Stab In The Heart
IC date: Autumn 62, 1007
OOC date: November 20, 2012
PCs: Plot-Twist, Dustdevil, Ginger-Spice
GM: None

The last day had been rather hectic in the Harbour, largery thanks to the sudden influx of bewildered ponies talking about some kind of 'ever-frozen never-so-bright and insanely hot' place. Ginger-Spice would have called crazy, if there wasn't so many of them and they genuinely seemed both baffled and, on the most part, sweating like something fierce. And Spice had upgraded to a warming scarft for the last days!

Of course, it wasn't all bad. Especialy the rather amazed look on their faces when they got a mouthfull of her cooking. Especialy the foals, their expressions is just precious. Right now, though, there were a lul in activities, leaving the gingerbread brown mare a spot of time to catch her breath.

Dustdevil has had a tradtion, a ritual every mid morning, of flying out to the boardwalk and hovering there in the middle, just off the pier, and watching the colors of the sunrise cast their way ocean-ward, to dazzle the skies beyond with a multitude of hues. Its been a ritual of loss, rememberance, and hope. But after a time he usually flits off one way or another to assist the weather ponies with clearing, or one task or another, weather or search related. more the former than the later unforunately, as there were just so many ponies lost.

Catching sight of her oft-times silent morning companion, Ginger-Spice scooped up one of her patented chili buns and trotted over in his direction, throwing a glance down the street where the last group of the 'weird other-world' ponies had gone. Humming softly to catch Dust's attention she stopped behind him. "'Ello there! Ye're 'ere as usual… Broodin' as always, I guess? Ye've noticed.. sometin's up, 'ave ye?"

Dustdevil hovers on over, lifting his hoof to a chest pocket with a bit of coinage there in trade, "Aye, I just have to watch, just have to remember, ya know" he just sighs a little with a smile, "and Yeah, something is up I mean wearing barely a stich of clothing in the fall n almost winter, these ponies are odd" he nods some, "say they came from another world" he kinda snerks under his breath and shrugs a little bit. "Who knows"

Ginger-Spice chuckled as she hoverd the bun over to Dustdevil, a small smile on her face. "Well… I've been talkin' to a few o' 'em… And I'm thinkin' there might be somethin' to it. They're baffled by -grass-, Dusty! Grass! An' they say it tastes rather well, too. Jus' plain grass of the groun'…. And I've heard, from talkin'… that they apperently 'ad ponies from 'ere livin' with 'em… for 'bout a month…" Hint-hint, Dusty.

Dustdevil actually laughs, "just plain grass, hmm, well, I suppose if ya want to, I guess it is just there" he shrugs some with a laugh then pauses, "Wait, about a month, you mean, some of our ponies, a month" he goes wide eyed, "R,r Really?" he gulps hard, eyes looking here and there, "I've not seen anyone around here that I recognize, well besides the usualls, but none of the missing ponies" his voice quivers, "Where are they if they've seen anyone?

Ginger-Spice smiles, almost impishly. "Well… I've seen 'em as they came in… I might recognice yer special somepony, ye know… If you describe 'er."

Dustdevil lands before you, "Grey pegasus mare, ya know, feathers, Yellow eyes, skiddish around others, kinda ackward round other ponies," he intones, "Shy, quiet for the most part" he hops about on his hooves, "oh tell me you've seen her?" he asks no pleads

"Well… I've seen one grey pegasi mare, there… Was easy, suprisin' few pegasi in their group… thou' she wasn't that silent… o' awkward. Thou' tha' might be 'cause she was bawlin' her eyes out, all tears and wailin' as if in pain… Looked like frack, too. Like she'd been bitten up all bad like," said Ginger-Spice, her ears flattening against her head. She didn't really like to deliver bad news. "I think her eyes were yellow… thou' they were bloodshot like ye cannae belive. She was carried by this big white mare, whi' a bit o' red in her mane… Not sure where thou'."

Spice bit her lower lip, seeming to working on restraining herself from saying something else, and looking very guiltily for it.

