Stuck On A Statue
IC date: Spring 88
OOC date: June 17
Location: Town Square
PCs: Sadaka Sunshine-Stormcloud

The Town Square is kind of abandoned today. Which might have something to do with the rain! Its only occupant seems to be the statue of Seafoam, looking all impressive and adventurous and zebra-adorned and historical and… wait. One of these things is not like the others. One of these things does not belong!

Indeed, for some reason there appears to be a tiny little zebra foal holding to the top of the statue. One hoof is hooked around Seafoam's ear, the other clinging to her mane, clockwork wings tucked in tight to her sides, eyes staring fearfully down at the very rain-filled fountain beneath her. THIS WAS NOT WELL PLANNED.

There are admittedly few ponies who are willing to run around in the endless rains during Final Rain. Apparently winged zebra fillies are among them! Also apparently are earth ponies with prosthetic legs. Like Sunshine Stormcloud, the newest addition to the Harbor Guard! Whom, for one reason or another, has been assigned patrols out in the rain. Her superiors, a certain pair of goons whom used to work for her way back in the day, may have had something to do with that.

Either way it means that Sunshine's out and about, trotting through the otherwise empty square. Getting soaked. At least they gave her a raincoat… And she has to admit she enjoys the pit-pat of raindrops. Though something about the peals of thunder rumbling in the skies makes her..nervous. La la la~ Trotting through~ Oh look! There /is/ another pony! A striped little filly, clinging to the statue of Seafoam. Isn't that nice. Sunshine goes as far as to wave to the familiar filly, ready to keep going on her merry way, when something about the picture makes her pause. She turns her head, squinting at the statue for a long moment, then starts to amble towards the fountain. "Isn't it a little too wet out here to be playing like a pidgeon?" she calls up when she thinks she's close enough.

Sadaka blinks down at her, peering through the rain. "This w-wasn't exactly what I was trying to do!" She calls back, shifting her grip a bit to try and hold on a little tighter.

Sunshine tilts her head up at the bewing'd zebra filly. "Yeah? What /were/ you trying to do then?" She glances at the fountain, grimacing as she sees about getting herself up on the edge. "You need someone to come get ya?"
Sadaka blushes, fidgetting her hind hooves a bit as she tries to find a better footing. "Well, uh… y'see, um, I w-was… I thought, er, I'd sorta… see how well I could fly in the r-rain. 'Cause sometimes it rains. And… and pegasi fly real w-well in the rain."

Sunny manages to balance herself on the rim of the fountain, but it's shakey at best with those rear legs of hers. Not the best balance tools! Still, she creeps along to get up next to the statue, reaching up her forelegs to see how close she can get to the trapped filly. "So… You picked the rainiest time of the year to see how well you can fly in weather you've never flown in before? You're lucky it isn't a severe storm!"

Sadaka blushes deeper. "I was doing fine until it got all windy!" She shoots back defensively, though her expression states that she's kind of getting where Sunshine is coming from here. At least the wind only smacked her into the statue, instead of blowing her out over the sea or something. (Still, she's gonna have an oddly ear-shaped bruise on her belly for a while.) "A-and, um… I… I'm n-not very good without a gallop t-to start." She stretches a hoof out towards her testingly, though keeps one leg hooked around the statue's ear.

"Easy now…" Sunshine grunts, getting up on her hind legs, one hoof on the statue for balance, the other reaching for the statue-bound filly. "Just grab my arm, let go of the statue, and let gravity do the rest."

Sadaka blinks, glancing to her, then down at the water below, then back to her, ears laying back. "B-but…" Eep! It's not exactly a /deep/ fountain, but to a filly who gets nervous in a bathtub, it's deep enough! She peers at Sunshine nervously, fleetingly entertaining the worry that she might go dropping her on purpose or something. Nopony could really blame her for a small crisis of trust, right?

Sunshine tilts her head up at Sadaka, her arm extended and getting more soaked by the second. She glances at the fountain waters, then back up to the filly, one ear tipping back beneath the hood of her raincoat. "Hey. It's okay. I won't drop ya! …Though I can't promise I won't fall over if you don't hurry up."

Sadaka gulps thickly, taking a deep breath. And then another. She flutters her wings, then streeetches out to grab at Sunshine's hoof, closing her eyes and releasing her death grip on the statue's ear. Aaaaaaahcatchmecatchmecatchmeaaaaaaaaah!

