IC date: DATE
OOC date: 1/26
PCs: Dustdevil, Sodium-Fizz

Its a Beautiful day in the Harbor, well somewhat, the rain is warm, and
the winds are lightly abated for some reason or another, but well really its
just a lighter form of cruddy weather, pleasant in comparison to usual.
Dustdevil would not be the most recognized creature of this town, mostly cause
he rarely visits, and now even more so as he has a deeply hooded cloak
covering his form, matching boots, and a hunched look to him overall. There is
a wrap about his muzzle and a visor hiding his eyes from onlookers. Overall he
looks like quite a dark and until figure. He keeps to the streets keeping
mostly out of sight until he makes his way to the 'Fizzy Flask' where he
slips inside and barely even pauses once inside. He goes straight for the
counter hoping that the propritieress will be available this early. The sign
said open after all, and he has bits and more.

The stallion looks about within the store, seemingly choosing things at
random, or at least looking so. He says nothing , but places a list upon the


Healing elixer

Illusion Smoke



The stallion doesn't fool Sodium-Fizz, at least he doesn't manage to entirely.
When you got somepony stamped with a big 'Danger' sign - wether for reasons
sensible or, in Soda's case, rather irrational - one tends to keep an eye out
for those individuals. After a moment she spoke. "You know, we don't actual
sell sugar here, right? It's strictly soda or elixirs. Which rather excludes
'bombs' too," said Fizz before she shook her head.

"Really, I'd have to be stupid - and not crazy - to hoof out explosives to
ponies around town. Specifically -this- town," she stated flatly.

Dustdevil 's shoulders slouch even more, "Its sugar for specific pie designs,
its not common grade cooking sugar of course" he offers with a grunt. "then
that nixes Three out of the five, The healing elixir i've already paid for,
but I would like to purchase some of that wonderful Illusion smoke stuff you
created during our encounter with the Timberwolves" he asks politely enough,
not even a hint of emotion to his voice. Thats gone, completely.

Sodium-Fizz's ears perked up in recognition of Dustdevil's voice and she took a
step back. "Dustdevil… What are you up to? And no, I don't think I'll be
selling you that either. You're being very… unsettling," she muttered. "So
no, I'm not selling you anything. You'll get your stupid healing potion
though, even if you wrecked more stuff than you paid for last time…"

The pegasus just sits down, reaches down under his wing, and twists his head
some this way and that, then pulls out a case, and *KLUNK's* it down upon the
counter top. The thing must weigh a ton or something because it wasn't just
heard but felt. In that process his hood fell away revealing his mane, or not,
no mane at all really, he'd lopped it down to bristle brush buzz, so not like
him again. His lack of hood seems to frustrate him, and you still can't see
eyes nor muzzle due to the cloth that wraps his muzzle and his goggles. A wing
reaches forward tip catching the edge of the box, and it doesn't do anything.

You hear a little growl under his breath, and he knocks the top clear off of
it, where it skitters across the top of the case, and down to the floor. Its a
case filled with not bits, not Irons, but Stalleons, right to the very top
Filled to the max, its like a life savings right there, the whole bulk of it.
"Take what you need" he glowers some, though in a voice that screams 'I don't
care what you take, heck take it all' "I can pay for that, I'm sorry for my

Sodium-Fizz blinked in shocked surprise for a moment, then blinked again as she
found a hoof halfway to the case while a wing was arching down under the
counter for… certainly nothing that Dustdevil had asked for. With a angry
scowl at herself, and the case, her hoof rose up and pushed the lid closed.
"Sorry, Dustdevil. But I'm not going to sell you that… Now, what the hay is
up with you?"

Dustdevil twists his head some, "that is in repayment for what I broke, take
what you need please" he asks again "I'm not buying anything, I'm repaying you
for what I damaged, all those pretty colors of stuff I broke, just because" he
shrugs some turns pulls his goggles off which helps pull his muzzle wrap off

Dustdevil twists his head some, "that is in repayment for what I broke, take
what you need please" he asks again "I'm not buying anything, I'm repaying you
for what I damaged, all those pretty colors of stuff I broke, just because" he
shrugs some turns pulls his goggles off which helps pull his muzzle wrap off
too. First the odd look, dark and foreboding, then the buzz-cut mane, and his
eyes oh gosh they look like he's gotten into a hoof to hoof combat match with
a black and blue pony! and they are bloodshot too!

"What is up with me, hmmm, A learned something Fizz, really I did" he partially
smiles, though its a rather haunted smile, "Something you taught me, something
you told me, something thats perfectly clear now that I think about it" That
grin again, its practically scary looking on him, something is broken, or
fixed, but its not looking right on him.

