Swimming Lesson
IC date: DATE
OOC date: 3/22
Location: The Beach
PCs: Daisychain Gravity

It's a calm afternoon in the harbor. With the snow gone from the town, the beach looks a bit more friendly and the water has certainly begun to warm up to more bearable temperatures. The sea winds are light today and the tide is stable. Daisychain circles down slowly from the sky and lands on the beach with a bit of a prance in her step. She looks out to the lightly moving water before peering up into the sky with a smile across her face.

Gravity flits down from the clouds, doing a dive bomb run more or less, looking like gryphon death from above, all talons and claws out and screaming down, till a last minute course correction flares his broad wings and air-brakes him in pretty much an instant!
Daisychain rears back and trots up merrily to the gryphon as he makes his theatrical landing. Her normal ponytails are currently out, leaving her long thick mane to flow freely. She gives him a bit of a nuzzle and giggles, "Showoff!" Her wings ruffle a bit and she looks out to the water, "Just wait! You're going to have fun!"

Gravity heh heh's some as he retucks his wings all neat like and well preened, his beak clicks some as he gazes out over the water with a bit of an apprehensive glance, "I don't know about this Daisy" he kinda hems and haws over this idea of 'swimming' "I know ponies tend to do a better job of this" he comments, sounding actually a teensy bit scared actually.

Daisychain hardly seems discouraged by the gryphon's doubts, leaning in to nuzzle into his neck again. "I know yer afraid of gettin' in the water an' all…but think of it this way. How're ya ever gonna stop bein' afraid of it if ya don't learn ta deal with it?" She smiles and looks out to the water once more, " 'Sides…we won't be goin' anywhere deep."

Gravity settles some by the affectionate nuzzles, and he is relaxed by that "yeah, I, err, I know, its stupid really" he hrumphs some and starts to walk into the surf till he's about belly deep in it. He's focused on it pretty much, and he stops right there awaiting further direction, "Ok and there we go" he offers

Daisychain giggles with delight as she follows along. She's a bit more adventurous in the water and goes a few meters further out, the water up to her shoulders, "A little bit further now. There's no way I can teach ya how ta swim when ya ain't actually in the water!"

Gravity Follows the shorter statured pony into the water, his wings are TUCKED tight tight, he's edging a little further, a little further till he's out with her where she's at more or less. His mannerisms give you the impression that he is distinctly awkward with this whole concept. "Water has always been for drowning in, not for indulging in" he mentions, "but with being employed as crew, I think its best to learn"

Daisychain smiles wider, seeing the gryphon come further out into the water. "See, it's not just for drowning in. Water ain't death. Actually, it's the opposite. Water…well, water is life. We need to drink it, or we die. Without it, no crops are gonna grow, an' without food we ain't gonna live too long, either. And, it carries ships an' all that. Sure, water can be deadly…but it don't have ta be!" Her wings open up into the water, "'Sides, you've been free water paddles."

Gravity goes wide eyed as she actually opens her wings in the water, no his just tuck all the more, "Wet feathers SUCK though, and I've got WAY more feathers than you do Daisy" he practically squeaks as he stares at her looking a little surprised, but he's still wading, well tip talloning it could be, on those very tippy claws

Daisychain nods, "Yeah, yer half covered in 'em…an' it ain't easy if not nearly impossible ta fly with wet wings, but when it comes ta water, I'd be more worried about not sinkin' than I'd be about being able ta fly." Her wings tilt forward and push back behind her like oars. The water ripples and toils from the movement, "See, we got an advantage over unicorns an' earth ponies. Not only can we fly, but when we gotta, we can swim faster than they ever could."

Gravity watches her with wide eyes, 'wings and water=cringe' is definitely something playing in his mind, but, wade tippy talons out just that much further, look worried, then *slorsh* he pulls his wings out roughly, off-balancing himself and he dunks a moment, jumps back up sputtering, tip clawing/talloning, and squawking some as he comes back up. The gryphie is actually panicking right there, even though he can practically stand in that depth!

Daisychain uses her wings to propel forward towards the gryphon and uses her front legs to hook under his wings and hold him up. She smiles, "See…yer panicin' an' that's makin' it bad. If ya don't freak out, you'll find it a bit easier. Just put yer wings out like yer glidin' an' it'll help keep ya upright. When the water's too deep ta stand in, kick yer legs slowly like yer runnin' an' it'll keep ya on the surface."

Gravity is supported and stabilized he gets his breath looking waaaay embarrassed. He settles down and follows her instructions pulling his wings into the glide configuration, and using his hind-paws he slowly kicks and, Oh wow, he actually moves forward a little, his foretallons to kinda look acquired as he balances and kinda clutches. Talons are quite aerodynamic and thus hydro-dynamic too so they are relatively ineffective at anything more than helpless struggles.

