Spinning A Yarn
IC date: Spring 10
OOC date: 31/03/2013
Location: Rising Chaos' house, the beach
PCs: Rising-Chaos Spindrift

Ah, delicious repercussions. It's been a while since the whole school business has wound down, but there's just one more loose end. It's being tied up now, or Rising Chaos intends to, clearly. Spindrift would awaken to find a note slipped under her door.

'My lab, as soon as you are available -Rising Chaos.

How very ominous~

Spindrift tends to be an early riser. It isn't long into the morning before she can be heard- at least by anybody in the lab- coming down the stairs in her usual neat, measured cadence. She opens the door smoothly, but slowly, sea-green eyes darting about and rapidly searching for anything about to present itself as a threat, while her magical senses are alert, trying to notice any spellcasting starting up upon her entry. All this preparation leaves her looking noticeably tense, muscles tight like the strings of a violin beneath her blue pelt.

The lab is all neat and tidy! The chains and area the three clones were locked up is the exception, and they are, once again, sporting Rising's sword, ring and cape. Several tables near the back have experiments ticking away with whatever it is Rising actually does with her time down here. Books cover many tables, there's a few whiteboards and the like, but it all looks very organized. the table nearest the door has a warm pot of tea and two tea cups, in anticipation of Spindrift's visit

Off towards one corner, is Rising Chaos. Because asking a pony down here and NOT being there yourself is exceedingly silly. She's preoccupied with magic, kind of the same spell she used in the concert, but weaker. Still, it's making enough sound that there's no way she heard Spindrif- "Glad you could come so early, Spindrift. Thank you for coming down." Oh, well, apparently she figured it out. A calculated little performance to show that she knows all in her lab, though in reality it was Glyph getting all excited.

The stupid little lizard scurries across the ground and hisses at the seapony. Soundlessly, with his felt mouth with no teeth or throat. Charitably he is 'not even a little intimidating', but he still tries.

Spindrift glances at Glyph and summarily disregards it entirely.

She then looks across to Rising, after taking a quick glance over the room once more. No traps. No ambushes. The invitation was still unexpected, and she doesn't yet know what it is regarding, but for now at least it seems she can relax a bit. Entering the room fully and shutting the door behind herself, the seapony then makes her way to the centre of the chamber, keeping a respectful distance between herself and Rising, while turning to regard the three items left in the three emptied bindings. "Good morning, Rising Chaos," she says, evenly. "What occupies your talents today?"

Rising Chaos soon finished up the spell, and the light and sounds shimmer away. The unicorn rises and walks on over to Spindrift. In truth, the mere thought of ambush, or traps, would be highly insulting to her. If anything else, it's her lab, she doesn't need HELP. "Oh, just some experimentation, idle stuff. I'm not at my best in the mornings." She looks to be in less than a good mood, scowl and grumpy. Even that being said, her mane and coat are in perfect condition, you rarely see them otherwise. "I had something to talk to you about, actually. Care for some tea?" She moves on, taking a seat at the table with the tea set prepared for them.

Glyph keeps up his aggressive posture, not quite aware that he's been ignored.

Spindrift sweeps past Glyph and towards the table. He's being a little jerk so she's gonna be a jerk right back to him. Settling down at the table opposite Rising, Spindrift bows her head in a nod. "I'd be happy to share a cup. What's on your mind?" she asks, turning to regard the unicorn evenly. She seems to be in full-on poker-face mode, expression revealing little more than that she is breathing and occasionally blinks.

Rising Chaos pours the tea for them both, offering milk and sugar to Spindrift to add as she pleases. "Well, as you know, I was forced to assimilate my copies, to regain the parts of my soul that I lost when they were made. Before doing so, I took the liberty of speaking to them." She takes a sip of her tea, her voice is completely neutral as well, her face a scowling wall revealing nothing more than she scowls, it doesn't even look upset. This may be impressive, I dunno. "I learnt a couple things from them, including that you entered my lab without my knowledge, and tried to interrogate them, is this true?"

Spindrift takes a sip of her own tea, at least after she sees Rising having done the same. She takes it straight, although her gaze lingers on the sugar for a few covetous moments before returning to meeting Rising's scowl.

The mention of the clones- and what they inadvertently revealed- elicits a reaction from the seapony… a slight raise of her eyebrows, a slight inclination of her chin. Not much on their own, of course, but even the tiniest pebble creates noticeable ripples when tossed into an otherwise perfectly glassy pool.

"Yes," says the seapony, after a moment's consideration. "Emphasis on tried. They said nothing, save for the red one, which had nothing more to offer than 'Mine.'"

