Suspicious Mare
IC date: Winter 45, 1007
OOC date: Feb 3, 2013
PCs: Gem-Song, Nocturne, Quintessent-Rune
GM: None

A clear sky is present in the Harbor today, for the first time in well over a month. Many ponies are out enjoying the sunshine, taking strolls, having picnics, and enjoying several other activities! One such pony is Nocturne, who appears to have a picnic blanket set out in some grass. No picnic is set up, though, rather a few various stringed instruments sitting in their cases.

The unicorn sits with his guitar in his lap, playing some upbeat melodies, and looking around at all of the pleasant activity around him. It's quite uncharacteristic for him, even on a good day, but it's hard to blame him when it's so pleasant outside!

Dustdevil is out and about enjoying the good weather himself and the rest of the weather team fought so hard for. He's not up and flying in it though, as his right wing is laden with bandages and smelling like menthol or something like that. The pegasus recognizes the grey stallion and happily trots over "Heya Noctie, any luck with that Amp Spell?" he asks with genuine curiousity.

Gem-Song wanders down the street, still having no clue what to do in this town. He's only been here for a short while, but it feels like longer… He notices more ponies ahead, and trots over to them. Maybe they can help him get set up in this strange new town. "Hi!"

Nocturne catches sight of the approaching pony, and greets him with a smile and a wave. "Hey there! Name's Nocturne. What's yours?" To the stranger, his upbeat behavior could be perceived as normal, which gives him some relief in the situation. "Isn't the weather just great?"

Gem-Song says "Yeah…" he looks around, then seems to snap back to reality. "Oh, sorry. I'm Gem Song. I just moved here."

"Really now?" Nocturne pats at the ground, gesturing for the pegasus to take a seat. "Sure picked a good time, huh? Where're ya from?"

Gem-Song sits down next to the unicorn. "I'm from Dodge City, but I started planning to move away when this appeared," he pointed to his Cutie Mark, two pairs of connected eighth notes. "Dodge City isn't exactly known for its musical technology, and when I saw this place, I thought it'd be the perfect place to get a place and a job and stuff."

"What, pray tell, is Dodge City? It is not a location I am familiar with," came a question from behind Gem-Song, apperently from the dark blue and black 'earth pony' mare standing behind her, her neck wrapped in a almost silk-like but thick scarf a few hues lighter than herself… And with what appears to be a sizeable fish plushy resting upon her back.

Quintessent-Rune shook her head, re-settling her black forelock - which seems to have actualy taken on a bit of a curl once it actualy gets to dry out - in it's typical slouch across her face, though more comfortably so.

Nocturne looks over his shoulder at the curious voice. "Oh, uh, hi!" He easily recognizes the mare, but for the time being has set aside any thoughts he has previously held. In this situation, it's better to just see how everything plays out first. "This is Gem Song. He's new here… and for that matter, I don't think I've ever caught your name. Mine's Nocturne."

Gem-Song thinks for a second. "It's… really far away. It's a cowboy town on the other side of Ponyville. And wh-" he turns around, and sees the mare behind him. "Oh, it's… you… Have we met before?"

Quintessent-Rune shook her head, putting on a plesant if rather flat smile. "I do not belive we have. I am L-…" Quin bit back whatever it was she was about to say, scowling in annoyance. "I am Quintessent Rune, it is nice to meet you. Both of you."

Nocturne extends a hoof to the mare. "Well, it's nice to meet you too!" There, everything is already going better than expected. He peers around the 'earth pony' to look at the fish plushy. "Is he behaving himself?"

Gem-Song smiles, then remembers why he'd been so eager to start a conversation in the first place. "Either of you know where I can get a job and a house and stuff round here?"

Quintessent-Rune's brows furrows ever so slightly at the mention of a 'job'. "I do not know the local prospects of gainful employment to be frank, it is not a idea I particularly relish or care for, neither have I had a reson to inquire for public houses such as inns, taverns and hotels. Perhaps Mr. Nocturne would be of assistance in that…" The blue mare's voice trailed off as she put a pastern to her muzzle, seeming to think.

Nocturne raises his eyebrows. "Who, me? Uh… Well, to be honest, it's hard to say who's hiring around here. Not to mention my house wasn't exactly prime real estate. Keep asking around, though. Somepony ought to know more." He turns back to the mare, his calm demeanor vanishing slightly as he tries to push further conversation. "And just what do you do, miss Rune?" Despite trying to hold back any previous thoughts about the mare, he hasn't forgotten lending his magic to her.

"I do whatever I want, Mr. Nocturne," said Quintessent-Rune, the corner of her mouth turning up slightly - though she does give the musican a suspicious look - before she turned back to Gem-Song. "Mr. Song, would it be impolite for me to impose onto you with a small request? I find myself in the need of a spare pair of hooves, and I have relieved Miss Chaos of a small sum of discressionary funds. It would not be much, but I'd be willing to pay for your assistance."