BY NIGHTMARES UNTRIMED FETLOCKS ITS HOT. What kind of nightmare is this place? Blazing death in the sky? Light that burns the eyes? How is this better?! The poor Ex-Captain tries her best to stumble through town, still in her winter thermals and wears what seems to be welding goggles over her eyes. The only thing getting the poro pegasi through the pain is the smells. OH the smells that come from this town. This is no mystery meat or blue leaf this smells like REAL food! Sniffing about as she comes to Ginger spice she sniffs at the her food in particular. "Woah whats this?" looks back at the others hopefully.

Dustdevil says "Fizz, crying, she, she does have issues from time to time" he nods a little, "but bitten up, and hurt, that, that really doesn't sound right, Bitten up, the other flyer looks to the sweating pegasus mare, "uhh you ok Miss?" he asks with concern, then looks to the food, "Ummm, its good food, good eating" he looks confused looking from Spice to this new pegasus, "Oh, you must be one of those from" he changes his voice a little to more dramatic, "The Other Side!""

Ginger-Spice blinks at Plot-Twist, actualy seeming shocked to see her. After a moment she levitates the chili-bun over, almost absent-mindedly. "Chili-bun…?" she offered weakly, eyeing the suit. "Why, by Celestia, are you wearing -that-?! Doesn't it get hot? I mean, really hot?!"

The gingerbread brown mare sounds rather incredelous. She thinks the autumn air is chilly herself… That's why she got a scarft to go with her kercheif. Other than that, she's practicaly nude.

Plot-Twist rolls 1d10 (Can she handle it better than Soda?) — Result: 8 | Sum: 8

Plot Twist's wings give a pensive flutter of exitment as she inches closer not sure how one goes about acquiring food from another in this world. Then the tastiness lands in her hooves and she gives a look like she was given the best gift ever. "Of course it gets hot! But I-" she looks away from the two gathered, a bit of red coming through ehr purple coat. "I can't go galloping about naked … its indecent." she takes a bite through the bun eyes going wide again. "OH WOW! It hurts but …. its so good." she licks her lips and seems to be "Does everything here have to BURN though." she laments. Everything is so painful in a world of HEAT. Though in moments the bun is gone and she is licking her hoof. "Oh ya I saw Soda, Winny is licking her wounds I think. They kinda fought zombies all yesterday."

"Wait. Chilly Bun? This is cold food for you? How is that even …"

Plot-Twist stares at the food in horror and realization.

Dustdevil pays Ginger-Spice for the mare's food, "Indecent, er, perhaps where you're from, but here, being that bundled up, in such fair weather, while its cool out, you look like you're right burning up, thats not good for your health" he offers sounding professional about it. "I mean look at the both of us, I've got a mere vest, certainly its warm and all" he shrugs, "Winny, Sodium-Fizz, wounded" he gasps, "She fought Zombies?! he shakes his head, "thats, thats not the fizz I'm used to" he blinks looking incredulously to her, "Are You Ok?" he asks of the odd mare looking her over some, "are you able to see through those goggles even, they look so dark?"

The younger mare leans forward, looking rather… concerned? That might be a bit strange, two ponies seeming more than a little worried about a stranger, just like that. "Indeed, overheatin' can be a bit o' a risk… But, um… indecent…?" She turned slightly, peering at her own bare flanks and looking rather incomprehensible. "Uh… I… think maybe, ye would… do better whi' a change o' clothes? Maybe a nice dress? All propper-like, an' cooler."

Spice fell silent for a moment before chuckling, "and not a chilly bun. A chili bun. Chili's… a very stron' plant, very spicey… But what's this 'bout zombies an' fightin' and hurts? Who's Sodium-Fizz? Lover boy 'ere's never said much 'bout her… An' who's Winny?"

Plot starts to breath hard. "No wonder we had our Flanks kicked! Your world is nothing but pain, burning, and nudity!" If her eyes were not covered in goggles the welling tears might be viable. "Why is the food so bucking good?!" Hooves to the air she calls out to the heaves in a skyward scream only to fall onto her back in a puddle of misery, dramatics and sweet. Grumbling back to her hoofs she sighs. "I can't see with them off, all I see is a white blur and pain." she frowns and considers her thermals. "But … my … my flank will be exposed." blushing like a right school Filly now at the mere thought. "A dress? What those fancy ponies wear in Canterlot? Well I'm not sure I can pay for that…. " All this concern is weird so with a clearing of her throat she refocuses on the issue of her new friend. "Sodium Fizz is the briliant if crazy alchemist who beat an army with tar, ink and explosives. Heck if I knew she was that dangerous I would have iced her-" catching the old train of thought and putting it away quickly. "Winny is … not sure I really got her name. Lovers I think?" she gives a shrug. "I swear there was more macking in that camp than fighting."

