Swarm Of The Seapony
IC date: Summer 27
OOC date: July 17, 2013
Location: Main Street
PCs: Magpie Hawthorn Tale-Chaser Jellybean Typhoon-Wave Cricket Ruby-Blossom
NPCs: Eddy, Shooting Star, ALL THE PEGASI EVER

Hawthorn is sitting on a bench near the edge of the main street. There's a rather large-ish bag sitting on the bench next to him, apparently filled with school books, but he's not paying the least bit of attention to that. Rather, he's sitting there, staring blankly off into space with his horn aglow. He's creating a rather decent illusion of a mountain all around him, spreading out a good yard in any given direction. His plush puma is perched on the bench back, which has become part of the mountain side. It's a rather good effect, though slightly ruined by the fact that he hasn't quite matched the bench with the mountain perfectly, so the puma's tail is apparently embedded in solid rock.

The poor unicorn looks pale, his eyes are bloodshot, and he's sweating a little bit. His horn is making a soft but moderately alarming crackling noise and sparking a bit.

"Oh, wow."
That's Magpie's analysis. It's a usefully vague one, because it covers both the magical scene, and the pony creating it.
"Are you okay?" she asks as she trots away from Tale Chaser to come see Hawthorn, ducking her head to avoid passing through a mountainside.

Tale-Chaser follows after Magpie once she sees where she's headed, but stops on the other side of the mountain. His hooves can be seen down below, waiting patiently as one might at a doorway. It seems as though it would be rude to walk in on someone's illusion like this.

"'M fine," Hawthorn lies, watching the mountain side. He winces suddenly, putting a hoof to his head as his horn suddenly sparks more vociferously. It goes out and, a split-second later, the mountainside vanishes. The little unicorn slumps over his books, blinking at Magpie and TC, as if just noticing them. He waves a tired little hoof. "Hi."

It would sound like Cricket is nearby, bouncing around more with her wings. Perhaps she's been working on trying to fly or sadly…maybe it's all she ever learned to do with them. Like she'd been launched from a catapult, the filly comes dropping down into a bit of a heavy landing near the gathering by Hawthorn's Illusion. She gives a nod and a smile to Tale Chaser, "Hi!"

The sudden vanishing of the illusion makes Tale Chaser jump. Because it's scary when things appear suddenly, but almost as scary when they disappear. And then Cricket appears suddenly, so TC jumps again. "Auk!" he auks, then takes a moment to fix his glasses. "H-heya, Cricket…" It's then he looks over towards Hawthorn, and is taken aback by the other colt's haggard appearance, looking down with a start.

Magpie winces back at the expression on the colt's face. "Gah!" She gives him a searching look, then suddenly lunges forward and wraps her hooves around to hug him tight…

Cricket blinks when Tale Chaser freaks out, but shrugs it off rather quickly. After all, Hawthorn looks like he could use some help. Her brow narrows when Magpie hugs him.

Hawthorn acks as he gets hugged tight. He blinks rapidly, then hugs Magpie tentatively back. He catches sight of TC and shuffles lightly, looking awkward. He releases Magpie pretty quickly. "Um. Hi," he repeats, looking at his friends curiously. "Um. What's up?" He rubs the back of his neck, still feeling kind of out of place.

Tale-Chaser remains decidedly looking elsewhere during the exchange. Like the other side of the street. He turns around and feigns interest in watching the windows over yonder. Them windows. Look at them windows, all… transparent and showing off their stuff.

"Oh, hey!", comes a voice from a small cloud drifting above. The hawkish head poking over the edge may have something to do with it. "Your cougar needed some petals to attract food. Because you had it planted, like a plant." The gryphon blinks. "Oh. Um. What's wrong?", she asks towards Hawthorn.

Magpie lets Hawthorn go but stays kinda right there next to him. "Hi, miz griffon," she says, waving a hoof a little. She reaches over to stroke the stuffed toy's back. "He's a panther, not a cougar."

The stuffed toy goes skweek. Hawthorn peers at it. "I thought he was a mountain lion?" he asks, tilting his head. "That's why the, y'know, mountain." He noses at his toy, then peeks up at Straylight, waving a hoof at her, too. "Hi, Straylight," he calls up. He looks around at his friend, then reaches over and gives Cricket a hug, too. He tilts his head at TC, wondering if the seapony should be hugged, too.

