Superlative Art
IC date: Summer 90, 1007
OOC date: September 18, 2012
PCs: Jellybean, Typhoon-Wave, Excelsior

In the town square on this fall afternoon, which is much like any other cool fall afternoon, one of the smaller storefronts is seeing a little bit of activity. It's a trim little building, sandwiched tightly between two others, but it's by no means unobtrusive.
The face of the building is awash in a brilliant shade of blue, and the lone window's trim is a a red so bold that it tried to ask the tavern next door out on a date. A bucket on the ground beneath the window holds similar red paint and an absently-discarded brush, apparently having just been painted on.
The super-saturated colors nearly obscure the dusty grey pony standing in front of the store. His unicorn's horn glows a brilliant purple as he levitates a new sign above the door. It shows the unicorn himself stretched out in a flying pose, a bright yellow cape tied to his neck, with the word "Superlative!" artfully inked below the figure.

Jellybean, uncharacteristically, has been enjoying a day away from the weather and instead just flying over the town idly with Typhoon Wave. It's adorable in a highly awkward sort of way, given the two we're talking about. But then Jellybean spots a distraction from a constant conversation of stammering and blushing: a new building! He flies down to investigate like some kind of intrepid reporter sans disguising glasses. "Hi there, mister! What's this you're opening here?"

It's actually been an enjoyable day! Although it's quite possible Typhoon's body temperature has gone up a degree or two purely from blushing so much. You'd think living with somepony would get rid of some of the shyness, but apparently not! But she's still been having quite a good time just… hanging out. It's hard to mess up hanging out!

She blinks and tilts her head, peering down at the brightly colored building. What is this now? That's an unusual color scheme. Curiosity similarly piqued, she follows after Jellybean, though she hangs back a bit to let him do the talking. If she stammers so much talking to a friend she'd trip right over her tongue trying to talk to a stranger!

Excelsior turns to face the small pegasus, the muted light of the sun nevertheless managing to streak along his moustache with a metallic shiiiing! He peers down at Jellybean and over at Typhoon with a pleasant grin. "What ho, kiddo!" He winks at Typhoon, though it's barely visible through the truly large sunglasses perched snugly on his face. "Welcome to the grand opening of what is certain to become a top contender for the finest art gallery in the entire town!" He swings a hoof out, encompassing with one grand gesture the entirety of the potentially possibly finest art gallery in town. It really doesn't take long.

Jellybean's jaw drops and his eyes go big. "Wow, mister. Really? That's so amazing, I didn't even know we had any art galleries in town!" He looks at the sign. "You painted that yourself? I've never seen anything like it."

Typhoon-Wave tilts an ear. "Art gallery? N-neat. I… I d-don't think we /did/ have any. At least, I'd n-never heard of them…"

Excelsior pauses and scratches at his chin with a hoof, studying the two in turn. "Really? Huh, maybe my rise to the top will be even easier than I expected." He nods once, face full of determination. "But I can't let that stop me! Next thing you know some young buck's putting up his own sign and then it'll all be downhill from there." He wheels around, never pausing in his tirade as he magics the sign back off the post, bringing it down in front of Jelly for a better look. "I painted that, yes indeed! I can take you to different worlds, my boy! I can make you be the pony you always wanted to be!" Indeed, the stallion on the sign looks plenty happy in his eternal flight.

Jellybean gazes in wonder at the painting, then to Typhoon and to the artist. He starts fishing around in his tunic pockets for his coins. "How much for a picture of the two of us? I really like your style."

Typhoon-Wave blinks. A painting? Of the two of them? Wow, that seems… official. She's not entirely sure 'official' of /what/, exactly, but… well I mean, you don't get put in a painting with somepony you don't like, right? Not /willingly/, anyways. She, of course, blushes… and turns her head to dig in her own saddlebag for her coin pouch, because this seems like the sort of thing you offer to chip in on. Isn't it? It seems like it would be.

