Spilt Milk
IC date: Spring 73, 1008
OOC date: June 2, 2013
Location: Edge of the Forest
PCs: Magpie Ruby-Blossom Snapdragon Dragonheart


This is the wail that heralds a couple of terrified foals as they shoot through the forest back to the sweet kiss of civilization. Dragonheart runs as fast as her little legs can carry her — but not so fast as to overtake her brother, whom she is far more concerned about at the moment. "Uuuwah!! AAAAA!"

Snapdragon says "AAAAEEEEEAAAWAAAAH!" Snapdragon seems to be in agreement with his sister. He's a-scampering! Fast as his little hooves will go, wings all aflutter. He's a bit scuffed up. That may be on account of the fact that he's tripped over his wings twice so far in his panic. "WAAH!" …Three times."

The hunt for Foal October! Ruby certainly did notice a couple of HER foals gone missing, and has thus set out in search of reclaiming them; likely just being a worrisome mother. The turqoise mare trots down the path leading towards the Wintersong Forest as her search in town has left has come up empty hoofed. She stops to call out "AROOO!" while shaking a bag of dried fruit - after all shake a bag of treats and you usually get a cats attention.

"RUUUUUUU!!!" Dragonheart stuffs her head under her brother in an effort to get him back on his hooves and running faster! But all that does is wind up with them both in a heap. The lilac filly starts to sniffle… whimper…and then waaaaaaaaail. THIS DAY DID NOT GO AS PLANNED.

Well that seems to be a good idea to Snapdragon! He's scared and tired and he stepped on his wing and it huuuuurts! He matches her wail, flopping back on his side and flattening his ears back.

Ruby's ears flicker and swiftly turn the distant sound of a wailing foal - like Supercolt hearing the cry of his beloved Lois Mane, and with that Ruby sets out a hasty gallop towards the distant wail. "Gonna have to ask Rising for some tracking collars or something." she manages to mutter admist pants of exhertion - she forgot how hard gallopping is, thanks pregnancy.

Dragonheart perks her ears, whimpering. "Ruu! RUUU!!" Up she scrambles, as the turquoise mare comes into sight, and she headbutts Snapdragon. "Aaauouu ruuu!"

Snapdragon gives a little yowl as he's headbutted, but rolls awkwardly to his hooves. "Ruuuuu!" He echoes plaintively, and follows it with another wail for good measure.

Derby announcing voice "It's Ruby in the lead. Followed by Where's my foal, and Motherhood Mare. There's my little ones is closing fast. It's Giant Foal Hug for the win!

Ruby scoops up both foals and gives them a firm hug - the kind of hug that is too tight, but it's okay because it's so affectionate! "You two! Don't run off without with a big pony!" Far from scolding, and more full of - ohmygoshsogladIfoundyoubeforeanythingbadhappened!

"Ruuuuuuu!!!" wails Dragonheart, and the wee little thing collapses in Ruby's arms melodramatically. And then she starts yammering. "Aaawwuwan wambmawah raa muu raaahaharrr aaauuooaoaoooooo waaaah!!" She's clearly telling a story, but it makes no dang sense whatsoever. And she's getting more and more frustrated with her inability to communicate, dagnabbit!

Snapdragon for once doesn't seem to mind the hug! He squirms a little, and flaps the wing that isn't aching, but he doesn't try to get away. He might even cling a little! He doesn't seem against letting Dragonheart handle the storytelling, but he adds in his own two bits here and there! Mostly with more wailing.

Ruby curiously listens to the little filly tell her story; pretty ruby-red eyes fixated on the little foal in what is a clear attempt to discern her tale. "What's that DragonHeart? Dreamy fell down the old well?" she blinks "No, that's not it." she purses her muzzle adorably before asking. "Did you get into a tussle? Was it a bear? Was it a Timber Wolf? Did Winny sit on you?"