Rising chaos nods. "They revealed a bit more to me, perhaps because I used a different approach." Like threatening to disintegrate them and being them. "A very interesting lesson learnt there." She takes another sip, savouring the beverage. "Perhaps I can answer some questions? The blue one remembered a few that you asked." She clears her throat, still not changing from neutral tone. "They were magical constructs, almost pure magic, that also contained a part of my soul. I assume that the life magic I was messing with made an attempt to simulate flesh and bone, and did a fairly competent job. They were NOT me, and shared no memories, or much of a personality. They could understand you, every word you said. any other questions?"

Spindrift listens to all of this over her cup of tea, sipping calmly. No magical levitation here, she's doing it all hoofstyle. The patterns on her white-marked foreleg are still there, as are the matching marks on the right side of her face. She nods slightly as she lowers the cup. "Yes, actually. How familiar are you with the functionality of Seapony phylacteries?" she asks, setting her teacup on the table.

Rising Chaos seems to have eased up a bit now, she gives this due consideration and acts like a reasonable friend again. "I know very little, though based on my research in similar fields, I could make an educated guess. Would you care to illuminate me?" Obviously there's a reason she's being asked this.

Before Spindrift can respond, Rising sets the tea down, and looks at Spindrift with a completely serious expression. "Also, you do know, you are welcome down here any time. I'm not displeased about you coming in unannounced. In the future, if I have potentially dangerous, or sensitive things down here, like my copies, I would prefer if you ask first, so I can be sure of your safety, that's all." She may have noticed that tension more than Spindrift may think. "I wouldn't be mad though, you're my friend."

Spindrift settles a hoof on the table and regards Rising evenly, staying silent for several moments. She says nothing, she makes no move other than to blink every so often and shift her weight slightly. She's thinking, and makes no effort to disguise that fact. At length, she nods, once. "Of course. It was wrong of me to be so presumptuous. I will ask, next time, should I see the need arise once more."

She reaches down to retrieve her tea, and takes a sip. Afterwards she holds the cup close. There's a soft swish as her tail switches across the floor behind her.

"A phylactery contain a portion of its creator's soul- hence the name. It is very much a part of the pony that created it. The process of its creation is fairly simple, enough that all children are expected to construct their own in adolescence. And they do."

Rising Chaos smiles, and nods. "Thank you, I have only your best interests at heart, I have nothing to hide." She goes back to drinking her tea, obviously relieved. After listening to the explanation carefully, and committing it to memory, she takes a moment to consider. "Fascinating, that's quite a significant feat of magic for ponies so young." A look of slight confusion crosses her face. "Not to sounds ungrateful, but any reason to bring it up now?"

Spindrift nods once in response to the question, gingerly lowering her teacup to the table. She wouldn't want to spill it, and ruin her poised bearing and everything. She has an image to maintain, after all.

"Refining the process to such an extent that mere children could carry it out with inert organic detritus scavenged from the sea floor took considerable time and effort, expended in ages past. Little record remains of the specifics, sadly- though unsurprisingly, the horror stories of what went wrong in the development cycle have persisted far beyond the useful knowledge."

She levels her gaze at Rising once more. "Stories of ponies' souls being split asunder. Torn from their bodies to be lost on the wind; unintentionally divided into two copies, neither of which could sustain life." She lifts a hoof and waves it. "Ponies struck mad, or gaining seemingly great power only for it to consume them bodily. That sort of thing. As you can imagine, learning that you had gone and split your OWN soul into numerous fragments called to mind these old cautionary tales. I had to see if what you had done was in any way similar to what had been done before… and if you were at similar danger."

She sips her tea.

Well that's a lot to take in all at once, and Rising Chaos takes her time in digesting it. "Well, I suspect that, had the copies been kept separate, I would have faced severe and irreversible consequences. As it was, I was starting to feel, unwell, to say the least." She had gotten them back just in time. "I'm safe from being driven mad, I suspect, it's not something you can double up on, haha."

There's a long, long moment of silence, while Rising seemingly tries to decide something. "I can honestly say I appreciate your concern. However, this wont be the last time I tinker with my soul. I can assure you that I do my research, I know what I'm doing. Failsafes are in place."

More? Now THIS gets a reaction. The seapony turns to study Rising with unabashed scrutiny. Her eyes are squinty and everything. When she relaxes, it's only gradually, and to nod slightly. "See that they are," she says, before lifting her tea and finishing it off in one swift gulp, and setting the cup back down. "I've lost enough ponies that are important to me, Rising Chaos, and will not stand to let it happen again."