Dustdevil listens quirking his head at the explainations, "Canterlot, uh ladies wear dresses all over the place, not just the haughty high and mighty Canterlot, Its common" he shrugs some, "or a shirt, or cape, or vest like me" the pegasus shrugs, "vests seem to be a trend over in Cloudsdale" he mentions, "though it is getting cooler out and flightjackets are also coming back into season, with the colder weather approaching" he highlights. "The alchimist parts right, defeated an army?" he gulps, "that doesn't sound right, that sounds odd, there's only one 'army' here and thats of the Celestial Guard, ya know, for Queen Celestia, and Queen Luna?" he asks , "Its the same everywhere" he looks back, "Right?" "Lovers, wait, what, Sodium-Fizz and another pony, Uhh, I don't think you've gotten that down right, Fizzies Single, and I err" he huffs some.

Dustdevil just shakes his head some, "I love her though, that just can't be true, I know she's a little bit older, but I don't care I was going to ask her to be my special somepony, she, I, Urr, if…

Ginger-Spice smiled, "Don't worry about it, I got some spare bits about, I'll help ye pick out somethin' nice and… um… pay for it…" Spice's cheery grin fell as she looked at the dishearted Dustdevil. A moment later she'd wraped a comforting hoof across his withers, not quite sure what else she could do. That.. had to stink. The pony he's been comming to the dock every day for a month, waiting for… In the hooves of another? Who?

Spice frowned slightly and turned to Twist. "Who's this Winter type stallion…?"

"Really you would do that for a complete stranger?" Looking a little shocked, Plot Twist wises up enough to at least take her hood off and shakes her mane free. Better but still not enough to keep her from passing out soon. Longer than what you would expect a combat pony to keep it seems she usually has it pinned back in her hood. Free now the pink-ish mane drops down just below her chest. Its clear now she is riddled with scars, half her face looking like a fractured mirror. "Stallion? Winny is a mare I think … Unless I'm really confused. She kinda acts like a stallion." Hoof going over her mouth realizing what she just said and to who. Its harsh news to any pony to learn your barking up the wrong tree-er pony. "Uuum he he- I mean … " she gives an innocent smile. Seems she can't stop the stabbing, this time it was to a poor ponies heart~

Dustdevil is listening to everyone, he feels that comforting hoof, but is numb by now, "Spice do please get this kind mare something to drink, not hot nor spicey either, just some juice or something" he mouthes, and he gently pulls a heavily laden coin pouch from his vest, he plunks it down before the 'imported' mare "you, You can have that, I, I, I have no need of it anymore" he shudders, ducks his head, shakes it violently, then turns a twist around lowering to the ground, then in mere fractional seconds the Pegasus Is away leaving only a shockwave of collected dust in his wake, and while there's no sonic-rainboom, there is one hay of a shockwave generated by his rapid departure! To say the least, he's shocked, enraged, saddened, and everything else, no words for this pretty much!

"You can do that…?" said Spice, blinking in confusion. A mare and another mare? What? The thud of a coin pouch on the ground shook her awake as she turned to Dustdevil. "What are y-…" Thwoom! Duststorm. "Dustdevil? Dustdevil!" She coughed, waving a hoof to clear the dust, big purple eyes turned skyward. "Dusty…?"

Oh no, if there is one look in the waist a Waistland pony knows it the 'give up on life' face. As fast as Dusty is he does still have a tail to grab and Plot Twist is not about the let him go. "Oh oh ew oont" she speaks through a mouth through of tail. A dust storm whipping about her her goggles being her only saving grace against a sand blast kicked up by his wings. A few new cuts open up on her face from flying rocks. Pulling back with all her might she ties to get the pony to set back down, she will set on him if she has to. "Now cool your wings." Twist's best drill sergeant voice is on.

Tilting her head to the mare, "Oh so you can walk about nude but dating the same gender is weird? You ponies make no sense!" Twist stomps a hoof, hopefully not on Dusty.