"And what," said Sodium-Fizz softly, "would that be? Because, seriously, you
shouldn't be taking any lessons from me. Other than perhaps how to run away
screaming, I'm good at that you know."

Dustdevil practically breathes his words, "I'm not running away screaming, I'm
facing what most haunts me, what has most hated me, what has most crushed me"
his stance is gaining strength, going from slouched to standing up staring
right at Sodium-Fizz, "I've learned from you that love is" his voice sounds
sickening, "a useless pointless gesture, meaningless!" his muzzle twists as he
glares, "Friendships worthless, do nothing but drive a pony to twisted
actions, Hatred is better, oh yesss" he is practically shouting at her.

"Yes, you told me that being your 'friend" he sneers, "would be bad, is bad for this
town, for everyone that meets you, and you're right" the pegasus practically
growls, "It is, you're a plague, a disease, infecting this place, You are
sick! You drown everyone in attempts of friendship, then stomp on their very
dreams, their very souls!" he shouts, "Like you did to me!" he then goes
silent, "Those are the lessons you taught me Sodium-Fizz, I have learned them
well" he states to her just glaring, with tears streaming down his muzzle,
some part of him breaking, even more than what she has already done to him.

"And you didn't listen to me!" came the angry reply from Sodium-Fizz, who's more
or less bolted onto the counter and staring down at Dustdevil. "I told you and
I refuse to take responsibility for this, for you! I'm only responsible for
myself - and that's kinda new, I'm not sure I can - and what I do. But as your
friend I'm going to tell you the most important piece of advice you need to
learn in life - live with it! It's not perfect or fun or even nice… but you
have to deal with it. Preferably gracefully if you can, I know I don't and it's
a pain and I dislike myself more 'cause of it."

Dustdevil steps a pace back going wide eyed "I I I did what any pony would, I
tried to make friends, I thought of you as a friend before, before you said
that you you had issues, problems" he shakes his head tears still streaming,
"They were just far fetched stories, I couldn't believe them to be true, real,
but I see now how wrong I was, and that you truly are messed up" he looks
exasperated, tired, hurt, still crushed, "Then when I thought you were the
shining light of my friendship I thought something I shouldn't have, I thought
you were more" he returns to his slouch.
"I thought you so much more than friends, but you crushed me then with the news of another" The pegasus before you just shudders, "I took that, that blow in stride, and I thought it was all good, but then you labeled me a danger, and you did it again, took my heart and soul and trampled it, for what reason?" he glares up, "What reason, yet again your past, your past your haunted past, like I had anything to do with that?! I had nothing to do with that with those ponies, I'm not like them, I wasn't like them" he just sobs now

"I don't trust love, Dustdevil. It's as simple as that," said Sodium-Fizz. "Hay,
part of why I'm with Winter is because she's never claimed to love me. We just
like each other and… are together. And besides, I've never been interested
in stallions. My barn-door just don't swing that way."

The alchemist sighed softly and reached foreword, putting a hoof under
Dustdevil's muzzle and turning his head upwards to face her. "And… these
things happen, okay? I've gotten turned down by everypony I've ever fancied
until Winter… and then there's the business with Silver Cauldron but I
hardly thing that's normal for most… It's just how things turn out, don't
let it break you!"

Dustdevil settles, more slouches into that hoof holding his chin up, eyes slip
closed thought tears still slip through, "That didn't break me, it hurt me
yes" he nods oh so slightly, "its what came after, what you called me, how you
treated me, that hurt me so much" he states quietly, "you Said I was a danger,
and that you couldn't be my friend ever, that" he coughs out, "That broke me
of everything I had ever known, I thought I could help you by, just by being
your friend, but you stabbed me in the heart, my soul, my very core, and that
hurt so much, you could have ripped my cutie mark from my flanks and it
wouldn't have hurt so much as that" he pants out. "I am the Rescue pony, I
help others, any that I can, but to be denied of my calling, my, my, my what
makes me, ME" he just shakes his head, "it Really Hurt!"

Sodium-Fizz sighed softly. "I know you don't want to hear me saying this…
but.. suck it up, Dusty. Life can be all roses and no thorns… or it can be
like walking through Tartarus. Is it unfair to you that I'm paranoid and
terrified of love, of ponies who express it…? Yes, I guess it is… but…"

Fizz sighed and shook her head for herself. "But… I don't want help, not like
that. Lady Luna knows everypony have given their best to help me… and I hate
it. I hate being told it's all fine and it's in the past when I'm not living
it… I talked with Winter yesterday about all of this… and… I don't want
to be me, I've never wanted to be me as I know me… but I think I might have
to. At least meet myself half-way… And I don't need somepony helping me like
that, I need somepony to help me not buy telling me it's all-right but telling
me that it's not." A small smile broke over Fizzy's muzzle.