Daisychain lets out a little bit of a thrilled squeal and gives the gryphon a big hug with a peck on the cheek as he starts to get things working right, "See! Yer startin' ta get it! If ya kick lighter and a little more downward, instead of movin' you should jus' float without havin' ta stand on anythin'. Yer wing'll be doin' a little more work than mine on account of me bein' able ta use my front legs more, but you'll notice if ya push straigh down with yer wings, it'll help keep ya upright." She demonstrates, lightly flapping down with her wings. Instead of going forward, it lifts her a bit further out of the water.

Gravity does the suggested motions with the wings and kinda lifts some then dunks again, flutter-sputtering again some as he plunges under a moment touches bottom and comes back up to flatten out somewhat and stop thrashing. /ok, ok, he's getting this kinda/ "Immmok!" he squeaks some rather timidly at that, but he's working on it!

Daisychain giggles, "If ya just lift yer wings right back up, it'll pull ya back under. What ya gotta do is when ya lift 'em up. turn' em back so the water flows past 'em." She demonstrates with a wing tilted out of the water to show the motion. When she puts it back down, she leans forward and gives the gryphon a peck on the beak, "Yer doin' jus' fine. Thank you…fer lettin' me do this."

Gravity still looks a bit timid, "this is just like learning to fly all over again" she shakes his head, "Only that this time the stuff you're flying in is fighting your every move" he grumbles a little and nuzzles into your mane briefly, so as to /not/ destabilize himself like this, he leans his beak into the water similar to that of the bow of a ship and follows your instructions, lifting and twisting with that angle, and then with a heavy splash and a little squeak *burbble* as he squeaks while his beak is in the water, the gryphon powerfully jumps forward through the water using all that considerable wing-strength!

Daisychain lets out a playful shriek as she's splashed by the water from the gryphon's sudden burst forward, wrapping a wing quickly in front of her face to shield it. "It's a lot like flyin, yeah…most important thing is keepin' yerself afloat unless yer divin' under. That…that'll be another lesson fer another day. Once ya get used ta floatin', then it gets easier ta move around."

Gravity achieves that dolphin effectual 'bow wave' from the shape of his beak cutting through the water, ok, ok, he's getting it slowly, but the gryphon is cheating and you can see it occasionally as he dips down and pushes off from the bottom when-ever he looses his balance or his efficiency. He just laughs as he gets used to it a little more, kinda really though, he is still having a bit more splashing than is right for actual swimming, but he looks to be enjoying himself or something.

Daisychain smirks, watching him get used to being in the water. It doesn't even matter so much that he's still kicking off the ground a bit; it's a major improvement especially from the first time she ever saw him in water. The smirk grows and in a flash, she disappears under the surface of the water.

Gravity runpaddlesflies slowly one way and then another turning about, then he pauses slowing in his forward efforts, head jerking up, "Daisy?" he gulps hard, "Daisy?" head does that odd owl like thing swiveling about almost allll the way around, panic, he's starting to panic, Where is she?!

A yellow flash darts through the water, circling around Gravity once or twice. It approaches him from the front and once it's about a meter or so away, stops. Daisy pops up out of the water, sending a spray of water and mist around. The sunlight catches off of it, creating a crystal-like glow. Her mane is now completely soaked through, along with the rest of her. Fortunately, her goggles work well underwater and her eyes are still dry. She lets out a giggle and smirks. "Boo."

Gravity lets out a startled squeaksquaak sound, then coughs a few times sputtering up water and quacks like a duck with a snort and grumble, and a sound like he pray's she didn't hear /that/ from him how embarrassing could this get!, "No fair" he pouts some, "you're like a pro in the skies and in the water" he compliments before giving her a peck on the cheek

Daisychain 's eyes go wide when he starts sputtering, and even wider when he…quacks? Giggling ensues as she floats in the water. She nuzzles him after the peck, "Well…One of the things they made sure ta teach us when we was in AVS was how ta swim, because we /know/ how hard it is ta fly when ya get wet. I was sorta…drawn ta it, I guess. I always liked the water, so when I learned how ta swim, I did it right."

Gravity didn't quack, no he didn't, not him, she couldn't possibly have startled him that much, oh no, uh uh nooooooo way. "Not funny" he mumbles and nods some, "water training and air training, neat mix, they'd have failed me in a heartbeat for that one. "You're a flying fish" he snerks some and has his chance to laugh now.