Dustdevil is down, he won't hurt another, its not in his nature, down but not alright about it, he was right stunned to have been stopped so, he just drops to his belly wings somewhat haphazardly tucked, and his muzzle draped utop his forehooves while the pegasus just lays there, "Oww, that hurt" he mumbles as he flopped groundward, crashed via that firm tail-grab yank, that pretty much dropped him, it also twisted his tail pretty hard too. "Oww" he just intones lightly still grumbling under his breath, and otherwize not getting up or moving, he's too frustrated.

Ginger-Spice coughed agian, waving a hoof to clear the air of the rest of the dust… and blinking in startled suprise at Twist and Dustdevil. That… had been impressive! Catching Dust like that…? "Wow… How'd ye do tha'?!"

A friendly pat on the back is given. She is not the more gentle of ponies but it seem tough love in on the menue today. "You just sit right there and get aquanted with the ground. Be thankful its not permafrost." A big flank that pins you in unforgiving and unrelenting! Smiling at Ginger she gives a nod. "Spend years teaching Pegasi how to stay alive, keeping them from rash action is about second nature at this point." looking back to her new seat and gives him another pat. "Now Dusty was it? Dusty. As much as I like a pile of bits it's not worth it for a heep of trouble your about to get yourself in."

Dustdevil just sits, he sighs out and just grumbles under his breath, "you can keep the bits, don't need them if she's got a mate" he mumbles sadly, "those were saved up for a good proper bit of jewelery" The pegasus sighs and lays his head on his forehooves, "Chance you could not sit on me?" he asks with a little groan and a mumble

Ginger-Spice's mouth opened, then closed as she stared at Plot-Twist, seeming in a bit of a shock still. After a moment she leveled a hoof at the ex-Shadowbolt. "Ye're… awsome!" She squealed happily, her forehooves pressed against her mouth. "I cannae belive it, I get tae meet an interdimensional hero!"

The resulting bouncing around around Plot-Twist would give Pinkie-Pie a run for the money… if that was all possible. Still, it's fairly impressive how she manages, giggeling all the time.

The third lap through she stops before both of them, smiling. "Come on Dusty, listen to… um… 'er?" Spice faltered for a moment at the lack of a name… but didn't let that deter her. "I mean, she knows, righ'? Maybe it's not that bad? Maybe ye can still win 'er back? Maybe ye dun have to? I mean, a mare and a mare? I'm not sure how that's s'posed to work, whatever -that- is. Mum's never clear on tha' part… But dun' be a frowny face! It might nae be tha' bad… and even if it is, ye're life's not over! Right?" The last part was directed at Plot-Twis. Leaning down she picked up the bag of bits and thrust it back into Dustdevil's hooves… together with a chili-bun. With a smiley face on. A cheery, encuraging smile spread across Spice's freckled muzzle. Who can say no to that face? Right…?

"Any chance your going to take a long walk into Seapony infested waters?" Plot Twist gets her scared face good and close to Dusties. You might even be able to make out a hit of eyes behind those blanked out frames. "Then no." she relents a little though, enough to make it not so painful anyway. "You got your eyes on a mare? Maybe you should fight for it? Winny sure did. Fought through like…" she counts on her hooves quickly "At least twenty zombies. To get to her prone and wounded Fizz, while they where saving some foals. And that was just the one battle I was around them for!" giving another pat on the rash little pony under her. "You just give up because some stranger saw something?" a quick hoof to your head in one of those heroic of wakeup! punches.

This might just be an alternate reality if Plot Twist is giving relationship advice. Not to mention the reaction form Ginger. A hero's welcome. Bouncing cheering? Thats not what she is used to. Her own mouth dropping open. "Hero?" Wat?

Dustdevil just gives in, he's not going anywhere for right now, right pinned down by a mare of all things, it should be the other way around in his book. He just sighs some and mumbles under his breath. He just sighs some, "Come on, please let me up, I'm not going to do anything stupid, I just gotta go and think" he mumbles, as he's still pinned down, and not really struggling really, he doesn't want to hurt anypony. "not giving up, just have to go think this through n stuff" he repeats sounding a little grumbly

Ginger-Spice nods eagerly, "Yeah!" Headless of Twist's bevilderment she reached down, helping to pull Dustdevil to his hooves. "And.. don't worry Dusty. It'll work out you see! Just take your time… And don't do anything silly, okey?"

