a hundred feet square. The right side is dominated by the forge- a two-story tall oven whose entrance opens wide like the maw of a yawning beast, kept ever-glowing by the magic of Iron Stock, the shop's proprietor. Suspended from the ceiling is a forest of chains and pulleys and tracks, from which depend all manner of large, cast objects. Sheets of metal, mainly, though the occasional anchor or other bit of ship architecture can be seen.

Winter Solstice can be seen readily enough, somewhere in the darker recesses of the left side of the shop, toying with something at a worktable. She doesn't seem to have noticed Rising enter, evidently thoroughly focused on whatever she's working with on the table before her.

Iron Stock is there to greet Rising, however. She's a shorter than average unicorn, a young adult, with a dusky grey coat and an ashen grey mane that hangs in her eyes. The only color about her is her cutie mark, which depicts a length of iron heated to a glowing red at one end. She looks up from a spread of blueprints on the far side of the counter, eyes flickering behind her bangs. "Oh, hi," she says, in a tone that is polite but detached. "You're in rather late. Welcome to Iron Stock's Sturdy Seaworthy Sinkproof Shipworks, home of the Stainless Seamless Studded Guarantee."

In the background, Winter lifts a hoof and BANGs something on the table, then leans in to inspect her handiwork with a grin. She's still clueless.

Rising-Chaos jumps at Iron Stock's greeting. "oh, hello! I was wondering if I could talk to Winter please?" Her eyes travel around the shop, taking in all the equipment. "This place is really rather amazing, isn't it?" She doesn't notice the detatched air in Iron's voice, because she's barely paying attention herself.

Iron Stock looks rather pleased at that, glancing back at the shop. "Yeah? Thanks." She still has that dry tone, but a bit of awkward pride shows through as well. "Yeah, you look adventurous enough that I figured you were one of Winter's friends and not someone looking to get their ship repaired. WINTER!"

The big white mare on the opposite end of the shop looks up, leaning to the side to get a good look of the counter from her work space. She brightens up at the sight of Rising and clatters to her hooves, bumping the table before her and leaving it rocking back and forth as she romps over. In moments she's throwing her hooves up on the counter and leaning across to give Rising a broad grin. "Hiya, Rise! Hi! How's it going? Welcome to Iron Stock's Shippy Sinky Something!"

Beside her, Iron Stock, who has gone back to leafing through her blueprints with a bored expression, speaks up in a lazy mumble. "Sturdy Seaworthy Sinkproof Shipworks."

Winter nods rapidly. "Yeah, that. What's up?"

Despite being distracted by looking aroudn the shop, Rising Chaos' focus is drawn to the approaching Winter Solstice. It would be difficult to be distracted enough to miss the mare, in truth. She grins back to Winter over the counter. "Hey Winter, this is where you work? I've never seen it, it's super cool." Her voice is sincere, she seems enthralled by the place. She starts to rummage through her saddlebag. "I was wondering if I could pay you to make something for me?"

Winter-Solstice is already smiling, but her smile soon spreads into a grin. Rising seems to be in a good mood, and little gets Winter into a better mood than other people being in a good mood! She leans forward against the counter, propping her elbows up on it and resting her head atop her hooves. "Yeah! We are all about makin' stuff for money here! As long as it's metal. What do you have in mind? Want a nice copper hat? We can do that. Do you need a- oh! Oh, I know!" Winter drops her hooves to the counter and taps them in rapid sequence, so excited is she. "A big cauldron, like for a witch! We can DO that! Boss, we can do cauldrons, right?"

Iron Stock doesn't look up from her blueprints and speaks in the dry monotone of someone whose responses have long since been weathered, by Winter's endless chatter, into pure reflex. "We can do caldrons."

Winter nods again. "Cauldrons! Or maybe you want a giant metal spoon for your cauldron. Boss! Can we do giant metal spoons?"

"We can do giant metal spoons."

"Or MAYBE you need a…" It is likely Winter will keep on talking unless she is interrupted.

Rising-Chaos holds up a hoof to stop Winter. She smiles at the mare's good humour, something about her is infectious. "Actually, I have something a little bit less domestic in mind." She smiles, and brings out her machete from the bag, in it's sheath. "I'd like a sword, to compliment this one. Can you do swords?" Her tone is hopeful, and nervous, not sure what the reaction to her taking out a sword in here would be.

