IC date: Autumn 57, 1007
OOC date: November 15, 2012
PCs: Plot-Twist, Sodium-Fizz, Solar-Wind
GM: None

Plot Twist stomps about in the snow covered ice of the sea-waists. She is out of uniform to keep form being spotted in the rags you might expect to see a rebel in. Her wings are out and flutter in a way you might expect to see an agitated dragon, flutter their's. "Urge the one time I need him. This isn't going to work." if Solar was to see her he could see another difference. The mare's emotions have been all over the place since released from her mind control and today she seems to be back to anger. Only she could get more grumpy from having a proper nights rest.

"I left him a few distractions, so I don't think he'll be turning up for a little bit, Captain Twist," came a reply from the dark. Two things become clear about the new visitor to the ice plains, first of she's a mare underneath the heavily snow-laded cloak she's wearing - presumably why she's been hard to spot admist the white - and her walk is most uneven, as if sporting a crippled foreleg. The mare's head tipped back slightly, pale yellow eyes looking skywards. "Go figure he'd meet you under starlit skies. Would be kinda romantic back home, not so much here I supose…" Oh right, and she seems very unconcerned about approaching the grumpy Shadowbolts Captain.

Stopping a few feet back she sat down, a wing extending under the cloak to toss back the hood, revealing a grey face Twist most likely have seen before, if in passing at best having been dueling Solar-Wind at the time. Sodium-Fizz grinned at her as she pulled her other forehoof from the sling in which it had been resting and dropped it to the ice with a solid *thunk* of stone on ice.

Twist Scowls at the newcomer, her mood is quickly getting gloomier. She first moves about to circle you, making sure your alone and a team of warriors is not about to leap out, betrayed at the hooves of Solar Wind. Suspicion still heavy on her face she glares at you, well at least you assume its hard to tell through those yellow tinted flight goggles. "Your one of the first prisoners." she notes still a bit of anger in her voice, perhaps a bit soar about having lost her prisoners? "The one that is always hanging about Solar. I see you are more dead weight than usual." her tail less flank hits the snow and waves a hoof. "I need to talk with Solar so make this quick."

Sodium-Fizz smirked. "Well, what a coincidence. I needed to talk to you -about- Solar-Wind. Because he's worried," Soda's muzzle scrunched up for a few moments, "a lot more worried than I've seen him since we got here, in fact. And most of it comes down to you… He's thrilled that he can take you away from here, the pony who he loves… At least I must asume that's the case, love suposedly makes ponies do crazy stuff. He was up in arms in tten seconds flat and going to tear through your camp to get you after I dumped Will's head on the table."

An angry grunt that actually manifests as the Captain's breath hits the frozen air. "Love …." her head drops a little, "I guess it makes us all do stupid things." Wings bristle at her sides, making them look all puffed out and downy. Slowly she pulls off her goggles. Purple rings of undyed fur surround her grey eyes like a silly robbers mask. Her left side of her face is full of awful scars and instictily she turns that side of her face away from you. "He should be worried there is allot on the line here. Ponies are going to die and I have to be the one to choose between my ponies or a bunch of … well Solar." she groans "And all I think of is running you through for hurting my ponies … but I can't and aurge …"

Sodium-Fizz actualy giggled before picking herself back up, limping her way in the direction of their little camp. "Feel free to try, but at the -least- I'd take you with me… And no doubt Solar would be fairly upset with you too. But I've more or less come to say what I had. Solar thinks with his heart, and he's been up in arms over ou for a good long while." She glanced over her shouler at Twist for a moment. "That, to a great deal, is why I took Will's head whent the oportunity presented itself. To give him a chance at happines, I supose. He, Luna bless his silly head, tried to do the same for me… even if he went about it being a complete git about it."

"That and," she added after a moment, "I really hate anypony messing with others minds."

"YOU DID THAT!" Plot Twist Leaps into the air on her wings and is in front of you faster than you can blink. There is a bit of seething anger, but a whole lot more of other emotions twisted up in side of her. "Here I was thinking it was the rebels that where messed up. But your from the land of sunshine and candy farts! You just go around turning ponies to stone there?" apparently there is some rule against that here, or at least its some kind of taboo. She face hoofs, "Part of me wants to throw you into jail, another wants to viserate you for stealing my kill, and then Solar's part wants me to … hug you." she makes a sickened face and gags. "Lets get back to Solar before my blades slip."