Rising Chaos was not aware she counted as important, this is news. "I'll do what I have to, but do it safely, I promise. It seems I have several ponies who have made a point of insuring that." She floats over the black heart fragment, from some previously unseen cranny, it's never far away recently. The mare looks at it idly. "There are some things that are more important that safety though." She's starting to think that it might be time for a quick visit to the beach, where she's been spending a lot of time.

Spindrift turns her head slightly to regard the Heart fragment, recognizing it immediately, if not its immediate relevance. The seapony looks back to Rising a moment later, and opens her mouth as if to say something, then thinks better of it, closing her mouth once more and nodding. Her white-marked hoof draws close, and she rubs it gently at the pastern with her unmarked hoof. "Mmm," is her answer, non-committal.

There's no relevance, she just like the way it sparkles, and (most of the) memories. "Spindrift, would you like to come with me for a little walk? I'm just going down to the beach, for a while. I like to watch the water, I find it makes it easy to relax. I have something to share, but if you're busy, feel free to stay." Rising Chaos's smile isn't hopeful, just inviting. The ring, cape, and sword are floated over and she's soon suited up, and ready to go out.

Glyph has stopped being a little jerk, and is making the effort to hug Spindrift, except he cannot quite reach. It may be because he is trying to approach from the wrong angle but hey, he has fun.

Spindrift ceases favouring her marked hoof and takes a moment to make sure her teacup is in order, turning it slightly so that the angle of its handle is perpendicular with the edge of the table. Right. She pushes upright, then. "I would be happy to join you," she says. "I suppose I ought to refamiliarize myself with the water as well."

She's about to make for the stairs, but before she can go, she finds herself being glyphhugged. The seapony turns to regard the golem quietly, glances towards Rising, then kneels to scoop the lizard-like creation up and reach over to deposit it on Rising's back.

Rising Chaos hums softly to herself, not quite content yet. She trots along quite happily until reaching one specific spot. "Here we are, right here." Well that's underwhelming, it looks, at first glance to be a spot of sand like any of the others.

Rising Chaos doesn't even notice, the stupid lizard being ignored almost constantly now. "Well, I'll be glad for your company." She only stop on her way out to grab her saddlebags, and puts the heart fragment in them, before trotting off for the beach.

On the way, she refuses to answer any questions, saying 'you'll see' as her only reply. eventually, they reach the beach. Rising Chaos hums softly to herself, not quite content yet. She trots along quite happily until reaching one specific spot. "Here we are, right here." Well that's underwhelming, it looks, at first glance to be a spot of sand like any of the others.

One of the benefits of being the sort of pony who reveals little to others is you get used to not learning much yourself. Spindrift's initial inquiries get nothing, so she stops making them and falls into a quiet pace beside Rising Chaos. She is the boring kind of pony that thinks sitting quietly with one's friends is time well spent, though, so this is -just fine- by her.

On arriving at the indicated point on the beach, she stands patiently, taking a moment to regard Rising, then looks out at the water.

The warm Spring weather gives it a far different quality than the murk of the winter or the unseasonable monsoon conditions that occupied much of the season. Spindrift lifts her head slightly, into a passing breeze, letting it carry her long mane outward in a dramatic fashion, and takes a deep breath.

Rising Chaos isn't inclined for such dramatic posing, doesn't even see it. She takes out the crystal and sticks in in the sand. "Lovely, isn't it? I tend to think back to when there was the storm, I found the wild waters to be soothing. They reflected how my mind felt, I could find solace in them." Her horn starts glowing, she's preparing something. "What do you see, when you look out there?"

The seapony turns to watch, understandably curious. If Rising is going to start burying that she's not sure what she's going to do. "The eastern borders of my homeland," she answers. "If you were hoping for a more fanciful answer: opportunities gained and lost." She watches the shard of the Heart for a moment longer. "Do you find the calm waters distressing, then?"

Rising Chaos shrugs. "Fanciful answers or practical ones, both work. I rarely look at things for their physical value, so you'll find my answers to be to the point, if on the fanciful side." The crystal isn't buried, just shoved in the sand so it'll stand up on it's own. "The calm waters aren't distressing, no. Just different, just different. Do you know the significance of this place?"

Not waiting for an answer, she goes ahead and casts her spell, and illusion, fancy that. It's more of a backdrop, or video (but ponies don't know what that is), of what the harbour was during the maelstrom, she puts it right behind the crystal. "It's where I found, and saved, Queen Pegasus, and pretty close to where I became your friend. When I look out here, I see me growing up."

Spindrift's expression is briefly clouded at the mention of Queen Pegasus. If this is where Rising found the pirate wounded on the beach, it means this is where Spindrift dragged the drowning pegasus ashore. The seapony's gaze travels from the propped-up fragment of the heart, across the sand, and into the water, watching the illusion of churning, choppy waters.

