Spearmint's Dream
IC date: Autumn 53
OOC date: November 11
Location: Dreamland
PCs: Spearmint Dream-Daze
GM: Applejack

There's nothing to see. There never is…

But there's the feel of a cobblestone street. Cracks and notches tell the tale of a lane constantly trodden upon by pony hooves, clip-clopping at moderate paces in many directions. Sounds of bubbling water speak of a potential fountain nearby. Voices everywhere talk, conversing about the beautiful day, the cloudless sky, how lovely the cool salty breezes feel coming from the port. Warmth that may be the sun spreads out. A sunny day, on a busy street somewhere. That's where this blind colt has found himself. Perhaps running errands. Getting groceries for dinner. There's certainly the scent of something cooking in the distance. It smells awful appealing. Roasted vegetables!

Spearmint is often out running errands! His mom says it's important for him to be independant. And yay, it certainly seems like a pretty day! He likes it when it's a little warm out. That scent will certainly get a little foal's attention! His nose twitches. He tilts his head back. Somepony's cooking something! And it smells really nice. He lets his nose lead him that-a-way. Maybe for a snack, or maybe just to bring home dinner instead! That's just as good as bringing home groceries, right?

No sooner does Spearmint take all of three steps when he steps on something…mostly soft. Something that squishes underhoof like a rotten tomato, yet crunches like splintering wood. With this comes the sound of someone screaming! Then come other screams! But they sound…distant, somehow.

"Ahhhhhhhh! What IS it!?"

"By Celestia's pinfeathers! It's hideous! It's horrendous!"

"It's coming this way! Everypony run! RUN!"

Spearmint blinks and freezes, then takes a step back, off of the… whatever it was. He gives a startled little squeak, even! That was not a pleasant feeling. "Yah! What? Uh, sorry!" Please don't let that be something gross. Did somepony drop rotten vegetables? Ewww it's probably all on his hoof now ewww. He scrapes his hoof lightly at the cobblestone out of instinct, but pauses when he registers what exactly is being yelled. His ears perk, then flatten as he tenses, then begin to twitch this way and that, listening for… whatever /it/ is. "What? What is it? Is something happening? What's coming?"

Whatever it was, it scrapes off with a smear and sound of more twigs cracking. Twigs in a piece of gum maybe? It's kind of hard to say just from touch! Despite Spearmint's twisting ears, the only sounds are distant screaming voices and many hooves running down a street. For that matter all the sounds are kind of…out there. Like trying to hear them through a cotton ball stuffed in ones ear. More sensations rise up, of wisps of fog brushing against the colt's face, casting spots of chill across his pelt, especially around his perked and swiveling ears.

"Someone call the guards!"

"This is bad… So bad! It's next to the school! Someone save our foals!"

Spearmint's ears flatten again, and he shivers a bit at the chills. But… but… it was warm out! Wait, what… school? Is he near the school? He takes a moment to try and figure out where exactly in town he probably is, because that'd be great to know in case he needs to run for his life from… something. He backs up another step or two, just in case. "What's going on? Somepony tell me! I-is there a monster? D-do I run? I-I need a grown-up!" His mom always said if anything went wrong while he was out, call for a grown-up to help!

Two steps back causes Spearmint's back hoof to crunch on something else! Something that crumbles like a matchbox filled with pebbles and tiny bits of broken glass.

"My house! Nooooooo!"

"Oh Celestia save us, its voice is awful! AWFUL!"

The screams intensify. There's the sound of many hooves moving, getting closer, yet… Still so very far away! And the another voice! From…below?

"You monster! You're going to wreck the whole town!" comes a tiny, official-sounding voice. "Get out of our town! Hi-yah!"

This is followed by the sensation of tiny needlepricks around the colt's hooftips!

Spearmint jumps at the pinpricks, and lifts a forehoof, likely about to step back again, or prance in place, or something. The crunch behind him lifts that hoof too, because augh he's stepping on more things! And then he blinks, and freezes, teetering on two hooves. "Wha… m-monster? There… what monster?" He's confused. And unnerved. And quickly becoming sliiiightly frantic, because this is kind of starting to click. "Wh-why does everypony sound so far away? Why… wh-what am I stepping on?!" Somepony's dollhouse. Please let that have been somepony's… very tiny dollhouse. Ponies have tiny dollhouses sometimes, right? RIGHT?!

"Yeah, yeah! You got it on the ropes!"

"Get the other leg! The other leg!"

"Noooo! It's still next to my house! W..what's left of it… And the school's right there! Push it back! Back! Someone get the torches!"

So many more hooves, of so many other frantic ponies rise up from below. A new set of pinpricks strikes the colt's other ground-bound leg! Like so many tiny needles, or stepping on a nettle!

Spearmint seems absolutely terrified of raising up another hoof. This is probably linked to him being absolutely terrified to put his currently raised hooves /down/. His ears flatten and his eyes widen. Oh. /Oh/. Oh no. Oh geez. "W-wait, but… I… I'm n-not a… I'm a colt! I… I… wait, I c-can't even /see/ you, I don't know wh-where anypony is, I…"

"It's scared! We've got it scared!" calls one of the voices from below. The poking continues!

"Back! Back foul beast! …Ah! Torches!"

And now the pinpricks are followed by the feel of a lit match being set against that single colt hoof.

"Easy, watch out, the beast could charge at any moment!"

The colt was already balanced a bit precariously to begin with. This isn't going to help. He yelps and jumps, staggering back away from the heat, practically on tip-hoof as he tries not to step on anything, the ground included. "W-wait! Stop! Please, I… I c-can't see you! I don't w-wanna hurt anypony!"

"Yeah! You hear that wail of pain, boys? Just one more leg! Just one more! Maybe if we get it on its back we can put it out of our misery!"

There comes the risen call of 'YEAH!' from several more voices! Getting closer to the poor colt's precariously balanced rear hoof.

Spearmint windmills his forehooves in the air. The effect would probably be comical, if anypony found this funny. He certainly does not. "W-wait! Stop! I'm g-gonna fall over!" There's a house there somewhere! And a school! And ponies! And… and… and… something that went squish oh Celestia what went squish oh no aaaaaaaaaaah! More hoof-flailing. GetitoffgetitoffGETITOFF.

But the pinpricks resume! And the feeling of the match! And now there's the feeling of something /crawling/ up Spearmint's leg! Climbing up the flailing colt like ants up a picnic table!

Spearmint gives a faint wail. The hind hoof goes back down to the ground, but it's a little late for that, he's off-balance. He stumbles back on his back hooves, trying to catch himself, before toppling backwards, front hooves flailing as he tries to catch himself, trying not to imagine the myriad of horrible things that could be beneath him right now. "Oomph!"

The colt topples over to the sounds of many trees falling, wood splintering, stone-crumbling, and a final WHUMP that shakes the very ground! In the distance more things falling over can be heard, including the sharp clang of a clocktower bell when it tumbles and clunks into the ground. Spearmint now lays in what feels like a bed of gravel and pokey edges, but the feel of many little legs, like so many insects, continue to advance.

"We've got it! Good job folks! We'll teach this beast it can't mess with us and get away with it! Get the rope! Tie it down!"

The tiny legs advance, something standing on the colt's chest. "Well, beastie? What do you have to say for yourself? You should never have crawled out from under your rock to threaten /this/ town…"
Spearmint whimpers. He's looking shaken and pretty overwhelmed. He's a colt! Not a beastie! He just wanted dinner! He doesn't even live under a rock! He squirms a bit under the tiny hooves, then remembers himself and tries to stay /perfectly still/, because aaaaaah he doesn't want to break anything /else/. Big ol' tears well up in the apparently big ol' foal's milky blue eyes. He gives a big ol' sniff. And then a big ol' wail! What's he got to say for himself? "I-I want my m-mom!"

"Yeah, that's what I thought…" the voice says, erupting into laughter. "Just roar like the trapped critter you are! So hideous!"

More laughter rises. Many tiny voices. Laughing uproariously at the poor colt's predicament, even as the sensation of rope ties those rear hooves down.

Just then, something else touches Spearmint. Something tiny landing on his forehead. It's followed by the sound of a voice, like a soft whisper echoing in that apparently giant-sized head.

Shhhh… It's okay. It's just a dream. If you wake up, this will all go away…

Spearmint lays his ears back, blinking a few times. He'd cross his eyes to try and look at his forehead, except, well, what good would that do? He's not even sure he /can/ cross his eyes. (He's never tried.) "What? I… I w-wanna go home… I'm n-not a monster, I d-don't want to hurt anypony, I just… why's everypony so s-small anyway, I…"

All around the bawling colt, the laughter continues. His forelegs, now being tied down with tight strands of something. More of the little legs can be felt crawling over him, almost like a bunch of bugs. Bugs with pony voices?

The thing on his forehead steps one leg gently. Patting his forehead? Perhaps!

You're not a monster, Spearmint. This isn't real… the voice tries again. …But you need to wake up. Please! There's an unmistakeable note of urgency to the mental voice.

"Hey! Who's that over on the beast's head?" comes a voice from the colt's chest. "You can't be up there! We're about to finish this thing off! You wanna get squished?"

The thing on Spearmint's head inches across his forehead. Uh-oh… the voice whispers, You're asleep right now, yes! There's a sensation of that small thing leaving, landing, leaving, landing. Jumping? Probably! On Spearmint's poor forehead. They're getting ready to burn you!

Indeed, there's a growing heat forming under the colt's bound limbs. Like many matches catching fire at the same time! Oh dear! Only the hoof he's lifted budges at all, getting away from the heat!

Come on! Wake up!!

Spearmint yelps, squirming nervously. "B-burn me?!" he squeaks out in alarm. "B-but… but…" He flails a bit. How do you wake up on command?! He's still not entirely sure he's asleep! This /feels/ real. "I don't w-wanna get burned!"

Squirming! The thing on Spearmint's forehead slides, then apparently grabs a bit of mane to hang onto!

It's… Um… Oh dear. Usually it takes a shock, or a falling sensation or…

The voice goes silent. Rising smoke starts mixing with the air around the colt. The sensation of many things 'jumping' can be felt, trying to hang on through his squirming!

And then suddenly there's a burst of…light? Light! As though the foal's eyes had opened! Suddenly he can see! He can see the sky, filling with smoke. He can see little /things/ jumping on his chest. Bugs! Cockroaches! So many cockroaches, swarming all over his lower legs and up to his chest! With several bonfires started around his body!

And he can see, somehow, a glimpse of Dream Daze, hanging onto a few strands of mane, horn glowing bright. She must be helping!

Spearmint blinkblinks. What? …Woah. That's new and different! And… gross. AAAAHH BUGS AAAAAH GET THEM OFF! He yelps and flails and rolls and hey this is kind of less tragic than a bunch of little ponies when you think about it but "AAAAAAAAHH!" Welp, that's a shock alright. He jolts upright - in bed, still wailing, hooves batting frantically at his chest and hind legs. That image is not going away for a while!

As the images fade, the laughter turning into a momentary scream of outrage, Spearmint gets one last tiny whisper, like an afterthought of a waking dream:

Help us..!

Spearmint will register that eventually. He'll wonder what it meant, and and who 'us' is, and how he can help them, and why Dreamy was in the nightmare in the first place, for that matter. He'll worry about what sort of trouble there might be, and if there's any actual meaning behind, y'know… roaches. (Ew.)

But right now, he's just gonna wail. And scamper out of bed to careen down the hall. "Mooooommyyyyyy!"

He'll worry about all that other stuff later.