Flump! Sunshine gives a good tug to make sure Sadaka falls in the right direction, straightening up to use both forearms to catch the flailing, falling zebra filly! "Gotcha! I told yo-whoa!" True to her other prediction, Sunny promptly loses her balance on those fake legs of hers, toppling sideways off the fountain and into the streets! Whump. At least she ends up cushioning the smaller pony's fall too, sprawled in a tangle of raincoat and rain-slicked mane. "…oof. Okay. You're down now…"

Sadaka squeaks and flares her wings, trying to slow the topple, which of course does very little good when one has rather small wings and is clinging to a much bigger pony. She gives a little oof of her own as they land, blinking and twitching an ear. "A-are you okay?"

"I'm okay, I'm okay." Sunshine breathes, giving the smaller pony a couple pats with a hoof. "Are you okay?" She puffs out a breath, only waiting half a beat for an answer before saying, "Next time you go flying in a storm, make sure you got a real pegasus with you, eh? Maybe they can teach you how to not get blown around."

Sadaka blushes and nods, looking down. "All the p-pegasi w-were working on makin' the weather. Mr. Jellybean's been all b-busy, and… it w-wasn't raining /that/ hard, so I th-thought…" she lays her ears back. It seems like a really dumb idea /now/. At the time it hadn't seemed so silly!

Sunshine actually grins at that. She sits up, giving the filly a ruffle on her rain-soaked mane. "Hey, there's nothing wrong with havin' guts." she states. "Just now you know you can't handle wind yet. So that's why I said get a pegasus. Simple as that. Can't know what you'll be good at doin' until you try it, right?" Like she's the expert in that, Miss Blank Flank Mare.

Sadaka blinks and blushes, smiling a bit sheepishly. "Yeah, I guess so. Er… thanks. I thought I'd be up there 'til the rain stopped."

"Not on my watch." Sunny grunts, looking about as serious as she can manage with a rain-slicked mane and everything. "There shall be no foals stuck on statues while I'm on patrol. This I swear!" She grins. And then the moment of silliness passes, prompting the mare to go about the sticky business of getting back on her hooves. "…At least tell /me/ when you're gonna go flying around. I like seeing you work those wings. Makes me wonder if I could find a way to rig that up instead of…" she trails off, giving one bronze leg a knock with a hoof.

Sadaka picks herself up as well, shaking her wings to get the rain off (completely ineffectually). "Well… maybe, um… maybe when Papa Blackbird gets home he could… help." She hesitates a beat, tilting an ear back. "…Or, um, I could have him show me how to make somethin' and then I could make it for you." That seems, somehow, the 'safer' option. Yup.

Sunshine leans away from the shaking zebra! She's wet enough already! …So a little more won't hurt, but that's not the point. The offer, however, makes Sunny blink, and blush in her off-white cheeks. "Aw… Really? You'd do that for me?"

Sadaka blushes faintly herself, scuffing a hoof. "W-well… sure. Yeah. You're… you're my friend." She tilts an ear as she says it. It feels a bit odd coming out of her mouth. Not unnatural, though, nor insincere, and perhaps that's indeed where the oddness lies.

Awww… There's a little tear in Sunshine's eye. Or maybe that's rain? Either way she shakes her head and gives a mighty sniff! "Well! I'll… Happily take the help I can get then." Even if it doesn't work. The thought was still adorable. "Er.. You want a ride home Sadaka? My patrol goes that way anyway…" Though she's admittely been giving Blackbird's place a wide berth lest she accidentally call the lightning or something. That's one encounter she's not exactly looking forward to.

Sadaka scuffs a hoof shyly. "Oh, well, er…" she sighs softly. "Papa Blackbird's still out of town. I'm staying with Mr. Jellybean and Ms. Typhoon…" she glances up at the clouds overhead. "…I dunno if I can get back up there 'til the wind stops an' stuff."

Aww..again. Sunshine glances up at the clouds, immediately wishes she hadn't, and gives a nudge to the wing'd zebra down the street. "Right then. A brief stay at Ruby's place. We'll get her to send that pegasus nanny off to let Jellybean know where you are, alright?"

Sadaka nods, blushing. "Well, uh… o-okay. …Can we, um, leave out the part with me getting stuck?" she asks sheepishly, glancing up at her.

"I don't remember you getting stuck." Sunshine answers with a lopsided grin, leading the way on down the street! "Far as I can tell you're the one escoring /me/ home!"

Sadaka blinks and smiles, perking her ears a bit and trotting after her with a small chuckle.