"It was a turning point for you, I understand," says Spindrift. She watches for a moment longer, then nods to the illusory tempest. "A clever illusion."

Rising Chaos shrugs. "Simple enough, I have the scene committed to memory." she adds Rising Chaos tending to Queen Pegasus, almost wistfully watching. "So that night, I saved the pony I am now set to marry. Before then, I had no idea I would ever have become attracted to her, I thought our relationship was pure business, and respect, nothing more. I also made a huge leap in repairing my friendship with Stormdancer, who, as you may know, is my oldest friend." A little Stormdancer flies down and starts helping the Rising. "I'm not an idiot, Spindrift, I know you allowed Queen Pegasus to live. Maybe you even helped out directly. Thank you, for that, I wouldn't be the same if she'd never washed up." She sounds super sincere, but despite the topic, she's all smiles. Her tone's even light, cheery even, friends thanking friends.

To say Spindrift is conflicted about her decision to help ensure Queen Pegasus' survival would be an understatement. The seapony is once more poker-faced as she watches the visualized memory play out, ever-mindful of what she may be letting on.

And mindful of the unexpected sincerity that Rising is showing her. Spindrift looks away from the scene after a few moments, and to the unicorn instead, watching her. Sometimes setting the record straight isn't worth the cost. Some battles you just have to admit you've lost. The seapony smiles herself, and nods. "You're welcome, then." She glances to the scene. "That you have been able to find such happiness in the aftermath of my mistake gives me hope."

"I could never thank you enough, for that. But, even with that, you did more." Rising Chaos grins, and the scene changes. Now, it's Spindrift and Rising Chaos, back to one of their talks. More specifically, the one where Rising and Spin became friends. "Right here, I think it was."

Rising Chaos point at the two sitting together. "Right here, you did a couple things for me. One, you let me forgive myself, and move past my thoughtless anger based purely on jealousy. Here is where I decided that trying to help you, was more important than trying to find power. That's a decision I had never consciously made before. The thought of your personality, your hope, who you are being oppressed, crushed, like that. It disgusted me, there's nopony who deserves that, to have everything taken away like that. You also inspired me, with your desire to resist the effects of the heart, even when you knew you couldn't." After a couple seconds to let that sink in, she ends the illusion.

"Not to mention, you were there for every stage of my recent troubles for school. Your help was invaluable. In a short time, you have been responsible for nearly every single positive change in my life, directly or not." She walks over and hugs Spindrift. "Don't think I haven't noticed. I'll do what I have to do, but abandoning you is too high a price to pay, for anything."

Okay, now THAT is a bit harder to mask her reaction to. The first sight of that memory of the pair of them sitting on the beach, Spindrift in her afflicted state, puts a noticeable slump in the seapony's shoulders. But gradually she comes out of it, due in no small part to the encouraging narrative Rising Chaos lends the scene. The seapony looks away from the image once more, and out to the water, mastering herself once more, expression growing inscrutable.

She's caught slightly off guard by the hug, but isn't ungrateful when it happens. Reaching up, she hooks her unmarked leg around Rising's withers and returns the embrace. "For what it's worth, Rising Chaos, you are not the same pony I first squabbled with last year," she says, "And it is not just my biased, altered perceptions speaking. If you feel you have grown, then I am honoured to have played a part in that."

Rising Chaos eventually lets go, and takes a couple steps back. "I couldn't have done it without you, Spindrift. You mean a lot to me, you never have to worry about that changing. I l-" She clears her throat, grabbing the crystal. "I really should be going to work, soon. I've a bit to prepare, back home, and in the lab. Responsibilities I just can't shirk, haha." She starts walking off, leaving that one thought unsaid. "Oh, and Spindrift? Thanks, I don't have any flashy gifts for you, or any way to really show it, but thanks. I just hope I can be as much of a help to you one day."

With that, she's gone.

The seapony remains on the beach, watching Rising go, not daring to stop her. Not that she needs to- she has enough to think about. Enough heartfelt confessions from the unicorn to ponder the significance of. Enough unfinished sayings to endlessly fill the blanks in on. So there's no pursuit or shouted reply or anything like that, but if Rising looks back what she DOES get is the sight of Spindrift looking genuinely surprised, seated on the sand and, in spite of herself, not really sure what to do.

Eventually, once Rising is out of sight, Spindrift turns back towards the water and reaches up to stroke her chin with a hoof. Some battles may be lost, but maybe winning them isn't as critical as she thought they may have been.