Plot Twist waits a moment mulling over the bucks words. Seemingly satisfied she stands and gives him a swift kick to his backside to make sure he gets up right away as well. "I'll keep this untill you wise up." Picking up the bits and placing them in her pocket. "Now listen to your filly friend here and buck up." giving a nod and nudging the buck off with her nose.

Dustdevil gets up and kinda winces here and there, and is kicked no less, which certainly startles him, "Owww, hey" he grumbles and glares, "not very nice" he just eyes her, "Oh, and my name's not dusty, Its Dustdevil" he erks some and shrugs a little, adding softly with a little grumble, "But Dusty is fine too" he mumbles some and stretches his wings a little then hovers and takes off towards the treeline looking a little bit sore!

Ginger-Spice waves after Dustdevil. "See ya Dustdevil! An', ye know.. Dun do anythin' silly!" She keept smiling after him as he dissapeared before turning towards Plot-Twist rather curiously. "If he already have a fillyfriend… why'd he want this Sodium-Fizz…?" She fell silent a moment and scowled, maybe she'd get the-… "Oh hey, I still don't know your name, do I? I'm Ginger-Spice, the finest chef you'll ever lay your eyes on!" Nope. The gingerbead brown mare giggled, her rear-end swaying as she bounced from hoof to hoof.

Plot Twist dusts off her thermals. "Tackling naked bucks was not on my to-do list … " not that she seems to be complaining. The blush might lean you to believe that she might have enjoyed it a little more than she would like to admit. "Not sure why you think I'm an interdenominational hero-er oh I'm Capta-er no not a really anymore, P-plot Twist" she admits like it was a dark and painful secret. It even seems to leave a bad taste in her mouth. "What? Your a filly and your his friend Filly-Friend." looking confused at this weird pony eyes catching her rear wiggling up and down and-WHY DID I LOOK. Quickly she covers her eyes peeking out to make sure the gyrating has stopped. Another hoof extends to shake yours. "Nice to meet you Ginger."

Ginger-Spice grined widely and shook Twist's hoove eagerly, not at all - thankfuly - seeming to catch on to the alternate meening behind name. "Wha'? Nae, fillyfriend's like… yer filly, ye know? As in, yer special somepony that's a filly, see?" She took a step back, her horn blazeing in soft purple as she levitated over a bottle whose label read… cherry soda? "Oh, an' here… Ye look like ye're needin' it, ye're sweatin' like… Well, a lot! So grab tha', and I'll just close down my kitchen an' well look fer some clothes fer ye!"

More silly ill'logic from these silly sun dwelling ponies. "What do I call Solar then? My Colt Friend? My Special Somepony? Why all these weird labels?" scratching her head and moves along with you right up until the point soda flies her way and she jumps back like you where just trying to hoof over a rat. "Ack! Keep the poison to youself." sticking her tongue out at it. "I was already tricked once never again will I suffer purple ooze from the nose." adding an intimidating growl to the bottle as she trots around it and back to the kitchen. "I will take another of the Chilly Rolls though. They where great."

"Suffer… purple ooze," said Ginger-Spice, eyeing the bottle curiously, "froom the nose…? Twist. It's soda! But… sure, if you don't want it." She shrugged and took a mouthfull herself… with no ill effect and then set of towards her food wagon, her horn still glowing from hefting the bottle… and the chili-bun that came hovering.

By the time it was close enough for Plot-Twist to bite into the young mare had already set of down the boardwalk, waving for the ex-Captain to follow. "Now, come along Twisty! Shopping awaits us! And… um… yeah? That does make Solar your coltfriend!"

Horsefeathers she is fast! Plot Twist spins back around and trots quickly after her. "I .. can not honestly figure out how you can keep that from coming out your nose." giving the bottle a vex look. "I bet Fizz booby trapped mine !" blinking the idea hitting her like lighting. "Oooh that back stabbing…" grumble grumble … Its hard to be angry for long with a bun this good, chilly or not. "Can I try it?" swallowing up the last of the bun and feeling even more thristy than she was before. Wondering if she could breath fire at this point. The curiosty over ponies obsession with this drink is killing her! "Ok Solar is a Colt-Friend, so … if you don't mind me asking." trying her best to keep up so she isn't walking behind you. That would be acward. "What else can you tell me about relationships out here? Things are so different here from where I come from."