"No no no!!" Dragonheart says emphatically, lower lip wibbling. She's quite liked the word 'no' lately. And she tries again, this time with /more/ syllables! But none of them make /sense/, and in the end she just devolves into frustrated tears, and she just points at her brother. "Oweee!" she whimpers, pointing at his wing. Make him feel better!

Snapdragon holds out the indicated wing as it's pointed at. "Ruuuuuu!" he whines plaintively.

The expression on Ruby's face is one of affection and concern, and even if she can't understand the adorable little foal it's clear she is honestly vested in the little one's plight. She keeps a hoof firmly around the upset little Dragonheart even as she points to Snapdragon and clearly explains that he has an 'owie'; this prompts Ruby to gasp. "I'm sorry. Let mo…me see." always tempting to say 'mommy' but still insistent that the foals make their own choice when ready. She oh-so gently shifts Snapdragon so she can have a look.

Dragonheart thumps down and sighs, upset she can't make words. Not the right ones anyway. So she squints at Ruby. Yes! She will mimic! "Ahm sawee leh momeesee," she says with intensity. Yes! She can make talking noises!

Snapdragon holds out the indicated wing as it's pointed at. "Ruuuuuu!" he whines plaintively. The wing looks a bit scuffed, a few feathers pulled loose here and there. 'Stepped on' is a safe bet.

Ruby quietly examines the wing with a concerned gaze before very gently touching the base of the wing right where it meets Snapdragon's back. "I'm no wing expert - but I think it's just a little bruised. I'm sorry." she very lightly brushes her hoof along the covert in search of any breaks - she'll feel thankful if there are none. "Did somepony step on you?" her glance shifts towards Dragonheart for a moment who she offers an endearing smile too.

"Noweengpaht jusaliddle broos ahmsawee," Dragonheart babbles. Oh lord. She's going to copy everything everypony says forever. Get ready to hate everything.

"Aeewoooo," Snapdragon answers helpfully. Nope, nothing appears to be broken. Just sore. He gives a little sniff. "Uuuuawah."

Ruby begins the process of transplating the two foals to her back so she can then stand up and begin the trek home. "You'll be okay. I'll bet you feel alot better a nice warm bubble bath. We can take a bubble bath together." she giggles "Just try not to eat the bubbles this time." glancing over her shoulder the offer the pair a warm smile. "You're getting better with words Dragonheart. I'm proud of both of you."

Dragonheart slings a hoof around Snapdragon and hugs him roughly to her side. "You be okey," she mimics. "Okey okey okey. No no no." But there's one word she does recognize. She perks. "BAFF!!! Baff baff baff baff! Baff baff okey okey baff okey baff!"

Snapdragon nuzzles against his sister, blinking. WORDS WORDS WORDS. "Baff?" he attempts after a moment, because that seems to be the word of choice right now. "Baff bah baa baff ffffaabaaah."

Ruby-Blossom giggles loudly while trotting her way down the path leading away from the forest's edge and towards the Harbor. "That's right. We're going to a take a bath. With bubbles." she wants to feel that reading to the foals is helping! Then again she has FIVE foals to read to everytnight, now doesn't she? The journey homeward is at a comfortable pace to keep from jostling the foals. "Baths are okay." she nods. "After a bath we can have a cookie - one each."

"COOKEEEEE!!" Okay, another word Dragonheart knows. She scrambles over to fling herself on the back of Ruby's neck. "COOKEE COOKEE COOKEE COOKEE!"
Now that's one even Snappy's managed to pick up! He joins in the chanting. "Cookee cookee cookeeeeeeee!"

Ruby-Blossom giggles even louder as the two chant for cookies; this prompts her to stop and reach back to dig around her saddle in order to produce a small paper bag containing two cookies. "Fine fine, cookies now. Make sure to share." letting the foals take the bag before continuing into town - soon enough arriving on Main Street.