Gem-Song considers the request. "You'll pay me, you say? How much are… never mind, with the situation I'm in right now, any money is a blessing. What would you need help with?"

Nocturne winces, but gives Rune a pleasant smile before resuming playing his guitar quietly as the conversation carries on between the two. It's clearly none of his business at this point.

Quintessent-Rune stood silent in thought, for about a split second. "While I do require some assistance recovering a few things from Iron Stock's workshop, I must admit that is not the primary concern I have… I am worried about the seapony soldieres in the Harbour." Which was true. "I have had encounters with them before, and I do not feel comfortable being in their pressence without a escort of sorts." Also true. "I do, after all, carry several seapony made artefacts on my personage so I am worried they will be less than kind if they find out. They tend to be somewhat xenophobic." Also true, for the most part. Really, she was far more worried they'd recognize -her- than the things she was carrying.

Gem-Song nods. "Alright, then. I've seen the guards, they look really… strict… I mean… they look… like.. guards?" He shakes his head. "Never mind. What, where and when?"

Nocturne continues his playing, letting his imagination wander as he ponders the mare's identity. It's likely of no concern to him, but with all of the drama that goes on here, it's at least enticing to speculate. He seems to mutter something under his breath, but it's fairly incoherent. "Can Earth Ponies even use magic?"

Quintessent-Rune shot Nocturne a glance for a moment, seeming to think. A moment later the polite smile spread into one a lot more amused, if less plesant one. "No. But I will tell you how I do it if you lend a hoof as well." Turning back towards Gem-Song she gave him a smile. "As for lending your aid, Mr. Song. Would you be able to do so now?"

Gem-Song says "Hmm, okay. I have time. Let's go," he smiles. He's always happy to help, despite his current situation.

Nocturne stops his song immediately. "Oh? With your guard problem, or…?" He begins packing up his guitar, and stands up on his hooves. "Either way, I'm ready to start doing something. It's a nice enough day, what could go wrong?"

Quintessent-Rune gave Nocturne a flat stare before turning to Gem-Song. "Pray tell, did he just ask that…? Great, now this will be all kinds of problematic." Quin sighed and rolled her eyes before setting of down the street. "And yes, Mr. Nocturne. With my guard problem. I merely require a escort to Miss Stocks' workshop and back, hopefuly your pressence will lead the guards to pay less atention."

Gem-Song follows along behind Rune. "Alright. Let's go!" he says eagerly.

Nocturne locks up his instrument cases and looks off into the portside. "Sounds easy enough. I do recall asking earlier, though…" He gestures to the fish plushy on Rune's back. "He's gonna behave, right? I don't know where he's from… but it's probably best that he keeps still."

Quintessent-Rune glanced over her shoulder, both at Gem-Song and Nocturne as well as the fish plushy on her back. After a moment she nodded. "Servant will cause no trouble, less somepony cause trouble for me. As for where it origionates, it is a golem wrought by seapony magics and enchantments - something I have been studying myself. It is one of the resons I wish for an escort."

Nocturne begins trotting slowly in the direction of the mare's destination. "Well then, just stick close, I guess." He rolls his eyes at his own words. This earth pony may be strange, but it can't be like she's never casually strolled with somepony before. "Yep… just stick close."

Quintessent-Rune have, of course, strolled with ponies before. Well, swam with ponies before. Often as a way for ingratiating herself with her peers or for the intents of 'social networking' as it were. With the two dirt-ponies though, she doesn't seem to be rather good at the whole 'taking a walk' think.

Nocturne watches curiously as the 'earth pony' follows along. So far so good… just as long as no attention is drawn to them. In fact, it would be best to not even spare the guards a glance. Or would that be too suspicious itself. Okay, one glance and a wave will do. The unicorn does so with a crooked grin, returning the expression to Rune.

The 'earth pony' doesnt even seem to pay attention, striding forward purposfully and stylishly. For a moment it wouldn't be hard to imagine she'd be out of place in cities like Canterlot. At least till one of her hind hooves snag on a uneaven cobblestone, sending her planting her face in the drying mud on the road and sending Servant bouncing of down the road. "Great… bloody hind-legs…" she muttered for herself.

Of on the street the plushy golem contrived to give Rune a annoyed stare. Rather a feat considering it's lying on the side and have beady perl eyes and little more.

Gem-Song walks alongside Rune, his attention drawn to her awkwardly slim frame. Something here isn't right, but he can't tell what… Maybe- His thought is cut short by a thud by his side, and he looks down to see her on the ground, her plushie thrown a few feet away. "You okay, Rune?"