Ginger-Spice giggled softly for herself. She'd only taken a little sip from the bottle, she knew Twist would need it in short order; it floated over in her direction. "It's just… soda! It's suposed to be fizzy! As for relationships… I… can't say to much, I guess," said Spice, blushing softly. "I mean, I've never had a coltfriend myself… and I didn't even know a filly could have a fillyfriend! Oh, does that mean a colt can have a coltfriend, too?" Oh, mind-boggeling. She shook her head. "But… yeah, I don't know much. I know ponies get married… and sometime divorced, like my parents."

As the ponies enter the shopping district Plot Twist eyes the the bottle with suspicion. Slowly she takes a careful sip and … she doesnt' seem to be bleeding from the nose. Its rather unpleasantly sweet kinda fizzes in the mouth and down the throat but the flavor is nice. "Hey that isn't half bad. Way better than that purple junk." looking a bit more shocked than you would imagine any pony would. "Course Colts can have colts friends, heck about every stallion in in unit where up in each other's business when they had the time." rolling her eyes obbviously this is a much more open topic where she came from. "Hey I lost my parents when I was young too." divorse is like death right? "You seem like you got your thing though, happy and all right?" giving Ginger a friendly pat on the back. Stopping as a large boutique comes into view. "So…" she swallows. "Dresses …"

Ginger-Spice gives Plot-Twist a puzzeled stare for several moments before turning towards the boutique herself and nods, a wide smile on her face. "Yup… dresses!" Door open? Pounce! Right into the store, the gingerbread brown mare's head whiping about to take in the selection offered, a quick twitch sending her red and orange mane out of her eyes. "Dresses! Long and short and lacey and oustere and pleated and plain and bejeweled and embordied and frilled and frumpy-" GASP!- "and so many other variations!"

She whiped around, grinning at Twist, kind in the way Fizzy does when she goes over the edge. "So… what'd you like?!"

So much to take in! Without the blinding light from outside she is able to take her welding goggles off at long last. The grey eyes go wide at all the color and choises. Soft and fluffy and shiny! "Oh … wow." is all she manages to get out. The grizzeled warrior might have just discovered a new love. "How is it you can afford clothes this nice." she is still utterly in shock. "Are you sure you can afford this?" she seems to have fallen in love with a number with a long flowing skirt two layers and strapped top, in a stunning white. "A little revealing …" an impossible stament as it is very much the oposite.

Ginger-Spice shot Plot-Twist a very odd look before turning her gaze back to the white dress. "Revealing…? But… it's a full dress! Wh-…"

Spice never got further before a smooth voice spoke up from around the rack, a elderly stallion smiling at the two… even if it is grow a bit nervous at the sight of Twist's scars. "Missy, leave me to do my work, will you please? You're the one of them… other ponies, are you? This," he motioned at the dress, "ain't that revealing. At least by our standards, so if you're worried about odd looks… you'll not get no weird looks 'round these parts, a'right?"

Trying her best to avoid simply nuzzling the soft feather weight material against her face. Poor Twist really wants to but she is as filthy as one would expect a battle warn warrior would be if all water came as a solid. The fabrics are just so-

"Hrm?" she snaps back out of her day dreaming and to the two ponies who where trying to insist its really more than is needed. "Oh I don't imagine a town of nudists would be giving me any trouble anyway. Dosn't mean I'm comfortable being seen." Its sleeveless and the V shape to the fabic up to the point the saddle is sown on lets her withers show as well. "Honestly I'm not even sure I can afford sure beautiful clothing." a little bit of morning in her voice "C-can I at least try it on? That is if you don't mind?"

The stallion shook his head. "Nope, you're not going to try it… I think… blue might suit you better, in fact. Let me go and see what I can dig up, a'right?" With that he turns around, heading back amongst the racks of clothes.

Twist looks disapointed a first, the word 'nope' about had her dropping her head in despair. Then he subjusts something else? Somethings that might work better? The ex-captain just about can't keep her hoofs to the floor. "Sorry I'm so exited. Normally I'm a bit more …" she waves a hoof not used to explaining it. "Well you know, Never did I think I would ever get to wear something so pretty." if she had a tail to wag it would be, as is all she has is a shorn close little thing that can hardly dust the floor. "Clothes this nice I can't imagine why you all walk about in the nude!"