Cricket oofs as she's given the hug and if it weren't for the mud, there might be a slight hint of red on her cheeks. She tries to bounce up to the cloud, but it doesn't really seem to work out too well for her. Oh well.

Tale-Chaser seems to be doing okay without hugs. And he isn't really in hug range anyway. He turns to regard the plushie of indeterminate design for a moment. "Well, I've never seen one, but it looks to me like a puma," he says.

"If it has a butt like mine, only less pretty, more brown, and with a longer tail? That's a cougar, by whatever name", Straylight explains. "A 'panther' covers, like, three species. More if you count freaking magic forests." She leaps down, half-circling to land nearer Hawthorn.

Magpie points at Straylight. "See? It's a panther. You're all wrong." Nyeh. She pokes the toy to make it skweek.
squeaka squeaka

Poke poke poke goes a hoof at the side of Straylight's butt, maybe that will incite a squeaka too? "It's not bad." Ruby muses aloud before peek out over Straylight's back at Magpie and company n.n

Hawthorn grabs his toy and holds it up, peering at it curiously. "Hurm." He blinks and waves at Straylight when she lands, then offers her the toy for verification. "So… um…" He looks around at the foals and gryphon, flicking his tail lightly. His ears start to fold down. He squeals and jumps, almost falling on Cricket. "Augh. I mean. Hi, Ruby."

The normal hustle and bustle of street business starts to pick up, as a myriad of voices start filtering their way over from down the street in advance of an approaching crowd. Harbor residents know tourists when they see them- lots of ogling, maybe some cheap piratey souvenirs or something, stopping to check out every window and shop. So these are tourists. But they're also pegasi, down to a member! A whole bunch. Most are walking, but some take to flying along as well.

In advance of the group, a blue colt with a lemon mane is powering ahead, pressing his face up against windows and touching everything he can. Chairs? They get pushed in if they're pulled out, and pulled out if they'r epushed in. All flowers are smelled. A blue hoof reaches into a rain barrel to SPLASHSPLASHSPLASH inside. No less than ten rocks are collected and ferried back to the group where six different pegasi are asked if they want to see them.

A tired-looking, blueberry-colored mare is following him around, typically ushering him back towards the group, but she seems to realize that total containment is an unattainable ideal.

Tale Chaser blinks behind his glasses. See, Ruby's sudden appearances DON'T scare him anymore because that's just her normal way of doing business. He'd be more worried if he saw her just approaching up the street. Like that big crowd of pegasi. From which he is gradually shrinking, pulling up against the side of the building outside of which Hawthorn's bench is situated.

*whapwhapswishswishwhap* goes Straylight's tail in the vague direction where the poking hoof comes from. She doesn't squeak, but she does let out a vague surprised 'meep' noise. "Oh, hey", she tells Ruby, then takes Hawthorn's toy and squeaks it in turn. "Well, yeah. A puma, a cougar, a mountain lion… unless it's an actual lion that lives in mountains, a catamount… I think there's a bunch of other names too. Same thing. Their habitat is really, really… uh…"
She trails off, looking at the approaching crowd of pegasi. "…oh wow."

Such a busy time it is for Jellybean. He's happy, of course: his family is in town and he hasn't seen any of them since he left for Horseshoe Harbor and, well, Jellybean is something of a homebody when you get down to it. But now they're here! All of them! At once! To help with the wedding! It's exciting! That's a word for it!
For the moment, at least, he seems to be on something of a leisurely stroll with a few of said family members and his fiance, althouh right now this also involves him being shown many rocks. "That's an interesting one," he says of one that has a big white spot on it for some reason.

Magpie doesn't have the heart to tell the kid that white spots on rocks are usually due to seagulls. She watches the bundle of energy run around though, silently appreciating that she doesn't have to deal with that. The dragon twins are wild, but not quite that bad. She ruffles Hawthorn's mane. "You look like you could use a nap," she mutters to him.

Such a soiree on non-foal feathered folk; ack tail! Ruby bats at the tail almost as if she were the mountain lion, and that batting also translate into a perfect if unintentional wave to the feathered entourage as it nears.

Hawthorn stares at the giant crowd of pegasi. "Wow." He tilts his head to the side, his ears perking up again, at least for a moment. "I've never seen that many pegasuses all together before," he says, then acks as he gets ruffled. "'M fine," he says, shaking his mane out to try and get it back to normal. Granted, normal is a horrid, tangled mess, but still. "I already slept, anyway." He shuffles his hooves. "What're you guys doin' out here?'

Typhoon-Wave, on the other hand, is looking a bit worn out herself. Maybe still slightly overwhelmed. /So many ponies/. Her family's small! She's not used to this! But at least she's doing her best to be a good tour guide, if something of a quiet one, letting Jellybean do most of the talking and occasionally piping up to add an extra detail or somesuch.

Also included in the pegasus group, half of Typhoon-Wave's family! Namely her big brother, Shooting Star, whom has taken to keeping himself on a shallow hover just over the rest of the group. Mostly this is out of courtesy to the pegasii choosing to walk, giving them all first dibs on the sightseeing tour. Once in a while he does land to stripe up conversation with his sis and soon-to-be brother in law.

Cricket hops over Hawthorn and lowers herself a bit, hiding behind the colt as the flock of Pegasi arrive. She leans to his ear in bewilderment, "Theres…so many of them…"

Straylight gives Ruby a smirk over her shoulder, then takes a step forward so she can settle her tail about Hawthorn's withers. A tail-hug, of sorts. She also provides a bigger cover to hide behind. More if she fans her wings out. "Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Is that a whole, um, family? Flock? Gaggle? Because some of those look related."

"I think both 'herd' an' 'flock' are acceptable when discussing gatherings of Pegasi," notes Tale Chaser, adjusting his glasses.

Hawthorn looks over his shoulder as Cricket attempts to hide behind him. He's not really all that big. He ohs at Straylight. "The collective noun for pegasi is 'a constellation.'" He nods.

Jellybean canters down the street. "So this is main street. There's a lot of nice places here, like the stall where I get my favorite salad in town and the Mane Event, which my friend Ruby owns. She's the mare who helps me with my mane when it needs a trim." He spots said mare and gives a wave. "Hi Ruby! Have you met my family? They're here to help with the wedding! Everypony, this is Ruby Blossom."

Three of the unique and interesting stones (because every stone is unique and interesting) are deposited in Jellybean's pockets. No pockets? On his back.

The colt bounces his way over to Ruby and starts rapidly circling around her, half-hovering with his wings, half running. "HELLO RUBY BLOSSOM my name is Eddy Jellybean is my uncle isn't he the best can you give me a haircut do you have any scissors want to see this cool rock I found did you know that chickens eat rocks sometimes and they go in their GULLET"

The blueberry mare eventually catches up and draws Eddy out of his rapid orbit of Ruby, smiling kindly to her as she does so. "Sorry about that- he's very excited to meet everypony here."

Straylight, still standing there, reaches into her bag. Out comes the camera. Click. Clickclickclick. Lots of pictures of Jellybean family. For some reason, this camera sports a little padlock. "You sure?", she murmurs to Hawthorn.

Magpie steps back, grabs Tale Chaser around the neck, and pulls him up to stand beside her and Ruby. She waves to the ponies, a few of which she's already met — Hi Eddy! Hi Drizzle! — and then to the group in general. "Did you guys ever manage to find any seaponies?"

Hawthorn nods at Straylight. "Uh huh. I have… uh… had a big book that just listed collective nouns for things. Did you know a bunch of lawyers is a suit? An' a buncha unicorns is a casting." He pokes the padlock curiously, then perks up, bedraggled looking as he is, as a pegacolt starts fluttering around. He sort of half-climbs onto Straylight to watch Eddy, waving a hoof.

Ruby offers the family, and in particular the little colt a friendly wave and smile. "Yes. Yes. I see it. Chickens are strange little fowl, foal." she nodnods quietly and grins warmly as the blueberry mare retrieves the foal. "Daw, I remember when Jellybean was that little." she gushes aloud. She points to Maggie and Tale-Chaser "This is my daw-ter Magpie and her coltfriend Tale-Chaser." Cause Maggie is cute.

(OOC) Ruby-Blossom takes box of shame to the shame corner.
(OOC) Magpie giggles
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(OOC) Magpie is just imagining Jelly's mom's expression. "What do you mean when Jelly was little? You're not from cloudsdale!"
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Cricket indeed uses the gryphon as a much larger hidey-spot. She stands on her back hooves to peek over and looks at Hawthorn, "What'r all of them pegasuses doing here?"