The both of you hear some grumbling, some swearing likely under that usual calm demeanor, some thrashing about in the tent ahead of you, a right big ol' Poof of snow, as the tent collapses with the thrashing of a big Pegasus, then the sound of ripping fabric "What in the Flying flipping feathers?!" he growls out as he tromps up and out of the impressions where the tent /was/ his wings and legs are streaked with black goo, and he looks seriously ticked off, "FEATHERS!" he growls out as he tromps out of the mess that was the tent, looking around, for where Fizz is at, he feels absolutely sabotaged right now, and also fearful too

"It depends on who you ask, I supose? Solar, he never seems to have more problems than possibly being a bit less-than-stellar Guard…" Fizz stoped for a moment before giggling at Solar-Wind. "Oh, don't look at me like that! You deserve it after what you did to me!" With a scoff she looked back at Twist as she limped onwards. "Lets just say I've had a much different life… I've run into somepony that's twisted my mind… That's why I have no problem tearing Will's head off… I mean, it can be reatatched if anypony -want's- to."

Twist still is is simmering on high heat, "Thats not the point head removal is clean and easy, I can respect a good decapitation. Stoning … you know she is still alive right?" A strong hoof pokes Fizz, "And that she is conscious. That is crueler than anything I can do to a pony, and that includes maiming" it looks like she might get into a drill sergents lecture for a moment before the yelling of another pony catches her attention. Ears perking and she returns to her hooves. "Oh Solar calm down you big foal." she trots over to him and her wings wrap about him for a big hug. "I haven't stabed anypony yet."

Solar makes it fully from the wrecked tent and tromps to nearly the both of you. He settles down instantly as Twist aproaches him. He leans down to give her a kiss on the nose, then gently taps his forehead to hers, exhaling deeply as he hugs her right back, a smile settling on his muzzle and him becoming totally calm, like the stress just drained out of the big guy. He looks to Fizz, "Hello Sodium Fizz, I see you've met my very special somepony" he smiles, "Again" he adds as an aside. "Lets try to keep the stabby to a minimum, I know just how sharp those blades are anyway, Unless" he looks over to Fizzy, "could her blades cut that stonework from ya, or is it totally through n' through?" he asks curiously of Sodium-Fizz.

The big pegasus mentions "This is actually kinda good that you decided to stop by Fizz" he announces, "We've made some plans that you should probably rely back to Ruby, for hmm perhaps some consideration" he mentions, "the plans include myself, and a bit of a sacrifice on behalf of the base" he states as he looks to the two of them…

Sodium-Fizz raised an eyebrow. "Solar, you think I would half-arse it with a stone covering? This," Soda raised her petrified stone hoof, "is from the same vials that let me pull Will's head off. My own price to pay. I got a elixir to removie it… but I'm going to keep it for now, see if I can't put it to better use since I only got one… I can live with a bit of pain. Just like Will can live with a bit of decapitated petrification, that's the least she deserves. Taking another pony's free will, -that- is the crulest thing I can think off…" she said and shot a glance at Twist.

Soda stod still for several long moments before turning her head back to Solar. "And… No, I don't think I will. You won't be sacrificing for the base. Neither your life or your love, and that's period. We're better than sacrificing somepony… Most of us, anyway." Judging from the way her muzzle scrunched up in disgust as she glanced away, she clearly didn't count herself amongst 'us'.

"Thats what I came out here for the plans a bust." Twist returns to her usual grumpy face, pulling away just enough to be able to look at both of the ponies. "I have no clue why I'm different but Will's power is still effecting them. It could'a been because of the Copy Cat pony she hit me with Will's mind spell I have felt kinda funny ever since … " she looks lost for a moment staring out into the waists. Not even returning the glare she gets from Soda.

"I don't know what to do Solar." You can tell from her hesitance she is not comfortable sharing, and the ways her eyes dart back especially with Fizz right there. "I can not just leave my men hanging. They are not all good ponies but they are my ponies … "

Solar looks to her, "bust, aww Feathers" he grumbles then looks back to Sodium Fizz, "The initial plan that we two had schemed up was that the nightmare army would come upon the base and send in a wing Captain Twists finest, I'd lead them into the lab, and trigger some explosives to wipe out most of the base. I know that the lab is shileded from such issues, as it had to endure a direct massive telaport shockwave. We'd hole up in there running on survival rations for a week, then blow the roof, It failed but was replaced by That Winterwitch, Snowfield.

