Stormy Rage, Stormy Truth
IC date: Summer 86, 1007
OOC date: September 14, 2012
PCs: Ruby-Blossom, Kludge
NPCs: None
GM: None

After seriously damaging that poor lamp-post (and possibly herself) - Ruby manages to storm all the way back to her shop where she forcibly shoves the back door open and climbs the steps to her loft - a simple one room affair with kitchenette. She is either to angry to shut the door or perhaps well aware Kludge is following. She slams her saddle bag down on the floor before plopping near the window facing the habor - she's SOOOO angry in fact her horn is showing!

A minute or two later, Kludge arrives at the back door. He knocks on the doorframe, then calls out "Coming up, if you don't mind." After another pause, he walks up the stairs and sits down quietly, his eyes focused down the stairs and Ruby in his peripheral vision.

Well if Kludge was expecting a response he's going to be clearly dissapointed! The mare just stares out the window and into the harbor - despite knowing that's where Maddie will likely end up. She's visibily livid; another moment passing before the mare stands, and trots to the kitchen to draw a glass of wanter - still silent and angry.

Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all. Kludge stays in his place at the top of the stairs, his gaze drifting enough to keep Ruby in the corner of his eye, but not enough to be considered staring.

A cold refreshing glass of water is set on the breakfast bar while Ruby takes a sip of her own - the long uncomfortable silence lingering before Ruby all but snarls. "I'm sure it wasn't on purpose. Tell me it wasn't a joke.

A pause. "Her henchgoons have undoubtedly seen her do every trick in the book. That probably includes smiling to a pony's face while she prepares to stab them in the back." Kludge hesitates for a moment, then continues. "The only thing they haven't seen - /until today/ - was their boss like this."

Ruby-Blossom quiet sip as she plops down by the window. "Somehow that's not reassuring." Clearly still unhinged as judging by her exposed horn. "It didn't help to have her calling out. An abandoned pony abandoning somepony? Makes me feel down right…

Kludge walks over to the window, sitting near (but not next to) Ruby. "I might have an idea why it didn't seem right. She honestly seems to be in love with you, but her goons mentioned that she's *never loved herself.* I don't think she's actually lying, but the truth she sees might not be accurate."

He blinks for a moment. "Did that make sense?" he asks sheepishly.

Ruby-Blossom literally bites her tongue to resist replying too suddenly - que dramatic silence - this is becoming a new art. "Shame she can't love herself, but I guess I can relate to that.

Kludge leans over and gives Ruby a brief hug with one arm. "Well, you know you can always talk to me or Dream-Daze whenever there's something troubling you," he points out, then smiles. "What are friends for, anyway?"

Ruby-Blossom fume-fume-fume "Yeah, friends." she mutters huffily. "You wouldn't like me if you really knew me. I'm no better than Maddie, just another criminal."

"From what I've seen of this town, that describes at least half of the population," Kludge points out. "You'd have to have done some really nasty things things in order for me to dislike you, and from what I've seen those types of things aren't your style."

Ruby-Blossom stands suddenly and uncermoniously dismounts Kludge's arm. "Stay." she storms downstairs leaving Kludge alone in a *gasp* girl's room for several minutes! It's really quite simple - nothing of great interest save for a comfy bed, vanity, and lockbox at the foot of her bed. Ruby returns several minutes later, plops her flank down and places a tiara atop of her head - a royal tiara identical to the one stolen early last year from a Canterlot Musuem - a story that made headlines across Equestria, and brought game shame to the Royal Canterlot guard…and there it is atop of Ruby's head the very same tiara stolen by Scarlett O'Mare.

Kludge blinks, then blinks again. Given what Ruby told him and Dreamy about her background, it's not too surprising that she's involved with larcenous activities, but something of that caliber? He lets out a low whistle. "Having the skill needed to be able to fence that… wait." He crosses his eyes in thought, then starts musing in a quiet voice. "Street urchin with few options, turns to life of crime; that's a classic tale. Add in somepony they're taking care of, plus young age and working manual labor when available, wouldn't have time or resources to be a fence, which leaves thieving as the only route, and thieves wouldn't /buy/ loot from a fence, which means the only way you'd have this…"

His eyes widen as the conclusion sinks in. "…is for you to have stolen it yourself!" Much more stunned blinking.

Ruby-Blossom just glares "That's right. One of the few things I actually keep for myself; that makes me a low-down, rotten thief. A criminal just like Maddie and her goons." she points "So now you don't need to be dillusioned that I'm some good pony here. I'm going to rob the Syndicolt blind, then I'll be out of everypony's hair." So she says, but why did she build a home?

Ruby suddenly finds herself being hugged. "I've seen you around the fillies around town. Nopony with that tender of a smile can truly be a rotten pony. Besides, it sounds like you weren't in this to become wealthy; you just kept this tiara because it's a trophy, to remind you of getting it…"

His eyes widen as the final pieces click into place. "…from the Canterlot Museum." Much more blinking, then respectful applause. "Scarlett O'Mare, I can only wish that I become as good at my craft as you are in yours." While Kludge might look askance at the less law-abiding professions, he respects skill.

Ruby-Blossom must look utterly addorable - all huffy and fuming while wearing a royal canterlot tiara; she might even look cuter if she put on the accompanying jewelery. She plops her flank down and boils for a few fine long moments. "Fine, whatever. Tell anyone, and the doctors will need to dislodge your hammer from…." hushing and fuming. "Stupid…" she mutters. "I told Dreamy, cause she can't exactly..tell anypony.

With a backwards tip of his hat to reveal his horn, Kludge gives Ruby a smile. "Tell anyone what?" he innocently asks with a wink. Lowering his hat back into place, he rests a hoof on her shoulder and takes a more normal tone. "Feeling better?"

Ruby-Blossom pffts softly before standing and trotting back downstairs to stash her trophy. She returns and heads right to the bed "FLoor is over there, or don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Since he had arrived without an actual invitation, Kludge takes the respectful option. "Good night, Ruby~" he calls before heading out, closing the door behind him before heading off to his wagon.