Typhoon-Wave blinks and blushes, giving a little wave. "Ruby! I w-was hoping to t-talk to you s-sometime…" she trails off, glances back at the flock of pegasi, up at her brother, and then back at Ruby and her group, laying her ears back. "Um, b-but maybe now's a bad time. Um, h-hi!"
"YES I see ponies" belts Eddy, in response to Magpie's question. The blueberry pegasus offers Ruby a friendly, if someone confused smile. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Ruby. I'm Misty, Jellybean's sister." She gestures to the group. "Most of us are here for a few weeks to help out with the wedding. I trust you'll be coming as well?"

Tale Chaser gulps as Magpie drags him close, wiggling at her side. He smiles weakly at the gathered crowd.

Magpie giggles quietly at Eddy. She nudges TC. "Put it on," she hisses.

Shooting-Star, as part of the pegasus group and in full 'tourist' mode, waves to the other friendly Harbor ponies! He lands nimbly next to Typhoon, wearing a silly foam pirate hat and eyepatch he got from that stand over -> there. Was it there a moment ago? Does it matter? "Bad time for what?" he asks, naturally interjecting himself into his sibling's business. It's what brothers do! "If you need to break away for a bit, I'm sure I can help your beau keep this gang under control."

Tale-Chaser winces a smile at Magpie. "B-but there's… there's so many of them," he whispers back. "And they all ha… have w-wings…"

Ruby means warmly at Typhoon. "Typhoon, we can totally sneak away from this lot for a little chat - part of being a good family is giving the bride to be a little space to get things right!" Honestly Ruby just made that up, she does that - but's still a good point! She grins broadly at Magpie and Tale-Chaser. "Be a good colt, Tale-Chaser - and we'll get you a treat later." Misty's introduction prompts a big, silly smile from Ruby "I can totally tell!" she visibly examines Jellybean then Misty before hmming "I still he wears it better." with a broad smile she skips over to Typhoon.

Magpie bumps Tale Chaser. "C'mon, show 'em. They'll love it, they've never seen a sea pony. Flick what yer momma gave ya. Give 'em a thrill, shake your fluke thang."

Hawthorn blinks at Magpie. "What."

Straylight eyes Hawthorn. "What does your book say a bunch of gryphons is called then?", she asks him, before earperking. "Oh! Jellybean is getting married? Who is the lucky pony?" Her tail flick-flicks as she listens to Magpie's words.

Jellybean blushes a little at being compared, but smiles. "Well, if you two want to talk that's okay with me. I can keep everypony entertained." He snaps out his wing again to pin his nephew with a hug. To Straylight he nudges his head in the direction of the lovely Typhoon Wave. "It's not for a few weeks yet: we're still finishing a lot of plans. So much to do!"

Hawthorn climbs fully up onto Stray's back, making himself comfy there. :D He ohs at Straylight, frowning as he remembers. "Uh… An abbey, I think." He leans over Stray's shoulder to retrieve his puma, or whatever it is.

Tale Chaser turns positively red as he is pressured by both Magpie and Ruby. And Magpie opts for the word choice that she does. "My f-fluke thang…?" he asks, fishing around in one of his bookbags. He pulls out his phylactery- a tarnished bronze coin on a fine chain- a moment later, hesitates, and then slips it on.
Then, with a little poof of pink light, drops to the ground with two less legs and more fishy tail to show for his trouble. "Ah… ta daaaaa- hey!"

Eddy is already beside him, power-poking Tale Chaser's tail. poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke

Cricket pulls her wings in tight and looks at them a little ackwardly. She doesn't seem to be too hapy with so many other winged ponies around.

Typhoon-Wave blinks and smiles faintly up at Shooting Star. "W-well… if you're sure. …Thanks." She looks over to Ruby. "It sh-should only take a m-minute. Just, um… if y-you don't mind."

Jellybean makes a little 'mmph' face at his sister. "I'll handle it." He trots up and tries to drag Eddy away. "Now Eddy, that's not very nice. You wouldn't want somepony poking you in the wings, would you?"

There goes the gryphon — carefully, as not to dislodge Hawthorn or uncover Cricket too fast. She moves in from the side, so she at least leaves some fishy tail for Eddy to poke. But the rest? Mua-ha-ha! It's all hers! And she hugs onto it!

Ruby firmly pats Typhoon's flank. "Daw, no need to be shy." she throws her hooves around the shy pegasi and HUUUUGs her before letting go so Typhoon can lead away from the hustle and bustle of the all the flying muscle.

Typhoon-Wave flushes crimson and gives a small squeak, fluttering her wings as she follows after Ruby. Boy, by the time this is all done she's sure to be darn used to big hugs! (Apparently Jelly's family are huggers.)