"COOKEEEEEEEEE!" Dragonheart grabs the bag and stuffs her face in it, coming up with two cookies. But like a good, dutiful sister, she slobbers all over both and /then/ hands the other to Snapdragon with a big cheesy grin.

Snapdragon doesn't seem too put off by this. Hey, a cookie is a cookie! He snatches it up before she can slobber on it any /more/ and noms it down messily. OMNOMNOM "Cookee!"

Ruby rolls her eyes and chuckles as the two little cookie monsters devour their treats - she should have just given them cookies to start, that would have prevented alot of crying. At this point Ruby with her foal riders are all but home.

Magpie joins up with the parade a couple blocks from the front door. "Huh. Figures he knows THAT ONE WORD. Where'd you find 'em?"

"Wharr oo finum!" Dragonbreath mimics, mouth full of cookie. "Mahpaaah!" She waves a hoof gleefully, apparently no longer concerned with that whole terrifying forest adventure earlier. Whatever! With the cookies gone, she stuffs her face back in the cookie bag. Any more for foals? Nope. Just crumbs to hoover.

Ruby beams cheerfully at Maggie and manages to keep a small frown at bay - a frown because she can't hug Maggie at the moment! "They were at the edge of the forest doing Luna knows what." she huffs cutely. "I need some sort of tracking device for these two."

Magpie says "Oh… well, I guess it's good you found 'em." She considers. "Well, prob'ly they'd just come home when they got hungry anyways."

Snapdragon finishes off his cookie, and brightens to spot their new companion. "Mahgpi!" He's… /almost/ got all the sounds he needs to put together to make that work!

"Welliss gud you founem!" says the paper bag, which is now proudly tugged over Dragonheart's head to her neck. "Prollyey juscomhome whedeygohahngry anywey! Mahgpi!" She is trying so very hard to talk like other ponies. So very hard.

Ruby-Blossom is a fit of giggles this evening. "Indeed." she agrees with Maggie and Dragonheart. She nudges the backdoor open and begins to carefully climb the steps with her hitchhikers on back. "Sounds alot like you a while back." she teases Maggie - remembering when food was a lure used to get Maggie's attention; she offers the filly an endearing smile.

Magpie awwws. She reaches up to ruffle Snappy's ears. "Awww, quit bein' so cute, you." She sticks her tongue out at Ruby though. "I never sounded like that," she says, half indignant. She bumps against Ruby-mom though.

Snapdragon leans into the pets, giving a happy, "Wah!" He seems to have forgotten about his bruised wing by now, at least.

Ruby-Blossom grins as she reaches the top of the steps and lowers herself to let the foals disembark before spinning around to HUG Maggie - it's a big, menacing hug.

Magpie goes 'eeee'! and struggleflails, but it's a playful struggle that's not meant to actually escape - just to assert that while she's being hugged, she does not actually /require/ hugs.

Dragonheart scampers up the stairs, poking into the living room and flicking her ears. "Hallo baff no no cookee ahm sahwee make-a cahpcake!" That's … some kind of greeting.

Magpie says "Bath, no cookie. Got it."

Ruby-Blossom releases Maggie then gently nudges her "Bath for everypony!" feeling extra thankful she made Kludge install one of those awesome jetted baths verus some dinky ceramic tub.

Dragonheart gasps. "YEFF COOKIE," she yells. Apparently she understood that.
Snapdragon clambers down off of Ruby's back, tail twitching. "Baff cookee mah wah ruuuu aaaaooooaaa." He's apparently still working on sounds.

Magpie giggles. "Bathtime!" she chirrips, and goes to herd the kids in there. "Come on! I'll help!"

Thankfully this gives Ruby a moment to wiggle out of her saddle bags and hang them up properly, and after a brief stretch she joins Maggie - the herder has become the herded.

"Bafftime bafftime yay!" Dragonheart bounces and then spins to pounce on Snapdragon. "Arrrar!!" Ears, they are tugged.