Daisychain phhts and nuzzles the gryphon, "You'd of had fun in the classes. Sure…they ain't no walk in the park an' wear ya out from time ta time, but the things ya learn are incredible…like…well…swimmin'!" She almost snorts at the fish comment, "I dunno 'bout that…"

Gravity snuggles a little with Daisy and kinda huffs, talking about being worn out, this sort of 'water flying' is so new for him he's actually a bit tired looking, or sore or something. He is however doing a fine job at treading water keeping afloat before you as he nuzzles. "One of our guilds was all about flying, like the Bolts of the pony side, but this elite gryphon air-wing" he comments, "ya probably slid through their ranks during some training or other" he notes, "they were good, me, meh, not so much, but I did have a skill for going higher than most of my fellow students for any flight classes, and also at such height I can knock down speed records, not that rainboom thing, thats just out there, and kinda odd, we gryphons got something like it too, since we are the sleeker fliers"

Daisychain puts a hoof to her chin as she thinks, her wings helping to keep her afloat as if she doesn't even have to think about it, "I don't even think anypony…or gryphon…can actually /do/ a sonic rainboom…I think it don't matter how fast or hard ya fly, even if ya do everythin' else right, Rainbow Dash is the only pony able ta do it. It's just…her thang." She shakes her head a bit, water from her soaked mane flying around a bit, "You look like yer just about done fer the day. Swimmin's hard work." Her legs start to paddle, wings giving a gentle assist, "Might wanna get out now an' start lettin' our wings dry"

Gravity hmm's, "I'd try it" he notes, "I can get pretty darn fast" he comments as he kinda pants taking the hint, "Yeah I'm beat, this flying in water thing is alot tougher than I thought" he murmurs looking a little hurt almost, "ya had alot more flight training than I ever had" he murmurs some, "all I have is building experience, maintenance and upkeep, and hardware skills. you've got your flying, I've got my construction skills. Everyone's got something" he notes as he actually starts wading ashore now, his shoulders are pronounced now, head low as he steps from the water dripping, "Ach, sso heavy!"

Daisychain hrms herself, giving a slight nod, "Same here. I don't know how fast I can really go but…well…ain't none of the students in my class could catch me." She paddles the rest of the way to shore and holds her wings out to drip-dry. She flaps them a few times, rearing back as water starts spraying everywhere. It seems somewhat effective, her wings showing a bit of feathery fluffiness. She gives a nuzzle to the gryphon after walking up to him, "Well, If there's anythin' I can help ya with when it comes ta flyin'…don't be afraid ta ask…"

Gravity drips, then performs a very cute little dance, and practically explodes, or it looks like that as he feather POOFS intently. you see a beak, barely can make out his eyes and oh my he looks CUTE!. grumblegrumblegrumble, drip drip drip. Gryphon is not looking happy about being this soaked.

Daisychain lets out a squeal of delight at the fluffyburd, giggles as she prances a few times around him. She snorts as she tries to hold back laughter, "I…aha…I think I know the real reason you ain't too keen on swimmin'…" The laughter breaks free though and she winds up on the ground.

Gravity stomps a tallon and grumbles, "notfunny" then idea' he pounces on daisychain in a very predatory leap (yes he can look downright feral too) well execpt for him still looking like a puffburdy, he pushes her down in the sand getting her outright coated in it!, then wraps her up in wings and pecks all cutelike at her in burdsmooches

Daisychain squeeeeeaaaaaals as she's pounced, screaming and giggling like a foal until she's almost run herself out of breath from the laughter. Her wings and legs flail lightly all over the place. She wraps her wings around him as he does the same, letting out more squeals as he pecks at her.

Gravity wins by size and feather intensity, he uses alllll his feathers to his advantage for a featherduster attack tickle torture! His attack is very effective!

Daisychain's flailing slows down and lightens up even more as she tries to catch her breath. The tickling doesn't help any more and she continues to giggle at high volume.

Gravity ends up going from tickling to preening her wings with much skill and obvious dedication going for the flyer. He lets her catch her breath as he just starts working on her wings, to keep em fresh and fit for duty. "Love you sweet" he murmurs softly as his own feathers are starting to dry. helps that he keeps poofing up and poofing out so that he can regain his control over his feathers!.

Daisychain almost lets out a chirp sound, pulling her wing away from the gryphon at first…having somepony…or somegryphon…else preen her feathers isn't exactly something she's quite used to. But, this isn't just anypony or any gryphon. She reaches her wing back out and lets him continue. In fact, she angles herself so she can start working on /his/ wings with a "Love you too" somewhere in the middle of it.

Gravity is in an odd position and any ponies walking along the beach would surely pause, look and walk away or something, likely with the sentiment of 'get a room' or something…
Gravity merely works expertly with the mare's wings, effectively giving her wings a tune-up, and nuzzles here and there as he works expertly.

Daisychain appears to certainly know what she's doing as well with feathers, as preening was most likely something touched on in AFS. Using teeth instead of a beak certainly has a different affect on the feathers. The gryphon's feathers start to lay more like hers while hers are being set like his.

Gravity is also dusting off some of the sand as he works over her feathers expertly, being born all burdlike n everything certainly has some advantagges for bird cleanliness and agility, perhaps she even gains some agility from this lay and positioning of feathers after this preening session even!

Daisychain layers the gryphon's wings a bit differently than they had been. They should be able to trap a little more air enabling him to accelerate quicker than before, though it's hard to say what other advantages or disadvantages it might have. She also seems to be helping pull the water out of the deeper feathers so they can dry off faster.

Gravity is quite contented by the preening, its a relaxing thing for the burd, but eventually he helps you up so that we may get towards home