Eddy abandons Tale Chaser's tail to cling to Jellybean's leg. HUG "I was just curious it looks like a fish tail, SORRY" He starts climbing up onto Jellybean's back but gets distracted halfway up and starts running around his big cool uncle instead.

Tale Chaser relaxes once the pokestorm ends, then squawks with alarm as he finds himself hugged by Straylight instead. "D-don't eat me!!" he yelps. He waggles his front hooves a bit. It even makes a little waggly noise.

Misty arrives a moment later to scoop a squirming Eddy up and sigh heavily, and offer Jellybean a much-practiced smile of genial apology. Eddy flops over her hoof and wiggles for a moment, then stares across at Cricket. "You're all MUDDY I wanna go hop in the mud puddles too where are they at can you show me"

Hawthorn leans over Stray's shoulder, giving TC's tail a quick hug. "Oh. That is fun," he tells Magpie, letting go of the tail and resettling on Straylight's back. It's nice up here! "And I don't think she eats ponies. Just fish. And somepony said gryphons eat squirrels, too." He considers. "And I dun think seaponies are squirrelish at all."

Magpie gah! She waves her hooves at Hawthorn and Straylight. "Hey, hey hey hey! That's my job!"

Cricket's eyes peek out from underneath the gryphon. Not a peep.

Hawthorn pouts at Magpie. "No fair. You keep telling me how much fun it is. You should at least share a little.

Straylight wraps her arms about said tail tightly. She rubs a feathery cheek along it, nuzzles against a fluke. Maybe even takes it probingly in her beak. *nom*
"…I don't get it", she mutters. "I must not be getting the full impression here. Does somepony have a bucket of water? Or maybe the fountain? The way your fillyfriend reacted, I expected you to feel more awesome."

Jellybean smiles indulgingly. "It's okay, Eddy. It's just important to be polite to other ponies, that's all." He hoofscuffs a trifle awkwardly, then smiles to Shooting Star. "So how long have you and Gale been special someponies?"

Tale Chaser just covers his head with his hooves and hides from everything. His technique is similar to Cricket's except far less successful. In Straylight's grasp, his tail is floppy and unresponsive. Except when she goes nibbling, at which point it seizes up in a fit of terror.

Eddy struggles a bit more in Misty's grasp and eventually squirts out, landing in a pile on the ground. He pops back up, and… then sits still, aside from a rattling nod at Jellybean. "Okay uncle Jellybean I'll be polite if you say I should"

So much mobbing of the seapony! Shooting-Star looks tempted to see what all the ruckus is about. "I read somewhere touching a seapony tail was supposed to mean seven years good luck." He taps his chin. Which has a fake pirate beard taped on it now. "Or was it a few years of losing hair?" He doesn't get a chance to find out for himself though, there's ponies to herd. He turns back to Jellybean, wings spread all proudly. "Just need a sword and I have the whole set!" He grins to the weatherpony. "A few months now. It was a pretty recent development." Then he blinks. "Speaking of… I should make sure to grab her a few of these neat souveniers too. What do mare pirates wear anyway?"

Hawthorn taptaps on Straylight. "I think you're freakin' him out," he notes, peeking at TC. "He looks wicked scared." He flicks an ear, then looks down between Stray's legs. "What're you doin' down there, Cricket?"

Ruby waits a moment for Typhoon to lead, then just drags her away from the crowd to just around the corner so the shy mare can speak her mind. "Speak up!" she chimes warmly while rocking on her front hoofs. "You got something to say, so I'm listening." smile!

Jellybean thinks. "I don't know. Scarves, maybe? I know there's a few places that have some nice ones." Hoofscuff, "I actually don't know any pirates myself. I don't know why everypony thinks they're here." Jellybean's remarkable talents are even more remarkable for their apparent blind spots.

"Earrings", Straylight comments to Shooting Star. Her nibbling doesn't feel like eating. More ticklish and careful. *nom* *nom* *nom*
She makes a face at Magpie. "I think your cuddlefish is cuddly because he is your coltfriend, not because he is half fish." She slowly and reluctantly loosens her grasp on Tale Chaser's tail — without letting go fully, though. "You taste sort of like half orca, half herring, only more civilized", she tells him. Her ears flick to Hawthorn. "Sorry! Didn't mean to. Only meant to hug him for science. Maybe other seaponies are more cuddly. Or I need to make them my special somepony first."