Winter's reaction is one of surprise and delight. "Oooh!" she says, tapping her hooves on the counter once more and then reaching out. "Lemme see! We can do swords. We don't… that's not something we do a lot of these days but it can be done."

Iron Stock has since looked up from her blueprints to observe, then glances over to Rising. "Is this for ceremonial, decorative of practical use?" she asks.

Rising-Chaos relaxes when armed guards fail to appear. She slides the sheathed machete over to Winter. It's a fine blade, well crafted if plain and well suited to chopping, but lacks a fine point. "Decorative, if I have my way I'll never need to use it practically."Her smile dips for a moment into a more contemplative look. "Though I can count on it being made well enough to eb used for it's practical purpose should the need arise." She gets all giddy again at the prospect of her new toy. She pulls the machete out of it's sheath, showing it off. "I'd like it to be a lot thinner, more delicate. This thing is so dreadfully big and ugly."

Both Winter and Iron Stock lean in to inspect the weapon. Winter continues to look delighted, Iron Stock more studious. "Something sturdy enough to be used for actual combat," says the unicorn. "Alright. Not too long, then."

Winter nods rapdily, and turns her head, inspecting the blade from another angle. "Not a lot of ornamentation on this one. That'll cut down on the cost considerably, but man, it'd look sweet with some, like, some magic runes down the side, and a handle that looks like a femur, and- oh! OH!" Her voice drops an octave. "Black diamondsssssss."

Her boss eyes her for a moment before looking back to Rising. "Normally for weapons of war we'd be obligated to notify the authorities just to keep them apprised of custom weapon orders, but the authorities in this town haven't really cared about that since…" Briefly she glances towards the door. "Well, they haven't ever."

Winter nods rapidly. "Yeah, pirates don't care about that kind of stuff at all. What do you want it made out of? Steel works and stuff but we can do it up in silver or… or cold-forged iron if you want to go hunting fairies. Boss says a particularly eccentric pirate once wanted an axe made of molten wood. Took some figuring out to magic it up and the thing couldn't really hold an edge but it smelled like pine!"

Rising-Chaos nods along with Winter, just as excited about it. She couldn't care less if the authorities knew. "I'd like some ornamentation on it, thought nothing excessive." She points to the hilt. "As for materials, I'd like the hilt to be done up fancy, as for the blade, simple steel should do, maybe some inscriptions if you have the materials." She starts to look around the shop again. "You must have just about everything at your disposal here." An idea occurs to her, getting her all excited again. "Ooh, ooh, can you put a crystal in partway along the blade, so it's like the heart of the sword?"

Winter-Solstice nods rapidly! "We can totally do ALL of that! Although anything that breaks up the structure of the blade will sort of weaken it. Structurally, that is. I mean it won't be by much but there's nothing sturdier than a simle straight length of uninterrupted folded steel. What kind of inscriptions? Got a pattern in mind?"

"They'll be strictly ornamental," cautions Iron Stock. "If you need a particular enchantment, you'll have to go somewhere else for that. We can only work the metal itself."

Winter "psh"s under her breath. "It will be enchanted with AWESOME, that's all that matters."

Iron Stock shrugs and watches Rising from behind her curtain of bangs. "Same thing with the crystal. We have most common stones available and can source more exotic ones easily enough, but they will decorative only." There's another glimmer of her eyes, briefly visible as they glance at Rising's horn. "Of course, if you're bringing your own magic, that won't be an issue."

Rising-Chaos nods sagely, enchantments being in her area of expertise. "Of course, I wouldn't expect you to enchant it here. And if it's designed as more of a stabbing blade, the structural damage should be minimal." she agrees with Winter though, the most important enchantment is the awesomeness it brings to the look. "As for what kind of gem, sapphire, no question. The inscriptions I will provide later." She brings out a rather large purse, setting it on the coutner. "Now, about the price."

Both ponies behind the counter look at the bag of money. "Oooooh," says Winter, reaching out towards it.

Iron Stock reaches up and slaps Winter on the back of the hooves; the big mare whimpers and withdraws. Iron Stock then smiles at Rising. "This is all pending a final design, of course, but a blade this size, with these materials and level of decoration, custom-ordered, will run approximately 135 stalleons." She glances at Winter, who looks about ready to object. "BUT, since this is clearly a job for a friend of the business, we can take that down to about 115."

Winter stares at her boss for a moment, then smiles at Rising. "Yeah, that's about right!"