The stallion merely looks down he's lost in thought, confused by the mare, one
day seemingly hating his very existence, the next practically still saying
he's a friend. His voice is meek almost afraid of trying this again, he's been
beaten before, several times by this very mare. "I, I won't ask to help you,
if thats it, I just need something, something small, but its big to me, maybe
its not even a need, but something I really want, wanted since I met you,
just, just to be friends, thats all I ask anymore these days, I know thats
alot" he still looks down, "you, You seem to have changed somehow, I want to
believe that" he gulps some still not meeting that gaze, and he sighs

Sodium-Fizz gave Dustdevil a flat stare. "I'm not going to let you sleep wit-…
You know what, no. I'm not even going to finish that," she said with a
shudder. "As for change… I don't know. Maybe it's only the fact I'm
accepting that I need to try something new. And something I fear…" The grey
mare fell silent for several long moments, lost in thought.

"What… is it you want," Fizz asked after a while, "from me…?"

Dustdevil stands up and just stares, "What the Hay is wrong with you?!" he gulps
and glares all angry eyed, "I know better than that, what do you think I am?!
You don't love anypony, and certainly not the likes of me and my kind" he
shouts back at her. "not wired for it, You've got your Winter Solstice, thats
fine, I told you that its just fine, its perfectly fine, fine, fine! All I
wanted was to be friends, thats it just friends, but you can't even get that
much, you just keep on crushing anypony that tries to befriend you." he
quivers, one wing twitchtwitchtwitching like some mad-pony "What I want from
you, really, all I ever really really Really, wanted was to have a friend!" he
shudders fully bodily, and cowers looking over his shoulder, eyes darting here
and there, dodges to one side, looooooks around, "Dang you give me my potion!"
he is practically hyperventilating, "Just give me my potion!" his voice
changes to a pleading desperate sound. Eyes dart, over your shoulder, widen,
he turns looks through the windows, "Healing potion and and and, that that
Illusion potion please Please you gotta give it to me, Please" he pants. All
that talk of friendship has switched to something else. "All my money's there,
entire life savings, in that case, there, keep it its weighing me down, can't
fly with all that weight, keep it safe, Keep it safe!" he shakes looking wild
eyed out the windows,

Sodium-Fizz eyed Dustdevil for several long moments, seeming deep in thought.
Then she turned and leapt the counter again before ducking back under it. When
she returned she placed an elixir on the box. "The strongest healing potion I
have," she said and added another pouch next to it, "a pouch of illusion dust
and," a third vial, "a low-grade, long-duration strength elixir. It'll help
you haul your things along with you." Grey hooves pushed the box over to

"I don't really trust you, and you kinda make me scared at times - like right
now, manic doesn't suit you." Fizz drew a deep breath, "And… I might have
said things I shouldn't before. I won't pretend things can be unsaid… I
doubt I can help you, either. At least more than this. Free on the house, it's
the least I can do for…"

Dustdevil looks up at her wide eyed, eyes dart back to the pouch of illusion
dust, that strength elixir, and that healing potion, all three seemingly
disappear into pouches on his vest, his goggles are back on in mere moments,
he just can't not pay, for something, just can't, small pouch of bits is
deposited on the floor on his side of the counter so you wouldn't notice right
off, its /something/ at least, he's too honest to just take some thing, still
not in his nature. "I'm sorry Sodium-Fizz, Thank you for for this" he looks
outside, still looking terrified, "Is there a back exit I can use, is there?"
he practically pleads "I, I don't know where we are right now, but for what
its worth, thank you" he gasps out looking totally off his rocker right now,
but also still thinking somehow level headed-ly "I'll use these wisely I
promise" he states as he looks for the door, wrapping his muzzle right back up

"Back exit? No…" said Sodium-Fizz thoughtfully, "though now that you mention
it, I totally should have one installed… You could try the second floor
windows out back though, I guess?"

Dustdevil stares, "Windows second-floor, Right, Left? Which-way?!" he stares at
her, "No exit but the windows, that works! That works, cause I'm a Pegasus,
pegasus can fly, fly away, right" he nodnod's

Sodium-Fizz nodded. "Indeed. Now get going, Dusty."

Dustdevil charges upstairs and opens a window, and is gone, flapping hard flat
out gone! He evidently didn't take that elixir for strength yet but does his
Dustdevil maneuver and is gone in a thunderous roar of dust and wind!