Magpie whips off her newsie cap and drops it upside down in front of the sea pony show. "The amazing Sea Pony!" she says loudly. "From the deeps of the unknown sea to Main Street for your entertainment and eddyfication!" Aside, whispers, "Do a trick!"

Typhoon-Wave squeaks and gulps, blushing and fidgetting nervously with a small stone on the ground. "Oh. W-well. Um. I just, er… you said t-to ask you if, um, if we needed anything f-for the wedding. And… and I d-don't have many friends. And apparently the m-mare's s'possed to get her s-sister or best friend to, um, help out and be, er, important, and stuff, and I - well, I h-have a brother! So, um… I was wondering if m-maybe, uh…" She planned this little mini-speech! But apparently only half of it, because now she's looking a bit stumped. Oh, yeah, she skipped a bit! Whoops. "I d-don't want to impose, though."

Hawthorn tilts his head at Magpie. He hrms, then closes his eyes and concentrates. A moment later, his horn lights up and GIANT FIRECRACKERS go off behind TC, lighting him up, which is then followed by a spotlight on the seapony. It only lasts for a moment before Hawthorn's horn goes out, the colt wincing and rubbing his head. He erms at Straylight. "Like… all of them? Is that an option?"

Ruby-Blossom slowly cranes her head to one side, large expressive ruby-red eyes blinking before she softly replies to Typhoon-Wave. "Are you asking me to help your brother cross dress? Well, I suppose I can - I mean it couldn't be that hard…"

Cricket shushes at Hawthorn with a hoof in front of her mouth, ears layed back along her head, "Shhhhhhhh. I dun want all them pegasi to know I'm here!"

Tale Chaser slowly pulls a hoof back from his face and peers out between them. "Wh… what…" he says, voice quiet and quivering, but steadily rising to a suitably conversational volume. "What does civilization taste like…? I-"

Newsie hat. The colt stares at it for a moment, then up at Magpie with a look of panic. "I can't do tricks!! I'm a student, Maggie, not a magician!"

The crowd of milling pegasi seem to think otherwise, and stare expectantly. Hawthorn's sudden display of light and sound and spotlights seem to impress half of them, who applaud politely. Tale Chaser glances at them with a grimace of shock, then sighs. "Okay, I'll need… um… a… a bowl of water…"

Typhoon-Wave squeaks and turns a rather peculiar shade of pink at the idea. "N-no! No. N-no no no. No. Um… no." Look, Ruby, you broke her. It takes her a second to reprogram her mouth to actually, y'know, /talk/ again. "I w-was wondering i-if maybe you w-wouldn'tmindbeingmyMareofHonorpleaseit'sokayifyousayno. …Please."

"Hmmmm… A scarf. Not a bad idea." Shooting Star, thoughtful despite his polite clapping at the fireworks and spotlight, leans a little closer to Jellybean. "Is it always like this here? I mean, I really didn't expect to /really/ see pirates, but I didn't expect to really see a real seapony either. "

Jellybean smiles. "Well, after the stuff that happened at Silver Shoal we ended up in contact with them and so now a lot of them are coming up to explore." His wings flutter. "I think it's neat." Meanwhile, he blinks at Tale Chaser. "A bowl of water?"

Silly semi-blank stare, and silence; that's the initial response Typhoon gets while Ruby quietly mouths the words Typhoon spoke at a normal pace to decipher them. Blink. Blink. Blink. *SQUEEZE* Ruby squeezes Typhoon mightily; while not a hug of Winny proportions it's still quite impressive. "ABSOLUTELY!" she squeels loudly - sending a flock of seagulls off their roof pearch and off into the distance much to the dismay of a certain pony who will remain nameless. "Oh yes yes yes. Lets do all the stuff. Barcholette party, wooo!"

Magpie darts off, leaving Tale Chaser all alone in front of the crowd. She doesn't take long to return, though, with one of Ruby's bowls from the salon filled up with water (also from the salon). She sets the bowl down in front of Tale Chaser and sits back expectantly.

"Oh it's definitely neat." Shooting-Star agrees, joining the expectant looks at Tale-Chaser and his newly acquired bowl of water. "…I was just wondering if they had, say, a Wonderbolts equivalent. Trick swimmers would be pretty neat to see!"