Excelsior waves a hoof indulgently. "Nonsense, you two! Put those delicious, desirable bits away. You're my first customers. I'll be happy to do a picture for you gratis, complimentary, free of charge even." The sign goes back on the post with ease, and he swings open the door (which is painted a clear, bright white, by the way) and steps into the narrow building, still talking through the open door as he heads inside. "A duo picture! It will be a grand test of skill to bring Robin and Thunderwing to life! You shall grace the walls of this gallery!" He glances over his shoulder, a conspiratorial grin on his face. "And of course you'll tell folks about this place too, eh? Eh?"

Jellybean blinks. His expression suggests he understood maybe about a third of that. Then, after a second he puts his bits back in his pocket: "What? Sure we'll tell everypony! I bet they'll all be happy to hear we have a painter in town. Don't you think, Typhoon?" He offers her one of his trademark giant grins.

Typhoon-Wave blinks and perks her ears a bit, smiling sheepishly. "Thank you, s-sir! That… that's v-very generous of you. Yeah, of c-course, we'll spread the word… I'll b-bet everyone'll b-be excited, I don't think we've h-had an artist long as I've b-been here."

"Superlative!" the painter cheers. The interior of the gallery is…somewhat sparse at the moment. The front two-thirds of the shop feature paintings on the walls and propped up on a long table in the middle, offering two aisles to walk down. While some paintings are in place (mostly landscape pictures of the nearby woods, mountains, and sea in dazzling colors that simply don't exist in reality), other spots are left empty. The back third of the shop appears to be his work area, with a wide easel and various paints and brushes arrayed on a table. Excelsior tomps up to the easel and peers over the rim of his sunglasses at the pair. "Blue and red, blue and red," he murmurs, and the air about him begins to glow as he preps the paints he'll need. "No artists at all?" He tsks. "How can the magic of imagination properly be captured otherwise?" In short order he has a brush out, sweeping over the canvas in precise, confident strokes.

Jellybean steps inside, looking around curiously. He's never been in an artists' studio before. "Well, I met a foal who likes sketching things and I bet he'll be a great artist someday. But not anypony who makes it their business or anything."

Typhoon-Wave nods, also looking around curiously. Wow, these are… colorful! "Oh, yeah. I remember him. He was n-nice… heh, he d-drew a picture of us too."

"What is a talent for if not to help you as well as those around you?" Excelsior asks cheerfully. The paintbrush never stops moving, and the stallion splits his attention between the canvas and his subjets. He's not even asking for poses, but he certainly seems to have something in mind as he mixes and dabs paint with a will. "Fine subjects, fine subjects," he mutters, beaming at them in between glances at the easel. "I'm not surprised, yeah? You two are quite the lovely pair, I was inspired as soon as I saw you."

Jellybean turns a remarkable shade of red and makes a little 'squeak' noise, pawing the ground when 'couple' is said. "Oh. W-well. We're n-not r-really a couple or anything. W-we're good friends. She's living with me now. As friends. Good friends."

Typhoon-Wave blushes much more PINK, which is an impressive feat when she's already pretty pinky-purple as it is. "Oh, uh… er, um, y-yeah, just… j-just, er, friends. Roommates. F-friendly… roommates. H-housemates, really. I'm a g-guest. I, er… um… y-yeah."

Excelsior uh-huh, uh-huh, nodding agreeably to Jelly as he peers at the easel. "Friends are good, you can never have too many friends. You never know when you need to team up to avenge something." Dab, swish, rub, dab, stroke. "Well, don't worry. I see a world that is and a world that should be, and I do my best to live in one and create the other." He seems oblivious to the embarrassment he caused, though, beaming confidently as he works away on the art being formed in front of him.

Jellybean tries to stand still but he's the fidgety sort, especially now that he's feeling all self-conscious about Typhoon Wave again. Not that this isn't an hourly occurance for the two or anything. "How do you see two worlds at once? Do your eyes look at different worlds? Does that get confusing? What if you wink?"

Typhoon-Wave is also rather fidgetty, though more from embarrassment than inherent inability to stand still. Not that being considered a couple would be a /bad/ thing. If… Jellybean wanted to be a couple. Which it seems like he doesn't. Which is fine too! Of course. Right. Which is why the whole thing just requires more blushing, because really, what else is there to do in such a situation?