Nocturne freezes as soon as he hears Rune fall, bearing a very pained expression. "Here, miss Rune," he says with some strain in his voice. "Let me help you up." With his eyes looking up in the air, he extends a hoof in the mare's direction, awaiting her grasp. Even someone like him could be friendlier, but with the pressure to act casually, and his suspicions of the mare rising, he finds it hard to act any more normal. As he holds his hoof out, a magical aura surrounds Servant, who is levitated onto Rune's back where it belongs.

Quintessent-Rune remained face-first in the mud for several long moments, heaving and exaseprated sigh. Things just didn't go her way, did they? After a moment, a foreleg waving aimlessly untill it found Nocturne, she heaved herself up on all fours once more. Once upright she stuffed her hoof - and a amazing amount of foreleg - into the scarf wrapped around her neck to produce a kerchief, wiping her face. "Yes, I am fine. I am, rather unfortunately, growing all to acustomed off situations like these."

Shaking the kercheif clean she stuffed it back into her scarf, turning slightly towards Gem. The corner of her eye twitched ever so slightly, the only sign of irritation showing outwards. "And please, Mr. Song. Rune is a family name, it would be appropriate to address me as Miss Rune," she said, before adding, "or Quintessent." With a deep breath she squared her shoulders again before nodding ahead of them. "And I do belive I see Miss Stock's workshop up ahead."

Gem-Song nods in understanding. "I just thought… no, never mind." he dismisses the thought as just suspicion. What did he know, she could be just slim for an earth pony. Oh, Gem. Why are you always so suspicious of everypony? "And, yeah," he looked ahead. "We're here."

"I shall return shortly," stated Quintessent-Rune, pushing the door open before dissapearing into the metal workshop.

Gem-Song looks around. Nopony else is anywhere near the shop. "So," he says to Nocturne. "What's up with her? I mean, not being rude or anything, but…"

Nocturne only shakes his head. "It's none of my business. If there's anything I've learned about this town, it's to stay out of shady business like hers," He gestures to the guards and the enclosed spire in the distance, "Like theirs, and like that. I'm just doing this mare her favor, then enjoying the rest of my day with a bit of extra karma on my side."

Gem-Song says "Oh, okay. I just…" dangit, Gem, stop being so inconsiderate! Even if she had anything to hide, it would be good to respect that! "…nothing, never mind."

Nocturne turns his gaze to the younger stallion. "Oh, no hard feelings. I'm just done sticking my nose where it doesn't belong is all. Trust me, if you're starting a new life here, that's gonna be a lifesaving tip."

Gem-Song smiles. "Yeah, this whole place is shady. There's no need to concentrate on just one mare." He looks at Nocturne. "I'm starting to regret leaving home, but, at the same time… I'm glad I came here, where there's always something to make you wonder. So much better that boring old Dodge City, that's for sure."

"Indeed," came the voice from the door as Quintessent-Rune stepped back outside. "Though I'm rather releived there is less intrigue and shaodwy dealings here than back home."

"As you should be," Nocturne responds, shooting Gem Song a friendly glare of sorts and a nod. "Anyway, I'll take it you need to get back to your residence now. That /is/ in town, right?"

Gem-Song freezes when he hears the voice behind him. How much did she hear? …No. Stop thinking about that. Just now, she's just another mare. Those suspicions are just passing thoughts.

Quintessent-Rune smiled that 'propper', downright inconsequential smile of hers as she steped down between the two stallions. Her back was suprisingly clear of fish plushies, the reson why becoming clear a few moments later as it flopped out onto the street behind her with a large rope tied to it's tailfin and dragging a box of what sounds like metal and a rather large metal hoop. "Let us depart, perhaps?"

Gem-Song looks in shock at the plushie. "Is it… moving?" Another point for Horseshoe Harbor in the Weirdness Games.

Nocturne lightly smacks his face with a hoof and shakes his head as the plushy comes into view. No matter, this mare knows what she's doing, or so he hopes. "Yes… yes it is. I can promise you now, I've seen stranger things around here." The unicorn shrugs and trots alongside Rune, an expression of pure apathy on his face as he has lost all concern for looking inconspicuous. If they were being suspicious, they'd know by now… right?

Quintessent-Rune smiled, or almost downright smirked, at Gem's expression. "Indeed it does, Servant is a golem of some sophistication," Quin said as she fished in her scarf, producing a rather amble pile of coins. She'd considered just giving Gem a few bits, but it'd be better if he'd appreciate to have her around in the future she realized. "It is a magnificant piece of enchantment, as is a lot of the things I posses. And that, Mr. Nocturne, is exactly how my 'magic' works."

Still smirking she strode onwards.