"Yeah, uh-" says Tale Chaser, to Jellybean, pausing as Maggie darts off. He watches her for a moment before looking back up to Jelly. "The only, er… tricks I can do need… need water…" He shuffles about slightly, shifting his weight. It's dry here. "I've never really… practiced magic much, so the best-" Plonk. Bowl of water. As requested. He stares at it. "Oh. Th-thanks, Maggie."
He then hunkers down beside the bowl, adjusts his glasses, and focuses intensely at the water, brow knitting. He tries not to be distracted as Eddy settles on the other side of the bowl and does basically the exact same thing. Numerous pegasi lean in slowly, expectantly, watching the bowl.

Eeep! Yup, Typhoon's sure getting used to being hugged. Tightly! But she's looking - well, incredibly relieved, now! "Oh! Oh, o-okay. Okay, uh, yay. Th-thank you!" She still seems at least partially convinced that she's asking Ruby for something oh-so-imposing. "…Is there s-supposed to be a party? Do I need to p-plan one? Nopony told m-me that."
Hawthorn watches TC's 'trick' curiously, but the poor unicorn is just too worn out. Before TC gets a chance to finish, the unicolt is fast asleep on Straylight's back, clinging to his puma. Or whatever it is.
It skweeks.

Jellybean tilts his head. "I don't know, actually. That's a pretty neat thought, though. I haven't been to Silver Shoals myself: I was busy helping keep the storms at bay. But I hear it's a big place: I wouldn't be surprised if it had some kind of stadium." Idly he nuzzles his big sister. "I've been really busy these last few days, but I just wanted to say that I'm glad you're here."

Oh no! Hawthorn has fallen asleep! Cricket panicks. There's no way she could handle being around all these pegasi! She backs away from the gryphon and as quick as she can, darts and springs away.

Typhoon's question is answered with a big, mischevious Ruby grin. "Oh no no no, Bride's made does all the planning for the party." her mind already spinning as she considers the possibilities; she releases Typhoon and hops up and down on hear rear hoofs while waggling the front. "Oh this will be so much fun. I have so much work to do." she begins to run small laps around Typhoon. "oh oh oh what do I do." she stops and sits. "Plan, I've got to plan this - that's important." she nods confidently then begins to run around in circles again before snagging Typhoon to drag her back towards the crowd.

Misty smiles and folds a wing around Jellybean for a brief, feathery hug. "We're happy to be here, 'Bean. And I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to catch up between now and the wedding."

The bowl of water doesn't do anything. Tale Chaser scrunches his eyes shut, presses his hooves to his temples, and CONCENTRATES SO HARD YOU CAN ALMOST HEAR IT YOU GUYS and the sound it makes is a stressed little "hnnnrrrrrrgggghhh!"
Then a little fountain-like jet spurts up from the surface of the water. It splashes around for a bit, and coughs up a little sphere of water that hovers for a moment, before the sphere splashes back into the bowl. The sloshing that ensues is all natural and soon stops altogether.
Tale Chaser collapses, panting.

Half of the crowd applauds once more. The other half missed the 'trick.'

Jellybean trots out an applause but looks perhaps a trifle concerned. "Are you okay, Tale Chaser? Would you like some water or fruit or something?"

"Whoa… He just made water float, didn't he?" Shooting Star seems impressed! It only takes what, an army of pegasus flying in circles at breakneck speeds to do the same thing?

Typhoon-Wave scurries after her, looking - well, slightly overwhelmed again. But not unhappy! In fact she's looking a little pleased. That went better than she'd been worrying! (She worries about many things.)

Magpie claps her hooves excitedly! "That was amazing!" she says loudly, encouragingly. "The power of the sea ponies, everyone! And he's just a li'l one!" Two coins, hopefully not /too/ obviously flicked by Magpie's magic, clink loudly into her hat. Clink, you guys. CLINK.

Tale-Chaser rolls 1d20 (touristy enthusiasm to part with their money) — Result: 1 | Sum: 1

(OOC) Typhoon-Wave: d'oh.

A button, a bottlecap, and two bit coins join Maggie's coins in the hat. A few moments later, someone reconsiders and fishes their button back out.

Jellybean frowns a little and ruffles his wings. "Come on, everypony. He worked really hard to show us that trick. Let's show some Cloud family gratitude." Pause, hoofscuff, smile. "Please? He fishes out some bits and adds it to the hat.

"I'll be… I'll be fine…" says Tale Chaser, offering Jellybean a wan smile. "I'm just… a bit out of practice." He rocks upright once more and rolls his shoulders, then smiles at the coins. "Th-thank you," he says. Look at him, PAID PROFESSIONAL ENTERTAINER

Magpie q.q

Jellybean says "I'll take you for a milkshake later, Tale Chaser. Would that be nice?"