"The imagination," the unicorn muses, "is a /fascinating/ place. Live in it more often, I say. YOU," he nods at Jelly, "have an amazing mane. Loving it." He waves a hoof, gesturing to Typhoon as his attention turns back briefly to the painting. "And you've got this whole rainy gloomy but sweet kind of vibe going on. Fan…" he trails off in concentration, and the brush hovering in the air makes a delicate swipe. "…tastic!" He swaps out the brush for a smaller one, working quickly on some finer details. "Almost done, annnnnd…yes!" He sets the brush and paintboard down, turning to eye the two over his glasses. "Ready to see it?" he teases.
(OOC) Typhoon-Wave: his mane is amazing, isn't it~
(OOC) Excelsior: Just…yeah, just imagine that entire pose voiced by Tony Stark.

Jellybean's eyes go all big again. "Yes sir! Very much!" He's prancing in place he's so excited.

Typhoon-Wave blinks and rubs the back of her head with one hoof. "Uh… thanks?" She perks her ears up a bit. "Oh, yes, please!" She's admittedly rather excited as well, if just by the /novelty/ of this. She's never had a painting done of her before. It sounds like something… fancy ponies do.

Excelsior waggles his eyebrows and spins the easel around. The painting shows both Jellybean and Typhoon-Wave, but if they were expecting a simple portrait, this ain't it.
Jellybean looks twice his size, nearly that of a fully-grown draft stallion, muscules visible under his pale blue coat. A domino mask adorns his face, shading his eyes and giving the normally open pony an air of mystery. His mane is the same, if perhaps a bit bouncier. His strong wings propel him through the air, and strong they must be, as the lovely filly Typhoon-Wave has wrapped her forelegs around Jelly for support.
Wings singed from fire belie the reason she has not taken flight herself, and she keeps them tucked tight to her sides as the masked Jellybean carries her to safety, free of the burning barn in the distance behind them. Typhoon looks back to the barn, her face in profile and set in determination, all her concentration on the raincloud steadily pouring quenching water onto the fires engulfing the poor building.
The painting is relatively simple, with only hints of shading in strategic spots, but the colors are bold and the poses expressive. It was done quickly, but skillfully, and displays that other world Excelsior must see in his mind.

Jellybean stares at the painting, jaw again in the fully-dropped position. "That… is… amazing! Look at us, Typhoon, don't we look great?" He flexes his forelegs which in reality are less muscly than they are noodly, making his frilly tunic swish a little as he does so. A paragon of stallionhood he isn't, but that's just fine: just seeing that painting makes him feel like a hero.

Typhoon-Wave blinks and smiles slowly, ears perking. Wow, she looks like… well, /competent/! At her job! A storm cloud that's actually /useful/! Boy, she /wishes/ she could have control that good over her stormclouds. "Wow! That's… that's really neat! And… and really good!"

Excelsior beams, satisfied with his work. "Thank you, thank you! It's yours. Put it on your wall, bask in its presence, whatever works for you. Just remember to let the paint dry before you roll around on it." He reaches up and grabs a bit of string tied to the top of the canvas in his teeth, tugging it off the easel and resting it on the floor carefully by Typhoon's feet. "A fine painting for a fine pair of ponies! Excelsior!"

Jellybean says "Thanks very much mister!" He pauses, ears flicking. "What's your name, anyway? I'm Jellybean and this is Typhoon Wave."

Typhoon-Wave smiles happily. "Yeah, th-thanks!" She hadn't thought they'd be able to /keep/ it! She'd expected it to stay in this… art gallery or what-not it is. …Which she's going to have to visit again, because this really is kind of cool! "Oh, um, yes, I'm Typhoon Wave… right." Introductions! Manners! Good thing Jellybean remembers his, because she'd apparently forgotten hers today.

"Jellybean?" The stallion tilts his head. "I would've sworn you were a Robin." He eyes the mare, and nods confidently. "Typhoon Wave sounds right for you though, my dear." He dips a gallant bow to the both of them. "Excelsior's the name, superlative art's the game. Reasonable rates, tell your friends."