Ginger-Spice smiles widely and reaches up, giving Plot-Twist a suprise pat on the back. "Dun ye worry 'bout tha'! I bet I'd be shaken' if I wound up in 'nother reality, too! Hero like ye'll pull throu' just fine though! An'… most just save clothes for those important times. Why wear 'em all the time when ye dun' need to after all?"

Twist taps a hoof to her chin and considers the best way to explain it. "Soft feeling against your fur? Heck just to look nice." really this is likely as 'girly' as she has been in her life, "Now wait here just a minute, you keep calling me a hero. I'm not really proud of anything I did on the other side. Ponies like Solar, or Fizz. Well maybe not Fizz. They deserved a hero's welcome." giving you a weird look before her eye is drawn to something else. A dress bedazzled in gems. Not sure if its pretty or gaudy in its sparkling display. "This place is so weird." she mumbles under her breath ..

Ginger-Spice gives Plot-Twist this silly little smile, 'oh, so modest' it practicaly scream. She turns around to look at the dress for a moment before looking back. "What? That's a Rarity design! They're, like… the most fashionable of fashions in Canterlot! Actualy, I'm suprised to see one out here, now that I thi-…"

"I got ahold of that several years ago missy, bought it of a… uh… trader commin' into town. Apperently it's one of miss Rarity's earlier works, before all of that ho-ha humbug. Now as for you… I think this'll suit you a lott better." The old earth pony turned about, lifting a soft sky-blue coloured version of the same dress Twist was downright nuzzling between his hooves. "We got a changing screen over in the corner, if you want to try it on. Can adjust it a bit to suit you better after we have a look at it, not often we get mares with your type of build in here!

"Rarity?" Plot Twist gets a shiver down her spine. Some kind of interdimentional hee-bee-geebies. "Why is it i get the feeling we wouldn't see eye to eye." she squints at the dress trying to place something in her memory only be be brought back by the owner and his tale. More importantly is the dress itself. "Oooh!" she is about bouncing again at the sight of it. "What is it made out of anyway. I don't think we have anything like it." trying to reach out her hoof to touch it once agian, instead snatching it and all but prancing back to the changing screen. Why ponies who are nudists need a privacy screen is a mystery Twist will never question, all too grateful for it all the same.

Layer after layer is tossed atop the screen. Its a marvel she didnt' die of the heat. Then she steps out. The dusty lavender of her coat mixing well with the sky blue in the dress, little acsents of gold still making her look regal. More scars show though, along her left legs and down her shoulder. Seems what ever wounds where on her face carried on down as well. The only issue with the dress being her big flanks and her muscled form make her more than a tad too big for the whole thing. "How to I look?" smiles from ear to ear.

Both of the ponies cocks their head to the side and eye Plot-Twist most criticaly, to say the least, for several long and excrutiating seconds. In unison they nodd. "I'd say you look rather fine, miss."


"Heh… Yes quite, as the dress goes. I think it's rather your color but if you'd rather I can get you something else. It'll have to be let out in a few places however." With that he walks forwards, rather casualy throwing the measurement tape hanging around his neck over Plot-Twist and tightening it, mumbling the numbers for himself.

The ex-shadowbolt about leaps onto the ceiling as the talior comes at her with his tape. Chalk another thing onto the list of new experiences she would have rather not had. Somepony who knew her better might be trying to hold her down, knowing the look on her face to be the 'stabby' one. Good thing she is a hero and would never do that right? "Unless you think there is something better? As long as there are no large hats that go with them. I hate large hats." she winces against the odd closeness, "I do rather like it though." preening at the softest thing ever (at least to her). "Do all the letting out you need?" leaning over the stallion to look at Ginger and mouthing. 'Let it out?', and looking confused.

Ginger-Spice giggles, "Um, he means he have to fix a few seams? It's a bit, you know, tight inplaces! I think, I mean dress-making isn't my particular talent is it? Actualy, I've not worn a dress for years."

After a few moments more, in which the stallion gets uncomfortably close a few places, he stands back up, still mumbling for himself for a few moments more before nodding. "Right… I got the numbers, now. If we settle the score a bit, I can have it ready to be picked up this evening, miss. Maybe tomorrow if one of my priority clients come in, but I doubt it."