Magpie lifts the bottlecap with her magic and peers at it. Huff. "Hey, Eddy. I found somethin' neat for ya." Tosses it to him.

Ruby beams warmly and gives Typhoon another hug before trotting over to catch the spoils of the sad little performance. "Why, last time Tale-Chaser performed a trick a whole slew of unicorns threw in. I'd hate to think unicorns were a more generous bunch you than this lovely flock of pegasi." she muses while rubbing her chin. "Are unicorns more generous?" she muses aloud.

Shooting-Star hovers over above the hat and throws a few bits in at least. "That was a pretty neat trick! You should try doing it with something bigger." Because he knows tricks, yep. "Or… Or throw them like water balloons! At a target! A /spinning/ target!" He rubs his hooves together.

Eddy catches the bottlecap. "WOW" he says, turning it over and over. "Thanks miss Magpie!" He rockets off to start showing all his various cousins and great-uncles and grand-aunts and whatnot.

Tale Chaser rubs the back of his head. "A moving target…? I'll, uh- I'll try. To practice, that is, so I can… hit a moving target." He offers Shooting Star a sheepish smile.

The crowd mumbles and chatters amongst themselves. Jellybean makes a fair point. Also, pegasi are traditionally better than Unicorns at MAKIN' IT RAIN and they're not about to be shown up.

More coins start landing in the hat. Not a whole lot, but, y'know. Enough for a couple of sandwiches or something.

Some pegasus at the back of the crowd, having missed the performance, clucks her tongue and adds a few bits to the modest pile, saying something about how it's a shame that poor boy was born without legs.

Ruby trots around to the front of the crowd and gives Magpie a pat on the head, then Tale-Chaser before giving the pegasi-crowd a big ol wave before sneaking off - vanishing act! Hah!
….nopony notices.

Magpie beams! "Thanks, folks, you've been a great audience!" She hugs TC's tail, then steals his necklace. Muahaha.

Poof! Suddenly, legs! Tale Chaser picks himself up, dazed. "Hey! Don' lose that," he says, to Magpie. Even though he knows she won't. Because this is hardly the first time this has happened.

The sudden appearance of legs makes the crowd go 'ooh' and 'aaahhh.' The reposessed button is returned along with a few more bits. By now most of the pegasi are filtering away, though, because now that he has four legs, Tale Chaser is not very novel looking at all.

Jellybean smiles, looking satisfied. "That's much better." He stretches his wings and looks to his family. "I think it's about time we maybe head home, get ready for bed?" He's not much of a late-night pony, as a rule.

Magpie pokes through her hat. "Sixteen, seventeen, twenty, twenty two. Well…" She pours out a stack of eleven coins and a button and, along with the phylactery, slips them into TC's bag. "Wanna get milkshakes?"

"Naptime?" asks one pegasus. A few look excited and yawn enthusiastically. "Yeah! I think it's time for napping." Soon they're all clucking to eachother about how much they're looking forward to a nice nap.

Except for Eddy, who starts to skip around like an agitated grasshopper. "Naptime?! Already?! I'm not even tired yet I want to go see what's over there what's that statue I want to go splash around in the pool can we go in that big ugly boat down by the bay I want to know why it smells like sick and failed dreams I bet there are pirates in there I"

Misty sighs. "I'd better start trying to calm him down." She gives Jellybean another wingsnug. "I'll see you in the morning, 'Bean. Goodnight." She then shuffles off to try and chase Eddy down as he poings his way down the road.

Tale-Chaser shuffles over to Magpie, and looks up for a moment. Hawthorn and Cricket vanished. He slicks his ears back for a moment, wondering if they were eaten, or abducted by pegasi, or something, but shakes his head. Hopefully not. He smiles back to Magpie and nods. "Yeah, that sounds good…" He makes a face. "I'm not gonna do tricks with 'em, though… I don't know any shake magic…"

Shooting-Star flits to land behind Jellybean, glancing around for Typhoon too. "I bet Dad's getting antsy waiting to take us all out to dinner or something." He grins, "Maybe after naptime."

Jellybean nods. "Hmm. Maybe dinner first." He waves to the remaining ponies. "I'll see you all later." With that he heads back toward home with a small gaggle of the pegasi in tow.