Streetcrossed Ponies
IC date: Autumn 68
OOC date: November 27
Location: Town Square
PCs: Spearmint Dream-Daze

It's a rainy Autumn day in the Harbor. Days are getting colder, and the weather is getting more wet in general, building up for the coming snows and ice and cold and such. Rainy days mean fewer ponies out and about on the streets! Which is okay for a certain little unicorn filly, wearing a bright yellow raincoat, a matching rainhat, and an umbrella perched from a harness on her back. Dream-Daze trots out from her house, humming a soft tune to herself as she ventures forth towards…somewhere. Somewhere halfway important perhaps. Or maybe just to the ice cream parlor. Which may be halfway important when you're just a filly!

Spearmint doesn't much like rain. It makes everything sound… weird. Or, well, things sound normalish, but it's got this constant background raindrop noise. But when you need cake, you need cake. That is to say, you need cake ingredients. And that, usually, means leaving the house. Even if it's raining.

Thus is he trudging along, bundled in a blue raincoat, hat, and bright red scarf, saddlebags packed with flour and eggs and cocoa and sugar and butter.

Yellow raincoat walking one way, blue raincoat walking the other. Streetcrossed ponies on a fateful meeting or…something. Being one of the only other figures in the street, Dreamy feels this urge to change her course a little so she can intercept! "Good afternoon!" the little filly chirps when she feel's she's approached close enough to make good conversation.

Spearmint jumps. A good couple inches. "Yah! Wha… oh, uh… hello." He frowns a bit, one ear twitching. That voice is… foreign, if not entirely unfamiliar. For one of the first times he can remember, he's having a hard time placing a voice. It's momentarily disconcerting.

There's a moment where Dreamy, too, seems to forget exactly who she's talking to. The reaction makes her pause, one hoof lifted, head tilted, staring at those milky white eyes for a long moment before something clicks. Oh! "It's me!" the filly says, "Dreamy! With voice now… Such a better way of saying 'hi', isn't it?" She beams. At least she seems proud of this change. "What'cha doin'?"

Spearmint blinks. For a split second, his ears droop. Oh. Right. "Oh, um, h-hi! Hey. I, um… well, I was just… shopping." He gestures back at his saddlebags with a shrug. "What, um… what's up with you?"

"I was just on my way to go shopping! Because, um… We're all out of easy dinners.." The filly blushes faintly, not that it can be seen or anything, but hey. "You haven't been by lately. Is everything okay? Makuru's been by a few times… I love it when friends visit y'know?" A splash sounds, Dreamy prancing once or twice in the street. "Or maybe I should come visit you! Hanging out's awesome! Ooh maybe I could help you make that cake! An extra pair of hooves couldn't hurt, right?"

Spearmint blinks again. "…How'd you know I was making a cake?" Not that the ingredients don't make it somewhat clear. He blushes faintly. "I m-mean, um, my mom was gonna… I, er…" It's not like he just up and decides to /bake/ in his spare time. Why would he do that. Ahem. "Well, er… I… guess so. Yeah, we haven't hung out in a bit." He tilts his head. "You've been buying easy dinners?" Those are so… so… /bland/.

Blink! Dreamy coughs against a hoof, shrugging (ineffectually). "Lucky guess?" she offers, and then gives a happy hum. "Well, Mom and Dad are busy working the shop most nights! So I cook. And by 'cook' I mean make..sandwiches..or other easy things." A hoof is scuffed against the cobblestone. "Because I can't cook very well. It's not exactly my talent.."
Spearmint nods slowly, blushing a bit. "Oh. Well, um… I could… maybe… uh… show you stuff. …My mom made me learn. I mean, I'm not great or anything." He tied a cooking contest once. "But I know… some stuff."

"Yay!" This prompts Dreamy to bounce right up and hug the blind colt around his neck! Hug! And then nuzzle his cheek. Nuz! "That would be great! Then I can learn how to make something actually maybe good without burning the house down! That's exciting. You have /no/ idea." She lets go, giving a few prancing steps around him, raindrops scattering everywhere thanks to her umbrella. "Maybe we can get a couple other friends over and we'll just make dinner for all of'em!" Too far?

Spearmint blushes, clearing his throat a bit and shyly returning the hug. "Well, er… maybe?" He twitches his ears, shaking a few raindrops off of his nose. "If you want, I guess."

"Yay!" Dreamy shouts again, another round of bouncing. "I guess I better make sure I go get enough supplies for a proper feast then!" All the bouncing skids to a stop. "Oh. Uhm. What…should I get?"
Spearmint chuckles faintly. "Well, er… what do you want to make?"

Dreamy blinks. Stumped! She ponders this question, trotting back and forth behind the blind colt, up one side, down the other. "Um. Um…" She comes to a stop, placing a hoof on his shoulder. "…Sandwiches?" She looks concerned that this may not be a good idea. Not that he can see it. Maybe he can hear it!

Spearmint's ears follow her, turning this way and that as she paces. "Sandwiches are easy. Not a bad place to start. And most ponies like them." He nods slightly. "Lots of options in a sandwich." It was still a bit weird to have a conversation like this with Dreamy. He wasn't used to… well, not actually seeing what was going on in her head. She always had such good ideas to show him! The conversation seemed sort of… empty without them.

Plunk. Dreamy sets her raincoat clad rump on the cold wet cobblestone. "Oh! Well then, sandwiches it is!" She wrinkles her nose. "I already make sandwiches. How can I make /better/ sandwiches? Maybe you should come shopping with me and help me make the /perfect/ sandwiches! The best sandwiches ever!"
Spearmint blushes faintly. "Well, er, sure, I could do that. What kind of sandwiches do you like? Maybe we can… fancy them up a bit."

Dreamy knows he's already got food, but she gently gives the colt's shoulder a nudge, starting to aim him back down the street and towards the markets. "I've been dealing with hay mostly. I wasn't sure what flowers make a good sandwich~"

Spearmint nods slightly, trotting in the direction of the nudge. "Well, uh, we'll pick some stuff. Okay. We'll make some real good sandwiches."

The two foals wander back towards the Market, talking of sandwiches and ingredients and the makings of…

Later that night, after Spearmint's gone to bed, a dream comes to him.

A visible dream. He can see himself. Standing in front of a great window, like the window of a storefront. Only instead of a mannequin with clothes or something, there's…Dream Daze. With her hooves on the window. Staring at him. The filly stares, apparently breathing hard enough to make the glass fog up. She pounds her hooves on the glass. Tink tink. She rams herself into the glass! Bam! Bam! Objects get thrown into the glass! Wham wham wham! No effect…

So Dreamy sits. Behind the glass. She gulps a breath. Her horn lights up. The dream starts to focus on the glass. It's vibrating. Shaking. The filly sweats, gritting her teeth, hornglow getting stronger! The window glass shudders!

And then the whole thing shatters! Glass shards, flying everywhere but where the colt's standing, and now the magic is obvious. There was noise behind that glass. Two words, bellowed out at the colt through the broken window, as Dreamy leaps through! But right before the filly can make contact with Spearmint, everything goes black. The dream ends. Out like a light. Only those two words lingering behind before more normal dreams…or possibly the wakeful world can intrude upon the blind colt's consciousness: