Spending The Night
IC date:
OOC date: 10/18
Location: Town Square and the Inn
PCs: Hawthorn Petticoat

Horseshoe Harbor - Town Square

A bustling town square! Hey look, a neat fountain!

The bustling town square holds a handful of buildings, including the Bramblebrush Schoolhouse and the local Adventurer's Guild, surrounding an important-looking fountain. At the center of the fountain is a statue of an adventurous looking filly shading her eyes with one hoof and gazing importantly into the distance. On her bronzed flank is a scroll and compass, and around her neck hangs a pair of binoculars.

Holes set equidistant around the pedestal spout water into the horseshoe-shaped pool around her. The water is littered with bitcoins, but it seems the pool is not just for wishing; everypony is permitted to wade in and cool off during the summers, too.

There is a plaque here.


Rotten, no good day; that would be today - Hoarfrost's official adoption day. For Petticoat that means watching the pony she was semi-comfortable around at the orphanage, be taken away. At the moment Petticoat can be found on a bench near the fountain, she can't sit on that one near the craft store anymore - they don't like her. She's not doing much of anything other than grousing, filly-colt grump.

Hawthorn has SO MUCH YARN. He's been wandering around for, like, forEVER, trying to find Petticoat so he can UNLOAD all the yarn, too. He blinks and beams as he finds her, then bounces over to the bench brightly. "Petti~~ c/~" he calls, waving a hoof. He's trailing the ends of a few yarnballs from his bags like bizarre, multicoloured streamers. "I got your yarn! You ran off so fast the other day, you left it all behind."

Oh, and did we mention that he's dressed up in a bring pink bunny costume? 'Cuz he totally is.

Petticoat glances at Hawthorn, then again, and finally a third time before slipping off the bench so she's standing in front of the other colt. She blinks at him then gently boops his nose. "H.Hoarfrost left t.today." she shifts uncomfortable. "Yarn…" she leans forward to give the colt and affectionate nuzzle and small hug with her front legs.

Hawthorn scrunches his nose up as it gets booped, giggling a bit, before blinking worriedly. "Left? Left where?" he asks, instantly concerned. "She didn't get foalnapped again, did she? 'Cuz if she did we need to round up everypony at once and make sure she's okay and maybe ride the rollercoaster again which was TOTALLY so we could save the foals, even though we didn't, but it wasn't for fun at all." He nods seriously, then blinks yet again as he gets hugged and nuzzled. He smiles and nuzzles back lightly, before starting to unload yarn. There's a lot of it. I mean a LOT.

Petticoat squeeks as Hawthorn rambles off "N.no. Adopted." she says, then another squeek when Hawthorn begins to unload yarn. "I..I can't carry that much yarn." she glances over her shoulder the orphanage which is so close it reach out and grab hawthorn. "H.hawthorn. Show me your room."

Hawthorn ohs. He whews. "I was worried for a moment," he says, smiling again. "By Snowfield, I guess? I haven't met her, yet, but Hoarfrost seems to really like her." He wilts a little at the complain. "O-oh, sorry. Guess I wasn't thinking. Um." How will he ever get all her yarn to her, then? He eyes the orphanage warily, then blinks. "Huh? O-okay?" he says. He packs up all the yarn again, then turns and starts heading towards the inn. "This way!"

Quietly Petticoat trots off Hawthorn. "H.Hoarfrost is n.nice." she hurries a little to near Hawthorn. "H.hawthorn, you really like colts?" she asks while trotting along side the colt; doing her best to glance his direction while keeping pace, her slightly smaller size perhaps a tad problematic at times. "N.not pretty mares like H.oarfrost?

Hawthorn doesn't really notice that he's going to fast for the filly. Sadly, he's just oblivious like that. "Yeah, she is. I really like her." He smiles at Petti, then blinks at the question. "Uh huh. I… um… I had a coltfriend," he says, lowering his head down, his ears folding back (which is extra ridiculous looking because they're attached to the long floppy bunny ears of the costume—he looks like a bright pink donkey). "He kinda dumped me. Oh, uh, well, no. I mean, Frosty is my friend and all, but that's it. I'm just not interested in fillies, y'know, like that." He smiles at Petticoat. "It's okay, though. She's not interested in me either."

Petticoat huhs cutely and ponders Hawthorn's words before leaning into give him a little nuzzle. "I.I'm sorry." she nuzzles a little more. "I.if I was your colt friend, I.I wouldn't leave you." she scrunches her face. "D.don't wanna leave H.Hoarfrost either." she puffs up her cheeks, even though Hoarfrost left her! "I.I think…" she trails off.

Hawthorn awws and nuzzles back, then giggles a bit. Imagine, Petticoat as a colt! What a silly and entirely unrealistic thought! He bumps Petti lightly. "Aw, don't worry about it. I'm sure there's some nice colt out there for me." He considers. "Maybe one of the batponies is interested…" He blushes lightly, then coughs into his hoof. "Oh! Uh, are you and Frosty… er… were you an' Frosty dating?" he asks, smiling at the filly. Who is totally a filly. "I mean, if she's just going to live with Snowfield, that's not very far away, I'm sure you can still visit each other."

He leads the way into the inn, then up the stairs and to the veeeeerry back room, opening it up. "Tada!" It's not very big, and seems even more crowded because of the pirate ship bunk beds (courtesy of Hoarfrost) and the fact that it currently is home to two, count 'em, two foals.

A rather jealous look crosses Petticoat's muzzle when there is mention of bat ponies, and then there is an even more jealous look when she sees the bunk beds - no fair. Quietly she pokes at the ground before leaning through the door frame to have a look, as if afraid to step inside. "B.bunk b.beds?"

Hawthorn nudges Petticoat right into the room. "Uh huh! Hoarfrost stayed with me a while, and she made 'em." He smiles, then points up to the fake crow's nest. "My bat sleeps up there! Um. Kinda a lot. She's sort of lazy, as far as bats go." And, indeed, a sleepy looking little bat sticks her nose over the crow's nest and peeks down at the two foals.

Petticoat stumbles into the room when nudged by Hawthorn, naturally she gives the room another look over from the inside. "W.wish I could stay. Stupid orphanage.." she kicks the floor with her front hoof. "Stupid H.Hoarfrost." she blinks, recalling an earlier question. "D.dating H.Hoarfrost?" she blushes at this. "C.couldn't, d.don't wanna choose."

Hawthorn awwws and hugs Petti. "Don't say that," he says. "You should be happy for Frosty, that she got out of t… out of the orphanage. I'm sure you'll get to leave, soon, too! Just gotta find you a family." He beams at Petti. How hard could that be? He ohs and blinks. "Choose what?" he asks.

Petticoat squeeks "N.nopony w.will come for me." she squeeks louder at the second question and turns all manners of red in the face and ears. "!!!" she opens her mouth to object but can only squeek again before uncomfortably kneading the floor with all four hooves; almost looks like she needs to use the little fillies room.

Hawthorn awwws. "I'm sure somepony will," he says reassuringly, nosing the squeak filly, before blinking at the rather weird reaction. "Uh. Are you okay?" He tilts his head. "Do… um… do you need to use th… th' you know?" He points out the door. "It's just down the hall, on your left. You can't miss it. I just cleaned it today, too, so it's… y'know. Clean." He shrugs a bit.

Petticoat firmly plants her flank on the floor, then firmly shakes her head, and even gives Hawthorn a firm look; it's rather wibly but still manages to be firm somehow! "H.Hawthorn should l.like me." she almost demands.

Hawthorn meeps as he gets looked at. Firmly. Uh. "I-I do like you," he protests, utterly baffled. "Why would you think that I wouldn't like you?" he asks. He sits down on the floor next to Petticoat and slides a hoof around her. "You're my friend!"

Hawthorn receives a smooch on the cheek when he sits beside Petticoat and hugs her. "I.I h.ave something to tell H.Hawthorn and H.Hoarfrost." squirm squirm. "Maybe t.tomorrow?"

Hawthorn blinks as he gets kissed. He hugs Petti a little tighter, nuzzling at her cheek affectionately. "I… okay, sure. You can sleep here, if you want. Cricket usually shares my bunk with me, so I have a whole extra bed you can use," he offers. He noses at the filly gently.

Petticoat shakes her head. "I.I share with H.Hawthorn tonight." still clinging to the other colt. "O.okay?" she squeeks, suddenly feeling very timid after her demands.

Hawthorn ers. "Well, okay," He says, tilting his head. "If you want to, that is. Um. I should warn you, I kinda… uh… well, I get sort of, y'know, clingy, when I sleep." He blushes a bit. Cricket never complains about it! "But… um… anyway, I sleep in the top bunk. I'll go put on my pyjamas and brush my teeth."