Rising-Chaos nods, this was cheaper than she was expecting to get away with. She quickly counts out 125 stalleons, which puts a considerable dent in her purse. "There you go, and a tip for the wonderful service." Being a little charming never hurt, after all. She quietens down a bit, becoming more thoughtful as she puts her purse away. "Very fair price, very fair." She looks around, obviously wnating to ask something.

Iron Stock arches her eyebrows behind her bangs. "Well, we don't have the blade for you yet," she says. "We'll take the money now if you'd like, but you may want to wait until the final design can be worked out. That will take a few days yet, and then we'll start work."

Winter, grinning, nods quickly. "Yeah. Boss lets me do the designs for the really fancy blades, like this one. Actually, this is only the second ever! Most people only want boat stuff! What is with that, anyway? Swords are SOOOO much cooler. Hey, what do you want another one for, anyway? What's wrong with the machete?"

Rising-Chaos smiles charmingly to Iron Stock, continuing to offer the money. "Call it a vote of confidence, with Winter here on the design, it can be nothing short of spectacular." She turns her smile to the forementioned mare. "The machete is a boring old thing. It's good for chopping things like vines or zombies or herbs, but it's so unrefined. this new sword would be something graceful, somehting I can wear on my side with a nice cape." She lowers her voice a bit. "I'd make it myself, but I've never learned how to forge things, I would love to some day." she's abot as subtle as a brick with her unasked question.

With a shrug and a smile, Iron Stock sweeps the coins off the counter and to somewhere unseen. "Very well. Cash up front is hard to argue with." She starts gathering up her plans. "Unless there's anything else, I'll leave you two to talk." She bows out and slips off with the rolled-up plans in her mouth towards a side door leading off of the main shop.

Winter grins at her, then at Rising, and leans forward a bit. "It IS neato, isn't it? My parents ran a smithy so I've always been around it. I never get tired of it. What sort of stuff are you curious about, huh? Swords? I love swords. And armor. And hats. You don't wanna cast ship parts, do you? That's cool and all but it's not AS cool."

Rising Chaos' eyes widen. "Oh, everything! Blacksmithing is so cool, the refinement of the metal, the creating something from nothing, the heat, the power." She blushes, calming down a bit. "I would love to make anything, really, though armour has always caught my eye." Chaos regains a bit of her composure, looking less like a silly filly. "Could you teach me a bit about it, if you have the time?"

Winter-Solstice's grin spreads. "I LOVE armor. It's probably… you probably don't really need a lot of it these days, especially if you've got magic, too, but it still looks totally killer. And it's a hit at parties and formal occasions. Sometime I'll show you all the cool stuff I've made! Well, started making. I actually haven't finished a lot of stuff. But i have a lot of half-finished stuff!" She scoots back from the counter a bit. "Anyway, you wanna learn how? We could do that! I think. You'd, uh, you'd probably have to help pay for materials and stuff a bit but apprenticeship is pretty easy and I could totally show you the ropes when I'm not on the clock. Of course, if you're looking to, like, like, make this like a career choice thing, you could probably do that. Or is this more of a curiousity sort of thing?"

Rising-Chaos would lvoe to see all the half finished stuff Winter has lying around. And shows it with nods and smiles. "I would love to learn how! I'd be willing to pay for everything I use, of course." She smiles at the thoguht of making it her profesion, she wouldn't leave her research for anything. "No, strictly a hobby, I love my books too much to leave them."

Winter-Solstice grins cheerfully. "Okay! Yeah, I always figured you had something exciting going on already. That and not many unicorns go into the business. Iron Stock usually just designs the equipment and helps with the forge and some of the trickier castings, I get stuck with all the grunt work." She sits up and flexes both forelegs a bit. "Not that I mind!" Dropping back to all fours, and prancing in place, she looks positively cheery. "Man! This is gonna be fun! I can't wait to show you some sword ideas, though. You should come back around monday or so, I think I'll have some ready then…" There's a brief, guilty look on her face. "Though, uh, right now I have something else I sort of need to get done before tomorrow. You don't mind if I go back to working on that, do you?"

Rising-Chaos is beaming ear to ear at the news that she's going to fufill a long time dream of hers. "I'm so excited, see you monday!" She prances about in a circle. "Please, go back to work, I'll see myself out. Thank you so much!"

Winter-Solstice waggles and nods. "Okay! See you later, then!" She then turns and romps back across the shop towards her earlier setup, hacked-off tail switching back and forth like an excited puppy's wagging.

Rising returns in one week to further refine plans for the sword.