Sodium-Fizz shook her head. "That's a no, both from me and from workable options. I've been working on cooking up more of the sticky goop, a -lot- more… and firebombs. I'll see what I can arange in the way of getting to fight the Shadobwolts should the need come, I can pick them off without actualy harming them. I'll give you a load too…" Soda hesitated for a moment. "Also, we still have Will's head, and the means to get it back on her shoulder and unpetrified. We might be able to buy them off, just maybe, with it… Hopefuly after we've managed to gum up Mrs. Wind here," she nodded at Plot-Twist, "just in case she manages to wrap the lot of them back up again…"

"Look I think … I think I should stick to my role in all this. Stop … stop telling me things." Plot Twist takes a step back. "I will lead the attack like normal. If I draw there focus into the base and give you time to escape. I would be grateful if you just gummed us up. When they figure out whats going I will will have to bring Tom to come after you, he is just in love, give him the head or a cure and he will break ranks. I will try my best to fallow Solar." she presses her head against Solar's and nuzzles lightly. "I'm not sure how we can fight the general but we will think of things ok? Just be safe. You can leave a message in the tree I fought the copy cat at, it was hallow. I assume your friends with her." giving a hug she leaps off to get back before she is missed.

Sodium-Fizz looked skywards for several long moments before dropping her gaze back to Solar. "Not bad, I kinda like her."

Solar-Wind watched her go, then ducks his head, eyes closed, he nods some. He is just breathing deeply like Ruby has tried to tell him, breathe deeply try to balance yourself, gain control. The big guy is still emensely worried that much is obvious by now. Still just concentrating on breathing, not worrying. worrying, just plain ol' worrying, He chokes out "I like her too Fizz, I really do" he sighs out, still breathing out deeply.

A stone hoof settled around Solar's neck as Soda pulled him down into a hugg. "Then do your best to make sure everything turns out well… I'll make sure to get you a bunch of the sticky bombs so you can help limit the casualties. And if you see… Tom… direct him to me, I should be carrying the head still. As for Nightmare's Eyes… Well, that'll work out too."

Solar-Wind finds himself wrapped in a hug, the big guy deffinately needing it at a time like this. he just sighs some, "Thanks Fizzy" he murmurs softly and nods, "I can do that, only if you have something schemed up to take him out for awhile, also, have you ever heard of Diamond Dogs?" he asks curiously

Sodium-Fizz noded, "Heard of them. Never had a chance to meet them. Though considering my track-record I should be thankfull for that…" Soda fell silent for several long moments. "Goop them up too? Not really sure what we can do about them other than that."

Solar-Wind says "they'll be penetrating the base without the use of the door, they'll be coming from below from what I understand" he intones, "they are diggers, and I was thinking something akin to your stonefish elixer mixed with something a little on the odd side" he smiles, "a mix of stonefish, and black goo, so subterrian stickage."

Sodium-Fizz hummed for a few moments, then grinned and nodded. "Yeah, that seems like a idea. Sink that under the floors, they won't know what hit them."

Solar-Wind nodnod's and smiles, "Also, I'd like a snow multiplier, if you could study that idea. Throw a vial into a snow bank, and watch the snowbank multipily

Solar-Wind Watch the Snowbank multiply." he smiles, "I can be devious at times, I guess, but that techinique could be used to cover our escape, or even to mask tracks, or hay team it with a snowball, and call it a done deal, you could equip a proximity snowstorm in a heartbeat, then have a big pegasi like myself fan that generated snowstorm into an attacking force, and viola, instant confusion!

"I'll see what I can do, it's a bit on a short notice…" Even so, Sodium-Fizz smiled before leaping into the air. "We should head back to base… Tell everypony what we're planning, and get to work… So much work."

Solar-Wind nods some and takes to flight too. leaving the camp adrift more or less, it will be covered by snow in mere moments anyway, what, with the snow and the wind here. "I agree, much work, much work to be accomplished, and I need some of that anti-goo too" he mentions, with a grin as he follows her flight path, "if ya need any help, I know you're hurting there Fizz, I have my rescue strap, you can hook it to your jumpsuit, and I can help ya" he offers as he sails just over you offering that assistive strapwork.

The grey mare turned slightly, giving Solar a soft smile. "I'll be fine… No doubt I'd have looked like Captain Twist if I didn't know what I was doing with alchemy, at this point. A bit of pain isn't uncommon."