Statue Of The Past
Time of Day All-Day
OOC date: 3/19
Location: Oldtown's Historic Statue
PCs: Grinder Seafoam's Statue

Dust, if theres one thing that there has always been enough of, its dust. After the megaspell blast ravaged the north side of town there's always been enough dust to go around, irradiated, tainted and just created from all the buildings that were turned into dust in that moment of horror.

In the historic 'old-town' district of Horseshoe Harbor lies a monument to some distant past hero, the very founder of this onetime rough pioneer community, a survivor, a renegade, and a hero. Hero's are one of the things a place like this needs and here they enshrine her, that long past hero whom founded this town. Everyday without fail there is some pony assigned to dust and clean that statue so that, that hero may be preserved through all eternity in tribute to her bold, heroic and selfless morals. A hero, possibly a pirate, but, eh, so what, thats how the world goes round right?

The plaque forever preserved below the 'fountain' like structure highlight the heroics of this bold daring mare of adventure:


who headed the expedition to
Horseshoe Harbor
in our year of Celestia 966


This town was based on old 'pirate' ways and what better place than to continue such past-times. The new, if a bit wrecked vision of Horseshoe Harbor was none better, we live day to day wrecking the old, pirating the riches of what once was to make our future at least a little bit better. Sure, salvaging might be nothing compared to what the wasteland scoundrels do but its something to keep ya going.

Grinder sat atop that statue, following the bronzed filly's solid gaze wherever she's looking and gives a shrug as she continues her special 'duty' for the day making darn sure the statue gets the attention it deserves as some ponies just don't put any effort into her preservation. The barely teenaged fily remarks with a dull grunt. "Some ponies just don't care" no she puts in some serious love to protect this statue, cleaner and polishing compounds are actually bought to help keep this statue looking pristine, and it always shines when she gets through with it. Odd as it may be, but this bronze filly is the one role model in her life, what a brave filly to have set out here and make a town of all things!

The better part of the day is spent with tender loving care of her personal idol nothing in the equestrian wasteland is going to ever harm her best and most long lived friend. Wednesdays were her days, something she looked forward to every single one since she found this town, and she made sure she always had time to come out here and see her friend every chance she got. Grinder revered the idols of Seafoam and took that plaque to heart, well all exempt for that going to sea part, cause well duh, Sea-monsters! but other than that, she lived and breathed those fine morals of that past hero mare.